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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
November 19, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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November 19, 1980

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1980-1981 Date Team Nov. 25 El Molino (Scrim) Dec. 2- Lick-Wilmerding Dec. 5 Healdsburg Dec. 9 Geyserville (JV & l;'rosh only) Dec. II Geyservllle (.IV & Frosh only) Dec. 11 Cloy. Holiday Dec. ]2 Tourn. (Varsity only) Dec. 13 Dec. 19 Kelseyville Tourney Dec. 20 (Varsity & JV) Jan. 6 St. Vincent Jan. 9 Ft. Bragg Jan. 13 Calistoga Jan. 16 St. Helena Jan. 20 Anderson Valley Jan 23 Clearlake Jan. 27 Calistoga Jan. 23 Wiilits Feb. 3 Iwerlake Feb. 6 Ft. Bragg Feb. 11 SI. Helena Feb. 17 Clearlake Feb. 20 Willils Feb. 24 I.,owerlake John McMillan John Gastineau ' 894-2538 Wednesday, November 19, 1980 - Page 7 How vaudeville came to Geyservill Cioverdale 6 p.m. By LORA VIGNE can-can complete with all Oasis owner and her the lodge, Dvora Barman Los Angeles Conservatory the frills and thrills. One adobable baby ocelot, who then wowed the of Music. He, after a little AI 8 p.m. on November 8 was really taken back to the Osiris, horn in Geyserville audience with her rendition coaxing from the hostess, Healdsburg 7 p.m. al the Isis Oasis Theatre an little town of Van de Vire, June 22 "of this year. of "Lush Life." Dvora plays consented to play for the Cloverdale 6 p.m.(fresh) assembly of performers, very much like the town of Together they performed with a jazz group in San remaining hangerson. His their families and friends Geyserville, a wine growing acts never before seen on a Francisco known as the concert held everyone and a number of patrons village in France from stage. The baby ocelot Rift-Raft Band. She has spellbound and the piano C, eyserville 4 p.m. came Iogether to join in a which the name of played an accordian, promised to return to fairly jumped off the floor vaudeville show. There was vaudeville was derieved. It balanced apingpong bail on C, eyserville with he entire with his rendition of the Cioverdale TBA a festive air as the audience was here that the villagers his nose and chased a band in the near future. Flight of the Bumblebee. galhered. I_era Vigne, the go together and en- peacock feather across the Finally, June de Roche, hostess along with Mary lerlained each olher with stage. Healdsburg's own famous He, too, may someday hold Ann Crancall, Isis Oasis song, dance, jokes, and vaudevillian actrqss, who a concert at the Isis Oasis Kelseyville TBA coordinator, were sparkling witty sayings. It was not has reached the age of 88 Theatre which he has in their black and red supposed o be a finished Intermission was part of but still sings right on key, become particularly fond Cloverdale 6 p.m. fringed 1920's altire. They slick show and was put lhe fun as everyone visited was in the spotlight. Her of. This was the second dispensed refreshments at togelher hurriedly as folks and partook of donuts, apple delightful and humorous week in a row that he had the old bar lit by a glowing volunteered lheir talent, cider, cheese and crackers renditions and skits had the visited the Oasis and he Cloverdale 7 p.m. goose lamp. The stage was However, it was un- and wine. audience in stitches and likes to predict that many set with an old chaise lounge doubl ed]y more structured tears and finally a standing fine musicians will discover Calisloga 6:30 p.m. and a golden easel with than the usual village get ovation climaxed the its charm and make it their handmade posters an- togethers and thereby Act two consisted of a evening. Everyone was country heaven. Dr. Zam is Cloverdale 7 p.m. nouncing the various acts gained recognition in the strip polka, again by the bubbling with enthusiasms presently workingon a book that would be forthcoming. United States where it Marietta School of Dance, for the real old fashioned dealing with the problems of Boonevflle 6 p.m. Master of ceremonies was became a popular form of another set of monologues fun he evenings en- stress in the world of the Ira Rosenherg of Heald- entertainment, by Hill Edell which excelled tertainment provided, musician-entertalner. Lakeport 7 p.m. sburg, who was outfitted in all expectations with his a flowing purple cape and "Casey at Bat." Dec Quam Cloverdale 6 p.m. glittering top hat. Indeed Well, here in Geyserville, and Phillip Van Gelder There was much talk of Everyone hugged June de all was as it used to be in he it all came together as it accompanies Brian Quam doing more of this type of Roche and the evening Willils 7 p.m. old days before the advent was, on this evening. There on the fiddle in a number of variety show. Most of the ended on a humerous note l.,owerlake 6 p.m. of radio and tv except that a was Hill Edell, doing his lively little ditties, and then audience faded away in when Lore who had been giant spot light of the latest astounding monologues it was time for the Betty time but those that smitten by the knock-knock sophisticated design w i t h i n c r e d i b I e Boop Duo which turned out remained had a special jokes came up with one. Ft. Bragg 7 p.m. followed the performers and dramatizing, the Day Late to be Lora and May Ann in treat. Knock, knock. Who's there? sent glittering polka dots Dollar Short String Band their flappr dresses doing a June. June who? June St. Helena 6 p.m. ,around the old wooden playing a mini Ukulele and rendition of "I Want To Be know that that was a darn theatre from the mirrored the like, like no one has ever loved By You And Nobody Isis Oasis had as its guest good vaudeville show ! Cloverdale 6 p.m. ball that rotated from the played them before, and Else But You," with all the that evening Dr. Maurice Those wishing to perform rafters, intermittantly Charlie err charm of a Betty Boop Zam, who is a concert in the next one should Cloverdale 7 p.m. After a few warm up with his side splitting knock- cartoon. They were ac- pianist known for his work *contact Isis Oasis at (707) knock-knock jokes from the knock jokes. The first act companied on the piano by a as critic of the Hollywood 857-3524. The date for it will Cloverdale 6 p.m. famous gong show punster, ended with Lora Vigne, Isis guest who was staying at Bowl and Director of the be announced in the future. Charles err, the Marietta School of Dance represented by six lovely presented a colorful ladies -Ray00 tCenter Cut le= MEATS I Pork Chops & Delicatessen I'--" - " - " " i/ , , Lo|n t'org xoast I ..... i' Jarlsber, Cheese 369' 00i'.l -- l Short Ribs ,,9 ..... l r ......................... Homemade #])49 ]of Beef " Italian Sausage  ,b , , _ . ....... |  Always Frmflh Fish I _ . 45 HIND QUARTER $1.781b | Ir,, w.-dl  vL.... Beef $1 00Ro.T ""--"- """ i ...... Food Center ,q[ . 138 E. First St. 894-2325 .......... v -- Store Hours: Daily 7:30a.m.-6:30p.m. ........ qq Sunday 9a.m. -Sp.m.  .';" Free Delivery Every Day at 4p.m. J '" Prices %. .,  ',/ ......... . Effective Nov. 19 ....L .... Thru 23 Campbell's coach o4 the Cloverdale High School Varsity drill. PhOtO by Bob Trusler. QpQ Calendar passes ball to Zaeh Niehels in early season Tomato Soup 4/1 o 00ero. 2 = 10'/oz. tin, JOoi  k== -4Q in Premium --.I beYte T they See ell Saltino Crackers 7 I, ng Scores "", Par-T-Pak . -- Drink Mixers 3/99 plus tax 27 13 24 26 23 17 x2o 191/z 2O 2O 19 21 16% 23% I0 30 ins 201-555; 187-547; 189;527. Century21 23 ]7 Treanide, Siuber, LouisianaPac. 15 2 All Varieties (Jr. Bottle & deposit 25 15 Harris Radiator 22 18 Sharp 6 10 The Four Ds 15 21 24 16 Masonite 21 19 Naiman, Uselton, Silva's Pharmacy 11 25 23 17 MGM Brakes 21 19 Naiman 4 12 Denis Lish 200-550. Fresh Head / 23 17 Mustard Seed 18 22 John Naiman 163-290; 45& 21 19 NorthbayForest 15 25 Matt Finck 124-234; Eric Hls&HersReno ,tuco 18 22 Tom Gore, Natenstedt (7) 103-181. VFW 27 9 14 26 Beekeeper 14 26 Aparicio Expios 20 16 12 28 Barbara Drake 234-521; Tlur. Mor. Better Half Broccoli 5900. '.e. 247-641 ; Rich Mounts 186-524; Diana Cloy. Hardware 29 7 The=core 20 ,, 33. 22-637; Bob Mounts 183-473. ShopNSave 23 13 Clov. Bakery 17 ,8 Lettuce Sharon Anderson Backhoe 20 16 Field&Rued 17 19 (iip Top WM...8,= Mil, a,=es ,8 8 =.Q ' ' Carrots 23700 Pick's 22 14 B&K Upholstery 17'/z 18 Clov. Bowl 14 21 Red Delicious Clov.Druids 22 14 At TheMill 16 20 Sloane's Sea Prod. 13 23 39t Giovarmetti's 21 15 Paulsen's V'meyds.- Harold Mires 214-582; Mel Zucchini " , GarrettLog. 20 15 13 23 Barber 203-575; Larry -." 39700 Pardini's Body KPPB 7 29 Drake 193--551; Kathy Jojo!a uash " Shop 18 18 JackieSnellgrovelg0-515; 196-551; Marcy MAres 193- Golden Delicious Carl Young Cons. 17 18 Dot Smith 188-511; Pat 533. Yellow .--o Apples Louisiana-Pac. Keeim 201-505. Sat. Juniors RDC 14 22 Ball, Singleton, Whittaker, Onions I/ Thus'. Men's Me Anthony 25 I I Redwoed Payiexs 9 27 Louisiana Pac. 2 25 II Sumpter, McFarland, Spencer Vail 248-638; Waily'sHomeserv.23 13 Anthony 22 14 Bryan Cissna 215-622; Aldo United Vintners 19 17 Ahders, Siuber, Ricetti 237-596. Anderson Excav. 18 18 Ricetti 20% 15 Clvd. Auto Pts 17 19 $t uber, Bradford, Wilson, 1 Wed. Bantams Rolando Lumber 15 21 Vail 19% 16. 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