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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
December 31, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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December 31, 1980

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Page 10 Wednesday-December 31, 1980 I =-.---- 10:.30 a 92rid Pasadena Tonrmunent t News 1:30 (. [SHOW] 14th. intl. 7:308 Crystal Cathedral O (][ .Alice  Combat WEDNES00 af Roses Parade  Over Easy Championship of Magic t Capitol and the Clergy O MOVIE: 'Butch Cassidy and g 700 Club t MOVIE: 'The Green Mna' ] P.M. Magazine iJ MOVIE: 'Return from the  Sunday Morning the Sundance Kin' 12:30 O J Tomorrow 1/ m/7/8 Jan . 1 "*"""'=" =s.ow, ! !:00  Die Fledermaus 8:00 g MOVIE: `The Best Years Of IE) 30 Minutes ) Hour of Power . U XB Magazine' US "  Mike Douglas Q laves' Purr 2  MOVIE: 'Carnival of Seals'  Casper , ) Good News t m New Avengers  d O O Cotton Bowl: Baylor vs. J g Marie 2.'00  Hen Haw 8:00 J California USA -.. [1 Black ReonLsance I:00 JJ News/Sign Off 1:00  MOVIE: 'Pepe' v Alabama D [SHOW] MOVIE: 'Head ) Who, What, How Do U Kno t Rex Humbard "\\;\9:30 t (] Jeffersons g MOVIE: 'Sleeper' 3.-00  N/OVIE.-'PinytJl  m thru , sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. Over Heels 2:30 ()[SHOW] MOVIE: 'Hurri- IJ Sesame Street QJLeft, Right and Center 1:45 ][SHOW] MOVIE: 'Wifemis- Com2 fOVIE: qfl Notre Dame  Q Incredible Hulk cane' t Jimmy Swaggart  El Amaneeer tress' ' t Bonson t Matinee at the Bijou  The Way to Go 10:00 g News t MOVIE: 'Quality Street 3:30 Q"erschool SI: AFTERNOON  Wash. Week in Review  Big Blue Marble 8:30  Day of Discovery  O Trapper John M.D.  Viewfinder 5: C)' [SHOW] MO 12.'00 t News II MOVIE:'The House on 92nd 3:  MOVIE: 'Happy Birthday, t Vistas I Opening Night:. The Making 2:15  News Dick Caveat Show Street' Wanda June' ] New Directions of an Opera 3:00  MOVIE: 'How Awful About that Saved Pi Jan " Noonday 8:30 O I'm a Big Girl Now t MOVIE: 'Count Dracula'  Bugs Bunny & Popeye  It's Your Affair Allan' t Hagen's Heroes Ba Wall Street Week  Wild, Wild West 9:00 I[ Oral Roberts ) Independent Network News 3:15 O MOVIE: "Man of Two 6.'00 O Streets of Salt I m m 12:30 q Phil Donalme 9:.00  a Number 96  Roy Rogers t Meet the Press 10:.30  Open Line Worlds q Over Easy O  Dukes of Hazzacd ID MOVIE: 'Abbott and ]J Jimmy Swaggnrt Q 700 Club 4:!5 m MOVIE: 'Redhead And The J oNAB-C'Newso News qrl[, ,nu. Your New Day O MOVIE: 'Birth of the Co stello.Hit the Ice ][ Wayne Walker D lt's Your Business Cowboy  Studio See | t leave it to Beaver Bcatles 3:30  Ran Schmeck's Easy IAvin'  Weekend ! 1:00  All the People I.'  Tie Tac Dough O Hard Choices Country t Sesame Street t UJ O  News  -CB-S LNewsLet's Make a ' i nPt WEEKDAYS . When the Beat Comes 1,, " Gonsmoke 4:00 . Nashville on the Road (0rq Conversation Jr.  Sneak Previews Marcus Welby, M.D. 10:00 O News  Race for Number One  Jerry Falweil 11:15 _ News TUESDAY 6:30  NewsHaPpY Days _jw l a Dick Van Dyke O O Run, America  Family Affair  Porky Pig 11:30 IJ Best of Donahae 1:30 J O Pre Game Show () {SHOW] MOVIE: 'Game of ] International Soccer 9:.30  Rex Humbard C) [SHOW] SPECIAL: 'What's 1/6/81 o MacNeiI-Lebr! Happy Days _P'd  -- MORNING  [fO4OW] MOVIE: 'Fish that Death' ID MOVIE: 'A Cry In The "0 0 NFL '81 P America AFTERNOON t New|ywed Ga| IPI 1 ..... Wilderness' O  NFL Today g Sports Final Se,ed mb,,,' I m u-,as _ __ ! _ _c'. T_t__=_ !  14,11 . t PTL Club  Andy Grifflth  Ta Be Announced t All Star Wrestling  Pope'ye  MOVIE: 'Hotel' 1:00 O MOVIE 'Diagnosis: 7.-00 ] M*A*S*H | .... Educational Programs 1.'45 O O Rose Bowl: MIckignn vs. Im Mad Sauad 4:30 UJ That Nashville Music 10:00 J J NFL Football: Oakland  Videowest Murder'  Weeknight _.dd[ t Sunrise Semester Washington  Independunt Network News {SHOW].60's Rock Scrapbook or Buffalo at Cleveland /or ) Face the Nation 3.'00 t The Great Gaily Hopkins I) [SHOW] MOVJ 10:.30  Best of Groacho ] Mr. Grtffin and Me Buffalo or Houston at San Diego 11:45 O MOVIE: 'One More Train to  MOVIE: 'The Last Movie' T_rap | ] HealthYgn forFieldHealth 2:00 Oparade  Cotton Bowl Festival ! !:00 O Moreeamhe & Wise  The New Fat Albert Show t  NFL Football: Dallas or Rob'  MOVIE: 'No Time For Love' t NBC News | 6:15 fl tMasterpieeeThcatre tJOOINews IJ Wildlife Adventure Minnesota at Atlanta /or LA. or aJABCNews 3:30 () [SHOW] MOVIE: 'Hurri- tCBS -News t semeste: 6:30 ]J Newt J Boa Casey  Dick C.avett  MOVIE: 'Crashing Las Minnesota at Philadelphia 12:00 J MOVIE: 'Quest for Love' cane' t Did= Cave, | 29 at Sa ]) Morning Stretch  Garner Pyle  Fngitife Vegas' t Sesame Street  Matinee at the Bijou purtM?VlE: 'Valley of the Dulls J ABC News  semeste: Qtptala Knagacoo 2:30  Popeye  Twilight Zone 5:00 O MOVIE: 'The Matchmaker'  Religion ) Movie: To Be Announced Q Mat.ch Gae_ .|Collee. ; t Left, RiOt aml Center 3:OO q Scooby Don 1 !:30  1980 Black Achievement  Pop! Goes the Country J Flintstones 12:30  Guineas Book of World t MOVIE: 'Topef-.''f__ ' Awardso News . t Joker's Wild ][ wan are Bonn's Big Top  Edge of Night q 10:.30  It Is Written Records EVENING 6:45  News J Electric Company t Tonight Show J NFL Review & Prevtew  Kids Are People Too ] [SHOW] MOVIE: 'Jaws II' 7:00 CutoenTown ( MOVIE: 'And Then There U MOVIE: The Chicken OSports'80 I MOVIE: "Stand Up and 1:30 O MOVIE: 'Murder Once 6.'00 tStreetsofsna Vm,aseo 7:30 Obur. 'IFi'=O F.ilv Ft$'.__-=--curre'c_ tO Today Were None' Chronicles' I International Kitchen ,= Cheer Removed'  NBC News  S-baa- ] 0egan re ( CnaWeseinnal Coverage t That Girl t Friday's J Combat 11:00 t Oa the Square 1:45 ]J canna Dins  [SHOW] MOVIE: 'Message Crentative) Casper I " pe 2:0o I News  Over Eas. y . _ J 11 Ip MorningwtthClwrles Kuralt 3:30 I Woody Woodpecker Ladymcad'MOVIE: 'Elizabeth of 5:30 OSacramentoNBC Newsweek/Review TBnAco land - -  News/Sign Off tfrmoSpace' News 9 Evong M==dg'ing cla Good Morning America ArtsCBS Festival of the Lively  MOVIE: 'Attack of the 50- m News 11:30  Animals, Animals 2:15 O Mosaic q Studio See  PhM..-' - =will" J 700 Club Foot Woman' ,  .... N  Big Blue Marble 2:45 O Vibrations J CBSLet,s NeWSMake a Dual 8.'04) J NatioaniAll in the _GeofflqF Januar"'" Flintstoue & Friends t Movie ) Tales of the Unexpected .vr.t, t, AFTERNOON ' I1 Happy Days Again 1 2 Real Pool  C(llg-e-" 7".30  Yegn for Health q Sesame Street 12:00  [SHOW] Bizarre Y] 6-00 It News ] 7:30 A.M.  Lone Ranger ]R .C bat. "  {SHOW] David Shechans 12:00 t Solid Gold A'fX.TrXAX7 6:30 J News CAmper  Fiintstones .... ]/ u.un ...... Showtime in Hollywood  Issues and Answers J.VIAJ2J i.7/-5,.i  MacNeiI-Lehrer Rept. O ght Is Eaoatgtgin re 8.'00  Ballwinkle , 4:00 I Barney Show with Tom & u z:o  w m.mnp, "  ., --, O Lawrence Welk  Masterpiece Theatre  //O 1  Happy Days Again  Doctor Who J 3. CAtptnin Kangaroo Je ttow vtuvl ",Jaws i  MOVIE: 'Trouble Along the 110101 ' t Newlywed Game  MOVIE: 'Now WJL- . q MacNeil-Lehrer Rept. ]rrsHow] MOVIE: 'Tourist k vtneowest ..... I10 FromCBSj News,.., ., , , ,  Good Times S.'30  -[0V] MoV.fler t o !:00 .......... am.... a)MOVIE: 'Sincerely Yours' ' AFTERNOON 7.'00 [ M*A*S*H er' _ JXion mo  =nnin= for .,o,. Weeknight tMoralngwithCheriesKaralt Trap' m Muvt ex =me rue gl.o  s,*. pa.MOVfE: 'An Ame.ca. in "  LW.'gn ,_ - .- O MOVIE: 'L).tiny of a Spy' i:  .bete to Ch=t Atkins 1:00 O MOVIE: 'Up In Als' , __.. _u New, gog, S:30 ] Romper Room -, Married Woman 6:30  Hen Haw  MOVIE: "Fireball Forward" 2-00 O Here 'Come the Pnenets' t J Diffreat _St|y, the cc Mister Rogers Neighborhood t MoRale's Navy 1:!$ t Hollywood Heartbeat ....  I New=  Wash. Week in Review 3:00 a MOVIE: 'Dial HoiLine" iJ ABcCBS NeWSNews m D MOVI-ed a n( t CAn'toon Time J Bugs Bunny/Porky Pig !:30  MOVIE Whe Hypnotic Eye  U- o,a C,--inn  MOVIE: 'The Naked and the [ MOVIE: 'Death Sentence' J Dick CAtvett Sundanee: The Ear,i: - - . "'" 1:45 H News iqLg U 'Dvs  " Dead" 3:30 _) [SHOW] MOVlE:'Picaic at t Taxi .,mTi systev 9:00 8  Simmons 4:30  John Uavidsoa 2.'  MOVIE: 'The Adveatares Of 7.'00  Sol,l ay gain W Match Game !:30 D [SHOW] MOVIE: In Search Hanging Rock' li MOVIE: 'Lacy Gallant'  Naal _Get,evening. Mister Rogers Neighborhood . .o M_ur. Po, l o" ...... " [ [SHOW] 5,OVIE: 'Fish that of Historic Jesus' O MOVIE: 'Valley of the Dulls' W Joker's Wild 9:.30 20r..Pe Facts dj )r, t IAm Vegas Gambit  Hazel IJ Yea Bet Your Life 5.'00  Six Million Dollar Man/ z:4v  mov= mueneura's sen Saved Pittsb -,'h' J Wall treet Week Part I 7:30 J Barney Miller Soap , t Jeifersons Bionic Woman HoneymOons'  S F 0 --  MOVIE: 'Redhead And The t,, ,,,,,.. t O Family Fend AM San Fraadace O O Orange Bowl: Florida ( MOVIE: 'A Great American ilk pfi;: c treats Cowboy  ........ i0:  ws _ I I mav o ' I a q Sha-Na-Na Sesame Street State vs. Oklahoma T edy 7 2:00  Sacramento Week/Review 6 00 ' " " f S - " ' ' I Bay Scene w MOVIE: 'M i ...... :  .eets O an rranetseo  Evoniag Magazine  p___Quiney tf(d'_V H M.ne t Se, sut 4:oo "ovm s Chase NOV- ,-- ..emo se, ,,, -- ...... .. MunsteYs  News 4:30 t MOVIE: 'The Colossus Of a Wild Worl a of Animals "  ,nt me "s "  2:30 t Virgil Thomson: Composer  [eHaWl MOVI '. ,u=..a  Over Easy  V Og_. _ .,t .gF. Beverly Hillbillies  Candid Camera New York'  Joker, Joker, Joker I To Be Announced X- l . ,, ..... ll P.M. Magazine jt High Me Pe .adrfiinich= ver .eels  All ill the Family l O.neaentl,rom dan 9:.30 jMtke Donalus ShOWBiockbusters $:30  Brady BunchMatch Game 7:30 ] In Search Of All Together .... Now 3:  MOVIE: 'Mr. Hobbs TakesA Vacation' --OO) News. 8.-04)  MOVIE: 'The Pumpkin 11.'O0 O Odd-Coalfl _/.r 11, MOVIE: "SST: Dcathflight' Eater' Your New Day ID Face the Masie A'IPI tIIAV   Wild Blue Yonder  [SHOW] MOVIE: 'Jaws II' O Studio See OLobo  ,O.._D._.,  - O_dav bel Alice ortxJxurl&  Match Game PM  MOVIE: 'Commandos  Let's Make a Deni  [f4OW] MOVIE: 'Rmming'  [SHOW] Botteas][ "'"J ' Ilqying Nun , EVENING :': i All in the Family  MOVIE: 'Berlin Affair'  Happy Days Again t ( The White Shadow t Dick Caveat  am ar tPetticeat Junction 6.' J Streets of San Francisco i/[ l 8:00  MOVIE: 'Family Life' 3:30  Non-Fiction Television 6:30 O News  Happy Days  M S qed i eg eveninl 10:00  Wheel of Fortune [[SHOW] MOVlE:'Confllet of MORNING OOBarburaMandrellandthe 4.-00  Gunsmo.ke_ , O MacNeiI-Lehrer Rept. " S p res Great and 11:30oat twiiightBenny HiHZones : mz ..... munu'a-' IJ 'ri Tac Dough Interest' ' __ Mandrell Sisters , rtease tan= ny m H .... rtavs anal,, t t ToniVll]t  " Peopie Are Talking J J News 6.-00  A Better Way O  WKRP in Cincinnati  MOVIE:" 'She Lives" iqK ..... -rr,  * -e---  MOVIE: 'The Saboteur' .'ewlyweo uame ' qm Love Boat Studio See  Agriculture O Breaking Away  MOVIE: 'Dark Victory' m G. TZme s ! 8:30" J Laverne and Shirley ]MO IF.:  tmav also 4 .....  Nightline i k   . Eleetrle Company . CBS News  Yoga for Health J Skating Spectacular 1980 :30  Play.thePercentages^.^ 7:00 O MOVIE: 'Long Day's 9:.00 O O Flamingo Road  MOVIE: 'BlUe * n r'etalurr t Price Is Right Let's Make Deal  It's Your Business J Flip Wilson  gattag. V pecgacalar IaO ...... J ..... : ...... intn Niakt w.. (PREMIERE)  Trini's"  te in Pet; Movle Happy Days Again 6:30  Mr. Ed I N Basketball: BYU vs. 5:00 I MO IE: 'Judgment at J Weeknioht t MOVIE: 'Word of Honor' Ome Day at a Time 6:30 MacNefl.Lehrer Rept.  Sunrise Semester Nevada-Lea Vegas Nuremberg' . ,---  Night Gallery n.  zzl A" J NBC News  Tliree's Company 12:00 Big Valley '" 10:.30 tO Password Plus Happy Days Again  Bay Scene 8:30 J  Tim Conway Show J bri y gams 1 CB N=ws  NOVA tMavie Newlywed Game t It's Your Affair  NameeThat Tune D [SHOW] MOVIE: 'Message  Dick Caveat t Armageddon Syadme  Love Boat ' ne stud(  t Combat in both & JTo Tell the Truth Good Times  Black Renaissance 9:.00 O  MOVIE: 'Burnt om Spade  Match Game 9:.30  Too Close for Comfort  700 Club i -i- lL'00 Dunahue 7.'00 M*A*S*H 7.'00 O O Godallla/Hong Kong Offerings' ] uk rews ,  Gansmoke 10:00 J News q O_CAted Sharks CBS News Phoney Hour (]D [SHOW] MOVIE: 'The Frisco  x ne m.... (] Joker's Wild (]) [SHOW] David Sheehan's 12:30 ])O Tomorrow ...! a. I The Young m the ABC News t Villa Alegre Kid' D [SHOW] MOVJ" Its who t. ews 7:30 O Family Feud Showtime in Hoilywand tiese . The Sapedrle. Hoar O" Freebie and the Bean tom., i" .. "MS'aYM'h'--N-- Famlly Fcad DICk Cavett  wis; t Too Close for Comfort Death' - Match Game t Good News O Love Boat 5.30  Mystery 1:00 O News/Sign Of{ for mor Good Morning MOVIE: 'Sex and the  E1 Amunecer J Television for Japan dam inn O Police Wom | see a 11:30 t To Tell the lrath  High Chaparral t MOVIE: "Lucy A !" before wo.na' :30  Aie CampU s.w m .t of De. M,.  On;; Upon, c1. " i"  i0:30 Netwo News Mldday Joker's Wild  Just Kidding 10:00 O News  AI n the y !!.'04) 1:45  MOVIE: "lp [| {0 I I aryan's Hope ] Kids' News Conference O  Secrets of Midland 7:30 Barney Miller EVENING 8:00 O  Little House on the tDuris Day Evening Magazine ] Focus on Farming Heights --  -- Prairie aNew Zoo Revue t Cartoons O untasy Island t News Music and the Spoken Word  In Coacert 1 Mupl ets 8:00  Voice of Agriculture  Independent Network News t CBS Nm tJ Fiintstone Comedy Show 10:.30 O What Price Graduation  Wild Bh To Be Annonneed J Video Festival  This, )ld am'IN Hcathdlff and Dinghat t American Lifestyle  30 M inul Mlster Rogers Neighborhood il.'00 Dance Fever  MO IE: Jekle "  [SHOW/Beap' :" I) Kung Fu :l: ] h Married Woman' 10:.30  Independent t t Joker's Wild ! !.'04) I Odd Couple , I] Barney Mille O O O J News Bradford  _ Evening Mug (]D[SHOW] MOVIE: 'CAmflictof 2:00 J News ed era are aw ABC News 6:00 t News  [SHOW] MOVIE: 'Corsican Interest' 2:15 [SHOW] 00'S R , hi, It (oall i  Over Easy il Muppets Brothers' O Dick Cavett 3.'00  MOVIE: 'BeJ  "":, i' AlrfE, RNOON  P.M. Magazine t CBS News J  Fin t Mad Squad m MOVIE: '/t e.avau 8.' MOVIE:'BostYcarsofOur tThisOIdHonse NCAABasketbalhWashing- i l:30  Benny Hill Show 4:15 MOVIE:'The i ,k..:_t. s Lives' Part I  30 Minutes ton State vs. UCLA t t Tonight Show |o "uuu lofOm'lAvos FamliyFemi I MOVIE: Tll Never Forget I MOVIE: 'Meet Dmmy 4p.m., ......  All  "r B Dicklvett Show "  iSt4OWi MaFIa: Memnge w's "is N .... W|lson' Noonday from Space'  ............ ) Kung Fu 8:30 O ) Ladies" Man I MOVIE: 'Blue Murder .At  ---  Holpm's Heroes '  Diner Phelps Ug MO1/: 'Last Of The fast  Videowest 6:30 O W/id Kingdom O Made in Ch/na St. Trinian's'  g .UOlleg t -'he Waltons G uns ........... g MOVIE: 'How Awful About  Pink Panther Show 9:00 O 6 MOVIE: 'Oh, Ged!' ( Night Galier ', tal 12:30  Search for Tomorrow Q Morh and Mtndy w r, orm m ourvm. uan'  News   ,a**g* 12:00  BisValley  n On J I Over E:my  Sneak Previews 8:30 t Black Forum ....  B.axte. ...... O Hollywood Squares  at':s Inched]hie! J MOVIE: 'seperdome' I  l. .] a ..... r'_, tYoarNewDay  MOVIE: 'The Lullaby of NFLToday iI:30n_MUVlE: Uurse of the JAgronskyandCompany J Great Performances JCombat 'lilli[llh/j -'J3 gp Lcave it to Beaver Broadway' ..,  Thund the Bmmm =a' a " N ....  Fight Back 9:30 J  House Calls  700 Club 1 -I k-k i1 lVJ  |O th( 1.'00  Dialing for DoBer= Movie 0:30 qMOVIE:'Oeenast mu Sesame Street amrnay tghtLtve 7:00  J Disney's Wonderful 10:00News 12=30ttTomorrow :  m t Dun=hue  Bosom Buddies Tom & Jerry  MOVIE: 'Men Who Love Worm " T (,awl Mnvtg- "Tk= u,' Hot Fudge W.om.ea'.,  [SHOW] MOVIE: "Running' 8 )'Lon G;nt ........  m MOVIE: 'Riding Tall' ' lie - qlm Another World ID Up and Coming 1:00  News/Sign Off "Evervthin  ry  an t A the World Turns 9:.00 J Second Coming o5" urtst " 9:.00 1 Asians ow " J An ,ews IL'-B  60 .Minu,,,= 'a ...... t.. Norm-'? (,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,(,() [SHOW] MOVIE: 'Hurri- ffos un i mnke '" i will reF One Life to Live . t m Knots Ldh t NFL '80  Matinee at the Bijo.,u  ose Amazing Animals  ;nded=et NetwOrk News me .....  , r .... ....... qJ Instructional s  It's A Living m NFL Foothalh NFC Division ....  v.uvn emoas voyage'  V/kings 10:.30 QJ Best of Groucko t MOVIE: 'Jamaica Run' 'I thought yoU !o a ached t Murcas Welby, M.D. q Two Ronaies P_[ayoff li:q  tUvz='_e.p.pein' " ._  MOVIE: 'Story of Will I I:00 O Odd Couple 2.'00  News successful busineS. qn !he tDick Vna Dyke t Gunsmoke  Fonz/H=ppy Days Gug I0  tSHOWJ MUVI 'Wlfemns-" R-o-rs' "  am  ammra ,,=,,='--- 2:15  MOVIE: 'Santiago' "] nm T mallOlP Of thei] 1:30 Andy GrtflSth 9:.30 I News Close-up : Invasion  nngs nanny/Read Runner ....... 7:30 ] Two Ronnies J Dick Carets ,:45 N MOVIE: 'Death Seatunce' . .......... .L rl m 2.00 John Davidsoa Show  Two Ronnies Show IJ MOVIE: 'Code Name: 8:00  MOVIE: 'The Matchmaker' am MI Sauad 4.'00  MOVIE: 'Marcus Welby fireworks." [ u b Txas SG Guialag Light 10:00 [ News t MOVIE: 'Veugemu Vow' Heraclitus'  B CHiPs  Twilih-me M.D.' , IGuneral Hospital ()e!SHOW] MOVIE: 'Harri. 9:.30  Y Ahora ... Que? 1:00 1 MOVIE: 'The Creeping O  Archie's Place  t-30 I no..'um h,,. 4:15  MOVIE: 'The Lnnd Vaded Prowams To Be An.o-need U..N__ Football: AFC . ._ rror' _ .... O Churlie's Angels "'"  "fies;'of'n Uak,,ow,,' -- . u,nvnstoaal,lay-off Game t:ou  .ews/:tgn un  Here Come the Puppets! O ( Quincy 'r ay. J; Bca Cnsey t CBS Reports i oany uuck Show i q. ews J Through Human Hands O Nightline ., 8100-9 Gemer Pyie Q Until I Get CUllht q] Riebie Rich/Seooby Doo 8:30 tl One Day at a Time  MOVIE: 'Blue Murder At /.:303:00 q Sceeby J Popeye Don Mod Squad J Sesame Street 9:00 JJ MOVIE: 'Harper Valley St. Triniun's'  .... "---  95334)9( Te-trivia Un...=,e .n.." Independent Network News | , SUNDAY MOVIE: 'The Tall Stranger (]D [SHOW] MOVIE: "Moon- 12:00 J Big Valley I TV's zaniest game show was BEAT THE  .) Showthae 10:.30 Best of Groacho NFL Today PTA' Night Gallery Worid of People 11:00 Morecambe & Wise 10:4)0  Our Men in the Capital 1 ]A/f 1 taker' J Fantasy Island tHanr Magnze tO O O  News q Buster ...... ,,, ] Some of the stunts contestants had to perfOf FAIge of Ntaht Dick Caveat  NFL Football: NFC Division MORNING -- -  I have been dangerous, so the producers fi MovieVurled Programs - TwilitFuaitive Zone 10:30 glaYoffWorld Tomorrow 6:00 t Land of the Giants ' ' ' / e 7 O T' L a   ] unemployed actors to test them. Most of tJ tl]utt Girl 11".30 O Benny Hill Show q Jut Kidding  For Our Times * " I tars faded into anonymity, but one becamea Casper J Plastiemna & Baby Plan t Yoga for Health :..: -;,. , , -- - 3:30 IWoody Woodpecker t t Tonight Show [ Name him. ,M  Jeffersons  Soccer. 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