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December 24, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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December 24, 1980

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Page 2 Wednesday. December 24, 1980 i i / The " Clovefdale Cl00. vcillc 00Geyserville Press Established 1879 Established 1934 usps., 0=0 Published every Wednesday 'P ' 112 West First Street CIoverdale, California 95425 (707) 894-3339 Gary L. Fawsen ....... Publisher Bill Sonnenschein ..... General Manager Janice Corey .......... Editor k Yearly Subscription Rates Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 Editorial Christmas gifts we can give our children First and Foremost We can give them the most precious of all gifts; the prillciples of brotherly love and the love of God, as taught so many years ago by Christ,. whose birth Christians celebrate. We can give them our attention, for one day it will be too late. We can give them a sense of value, a place for the Individual in the scheme of things, with all that accrues to the individual; self-reliance, courage, conviction, self-respect and the respect of others. We can give them a sense of humor, laughter leavens life. We can give them the meaning of discipline. If we falter at discipline, life will do it for us. We can give them the will to work, satisfying work is not the lasting joy, but knowing that a job is well done, Is. We can give them the talent for sharing. That i't's not so much that we give, as to what we share. We can give them the love of justice. The bulwark against violence and oppression and the repository of human dignity. We can give them the passion for truth. Founded on precePt of example, truth is the beginning of every good thing; the power and the faith engendering mutual trust. We can give them the beacon of hope which lights all darkness. We can give them the knowledge of beingJoved. Beyond the demand for reciprocity, praise or blame, for those loved are never lost. What shall we give the children for Christmas? The open sky, thebrown earth, the leafy trees, the golden sand, the blue water, the stars in their courses, and the awareness of these; birdsongs, butterflies, clouds and rainbows, sunlight, moonlight, firelight, a larger hand reaching down for a small one, impromptu praise, and unex- pected kiss, a straight answer, the glisten of en- thusiasm and the sense of wonder, long days to be merry, nights without fear, and memories of a good home. These are the things we can gve our children and each other. The Cloverdale Reveille and Geyserville Press wish all our readers a happy and blessed Christmas. -- JC I I I I I I It's time F-AUI4w: How many people have to die? How man Immons, and Kennedys and Kings, can we afford to lose? It's lime - past lime - to register and control han- dgum. The FBI reports thai'two- thirds of all murders committed in the United Slates between 197S and 1/9 were committed with guns. In W/9 there were 72 un related homicides in San Francisco alone. In that same year there were only 55"in all of England and Wales, with their strict gun laws. What's holding us up? The National Rifle Association. Their big- spending lobby holds more sway over our legislators than the millions of us (75 percent of all Americans, according to Field and Gallup polls) who year after year ask for handgun control. time for asking is past. Tell your representative and senators that we are sick and tired of beins gunned down by the NRA. .And honor the past, and the future, by sendng even a doilal-or two to: National Coalition to Ban Handgmm, Letters to the Editor 100 Maryland Avenue, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002. Every year we lose mOthers, fathers, Sisters and brothers to bullets. Now we've lost John Lea- non; a man of peace who put The Word to music. When the NRA tells you guns don'l kill; people kill, refer them to the statistics, refer'/hem to the polls, and remind them thai it's a hell of a lot easier to ban guns 1ban people. Cynthia Grant Cloverdale Kudos Editor: Our thanks to the Aerican Legion for lreating our son, and all of Cloverdale's kids, to another Christmas party. Kudos, too, to the Senior Syncopators. Merry Christmas, everybody, with best wishes for a peaceful and joyous new year. Cynthia Grant Control no answer Editor: While Contemplating the sad death of musician John Lennon, Americans should rea, that no "qun con: trol '' law, no amount ox restrictive firearms legislation, could have prevented this tragic act. Gun laws simply cannot stop someone who is intent upon committing murder. The suspect charged with Mr. Lennon's" murder purchased the murder weapon in Mawaii, a state which requires that all firearms and ammunition be registered with local and state authorities. The crime took place in New "York City which has perhaps the most stringent gunlaws in the country. New York not only requires registration and permits for handguns but also requires the licensing of firearms owners. These restrictive gun laws did not stop Mr. Lennon's murder. Ad- ditional gum laws would not have stopped it, either. The act, for whatever reason it was committed, was premeditated. Once he is bent upon such a crime, a person cannot be thwarted by an existing gun law, nor by the passage of any ad- ditional legislation. Murder IIII I I II II I I II I III I ByBARBARAPEUGH QClerk History was made in, Cloverdale on Decembai- 16, 1980, when Mrs. Leah Noriel purchased the first ticket for the Cloverdale Transit System to be started into service between January 2 and IS, 1981. Congratulations to Mrs. Norie/for her support of the Bus System and we hope that a lot of our citizens will find the service useful to them. For tickets see Dorothy at the Utility window - you save money by prepurchase of tickets. A penny saved is a penny is already against the law. earned, they say!! Them will be those who A concerned citizm came call for more "gum control" in asking me toptug simying laws. Such laws, however, only restricL Ihn law abiding citizen's use of firearms and will not effect the criminal or reduce crime. Such laws merely open the door for civil rights violations which have occurred many times under the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968. These violations have already resulted in 63 United States Senators "calling for reform of that: gun law. To stop crime, laws must be directed at the violent t. , cnmmal. The National Rifle Association has Ion8 been in favor of prompt and adequate punishment for anyone convicted of a crime of violence. Take the criminal off the streets. Force the criminal justice system to be as severe as necessary to compel the criminal to=real that he will suffer the of-his actions. This is the way to stop such deplorable tragedies. clinics for your animals. Some people are not aware that clinics exist that will spay your animals at It much cheaper rate than some veteraniarians Sincerely ymu, Harlem B. Carter ExecnUve Vice Prestdeat NaUmml Rifle Aims. Of America Rhea Lavielett Geyserville C of C celebrates last meeting of year Tim Retherford City Clerk's Corner charge. Listed below are several place, that you might cheek for that ser- vice; the first two are nonwofit organisationB: Healdsburg Paws, 433- 6618, day or night, ask for Marie; Spay of Sonoma, 996- 5966, 11 a..m. to 3 p.m. - Monday threu WrJday; Dr. Robert Bell, DVM, 584- 7111 - Rohnert Park Pet Clinic (approx. one-half price of mot vats) Also remember, if you see an animal in distress call 894-d5 and ask for Animal Omtrol. The dog licenses for 1981have not arrived yet either, as of this writing (ber 19, IM0). Hope they get here soon, I'm getting a Utile..nervous. I received tbe most beautiful, handmade Christmas card from a very inventive and imaginative friend and I'd like to share it with you: "If I were Santa Claus I'd wish for yon:whlte Inquiring Photographer What is your thinking about gun control? JOHN NOVA]K, manager of Kings Valley: Guns basically belong in the American heritage, and if used properly for hunting and protection certainly have their place in he American home. For passing laws forbiddingany type of firearms would he contrary to our style of American life. For the criminal and misfits will somehow be able to obtain them anyway. TIM RETIIERFORD, junior at Cloverdale High School: I think there should be gun control completely by the govern- meat for handguns and control for rifles should be a little more flexible. RHEO LAVIOLETT, retired nurse: I think women should he protected. If they can't use guns then they should learn karate or use mace to protect themselves. At least these methods won't kill anybody. Women shouldn't have to be afraid to walk down streets alone. Fear is the most horrible thing in the world WeTip Rap On December 8, approxmately 2:46 armed robbery the Western 1622 Fourth Street, osa. The displayed a demanded cash employee. He then: location in a hatchback, type of possibly a B.abbit or Scirocco The suspect is as a white male, 5'6", 155 Ibs, hair, balding FuManchu style with hi/shy, He had a reddish hair and- was having a hairy "pot I He wore rimless Clothing is off-white sleeved sweater braided front, neck, no collar style); and corduroy pants. weapon described as a blue i inch revolver with s  top to the barrel. Any information ding the above should be Detective Bill the Santa Rosa Department at call the We free number at and refer to case geraniums, doud]e dancing starry nights, cuddly kittens, apricot jam and music by Mozart, tulips, homemade cream, a visit many, many more derful thlnlp." A that could go on but I Uke to pa-ss wish and for much this Christmas Merry Christmas to Christian Doleshll A! Gambetta The 6eym-vme Chamber of Commerce celebrated thetr lut meeting of the year with a holiday party at the Grange Hall in 6ervllle on Decemb t. A delicious dinner was We,,red hy the C, eym" Plmol sad Rifle Club end the wine of the evming was mrve. Imtead et wesker. these were mmicla that played and s=ng for both g-a4ongs ef Chrimmm and dame mmt so that after the dinner w over tables were moved away and the danesrs bald full aWay on the floor. A festive air pervaded the ormge tt00n the eVening as over 100 /Geyaerviilians and their guests got into the spirit of Owistmas. Business was held to a minimum but the new of. fleers for the new year of 1981 were announced. They are: Joel Zuatno, president; Otto Hoefler, vice president; Lora Vigne, secretary; Marcelle Moreno, treasurer; and MilUe Howie, correspdeding neeretary. The new members are John Pedroncelli, Lawrence Smith, Jean Dix, Keith Lampaon and Mickey Clnnllo. The last meetlng of tha old beard took place on the lath of December with a lot of discussion about the need for a locally-based sheriff. Crime unfortunately is mounting, and although the need has bee, expressed before, no action has been taken at the county level. Further pressure m ex- pected to be placed to fill this void in this vulnerable own. There is also a movement afoot to hold a town menting in Gee which used.to be an old American form of working out problems, particularly in the England states. This is to be held at the Educational Park in the near future. The date will he annmmced shortly. It should he a wonderful opportunity for everyone to air their thoughts and feelinp and a way to make the new year one in which every person can have a voice in the future of their + own enviromnent and to exprem their needs and hope,. Peo00 in C, eym.- vflie are asked to beginto give t to what it is they would Uhe to Iring up at this town meeting and be planning to make this event a mmmingful and worthy experience. Being an . unincorated tram it is tbe peo00 of c, eyser- vflle IPide their own dtiny in this very uniqne spot on earth. Jelm Novak CHRISTIAN DOLESHLL, senior at Cloverdale High School: I think there should he strict regulations on ritim and all firearms and laws to make it harder to acquire them. JIM WIRT, co-owner of Eagles Sportsworld: I do not like gun control at all. Look at New York with the strictest gun control laws of any state and look what happened there. :AL GAMBETrA, retired cotmeilm and police officer: I'm in favor of gun control, if they take all the knives, aH of the poison and everythng that kills people and outlaw them, too. Guns ate only a fraction of the weapons that kill. Jim Wirt