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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
November 12, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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November 12, 1980

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Bowl 12% 19/z Carolee Peterson 242-540; Pizza Queen 11 21 Kathy Spelbring 193-526; Sloane's Sea Prod. 9 23 Charlotte Johnston 188-509. Grady Wilson 223-545; Merritt Field 197-536; Gfl Jojola (131 av.) 201-461; Ramona Brown 181-494. Sat. Juniors Ball, Singleton, Whittaker, Anthony 22 I0 Sumpter, McFarland, Anthony 21 II Anoers, Stuber, Ricetti 17/z 14% Wirt, Natenstedt, Mocker, Ricetti 17 15 Willhite & Woods 16 16 Stuber, Bradford, Wilson, Vail 15Vz 16/2 Marley'S & Valil's 12 20 Willhite, Finck, Beebe, Chase 7 25 Rus,_ U Ricetti 180-475; Theresa Vail 174-473; Yvonne Whittaker 175-451; Shawn Ball 156A51; Jerry Beebe 163-416. TO REMEMBER Whalever else happens, whether the hostages will be released before this goes to print or r/ot, something beautiful has already happened. People throughout this country have come together in a spirit of patriotism with renewed, almost humble respect for the American flag All over this land flags were raised, songs were sung, services were held as the Americans held hostage in Iran were remembered with loving tributes on the anniversary of 1heir year-long ordeal. For me, there were a few tears when I heard the choir (on television) sing "Let There Be Peace On Earth And Let It Begin With Me," and it was not easy swallowing through the lumps in my throat as I listened to the words of the father of one of the hostages say, without shame, "I said prayers, somelhing I bad not done before, but you learn!" Cloverdale also remembered. Putting themselves in the place of he hostages, considering how they themselves might feel were the siluaion reversed. Two young men, Rick Black- mon and Kevin Moore, of the Cloverdale Fire Department, presenled their idea to the other members of the Fire Department to raise and fly the flags. The idea was accepted and on November 4, 1960, the American flags were flying high tm lhe streets of Cloverdale in a thoughtful tribute paid to the 52 Americans held captive by those radicals in another counJ ry who thought their act would bring us, as a country, to our knees, bul has instead brought us together. Thank G(I for people who care! Thank you, Rick and Kevin for reminding the rest of us to remember. MYSTERY OF THE MISSING For the past 18 years or so my favorite relative has been picking up the two or three nuts that fall from the walnut tree. S, mewhaJ of a tradition. Each year he patiently waits and III I I I Wednesday, November 12, 1980- Page 9 walches for the first nuts to faithfully fall then he picks them up and brings them home to eat. This year Ihings are a little different. Each day my favorite relative goes to pick up the nuts, but each day there are none. He knows the nuts are falling but they are gone before he gets In them This week things got even worse. At home, the nuts given to him by a friend which were laying out on a platform to dry began to disappear. Some of the nuts were cracked open, some were shelled and some just disappeared. One fleeting thought which crossed his mind was thatthe walnuts were shiinking/That wasn't liely. Shrinking walnuts? No, no, no, walnut shells donq shrink. De they? My favorite relative has great interest in and enjoys eating all kindsof fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts. The insecticide free fresh fruits and vegetables are highly prized. Back to the nuts. After a few days of patient waiting and walching, the case of the mystery of the missing walnuts seems to be solved. Sweet, innocent little neighborhood birds are picking away at the nuts. Some can crack the nuts open, some can shell them, and some (the Blue Jays) can pick them up and pack them away. It's hard to believe a few little birds can make off with so many nuts, so fast. A neighborhood squi'rl is another possibility. I haven't actually seen one here in our neighborhood but their population seems to he growing this year. Or, perhaps it's just the first lime I have noticed. Never lheless, for whatever reason, squirrels are in plentiful supply in Cloverdale. They ar climbng the trees and soam- poring back and forth across the streets carrying away for the most part, their ill-gotten gain. We now know why the walnuts that usually fall from that special tree are missing. The reason my favorite relative hasn't been able to find even one walnut under the tree this year is the two little partners who live in that tree. Two little squirrels. They are the guilty partners. They get up earlier in the morning than he does and have the nutshell picked, stored and-or eaten before he can get to them. One day, he tried to outwit them by getting up early to get to the nuls, but the squirrels must have known, or perhaps they keep watch, and they got there first. In frustration, my favorite relative gave the tree a shake and plckedup arm toolt home the six illegal nuts that fell from the tree. Ohhh, the shame of it all, being outwitted by a couple of squirrely little sauirrels. And we know, too, it is just possible that somewhere on our street another little squirrel has a nice cache of walnuts all stored and ready for the coming winter feast. I I I II Nogember brings Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving By CHARLES HAIFER and Vietnam, we have a different chapter. Senior VieeCommander stood tall, but what about Thanksgiving, a day that Veterans of WWi now? should stand high in the of USA Department of Can we secure our hearts of Americans, since California national interest every blessing we enjoy throughout the world today? today has come to us at a ;'A,p For many of our U.S. There is considerable very dear price ! .: - lea buddies, Armistice Day opinion, in high places, that Our forefathers gave S2 calls to mind a long list of we're a second-class power thanks for a bounteous Chuck 19 Washington Extra memories! The price of in the worldtoday! What a harvest which gave them Fancy. Large Size. freedom comes to you pity, since we have paid so hope for survival in a new Red or Golden vividly again - the hat- much to arrive at the mess world. Today we should i !99 tlefields of our youth and the we are in now! We should give thanks for their gallant Americans we left never he less than number courage and perserveranee Mm . Eggs there, are grim reminders one, and we hve the ability in securing for us the that Freedom is not free! to attain that position. (All freedom we have enjoyed From the Boston Tea we need is leadership.) down through theyears, and " " Party to Valley Forge to Now is the time for a envoke heavens blessings to Gettysburg to 'Flanders change! , give us courage to continue  ! " Fields to lwo Jima, Korea, "Now let s open the book at to preserve it! merican Legion f Clip Top New Crop J Leaf ' A * I * l, .$ausap  Carrots Walnuts 0000:00+Cror op /xuxJ,,ary William Russell Ledford Un,t 293 Chops 0ugmess Crabs  C By DENAGAMBETTA of cheer, why not call grant, or loan to any 1 4 79 Theresa, and she will .see colloge, university, trade $ 58 S149 ,h lb. what can be done. school etc.. available lb. Ib.U thro nra_es Theresa Tollini, veterans ugh private or public Jolm affairs and rehabilitation This has been a busy week enterprises. 65 -:165 chairman for William for the auxiliary in . Sa4 C Snack glrs S:nTt  O' Russell Ledford Unit 293, preparation for their The second Fifth District J.iw Ib.OU is happy to report that she Jean Harrison's, official Cotati,-on November 23 was able to send to the visit on Wednesday, The month of November "is S148 FaerpjJwl, $138 Christmas Gift Shop for the November 12, at the membershin month, and veterans several lovely Veterans' Memorial o unit *as air ad .4n . . . ur h e y lb.| l-lb. U  NorthweStGrown [b q packaged, gifts. - 'I'heresa B_.uilng, at7:p.m, sh .al-p. received several special especm.y mangs rme "Le juniors met to praeuee and honorary awards for Swanstrom for his their " honor guard making quota as early as Royal BuffetHam .... .ql)" Oval Royal Buffet Ham ,+,SIP s Oval Royal Buffet Ham .,J6 ss eel-air Peas 21bs. Pork Chops ,,=2 ze '-" Bacon so Rib Roast ..... ,...-.. .=2 =s : (:huck ..... ...... s14a Rump .... "--' ..2e Oeterge.t Orange Juice 99 Safeway Brand (V Gallon, $1.98) 0uart Persimmons Large Size Stew Fixins' Meat Franks  ,..'1  zk, (zk,,,+. U = Sl+. ,SlZ9 Chicken Franks ,.99' Fm   S14t F,,   ,6  .Sl' Rice=.=.,...= !pray ,,=..o. 47* llluee 14vm Mu 1.TS o = __... +,,. $1 a ,.. $1 Oe c,,=--..,-,., 12" .,oN. 124t Ouik Oil you more! Town Houee. Pteces & Strum, 40unca Dog Food hMdd Stouffer's Chkm Noo41e, Fme. 11.S OL s139 6oMm 6rak F4m ob ML Km 2 I='=uM= sp ::: Zygo Cactus Ce4=+ake Autunm wtlh  chm Cack. 4 Inch Pot Chrysanthemums, 6" Pot 6ia  Oralmm, 15 Ib Loaf Premium Bread Mr= Vlrt's Mr= Wdlhrs French Styis Western ikead Bread, 1.5 Pound i Loaf Ilmz im iflces tn Ntl iKI Iwe iellldie mdNf 12,11 flm generaous donation, and to the other member's who were so generous both with gift and monetary donations. The next Christmas project for veterans will be tree decorating at the California Veterans Home, andalso a day of visiting, a Christmas Program, and homemade cake and coffee party, as well as monetary door prizes for the Christmas Party for the veterans. Locally, the auxiliary is again planning to par- ticipate in the Family Ser- vice Christmas Basket, by taking either one or two families as needed. The unit has already donated 2S to the Family Service for the fine work they do throat the year. The auxiliary also has several members who are involved in Field Service work in the community, by baking, visiting and telephoning shut-ins. We also have several members who go to Manzanita Manor, to bring spiritual meaning, such as saying the weeldy rosary on Monday sf- ternoons, and helping with the monthly first Friday mass servtce. The auxiliary ladies also take one week to conduct the bingo games once a month, and help provide prizes for the oc- casion. Through one member of the auxiliary, 140 Halloween favors were provided for all the patients and employees of Man- zanila Manor. If you know of someone who needs a bit presentation, and they will be dressed as Lois Jean's Yellow Rose farmerettes. The Yellow Rose is the theme for the district t thls year. aro puml.g a .urpr presentation to the president. Henrietta Ruppert, Music Chairman, is planning something specml in the music field for the evening. The Drill and Ritual Team, under the leadership of Irene Ferrari, will have a dress rehearsal on Thursday, November 6th, at 4:20 p.m. at the Veterans' Memorial Building, in preparation to initiate new members on that same evening. Several members are busy planning tale decorations and refreshments which will he special. There will also be some very special surprises for the evening, so be sure to come on November 12. Guests are always welcome. A district president's visit is always the highlight of the year. November is the 60th year of "Education Week" for the Legion and auxiliary. The auxiliary, through chairman for Education, Viola Mack, will be going to the schools to present the Guide for Parents and Teachers pamphlets, the Career Education, the G.I. Bill, Junior G. I. Bill, Vietnam Bill and Social Security information on education. She will also present to the high school the new "Need a Lift" booklet, which names every available scholarship, July, when the deadline is November II. Thanks to Elsie Karl-. This month is also Legislation month, and Pauline Chase who receives the legislation bulletin from Congress each month keeps the auziliary well informed on bills pending and in Congress on veterans affairs, and other pertinent bills that affect all of us. Donna Wooldridge, National Security, reminds everyone that this month the auxiliary stresses National Security, by being registered and voting. The policy of the auxiliary is "Peace through Strength. +' On the local level our policemen, firemen and other public servants are guardians of local security. The auxiliary will continue to support the POW-MIA program, the Savings Bond program, Law and Order, Crime Resistance, Radio Free Europe, and Disaster Preparedness. The auxiliary offers seminars to college students by providing a scholarship program to the National Security Senminar, which is conducted by the Center for International Security Studies at Boston, Virginia, each year for better un- derstanding through knowledge, So you see, all of our" chairmen are busy on the various programs spon- sored by the auxiliary nationwide (Please come to the meeting on November 12.).