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December 17, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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December 17, 1980

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Jl Illl The Good Word for Today: Recompense By PHYLLIS SJOBLOM TEXT: For the Son of man is going to come in the :glory of His Father and HIS angels, andwill then ,recompense every man ]according to his deeds. Matthew 16:27. i In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus spoke of flaying up treasures in heaven and not on earth. Though we generally think of this passage as per- tainiag to the giving of our material wealth there is another application. It can be employed to point out the necessity of behaving in a way that will honor God. How much bettor to have treasure laid up as our recompense, then chastisement. Versus five and six in the second flmpter of Romans tell us that unrepented hearts store up for them- selves wrath - theat God will render unto everyone according to his deeds. If an unrepentant heart earns wrath, it follows that it is necessary to repent if we are to avoid it. By that act, and as we invite Jesus into' our heart and accept Him as Savior, our old record is erased, we stand brand new before God, clean and pure with nothing to answer for. Jesus took upon Himself our just recom- pense. Today's text shows that, reward or punishment, we will each one of us, get what we deserve. Beloved, act today to ensure that what you receive is a reward. I l l "Carol of Christmas" at First Baptist Church The well-loved Christmas voices. This popular icantata "Carol of Christ- Christmas composition , mas" by John W. Peterson, features many of the most beloved traditional carols will be presented at First Baptist Church on Sunday, i n t e r w o v e n w i t h i n December 21, at 6 p.m. by the musical tekt. the church choir of 30' First Baptist Church I I Baha'i Fireside Considering that the Baha'i Faith proclaims the unification of mankind, the remedy for the ills of the world and the necessityand inevitability of it for this day, it is no wonder that Baha'is are eager to share the teachings of their Faith with others. One way in which they do this is, through the fireside. The Baha'i fireside is a simple, informal occasion conducted by Baha'is for the purpose of sharing the teachings of Baha'u'llah, prophet and founder of the Baha'i Faith, for helping people find a purpose in life, showing what Baha'is are doing to effect changes that Christmas Choral program for LDS Stake Presidency will tell the story of Christmas; Don Frye and Valerie Christenscn will play a harp and recorder duet; Jan Drennen will play an organ solo; and a choral reading will be given by a youth group. Light refreshments will he served. The public is invited. There is no charge or collections taken. I I By DORIS HILL Santa Claus dropping by at the end of the affair to chat A program of Christmas withthe children. music will be presented for members and friends of the A stake Young Men's and Ukiah Stake, Church of Young Women's choir, Jesus Christ of Latter-day under the direction of Mary Saints, this Saturday, Denna, will sing three December 20, beginning at .numbers. A musical 7:20p:m. umber is also to be presented from each The program is gearea !or congregation in the Stake. the whole family including Vern Watkins of the Ukiah _ [ 0000Manzanita Manor Musings :hare their special talents with us. We all appreciate you ........ year was donated by Chuck Croom of C&G Tree Service. Thank you Chuck for spending time finding a tree just right for us. I'm still looking for volunteers for Thursday coffee at 10 a.m. Please cab By CLORI PLITT-CROOM As visitors come to Manzanita Manor, they hear Christmas carols, ' ,leh b. jinsUag and , possibly even see one of ' Santa's elves in the kitchen! It's great to see everyone i becoming involved, with the Christmas spirit! Thank you staff. Club, and the Girl Scout troops. Everyone loves such good music and we thank you muchly for sharing your Christmas cheer with us. The patients will be making dish gardens for presents in craft class. Thank you Jackie Bean for nAng this possible as it is iee to be able to give to : This week we will he o's family at Christmas me if you can share your blessed with carolers from time. Also a big thank yon time. Sharing is Caring. Jefferson School, the 4-H to all the volunteers who Merry Christmas! ill _ I I I III liil I I II I : ' " @ :American Leg,on : Q @ AuxlJ,ary William Russell Ledford i -- Unit 293 tire. If you are interested in having better radio and television viewing, the American Council for Better Broadcasting is sending out look-listen opinion poll evaluation .forms. --The auxiliary will be sending for order blanks and if yon would like to send in your opinion, contact any member and fill out and mail your form to: "American Council for Better Broadcasting, 120 East Wilson Street, Madison, Wl 53703." All auxiliary members and your families, don't forget the Christmas party, Deeemher 20, at 6:30 p.m. at the Veterans' Memorial Building. Please bring your own eating utensils. And ff you haven't already donated your canned goods to the Christmas Basket, please bring it on party night. Did you know that the American .Legion Auxilial;y participates in a very special proam under the h- children and youth pro- gram? In the Metropoli- tan Medical Center in Minneapolis there are some special doctors with Doctor Joseph loser, who is responsible . for the establishment of the Children's Heart Fund. These doctors volunteer their services. Children with special heart problems may go there and have their problems solved free of charge. They take ear of any child from any place in the world. The patient is required to pay for their own tramrtatton, and this is where the auxiliary comes in by their donations to this special program. Dr. Jo,ph Kiser, says that one out of evej two hundred hhildren in the world have a cart defect. We are helping some of them through the "Miracle of Minneapolis" through the the  ta place From the auxiliary, a Blessed Christmas to all! By DENA GAMBETTA ', In each unit of the American Legion Auxiliary , we have what is known as Junior Group. This group is "known u Juniors in the ages of six to eighteen. At eighteen a Junior becomes a senior member, from one to six tha groups are known as Tiny Tots. William Russell Ledford Unit :m, American Legion Auxiliary is fortunate to be the only unit in the district to have an active Junior group. This group is led under the leadership of Eliie Flynn as chairman. The Juniors have been Installing the senior group-for many years, and has acted as honor guard for many functions and presented colors for several occasiom. The Juniors just recently acted as honor guard for the district president's official visit. They have been asked to act as the honor guard for the Church Women United instQllation which will take eon Jan. 9, they have  rm.ing to mar in the Citrus Fair Parade: and have been asked to participate in the California Junior Conference which will be held in Santa Cruz thb year. A new program has been founded for the Juniors to become an American Legion Auxiliary Pen Pal in snother state or country. The group will meet during the Christm vacation to discuss and decide upon all the above fame,. :CARD OF THANKS This is to thank Norma's family and friends for all the flowers, cards and thoughts. invites the public to attend the cantata concert and to ,.Bhare in the joy of the celebration of Christ's birth. First Baptist Church is located at 450 Healdsburg Avenue in Cloverdale. Rev. john Powell is the pastor. Norma lived life that was truly enriched by your friendships, i i will bring about universal peace and the establish- ment of a world civilization, and attracting new mem- bers to the faith. However, Baha'u'llah asked that no one accept His Revelation without in- dependent investigation. All are urged to open their eyes and ears, and use their own judgement in order to discern the truth. Christ told how to tell truth from falsehood, how to test a claim to prophethoed when He said, "Ye shall know them by their fruit." (Matt. vii, 15-20) At a fireside,the teachings of Baha'u'llah are set before the seekers of truth, and. they think for themselves whether the fruits are good or evil and whether the things the prophet had spoken have come to pass. Baha'is believe that truth is not a dead thing to be set on a shelf only to view, but a living thing to he practiced and bear fruit in the lives of men. No pressune is laid upon a seeker of the truth to join the Baha'i Faith. Baha'u'ilah said, "The wise are they that speak not unless they obtain a hearing." This sentence governs the manner in which Baha'is teach. Because the teachings of Baha'u'llah are for this age and give hope to mankind in every facet of life, Baha'is enjoy discussions on many topics -- purpose of religion, education, equality of men and women, life after death, prejudice, adoption of an international auxiliary language, universal peace, and any others of vital interest to manldnd. Firesides are sometimes assisted by speakers, films, music and drama and allow for the sharing of ideas in a harmonious atmosphere. Firesides are held in the Cloverdale Baha'i com- munity every Monday morning at 10 a.m. at the home of Dale and Diana Hudson, 122 E. 2rid Street. Please call 894-4172 or write to P. O. Box 234 in regard to Baha'i Firesides or the Baha'i Faith. Christmas Eve candlelight Communion at United Church One of the oldest Christmas celebrations of Cloverdale is the Christmas Eve Candlelight Com- munion at United Church (krmerly Congregational Church) at 439 N. Clover- dale Boulevard. At the 7 p.m. service, December 24, the Rev. Robert J. Kersey will bring Jthe communion meditatioh : "The Ex- travagance of God." The Church Choir and Dorothy the special music of the service. All believers who wish to commune with the Lord Jesus Christ are in- vited to come and worship Him, participating in the traditional Service of Lights at the close of the service. Listen for the church's chimes, which will be played the half hour before the service, calling all to worship Him who was born Christmas Sunday Program and Children's Sunday School event On Sunday, December 21, the service, 1980, a! the li a.m. hour, theleadership of United Church will present Michelon, director, their Church Choir and solois!s in concert for the central worship experience of !he morning worship, wi! h Barbara Peugh, directing, accompanied by Maxine Allen, organist. Rev. Kersey will lead the morning worship and the new Children's Sunday Sob,,,,! will participate in by the staff. The reunify is invited with the members friends of this fellowship, bern of the former Methodist Church Congregational Cloverdale. provided. Tiny Talk from Cloverdale Christian By SHERRY BRESHEARS This week was filled with party prepratios and our monthly field trip. We each made a stocking. First we colored the paper stockings then we put cotton fur across the top. We also colored doily placemats for our party snack. Our playroom is looking colorful with the addition of the paper chain that the children are making. In two days time the chain is already 45 feet long! We're trying to make it long enough to go all the way around the large playroom. The children enjoyed making snow ca.dies. We filled a quart sized milk carton full of crushed ice, then we poured melted wax over the ice. After the wax is hard and the ice has melted we pull off the milk cartons and we have a beautiful candle. After fmishing our party preparations next week we will. have a party on Thury. Children's Chatter Miss Sherry: "What did you do this week?" Rachel: "I liked to make the chains that I made. I liked to make them long and put them together. I liked to go outside and play in the white house.: I 'like circle time when I'm here. It's fun to color on the stockings." Tommy M: "I like to go ice skating." Angle: ""I like to go Ice, skating. I like to slide down. I like to share my keys." Tera: "I made a stocking. It has white fur on it. I drew people on my placemat. A boy and a girl." - Stacy S.: "I love the stockings what we made, what we made and I like Bible time. And that should 5e alL" Ryan: "I do nothing. 1 made my stocking." Mark: "I ate made a picture flower. I made a with a boat and a t.he paper. Calendar of Wednesday, December 17 Cloverdale 4-H at Jefferson School, 7:30 p.m. CIuverdale Grange at Grange Hall, 8 p.m. Knighls of Columbus at Parish Hall, 8 p.m. Planning Commission a! City Hall, 8 p.m. Supervisor Espos!i a! Veterans Memorial, 10 VFW Bingo a! Veterans Memorial 7:30 p.m. Thursday, December 18 lalian Catholic Federation at Parish Hall, 8 Cloverdale Lions a! The Encore, 7:30 p.m. Cloverdale Rotary at Papa Johns, 12:15 p.m. Green Thumb Garden Club at Member's home Aianon al $1. Peter's Church, 8 p.m. Friday, Saturday, December 19 & 20 Kelseyville Basketball Tourney at Kelseyville, Sunday, December 22 LDS Church Relief Society at the LDS Church, Monday, December 22 Square Dance Class a! Jefferson School, 7 p.m. Merchanl's Assn. a! Council Chambers, 7:30 Tuesday, December 23 Druids a Druids Hall, 8 p.m. Cloverdale Hospital Dist. at Citrus Fair, 7:30 City Council a City Hall, 8 p.m. Rebekah Lodge at Grange Hall, 8 p.m. Fine Ar s Commission a! 213 Main S! reet, 7 p.m. Cew ury Lions Club at Cloverdale Coffee Shop, December24 MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!! CARD OF THANKS I wish to take this opportunity of expre my gratitude for the cards, phone call  words of encouragement during my r confinement. Hope to be able-to get out and once more see your smiling faces Merry Christmas and a Happy New Y ontoya, soloist, will bring in Bahtlehem. and I liked the singing in Jack Howell Bible time. I like the chains I In I " I I I I M .... II I Cloverdale Area,,.,., Church Directrye_._ " AIITIOCN RIISSIOHARY IAPTIST MIllION SunOav SchOOl 10  ' GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH 4 .,, .,ovo.,e .,o  ....  wo.., .__ N .--._,. .............. o,vo s; s/., . N,',,,On Reor'ec4.nttv,e Ken hams vPn,nq W0rshdP & 0r' P,sfOr Norm4m M ReOeker /,Oweek Serv,ce I Thurs I  0 ,n Phone 433 $35 or 094 7330 StuOy CIds*.o'. (Man Mon" ) IOm IAHA'I FAITH ' " Fireside M ,et,r$ {tw (,, m.,...OOO CURCH Please Call for more information a month  hek Cleodar .vn n Growt GrOuDS nO Or literature of Evt15 tot Dates Phone 894 4172 and T,rues) 1194 4663 Childrt's Classes 9:K) m 8944532 (Sun. Morns.) CHURCH OF CHRIST 5unOy R.O;e Slu1v I0 a m 16 Trman Dr,ve Sun or.,ntt Worsh,o II a m ln,ster lobl'r! W (_hurch*ll SuncIdlV E v**n,l,l 6 p m Phone 894 5063 Wed Ev,nq ; 30 0 m CHURCH Of: GOD PROPHECY SunO,-% 9 45 a m Pastor A W West Phone !194 3595 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS gTSS Redwood Hwy So 8ranch Pre5 ClaucI K Wdharrts Phone 094 032 SUNDAY 3 HOUR ILOCK Pr,o,.thood 9 A  RPI, SO1 ,ety 9 * m Pr,rnatry 9 A m YounQ Womon 9 a m Sunclay S, hooI I0 a m rml et,n 9 |0 SO  m Nel,et Sot,ely Homemk,nq ? )0 p m /VIQ Ist TU et(h /orlth EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD |12 N /lin Streel Rev /&r n Bowers Pr,et ,n Charoe Phone 1194 5719 SunOAy HOly Colr/twl $ m FIRSY BAPTIST CHURCH 4S0 Hetdsburq Avtue Psior JOl Powell S,ble TeiKlml Irwdm I) 4S 4 m Morn,/ Woth,II  II m ChuCh Tr*n, Prwm 4 R m Evtmmq WorSm How 4 p m M,4week Sv,ceG (Wiltll) ;' Rm OAT VALLIY IAPTIST CHURCH - IQIw3y I?1 :ev D F H,eter hone 14 1107 ChuCh P 14 1 PAmKSIDE CHRISTIAN CHAPEL 533 West Second S! Rev R,chard Rdea Phone 89.1 71193 SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH tl77S Reo'wocl Hwv S Pastor le Ik#oott It. PayEE'S CATHOLIC CNUICH 04/11 t.IV Of mr. CAramEL Remwe Hi#wv So F d4r Nwy Ine m 31S OIYSERVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH :tl Geyserville Ave. Pstor: J,mes D. Corner Sun. MoinR WormiR !1:tl ,.m. Chuch  It:IS .m klt Slorl C t:S0 I.E. ChrisliiN INollln'$ Fi }:N o.fll. Llm A, .. Me w t Um Church e e Ite: 1141111 FRED YOUNG & COMPANY et4.,4ow CLOVERDALE BOWL 10 Healdsburg Ave. 894-799 T Smce AvNie Csm Pellegrlnt's CHEVRON SERVICE 2o6 S. Clovete mvd. Avl |lltit C||| rh,s SKe AV CI THE ENCORE 104 S. Cloverdale 61 Iml-14 .o CLOVERDALf REVEILLE ,  III First Street et44