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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
December 10, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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December 10, 1980

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Wednesday , December 10, 1980 - Page 15 IPER MARKETS nJllJ[ SAYS IT ILIA.! 750 So. Cloverdale Blvd. Cloverda le, CA. Mon.-Sat. 9-8 Sun. 10. effechve Wed . De,: 10 thru Tues Dec 16 19B0Shop NSave Markets Oscar Mayer Special ;rs .o _.: ol 29 E 4 8 S inn ',o EG . OZ PKG ANY - SIZE SHOP N SAVE QUALITY und Beef Does not exceed 30: fat lb. Lasagna 8 OZ. PKG. ,39 Pact Mauen Iinerl I1 750 ML IIIAVll $ i.illl 19 tt 84 OZ KING SIZE PKG 39 F.RE S Sunkist Lemons Fresh Cooked Dungeness Crab FRESHL Y BAKED Frendl Bread 1 1/2 LB. LOAF lb. BONELESS huck Roast CEN TE R CU T Pork Chops Pork Chops 1 COUNTRY ,STYLE Pork Chops 69 lb. Iacon $1.43 Cubed Chicken Fry Steak $2.39 , BONELESS Bottom Round Roast Cross Rib Roast  09 lb. Rock Cod $1.39 l Ill 'o Shrimp $2.12 ,b rnEgn 4 9 Whole or Nalf lb. lb. o c.ic=;. ,,,,o,n. ZEE il 'e IOT Facial ALL oCEAN qP,qA Y TiIIHI ndry ranberry ,SAVE ,2c| gent . Juice I I" Cocktail . R,,.,, YibIn b Coffee  _IV =99 1 I Save 80 4SGZ BO*:LE 19 -" YUAN ImItI Coffee FROZEN Turbot Fillets * 1.79 , OCEAN FRESH FILLETS of Butterfish $1.55 ' Pork Loin lb. Paper Towels Cutting Costs with Coupons BY GLENDA OLAUSEN r "GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR SHOPPING OAf" You can chp hundreds ot cashoffs, hnd lots of refuhd forms bul it won I mean a thing unless you organize and plan your sawngs The best way to do this s to pre- pare a shopping hst Try to plan your shopping lisl to cover at least one week A shopping hst wdl proven1 you from walking up and down the same aste again and aclam or forgethng that much needed item M d'e a hsl and try to shck to t But even though you l,,ve spent a lot of time on your hSl, don't ever feel fled In d It doesn I make much sense to use a ten cent cashoff on a sxty-nme cent lem when a competing brand equally as good s priced at fifty-bye cents Al- ways compare prices as you shop You should always check to see d the larger s;ze s a better bargain. The larger szes of some products may offer very hltle saw rags Pay attenhon Io grocery speoals Shopping the special *s your first step m culling your food bdl Shop after the new grocery ad for that week has come out and you can prepare yourself for your weekly shopping trip Don't be afraid to switch brands for the best prfces Try to match specials wlh cashoffs As you took through your cashoffs you may find a special cashoff you may want lo add to your hs! ('Buy one-- get one free") It also may pay to keep track at prices of often used demsthat may not be frequently on sale Make upahst of these tems your famdy uses frequently and their prices Then. when you see them on sale you will know whether or not =t is a real barga,n and f you should stock up on tor not Don t forget whde you arecompar- mg prices 10 check for specially marked packages I1 i5 hal unusual to find several casholfs on the back of a package You wdl also fred specially marked packages wdh refund forms printed rghl on them Try to match cashoffs wdh refunds and refunds with speoals Check your refund forms Do you have any for the products you have already put on your shopping hsl? Or for products that you normally use. that are on special th,s week ? If so. try to work these rata your list Checking out at the cash reg,ster s one of the great moments for every refunder This s ,,,.,'hen your hard work really pays off If you've done your homework well you wilt know t and everyone around you wdl know il and admire you for t At the checkout counter you will be able to help lhe cashier f you do the following Place the Hems for whch you have cashoffs at the front so d will be easer for the cashier to check them Hand the cashier your cashoffs and free product coupons before she starts ringing up your purchases C,rcle the expiration dates on your cashoffs and free product coupons so the cash- ter win be abte to check them qwckly Dont hand the cashier a coupon that has expired or for a product fha! you havent pu'chased Always make sure the cashoff or coupon s for the sze you are purchasing, don t hand the cashier a casnoff good or, a thirty-two once size when you have selecled a smaller one To help you gel started. I'm lishng some addresses where you can wrde and request forms A lee cent post card wdl get t for you Irs certainly worth a d,me togel a form thai insures you'll recewe a refund of a dollar or more But be pabenl II can take sx to eght weeks to get forms Whde you are wamng for your forms to arrwe you can start watching for specials and gathering the needed cashoffs Salad Toppings Refund. Box lt78, Minneapolis. Mn 55460 (free Jar Of YOS or Nut as,) request by 1-31-81 General Millslnc Saluto Mare Dishes Refund Offer, Box 46-Dept 425 Mmneapohs Mn 55460 ($1 cashoff on Sol- urn Mare Dshes) request form by 3-31-81 Good Season Free Mayonnaise Offer. PO Bol 4065. Kankakee IL 60901 ExpiresC.30-81 Denial Check-up Offer, PO Box 14807, Baltimore, Md 21268 ($4 on Reach foolhbrushes and Johnson's Dental Floss) Request by 8-1-81 Buy 3-Ne;,t One Free Ndia Wafer after Form, PO Box NB999 EtPaso 79977(free bof2*28-81 Wsh Bone Ilahan Famdy Festival. PO Box 8446. Chnton, IA 52732 ($1 50) Expires 6-30-81 If you need or would like further mforrGahon !ust drop me a hole Glenda Olausen c/oShop n Save Markets PO Box 1040. Chico. CA 95927 Thanks very much {.Z JP Ill I III lllI I Illlll llIill I CLIP AND IAVi ,BVt .11, i't" ' II t.'T. / 0NECOuPONPE.C,JSTOIEF ii " :'" 11. ...' :i::,*:::' ,,i,',.:. ,,.--,.--7" - -" "  i;;;;;,- .......... ' ....  - '" ' ' ' ' .... ""' I ---- ". ' . ...... ,-, Stollen .umpK,n ,-: ;- " t ,', f, ', .". .'. .'Z i---.o...oooo.o, ..... ..,, o. 89 :,-,o,, S*LE .... ,':'':.....;"llilil I 1 POUND GE MAN Loaf /: i Ill '-" s.,; ,cau'o ...... ,s, .... ,*, j S"S % SAvE GIrT LEPTIF. I -.'..,.;;.,..,,,.;..;,,,,, I It I,C I,25 APEPFECTGF -  CHRISTMAS BREAD TASTY HOLIDAY SNACK .,..,..,......,, ...... UJNUTE AmerkIm ill Olh|ice  a n Blended  . ... Dog Meal i I -- is*v,',.,,, ;,' ............. co .......... -,s, " I | ""  I Butterk Danish . ,..,., .... .oo.o.o..u.,...= .... ,,, -- "'(ft-.o,,,,,o .... ,,:co;o. m, -_--, Ritz Bread Rolls ..... . ,la' ,u..,,.,,o,.,,o, .... .,_ m, "**""" "'"-- Crackers RAKFAS''RA' ,.,.,. = ,_..__ _ ...... ' :.,,,,. F , - - ' ",0"" , - I USDA FOOD ' r -- COUPON' P ri n Noodle . I ..... ' u_i , --'--",'... I O,I , oRoni i -. Ornpel'rllitJei(e = , 48OZ FAMILY .oz P.O Food  Ma.g'.Ine ' I'; I; ___ __ O..,N.,A. ,,OZC.NS ,.C.S,O.. OI I--I Dog .... i WE HONOR w.,,..,,d..$.o.h.,. ,.,,,,..., I. ...... .. ............. ,,,;.;.,, UIDA ennn ..N,AN'. r'OZ ANS. ','"AE 0" ",''''".'', j l  Cheese i / """ COUPONS ,R,,N,., ,,,o. CNS ,s,, ,,,.--.',.,.,1 1 " "I .,-": " '" ....... CreII Style eoidom ,welt Corn , q.  I I Artichokes ..... ' ....... 39: I ern ....... .,, 5i: TIImgoriiei ........ 3 99' Grapes OIHall$ I, SWFf f RE[> $ki$l LiaRs ....... ,.,, 15' FSMOOT i . G,RENGIANT r20Z CANS f PCAS O r;tsAvI'Ltl| 4 I ,,i,.,, who,. x.,,., "I =E/I --i KiOchom $11od Oroon Boans -1| BRIM -------'1 ,o,, ?:r;:6!o:CO:r French S,ylo Oreen Ieaiili .., "1 ? LB CAN ,,.-....____. zs* SAVE ZS* _zs*| i.,i)t, .t :'..::- .. '.. '.' ", " " = '" - GfmmGtat '- :: .... ,:   ""It""' : ozc.,,m.v,,o., I :,: ,.. :. ... .:  j Ians, : i i I'i i i i im i i I ='"_.