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December 31, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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December 31, 1980

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Page 12 Wednesday- December 31, 1980 II Ill I I I I I II Illl Illlllllll " "l00lzgzon concern0000 for the family put into action the teachings Baha'is see mankind in its to share and cooperate are By VIRGINIA BRIGGS of Baha'u'llah. Some of adolescence on its way to difficult skills to acquire. these teachings are maturity. According to There is need for loving and Good Word for Today: Sufficient By PHYLLIS 8JOBLOM TEXT: My grace is sufficient for you. 2 Corinthians 12:9. There is simply not enough of many of the things we need and use today. Sadly lacking are the necessary things of life, :including fresh.air', cleahl water, fuel, even food in some countries. Money is also in short supply in most families, and it takes real ingenuity and imagination to make the money and the month run out at the same time., How comfort'w to know then, that in this age of shortages, there is that which is always sufficient. In fact not merely sufficient but abounding. In John f0:10 we see that God's grace is such that He sent Jesus that we might have more. abundant life. His grace is sufficient to take a life that is all mixed up and to set it in perfect order. To take a heart that is broken, and bind it up and mend it. To take a mind that is clouded by drink or drugs, and make it clear. To take a soul in bondage to sin, and set it free. Would you like to share in this wonderful outpouring of grace? Choose today to follow Jesus. Ask Him right now to come into your heart, and experience what it is like to be on the receiving end of such perfect and bountiful love. You may rely on the words of Paul in Phiilipians 4:19, "My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Tiny Talk from Cloverdale Christian Preschool By SHERRY BRESHEARS This week has been mostly party preparation. Tuesday we made sugar cookies in different shapes and then on Wednesday we put a colored glaze on them. We had pink, .green' blue, and yellow glazes. The children really enjoy painting the tops of the cookies. Our party was on Thur- sday and eve.Tone had a good time The stockings we made last week were a big sucdss. The children en- joyed the goodies put i. them from the teachers and many of the parents. We made get-well cards for. Joshua on Friday. decorated with birds and flowers. All of us wish he would hurry and get better. The teachers at the school have come to the firm con- clusion that a party just is not possible without the help we always receive from the mothers and teachers, "Thank you mothers." Children's Chatter Question: What did you do this week at school? 'Jenny: "I visited to my mommy. I color. I play bristle blocks. Mar- shmellows and cookies. No more:" Travis: "Bristle blocks over. I like to make cookies." Melissa M.: 'I went to party and I'm gonna have a party at Papa Joe's store. I hope my mommy and daddy be happy." Tommy G.: "Much fun at party. I could see card made for Joshua. My grandmama making a cage. That's it." Lisa: "I was at a party. We go ice skating. We fixed snack. Nothing else." We are available for childcare between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. and for an enrichment program 8"45 to II:15. Before and after school childcare is available. Baha'is, followers of Baha'u'llah, Prophet and founder of the Baha'i Faith, have great concern for the family and are deeply in- volved with the education, well-being and development of children. The same processes that affect the world are af- fecting the family causing disunity, frustration, anxiety and breakdown. The major problems of :oday are in the form of deeply imbedded conflicts arising from prejudice. The fundamental teaching of the Baha'i Faith is oneness of mankind. For over a hundred years, Baha'is have striven to bring about the unity of all the world's peoples. In order to achieve it' Baha'is development of spiritual qualities such as honesty trustworthiness, com- passion and love, eradication of prejudice, development of talents and abilities of every individual that will benefit mankind, equal opportunities, rights and privideges for men aand women and universal compulsory education. These characteristics have the power to transform the family unit. Abdu'l-Baha, son of Baha'u'llah said, "If love and agreement are manifest in a single family, that family will advance, become illumined and spiritual; but if enimity and Izatred exist within it destruction and dispersion are inevitable." Baha'is, a total change is required to improve the ills and to Baha'is total change live style of this turbulent phase of growth. One of the characteristics of adolescence is competition. To be successful, the adolescent tends to com- pare himself with others and acquires undesirable qualities such as fear of failure,, mistrust, overaggressiveness and insecurity. Today, society is competitive. As it nears maturity, cooperative at- titudes will become visible. Baha'is feel that even though competition is a normal phase of the early growth in childhood, at- titudes of cooperation and sharing should be developed within the family. Learning patient guidance. Cour- tesy and- reverence in relationship to God are essential qualities to be worked on. In the time of Christ, "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth," was no longer an allowable way to deal with others. In Matthew 5, Jesus said; "Whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain." Christ taught forgiveness. He said, "Love your enemies." These were of the truths Jesus Christ spoke, and now, in this time, these truths are said again to all mankind through the same Christ spirit which is in Baha'u'llah, the Diane O'Connor I I I II Director of Nursing Services for Manzanita Monoraappointed Promised One religions, the revea' Word of God. As people begin year, ma they fhese trufhs an families Abdu'l-Ba "when love is reali the ideal spiritua unite the hearts of n whole human race i uplifted, 1 the worl continually grow spiritual and the happines tranquility of immeasurably creased...all mank dwell together z family, blend as the I one sea, shine as one firmament and as fruits of the sam For further infol regarding the Baha' please call 894-4172 to P.O. Box 234. I I Diane O'Connor, who Roseann McEntee, moved to this area in June, Director of has been named as the new vices, in October Director of Nursing ser- appointed Director vices at Manzanita Manor. McEntee rest December. Ill I I O'connor's hometown is Stockton, C.alifonia, where she was employed as a staff nurse in a local hospital prior to coming to this area. Before her position in Stockton she worked at Agnew State Hospital for a year, and for a physician for two years. She started training with O'Connor says she working with the hopefully plans to the staff. She said management is workin a budget so that Pmployees can be ad If anyone is interest, part-time position, she them to drop by or t her. Manzanita Manor Musings Glimpses of the Past staffwith us. Our residents andhave so enjoyed the omgifts to everyone. :residents had st.h a Merry Christmas and carolers who have sung for o time opening their surprises By JACK HOWELL In December of 1904 the Yordi Merchantile Co. in Cloverdale featured Christmas gifts of an en- dless variety that would please even the fussiest customers. At the Union Hall, December 13, a return engagement of the Royal Italian Band was expected to draw a large crowd; the Union Hall was built by J. F. Hoadley and the upstairs portion was later known at Humbert's Opera House (Mr. Humbert married Id Hoadley). The bulldln stood on the N.W. comer o! the First and West Street (now Cloverdalc Bonlevard). The whole biock burned in 1915 up tc Mitchell's Saloon on the corner of the alley Markell's drug store featured a sure cure for St. Vitus Dance and Dr. Fen. ner's kidney and backar.h cure guarantee results and for those that raise poultry, "Black Draught Stock and Poultry Medicine" was guaranteed to help stir up their torid liver. For only 2 cents a can you could make your chickens happy. kndrea Sbarbro, president of the Manufac- turers and Producers Asso[:iation. of California conferred with : C. P. Marlette of" the U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding the establishment of a colony of silk workers on the property of Italian Swiss Colony at Astl, for the purpose of engaging in the production of silk on a large scale. Mr. Marlette in- vestigated the possibilities of silk culture in San Diego. Mr, Sbarbro stated that because of the success of the Asti Colony it would enable them to get all the capital needed. He said it would not be necessary to have the silk workers all year round and that the harvest times differed from the grape harvest. Officers of the Immigration Depart- ment were contacted to verify whether, they would oppose the bringing of silk workers from northern Italy. (It is not known whether ths project ever came about, but it sounds as though Cloverdale might have had a large potential industry here in 1903. Anyone having in- formation on this please contact the Historical Society. As statistics go, they are enerally quite boring. The llowing figures, I thought, might be interesting to the readers as they pretty well describe Sonoma County in 1885, as reported by the Press Democrat, and transcribed by George Beer, editor of the Reveille, in a brochure describing the area, printed for publicity and the sale and develop- ment of real estate in Cloverdale in which Mr. Baer was actively engaged. "Sonoma County contains about 1,000,000 acres of land, divided as follows: 400,000 in bottom land; 350,000 low -- foothill; 250,000 overflowed swamp, mountain grazing and timber. The population is less than 40,000. An increase 'of 30 percent in two years. iThe assessed valuation of 'the county is about $27 million. Santa Rosa township is $4. million and Sanla Rosa City $2 million. The yield of wine for the county in 1886 was 3,500,000 gallons; the wool product of the 6ount, was 1,500 tons per annum; the lumber output 30,000,000 ft. per annum; etc., livestock will average 250 carloadsper annum; tan bark traffic 16,000 cords per annun, etc,,, and the annual yield in money is $6 million. There were not more than 25,000 acres developed in vineyards and orchards. The population of Clover- dale was 1,200 in town, and 2,500 in outlying areas. The principle, in- dustry was merchandlbing with a total of 62 businesses. That year it was advertised that folks who wanted to breathe fresh air and hay an ccasional walk to a shady pook, enjoy majestic valley scenes, in addition to pure .air, pure water, and pleasant surroundings, these advantages are all afforded at Cloverdale. These same benefits may be enjoyed today if you stop and think about it. In 1888 there were a number of hotels in the town. The Brooklyn Hotel, under the managment of M. T. Tucker and at the Depot were named the Live Oak and Grand Hotels. The Grand was managed by Miles Gaffney; rates were $1 a day including bed and board. The Live Oak was managed by H. Russer and offered the same hospitality. Liberty Hall, managed by Henry Hael, was the best equipped for speaking, meetings, balls, fairs and public gatherings. Next door was the fruit store which featured a full supply of domestic and foreign fruits, candies, nuts, etc. CIoverdale still sells itself to those looking for the natural beauty that is associated with this valley. Let's hope future generations preserve these assets.  For those of you who have already sent in your biographies, "Con- gratulations." For those who said they would but haven't, there ts stuI time, but it's getting shorter. You will probably receive a .letter as a reminder. If you do, and you already sent yours in, remind your neighbors and friends. During the holidays, when families get together, would be a good time to sit down and search your memories, jot down what everyone remembers, or take a tape recording and viola !, you have a biography. The December flea- market was well attended, and well fed, and we hope happy with the merchandise offered. Dues for 1961 are now due and payable. New mem- bers are invited to join. Don't forget to put January tO on your calendar, that's. the day of the Annual Fiddle Contest, now in its seventh year. This year there will be a different approach as we offer a two-in-one con- test. Contestants have a choice as to which type of fiddlin' they prefer, so essentially there will be two contests, but only in the adult division. We hope to see a good turnout and for those who happen to know a rain-god, tell him t6 stay home on January I0. Happy New Year! God bless all of you who came and spread Christmas cheer with us. We all have had such a wonderful time this Christmas and really appreciate your sharing us. Thank you all. The Christmas tree is so beautiful. Thanks again for tile donation. Christmas day was full of smiling faces as our volunteers and staff passed from the Holiday project and Salvation Army. Thank you for such nice gifts. May the holiday spirit be in your hearts everyday. Sharing is Caring. II I I CARD OF-THANKS The family of Keilh Meyn wish to thank our friends for the many cards, gifts and prayers during his long illness. We love you all. I I Illl I I Illl Ill I Cloverdale Area Church Directory ANTIOCN MISSIONARY BAPTIST MISSION 473 Cloverd41e Blvd. M,,',,On Relre*,ntatv,o KPn liams I SunO1 y S( hOOf 10a.m. " i Morn*nq Worshq3 I e.m. l GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH ,Sunday Nk'n. Worstip Service I vPn,nq Worsh, p 6p.m. I 890 N. Cloverdale Blvd. 14y SchOOl &A,OwoPk Serv,(e lhu  ?p,m. j Pastor: Horman M. Recleer Phone: 433.3ffj3 or 194-2-10 I iANA'l FAITH  ,r,'.O,. %% ,.!.,,, ,  P',,,I, (11 for mr,, P ,nto ,,,,t,on 894 4663 Chddren  Clse 894 d$3;t (Sun Morns ) I NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH Growth Groups J Chr,sl,an & M,s$,onary Alhance Sunly ,Worlip | N Trman Dr,ve EverlWig Service 930, m J pastor: Ken Hoover Bible Study (Thursd4y) ........... j phone 094 3445 I Sunday Sible Study 10  m Sun. e'nilg Worship II  m J OAT VALLEY aAPTIST CHURCH Sund41y School SofldAy Evri 6 D m [ Highway 12 AAoling WOrShip Wed. Evening ? 30 D m J Rev. O. F. Hieter Evcming Service Phe: 894"3107 M ,mic (We4rlesdey) J Church P: 194.29911 132 Oin4 Street CHURCH OF CHRIST 76 Tlrman Drive AA,n,ter R6hor! W Churchill PhOne: 1194-5043 CHURCH OF GOD PROPHECY unchv 9:4Sa.m. L  ' Services held at Grange & 6 P m Pastor A. W. West Hall (corner of PhOne IN4-3S95 Commerci4t and Second Streets) | PARKSIOE CHRISTIAN CHAPEL Sunday Sct' I./ $33 West Second Street Nrning Worship Ray. Richard Rilee Eve in@ Service Phone: 994.2993 Bible Study i Prayer (Wed.) lisy & Prims (Wed.) WMC All Ladies Welcome (Ttrs.) CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS IIlSS Red'WOOd Hwy SO Branch Pres ClOud K Wlham% Phone 1194 703? -UNOAY 3 HOUR RLOCK priesthood 9 a *,, Reliof ie 9 a ,,' Primary 9 a m young Women 9  m Sunday School 10 a m Scarament Meeting 10:S0 a.m. Relief Society Homemeking ?:30p.m. AAtg. 1si Toc. lch Month EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF: %l,,ny Holy Coflrlmufl*Oo THE GOOD SHEPHERD II2 N m Street Rev Mtvin OwT'r S Prel n Chacq(, Phone 1194 $719 PIRST BAPTIST CHURCN 450 Hld$1/rq Aveqr RA$IO JO POWPII OEYSEnVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH 210 Geysevllle Ave. Pastor: James O, Corner" Bible Te4cbing Program I) sS a m Norning WOrllS HOQr II a m Church Training Program 4 p m Evening Worship zlour i p m Midweek Services (Wednesday) I D m Sun. Mot-ning WOrship 11:00 e.m. Church School It I$ am. Adult Short Courses 9]0 a m Christian Women's Fellowship 10:00 em Ladiei Aid ',In. CLOVERDALE BOWL i10 Healdsburg Ave. tFN-1996 Ill l I1[I II I|11 IJljJllllti,I ......... I I Pellegrini's SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CNURCN 1775 Redwood HWV S Pastor Dale WOlOtt Phone I%1 $103 ST. PETER'S CATHOLIC CHURCH OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL Redwood Hilway S. Father Henry PhOne: 194-2535 SATURDAY: Sel4 m School Worship ,,q"vice Family Prayer Fellowlil (Wed.) Sister Of Service IS. O.S.) 2rid & 4mTues. II II I I IIII I I I UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Nettng wire The Unitlid Church Of Cloverd41e Phone: 89,1-2039 i,, CHEVRON SERVICE 206 S. Cloverdale Blvd. 154-3,123 IIIII IIII IIIII | II ,ly WOip 1 U FRED YOUNG & COMPANY 1t4-:40 or 433-3329 THE ENCORE : 104 S. Clovordale Bird" t941.9944 I J II UNITED CHURCH OF CLOVEnDVkLE Stmdy WorShip 439 N. Cloverdale Blvd. Child Cite AvailaBle Min.: Robert Ker1y Phone: ile4-IL Continuing the ministries'o# the C(mgregtidn Church and the Uflited AAeelhlt Cl rOI Ev.,,,ng .. Sunday /M (Asti) Oily MSS (Clvd.) Sunday  (Clvd.)