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December 31, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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December 31, 1980

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Page 4 Wednesday - December 31, 1980 I I CornunitYy Life. Chamber (;hatter Christmas photo wrap-ups By VIVIAN WEER WEATHER TODAY: "Un-Wrapped" and I hope your Christmas was all of that plus the "Happy Holly-Days" and spiritual experience which it's all about, right? JOKE: Usually, I like to use my joke of the week at the end of this column, but I just can't w, ait to tell you this one because it is so funny, and told to me by a little boy who rolled on the floor laughing before heeven completed the punchline...l love it and if you don't, you're off my Christmas card list. umla: "'If you have two flies in your kitchen, how can you tell the one who is the football player?" Chamber Chal ter: "I don't know." Answer: "Why, it's the one in the sugar bowl, of course !" Tee bee hee, ha, ha, etc., all around. HOME BY THE HEARTH:All but one of my boys were home for the holidays this year at Christmas - for about 15 minutes. . I love their friends and was happy to see all the kids home from college, etc. They did come back to the house to eat, sleep and take hundreds of showers ( in that order), tell me what they wanted laundered and then disappear to visit friends whose parents probably kept saying, "But we have only seen you for 15 minutes!" In the penthouse, nearly everyone sleeps on the floor except those who have been very very good and get a couch. I found myself taking inventory in the middle of the night by first counting the bodies, ahd then flashing a Hght in their faces for identification. And I ask you" What mother can go to sleep unlil all those expected (and unexpected) kids are home? Mothers of America, out there, I ask you! Even when they're 23 years old, right ? You worry... LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD US: I was at a lovely house party the other night, and all ages were present. There was a lot of cheer and happiness around the room when a lit tie fella, about 6 years old, tugged on my skirt and asked, "Is Jesus coming Io celebrale his birthday parly?" A profound question, eh? Think about that. We all agree Christmas is becoming Ioo commercial. "Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" as opposed to "Is Jesus coming to his party?" is quite a conflict, indeed.., or is it? CHANGE OF A SUBJECT: (or) Out with the old? The following is an open letter to Mr. Scott, of Scott's Paper Company. "Dear Mr. Scull : For weeks I have been buying your paper products because there i  $'0b coupon enclosed which reminds the pur- there is  ,,- ' . .... ,, ,he cUSl omer may wm up Io $10,000 mstant ly. A aboul Ihe same time, I had my astrology done to see when my "Lucky Jackpot" days pvailed. Well, Mr. Scott, I have followed my astrological advice religiously and always buy One of your items on my lucky day whether I need them or not. I now am the proud owner of 75 rolls of your "Soft 'n Pqly" toilet paper, numerous boxes of nose I issue. (t aa n have a co) en am considering holding a huge yard sale Io get rid of all those paper towels. According to your instructions, I have carefully removed the silver covering on Ihe winner sheel with my trusty dime. The letters so removed must spell "Scott". Why do I get all Ihe "O"s? If your name were "Colt," "Toco," or "Solo," I may have won. I feel uncomfolable slanding in Ihe paper goods isle Ihroughoul my lunch hour sizing up the brands (folks think I'm so parlicular about bathroom tissue.) The purpose of this leller is that I have no faith in your contesl and from now on I plan to buy another brand like "Hard 'n Ugly." Yours lruly, ec." GETTHEE BEHIND ME: I believe that the New Year is not only the lime Io make new resolutions, bul to get a lot of those things which have been bugging you off your chesl...so you agree? First I am going to buy five new bras! SERIOUSLY: On a one woman campaign to get the populalion signs a( lhe north and south ends of town showing our real figure, I presented my case in writing and in person Io lhe cily council recenlly. The council appointed Phill Cann to comacl a trans to do the job. l.qlill reporls back t ba he had contacted at leasi five officers in the district office wilh no promise, so Ioday I called some of those five persons contacled and they were all oul to lunch (al 11:30 a.m.? ? ? ?) so I left my number'and was returned a call by one Mr. Wes Perasso who explained thai Ihey had indeed received 1he requesl from our cily by Phill Cann and Ihal it would be abow 5 or 6 months before the sign could be updaled because all of I he signs are made in L.A. I explained Io Mr. Perasso thai we have had the same population figures noted on our signs for ten years . . . so couldn'l they do better than that? However, in 15 minules, Mr. Perasso called back and said il would now be possible to install correcled signs in ahout six weeks, as he had found a place close Io San Francisco which would expedile mailers. The correcl number should now he Pop, 3910. I told him to leave the elevation aL the same level (333 feel ) for I feel thal lhe increase of 700 people did nol sink the land that much. Watch for more on this laler, and for gosh sakes, urge Phill Cann a lot about keeping in fulure touch with good old CalTrans. WHILE ON THE SUBJECT: Have, you ever no!iced the crosswalk lines, particularly down at Walk & Wait weave a lot? II would appear that the line painter had one too many at ,he Encore, but NOT TRUE! The reason for the wavy white lines is because (according to my engineer) lhe trucks stopping actually shift the top layers of black lop which had been painled slraighl after the last layer. So, if you ever gel arrested for weaving across the street trying to stay between vhe lines, get an attorney NOW FOR GOOD NEWS: By the time you read this, it will be New Year's Eve (unless, of course, you have other plans for Wednesday evening). Chamber Chatter has made a number of resolutions for the new year: Resolution I: I will not call Cloverdale disposal and shout over their aWomatic answering service "The buzzards are circling!" when they don't pick up the garbage on time. 2. I will attend all of the city council and planning com- missions possible in 1981 because this will be a building and developmenl year in Cloverdale this area. 3. I will not answer a lonely ad asking for a companion in the want ads. 4. I will do my best i3neet every deadline in the Reveille. 5. I will see to il/mt the damned population sign is changed. 6. I will refuse Io work at the lourisl center on days the roof leaks., 7. I will make every endeavor to help creale the best parade in he history of lhe Citrus Fair. g. I will lhrow oul all unmatched crew socks from this day frward. 9. I will drink no soda pop before it's lime... I0. I will love my neighbors, all excepl one .... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! ! Two big kids. Bob Hutchens and Dale Peterson. look like they're just about crushing poor Santa's knees at the ('loverdale Merchants' Christmas promotion. llerring is next in line. Photo by Janice Corey. Lions Club announce f winners of drawing The Cloverdale Lions two five pound hams; Club held their annual Professional Auto Parts, Christmas drawing on Cloverdale, Don Quan- December 24 at the City strum. Cloverdale, Bill Christmas tree with the Rich, Healdsburg, Curt proceeds of the drawing Moore, Cloverdale, Julia being used for various Diaz, Healdsburg, Neva community projects. Dennison, Cloverdale. and Joe Giovannetti. Clover- dale, each a hmm, ,',..   Winners were: Chuck Madrid, Cloverdale, one- half leef; Larry Steiner., Members of the Lions Oakland, 5 pound ham; Club wish to express thanks Kevin Louie, Healdsburg, to all who bought tickets. Illl I Gung Hay Fat Choyl or whatever... "Gung Hay Fat Choyl" is the favorite New Year greeting in San Francmco s famed Chinatown. : taclewise, on February 14. According o the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau, there will be two pageants that Saturday, a noon-hour show in Union Square and the annual Miss Chinatown USA extravaganza on Nob Hill Actually, it's an old Canlonese gambling ex- pressrun meaning "May your wealth expand!" Or, more suc(:inctly, "May you prosper !" \\; Les Dixie Peterson tells Santa what she wanted him to bring her / 4 Gus Eckenberg was the first winner to find a gum W bakery goods at the Cloverdalc Bakery and was by owner Chris Wirtz as his prize. Photo by Janice. i ! that night, hw Christmas. Photo by Janice Corey. The correct way to say Ukiah Chinese is "Sun N Fat local Chinese community Lok!" will stage a continuous round of special events _ I' And the time to begin ranging from calligraphy to T Come in And Get J Datsun sayingit is not on December kung-fu demonstrations .... l 31, but on February 4, 1981, from wok cookery to 1Your FREE calendar Chinese New Year's Eve. ceremonial lion dancing. At the stroke of midnight, Well bef, re 7 Pm ,n q -- "Currj'r?lve$"  ] i SteveMorrow well before the*cock crows', Saturday Februa'r" I =tmoeer.a tharsi:ego,n. ] Hartford's 'Camera Scenic,' ''- I: . "Call me collect" 0000With Seasons Dragon parade. TI. G .. I .  New Year's Day is a time reetings from of traditional, at-home For those who plan to holiday observanc with attend, we have another tip. :NLIHCY  family and friends. The The word for rooster is ..wi public festivities come pronounced 'Gaiee in c later. ;antonese. s:   ,/ This Chinese-American 'Fat I.ok Gaiee Neen!" INSUR stronghold will hegin to (Happy Year of the , CHIROPRACTOR :f NorVjoann- MarleDoug.- Betty ._,. lll f strut its stuff, spec- Rooster!) " __  - llll lii -" Ill . Dr,, Edward F. Johnson , Special Notice: . . In the past we have mailed file Hart- } Personal |n[ury . Full Spine Technique .) ford calendar to our regular |: Insurance Cases Phisin Ther'apy Workmen's Comp* Applied Kinesiology  customers, however, due to increasing  U k ia h Da Medicare " Nutrition " postal rates we will not be mailing ., | them this year. Instead we are Inviting  25500 State Street, Ukiah lt S. Main St.' Cloverdle / anyone who would like tohave a For Appointment Call  calendar to stop by our office and pick . l4-36GB " one up. . {[. Number one import dealer Offire Hours: Nn.-F:r,. 9.6, Sat 9.12 ,4,e'ttt*.,=,,L in Lakeand Mendocmo Counties Now representing Tammy Peterson greets Santa at the MerchantS' C drawing.