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December 24, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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December 24, 1980

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from page ! Zanzi said he and ibed hackwtck and got a bomb in I'm going to blow up and kill all of )eople were in at the tme. Zanzi !man went out.de his threats, going to t that potEnt, Sanzi called the police requesting an come there. He told by the Linda Sanders, about the man, been in other and Ilice department with him, out, and fround Zanzi an officer his call. tosal eisasm, officer, as he to the call I person answering )tion walking from the store Blvd., at Satan's lie said he pulled side and the was carrying a s arm, not a back- up to the asked if was wrong? Bisagno said, and there's a ru he right back of minutes." he proceeded Spirits and was Zanzi to go guy. msagno Zanzi he would the suspect and going on. "I and talked with who was still south on the I asked him ffhe st Satan's Spirits. "yes." I then ff he had made in the store back to the it. Johnson or disclaim my Bisngno saM. neff I could give to the south city I told him I had to give he could him no I also checked the carrying for All it contained an open package and cheese. I into the patrol him to the where he e and continued southbound Road," Of- concluded. from page I to 8p.m. of the further involved, hourly plans between D and Healdsbe, Santa Rosa will ;3 and SS.98, of a opting plan to who ac- t 0e hour and 45 of daytime a month Another Mo chooses tbe tto Sant Rosa and one hour worth of month Anyone more than of usage par pay overtime minute of six cents to GeyserviUe, Healdslx, to Windsor Santa Rosa. Kindergarten Continued from page 1 ,they received recently for :the 1980-81 school year. A leave of absence for library clerk Bonnie Wang was okayed by-the board. Superintendent Hileman ws asked to hire a tem- porary placement. MAINTENANCE MONEY Bemuse of unexpected repairs and higher costs, Board Vogensen was asked, to write a letter to Sonoma, County School Superin- tendent Walter Eagan asking what the board can do about t i absence of Trustee Clement, Vanoni from. all board "meetings since September," 19"/9. Vanoni has been ill during this period and has told ti district he has not been well President . the board asked that a new application he submitted to the state for deferred. maintenance funds. .The, state matches money set aside by school districts for" five year maintenance programs. A request for hardship money will he made by the district. Leaking roofs andother problems required immediate" expenditure of enough meetings. Sevetal meetings have been cancelled because of lack of & quorum. Three board members must be in at- tendance for any action to be taken: CONTINUATION SCHOOL New policies were ap-. proved for Geyserville Continuation High School. The policies outline the required course of study. A total of 240 credits is needed for graduation from the school. LEAVE OF ,ABSENCE to attend the - the district's .fTm d. OPEN HOUSE A open house for the distriel parents Was as scheduled for. January 12 at 7 p.m. at the new elemea- lary school "multi-purpose room. The monthly board meeting will lye at 8 p.m. following the open house. SCHOOL NAME CHANGE Bemuse of the recent grade lvel reorganization, .the board renamed Geyserville Primary School as Geyserville Elementary School. Computers I [ Threats Continued from page 3 "Hey, I jusl walked in here and we go in an argument and this guy shot me," we are going to have to charge the store owner wit murder or allempled murder. R: O.K., I understand whal you have to do ac- cording to the law. But the question that has been nagging me thorough this interview with you, Chief, is: In the particular case of lhe man who Mr. Zanzi alleges threatened his place of business with an "un- seen" bomb, the same Mr. Norman Johnson from Redway in Humboldt County who even according to your log goofed around Cloverdale all that day, but the police could no take any aclion, even when called because il mighl get lhe city in legal trouble, requested the officer to drive him out of town, to he left of outside the city limits and the of- ricer obliged him and even provided t he t ransportation. II was after this that the "harmless" character did indeed commil the crime of vandalizing lhe Calholic Church at Asti. II is my understanding that afler the subject vandalized Continued from page I He said the new dock can he programmed to tram the school's heating" and lighting off and on to save energy. A bid of S4,0 by Neat Plumbing, Ooverdale, for a new furnace boiler burner was approved by trustees. The existing burner is ob- solete and presents a safety danser, according to the school's custodian. U8 RATING Board President Tay Sink announced all district buses have received the highest possible safety rating, from the California Highway Patrol. The ratings are made annually. DENTAL CONTRACT Renewal of a contract with the  Dental Service for employee dental care during 1961 was ap- proved by the schl board. Cost of the service will be &28.27 per month per em- ployee. SPORTS LElq'ER Trustees asked that letters he sent to state Senator Barry Kesne and Assemblyman Douglas Boseo asking that control of California high scKool sports remain with the California Interscholastic Federation. A proposal has been made for secondary school sports to be handled by a state agency. Superintendent McAuley su/d this change could result in the loss of control by local school districts. CHARITY BASKETBALL Board membet a request by the Cloverdale Police Officers Association for the use of the high school gym on February 28 for a charity basketball game belween local policemen and members of Ihe Oakland Raiders football team. MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL Membership in the Schools for Sound Finance for 1981 was approv'td by the board at a cost of $860. TENNIS CLUB Trustees okayed a request by I he Cloverdale Tennis Club for use of the district board room to eonfluet meetings on the first Thursday of each month. NEffr MEETING The nexl meeting of the board was scheduled for Jammry 14 at 7:S0 p.m. in the board room, 97 School Street. T II CUP THIS AD FOR FUTURE REFERENCE NEED VISION CAR S RVICES? select a doctor of optometry from the , ,llllk I llJlg American Optometric Association Affiliated With The Redwood Empire Optometric Society TELEPHONE 527-7803 MEMBERS c/.o RDA/ L A. GERBER 11 N: Clevlrde B41v4L ...... II-IM ,q MILUAM F. HOVER IM E. Fkllt .......... G O'EJ1"I U.JF L BARRY LI/TZ 1limit MIM Et. .......... ll-31M *J@MM W. NOAU 13S Memmm St. ......... 433-1{t1{I GOROOg L JOMIES I)i Ilell L ......... 433-191{I * FIUUIK L BELSOB , llltlkehmm Gc ........ ./'AL Ual NCNARD L BOYLE lZ/I(dtw Gt. ........... 71124183 ROBALO L HARRIS 127 ........... NI2413 *MILUMI C. LEG It/Iblk IL .......... N241 WAYIIE L MUIR tim F. Wqm I ..... IRAL9 T. PITTLER 411 II It lille I ......... WI3-141 ALICE L TRAYLE 13S I(d IlL. Sidle A ...... NI4M R OHNER T PARR LEO J. BECMEL I11 Ik, tme, Sme A ... 7411 MCHARO L BOYLE il ,mmm Isd. ...... E. MUlE MM mmm, Ikd. ...... IM-rN HOBAL0 L HARR area f, mm It. ...... *ILUAM . LEE ,m r.m bt ...... FETER WEER. lU I111 Ilm Lem, li A...IG, IM SANTA ROSA DAREL E. ASNLEY M43  Id./3.. 131-rlE ROGER H. BOUCHER 616 Flmm I.m* ...... MbHi AfflrR It. lOWS011 1-4tkSt. ......... i4MIM WILLIS p. CAMPE LL lill Fmmn Lain ...... Mf,-lil iCHAEL O. CHAMERLJUM U tmV m...iS4m* ROBERT L FOO & ..... M243 RAYMOND L GOTTLIE| 327  Aw. ....... IF/4T/ *J. BCHAEL HAM 14211smtpmeW D.... 12412 DAVlO JOgES OMl R. KEMMEOY PAUL P KEIT 14M Lm Akmm L .... tAM L iOOLETOM 1M1  It. ....... 128-11BE ROY OKAMOT0 IM Famm Lain ..... 14 JEFFREY L NCN 7M -  It. ......... M2-1EM LES  ImPLEY m.t Cmnq C... Rseem * JOllli L STAR01 H 27 Yek A ...... qNCtmLAS P. VIIOUVAS ZM-EGt. .......... MI48M fdmdSTOFO L FRITZ KRUGER L BARRY LUTZ 317 IL mill. ........ 11-71111 ONONA HOBEIIT F. 90W0 li4 - nl 9. lllb ...... We-10BE OWIMI SCNWAOERER N W. IIldt ........ * Ig"  IN TI CtmRn" SONOt COOffff TELEPH(X OEWCTORY Yi3.JI.OW PAGES III I Our Lady of MI. Carmel Church he ,()k two ves- menls valued al ap- proximately $600 each and paraded on to Papa John's in search of wine. Finding hat establishmenl closed he ventured on up the hill to Liberty Lake Camp Ground where Dave Lamperl's dog allerted his master that something Was not right oW side. Am- I correct so far? C: Yes. R: Please forgive the "pun," but I personally believe this was a "cop out" on behalf of uur city police department to drive a man who obviously had mental problems oW of town where he did eventtually break the law. Is this the answer to how we handle mentally disturbed people in this state? Do we simply keep passing I he problem along to other jurisdiction? C: Vivian, by 5150, we can't commit lhem. 5150 of he Welfare Institutions Code. The person has to fall under one of three things. He has to be a danger to ohers. 2. He has to be a danger lu himself, and to do *ha he has to attempt suicide and 3. and-or be gravely disabled. He must be disabled o provide for his good, clothing and shelter. For instance, a person we find half naked and silting under a bush and jus sitting there, unable to *ake any action. So, we are iimiled by 5150, we're limited by 148.1 and limited by 415and we are limiled by the fact that we cannot make an arrest on a misdemeanor violation. The person making the complaint, as the case of Kedric Zanzi who wanted this individual arrested, well, we have no violation. We can't arrest for no viola*ion and if we did arrest that subject, that officer has just liabled himself andhe's liabled me and he has iiabled the city. To he very frank with you, if I were the officer and I was in his sho.s, the first thing I would think about is my family. It costs the police fficer, first, rightout of his pockets. He has no proleclion for civil rights violations, we have none at all. This is lhe first thing *he officer is taught at police academy and in this department, 4f you don't have a valid arrest you will find yourself involved in a civil suit. You see, one of the problems is the laws are not written by your or me. Theyare wrillen by the Wednesday . December 24, 1980 Page 'i7 legislators and the courts. What the average citizen wants done is limited by the legislature and the court. R: Thank you for your J ime, Chief Persons. You have opened my eyes about what a policeman's limit at ions are in handling a case such as we have discussed here. I don't believe it is fair, but I now realize the position you are in. Perhaps our citizens can change some things Ihrough talking with their eleclive representatives who make the laws. There is one lasl question I would like to ask you pertaining to the Zanzi case. Why didn'l the officer return Kedric Zanzi's place of business and explain the disposition of he case? C: Thal is a very good point nd I have no excuse for thai. According to the log, Ihe officer was not into another busy case Ihat would have prevented him from returning /with the explanation. Let me lo.pk at the lug again. No, there was nu reason he could not have returned. This will be discussed with the officer. The only thing that we failed to do was to go back and tell Kedric Zanzi thai we took the subjecl  out of town. Tha was our fault, il was poor police work and you can put it in your article that this was the one action we regret in the in- vestigation of th case. SNAPMenu Wednesday, Dee. 24 Christmas Dinner Fruit Punch Roast Turkey with Gravy Cranberry Sauce Baked Potato Green Beans Amandine Roll Fruitcake Milk served with all meals, tea or coffee 10 cents per cup. $1 suggested donation for seniors eO years of age. Call 894-2961 before 3 p.m. for reser- vations. Geyserville Area Busin Directory FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS DIRECTORY CALL Fine Italian Cuisine : (707) ilS7-g0004 Over 39 years in IIw sanllocationl LAMPSON TRACTOR Geyserville Ave., Geyserville 40018-1619/857-3443 U94-3339 Bosworth Hardware Point Hardware Household Items Geyserville Ave., Geyserville 857-3463 -Growers Supply & Irrigation, inc. ACE Irrlgatlen Systems, Hardware; & Equipment, Swimming Pools, Housewares and Farm Supplies 20750 Geyserville Avenue 857-3484 II III I II I I I I