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December 17, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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December 17, 1980

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Page 8 Wednesday - December 17, 1980 From Jefferson School By DENA GAMBETTA These are busy days at Jefferson School, with the preparation for the annual Christmas program, which is being put on at the'Citrus Fair Building on Monday, December 15, at 7 p.m. The theme of the program is "Origins of Christnas Customs Around the World." This is the program: 1. Greetings in six languages, by Gloria's Reading Group, history of Christmas carols; 2. "Some Children See Him," by 2nd and 3rd graders and Mr: Zagorite's class. 3. Holly. "Holly Carol" or "Deck the Halls" Alice's Romains class, decorate stage and tree; 4. Gifts: History, Pat Knight's class (gifts given out); "12 days of Cri" by 1st graders; 5. Mistletoe ahd Yule log, audience singing Chestnuts Roasting, Merry Christmas to you. History: 3rd graders, Zagorite's class.; 6. Poinsettis: history. Dance: Tonya's class. Spanish poem: Spanish children; 7. Plum pudding: Yaynell's third grade class, recipe: "We Wish you a Merry christmas; 8. St. Nicholas and Santa's helpers. Santa Cius is Coming to Town, by Claire and Barbara's class. Peggy Trimble, piano selections; 10. Candy canes. Santa Claus will conclude this festive evening. Everyone is invitied. Dick Johnson is helping Alice Romain's class in the math program, which was founded by the bean math man. Dick is teaching the children the family of ad- dition facts and subtraction, such as 4 plus 3 equals seven, 4 and 3 are a family; so if 4 plus 3 equals seven, likewise 3 plus 4 equals seven. A great way to help children learn their addition and subtractions. Barbara Fontana's zna graders are making a book on "Christmas Around the World." All the classroom have Christmas treesput up, with lovely homemade decorations. They are all talking about Christmas, writing about it, and ver- balizing about it. Bruce Luchessa's class is making their own pine tree piciures by tracing their own hands seven times, and then cutting the sev. hands II I out,and curling the fingers, and then arranging on a bright colored paper, thus their own pine trees. "The aides are holding their Christmas Party on December 17. They all drew names, and are to get an exchange gift. The teachers are holding their Christmas party with guests at Papa 3ohns on December 19 at 1: 30 p.m. when school is out. Christmas vacation starts December 20 through I Scouting Around By LOIS KINZEY Many girls in Cloverdale are waiting to be Girl Scogts, but unfortunately, we have no waiting list of adults who want to be Troop leaders. We urge any person over 18 and who likes to share activitees of girls of 4th through 6th grades of school, to join in the Girl Scout effort. Please call Maureen Wallace at 894-15, in the evenings and let her know of your da'e to help. Advantages of belonging to Girl Scouting activities are countless. Real girl planning is easier because there are lots of girls to make 6nggestions, enough girls to have planning qc'hr'l starts January 5," 1981. Mrs. Robertson, the new addition to our school this year, is the learning disability teacher. She is reporting that at present she has nine students coming in each day, and more testing is being done on other students. Mrs. Robertson is a part-time employee, from 8 until 11:3ff each day. We are so for- tunate to have her here to help our students. committees to do their jobs dinner as a fund raising well. There is a rewarding project." satisfaction to help each girl On December 20 the girls find a friend in the group, to are planning Christmas whom she can relate well caroling at Kings Circle at and be her hiking buddy or 3:30 p.m. An activity in work at her speed on which all Girl Scouts can projects, enter will be a skating party There are numerous in-Santa Rosa on December resources available for 29. leadership training through They hope to have a booth the Neighborhood chairman . at the Citrus Fair in and field director. Try it, February. For this venture your rewards will be many. they will need additional The major goal for winter help. Then there are annual ,and spring by Cadettes in projects such as the recent Cloverdale will be projects calendar sales, in March to help finance a trip to they will sell boxes of Cloverdale, Canada, next cookies in their corn- summer. These girls are munities. 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Everyone in Girl Scouting They held a hake sale on "is looking forward to special Saturday, December 6. In program activities on their January they plan to serve a official birthday, March 12. School Menu Friday,. December 19 Mac and Cheese Finger Salad Green Beans Window Fashions by Marylynn Amann and Jim Vlasak Brother Sister team Wednesday, December 17 Hot Dog on a Bun French Fries Carrot-Celery Stick Applesauce Pint Milk Thursday, December 18 Turkey and Gravy over Mashed Potatoes Sweet Peas Popeye Salad Cranberry Bread Pint ilk Preschool to sponsor puppet show Preschool and will be held at the Boy Scouts Cabin at the Cloverdale City Park on Second Street in Cloverdale. The admission is 75 cents for adults and 50 cents for children. This program, as are all ; evening of fun with lan Van Schuyver and the Dragon's Wagon Puppet Theatre on December 17 starting at 6  p.m. until 8 p.m. This activity is being sponsored by the Cloverdale Holiday program at the library The Cloverdale Regional "Christmas Cracker" and Biscuit w-Butter Pineapple-Vanilla Pudding % Pint Milk SHADES oF PRIVACY t Shades in the bath serve a decorative purpose, but have a primary role; the creation of complete privacy from outside intrusion. Woven wood shades are an exciting new trend in bathroom window fashions, since they offer elegance as well as privacy. They have the ad vantage over con - ventional shades of allowing both light and air circula- tion even when drawn, while at the same lime ensuring as much privacy as desired. The wovtn shade is also a space saver. Whether installed within the window frame or covering its outside measurements, these shades need no wall space, often a real advantage in the small bathroom or one with minimum wall space beside the window. Woven shades also offer richness of eye appeal, both in intriguing textures and the interplay of multiple color combinations. Come in and look over the variety of colors, sizes and styles -- Roman fold, double fold or care-- in our big selection of smart new woven woods ! Library is offering a holiday "Free to Be You and Me" " will be shown. /,dILc Cloverdale film program for children ages 6 to 12 today, This program, as are all " Cabinet & Linoleum December 17,, at 3:30p.m. a library programs, is free of =_l"= llll| slide story, The Great Wolf charge Please call the ,., 'J 119 N. Cloverdale Blvd. and the Good Woodsman" libra-T'at 894-5271 for more " oos qA t" "  O- ' "'''' will be told, and two movies, mforma ran. Real Estate m | , . , +, . Advisor CIoverd00le Nurmry* & GI Shop ByALLENDAMEROWBroker  InVites you to the A QUESTION: I wuld like  1 sell sl00mas00 i to my property in m '' Cioverdale, but I'm in a " ' bind about listing it. My [ cousin is a i'eal estate agent and would ,,be very put  ,  ii [r  out if she didnt get the.  I'| '| |S " r " listing. On the other hand, she lives in Santa Rosa, and i I feel that the property listed here in town. Please _.[ advise.  Sj lOW " ANSWER: Listing in Cioverdale is likely to bring . better results.' Local agents _. Bring the holiday feeling . are best acquainted with the I. into your home with plants, ,  i special marketing " " e -I techniques required to sell poinsettias and ornaments. properties here. Besides, buyers looking for property [] Gifts to beautify, brighten and bedazzle|   ' ip Cloverdale are more  , " -    = likely to come to a local  New arrival of ' /i ;7(1/'.,d _ To keep peace in the i rbdrons "W.WelL00. __. family, why not ask your 1 cousing to co-op the listing @ ' '",- with the Cloverdale agency of your choice. Thruway, Nursery the property will have the  'i full advantage of local marketing, while your 'c.in will shire in the00 " rid Gift Shop u Visa commission. _, Please address your 64 Srooksid. Drive 894-2313 questions to the Real E=tate II 9-5:30 every daYexcept Tuesday V - Advisor care of The Cloverdale Reveille.  ].,,,, n, n, [.m [, =-..J ADDING FUEL I is my pleasure to add a lithe fuel to the already lit fire. The Geysers Road on the Cloverdale side has long been a lhorn in he side of those forced to travel it daily. I is one hing Io drive, to lhe Geysers on a nice safe. sunshiny, no- raffic weekend, but it is enlirely another experience to face lhe hazards and drive the dangerous one-lane road. no yellow lines o follow. hrough the winter's storm, or on nights when he road is icy or filled with pea soup fog. Stories about the increasing dangers and hazards of the Old Sagecoach Rvad (built somelime in Ihe 1800s) are mounting. Accidem s and deal hs are happening loo often. It is estimated ha  here are a leasl  hree accidents each week. The reasons for he dangers become apparem as one listens to Ihe voiced, almos angry, certain!y frustrated, concerns of even heseasoned drivers who lalk about having to face the win- er's endless mudslides, falling rocks and boulders, cave-ins and washouls and Ihen have to drive through torrents of rain watching a full angry river lash out and cut into portions of already weakened roadway foundation. The drivers als0 talk about the "good old days when a man named Murphy used to work for the County and keep he road maintained and in good repair." But some of them say no more because, "il seems when Murphy reiired, the road work retired with him." The Healdsburg side is kept in good shape and most think :he Coun y is spdnding all of the money from' our taxes on that side. Many hink liHle or nothing is spent on the Cloverdale side and what is spent is not beingused wisely. Both sides are needed for emergencies, especially now that the County Helicopter is not in use. Themen will tell youi hrec hours by the shortest route to get an injured hill and to a doctor or a hospital after an accident. reason enough. Although the Healdsburg side is in good shape, it sharre of problems and accidents andoften closes are heavy snows in the mountains. Jusl las week the Healdsburg side was o midnigh because a drilling rig had "slid over' and nex morning a newly cut portion of th road first heavy rains, brought down from the mountain boulder the size of a pickup truck" andonce again was blocked for hours...until it could be cleared. he Cloverdale side is needed and not just for'! emergencies. There aremany problems,red tape, legalities, and I suspecl there has been "just a little" politics wiih lhe maintaining of the Geysers Road. Supervisor Nick Esposti is doing his best to find a way, along with enough money to fix the Geysers It is difficult to believe there hasn't been enough I with Union Oil the largest single tax payer in the seems the road should have been "wide enough" drive from the very beginning. The very least expect from the Sonoma County Board of see that the Geysers Road is brought up to minimum safety requirements for the sake of those who each day, either for work or business. Supervisor EsIosti deserves our supvort. I hope read this will let him know how you feel, whal Janice Corey, editor of the Reveille, monumental task." We will be. waiting to see what happens next remembering the words of those men who said, he road is really dangerous and there's only hold il up! .... When the blades of sixteen foot wide hit he side of the mountain because is on] wide. you worry, and you know you could I any lime." Yes, lhe Geysers Road is dangerous, very, J SUPER MARKETS OU llA/AIE SAYS IT ALL! BAVARIA GERMANY Add Charm and Beauty t0 Your Table at a Price You Can Afford 750 So. Cloverdale Blvd. Cloverdale, CA. hAon.-Sat 9-8 Sun. I0-7 /Y per china stamp On Off Ollf special savings Now. for a limited time only. you can acquire | a full service ot elegant Johann Haviland Ba- | varia Germany Fine China at remarkable say- | ings of over .10% on a simple, convenient | lay-away plan that will easily fit yourweekly I budget. I With each $3.00 purchase you are enlitled to I $ buy one ch,na saver stamp for 99'. 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