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October 29, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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October 29, 1980

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Page 12 - Wednesday, October 29, 1980 GOOD EGGS Members of the Fire Department are good eggs and have scrambled together a good idea for a fund raiser. On November 2,1980, they will be serving breakfast to the public from 7 a.m. until noon at the Firehouse. I am aware, as you are, there is more to the t'we department than attending fires and putting them out with the water that runs through the hoses. But I had to ask. John 7areal said he didn't think anyone joined the depart- ment for the money. I believed it because I know John spends most of his days off and spare time at the firehouse. Five dollars per fire isn't exactly top wages for all that is required of the volunteers. I spoke to Robert Ramage and he gave a quick run down on some of the programs in which the volunteers are involved. Ai members are required by law to take the eighteen-week course of Advanced First Aid offm'ed by Santa Rosa Junior College. There are also courses in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Auto Extrication, and Rappelling (which means descent by means of rope). They also attend training meetings three nights a month. Learning, training and doing all takes time and money. As if that weren't enough, the department is deeply involved in many community projects such as water rescue, rescue breathing, fire prevention, home and business inspections. There are public speaking programs, they do all their own mechanical work for the lrLre trucks and maintain all the city fire hydrants. There are several qualified instructors in the department. Nellie Lechner knows all about the good works of the men who belong to the fire department and she is known for taking gcmd care of her boys. The boys appreciate Nellie's loving care, that's why they painted her house when she went on a ation a few years ago. Hey Carol, the good woi-ks and charity isn't over, just because the band is home from Vienna. Now that I've talked myself into believing in such a worthy cause, I'll see you at the fwehouse on November 2. If for some reason you have to be out of town or just can't make it, send your check by mail or it by the fu'ehouse. I know the men will appreciate your efforts. They are all good eggs. Carol, I almost forgot to tell you about Nellie. She is an honorary lrrreperson and has her own I.D. card and everything. Bet she'll be there for breakfast. You'll want to meet her. (Just be there.) " DEMOCRACY If democracy doesn't work in this country today we have no one to blame but ourselves. A government of the people, by thepeople, for the people, requires the support and the VOTE of the people. How else can it work? Yes, we are all tired of the bureaucracy and the com- plications, and we all vorry about inflation, high unem- ployment, pollution, energy shortage, and the affect our waste is having on our environment, bul we forget that WE, THE PEOPLE, are the cause. We are the cause of all the things we complain about. Every single institution, buildings, programs, projects, een a toil free telephone, that is funded by government monies is a layer of bureaucracy that WE, THE PEOPLE have demanded. While we are the complications and the problems, there is hope, if we will remember that we are also the spirit of a greatness. Itis the responsibility of the individuals to see that the greatness is used rather than abused. Art Buchwald said, "When I see what happens topeople in other countries who say the same things I say, to make a living, it makes me fee] kinds patriotic." (Me, too, Mr. Buch- wald.) In today's society, patriotism and democracy seem to be bad words. Never before in the history of this country hasthere been so much criticism BY THE PEOPLE of their government. Yet, the people are the government. A few years ago, a wise observer noted, "It will be a sad day for this country when the American people are so hardon their elected officials that only MEDIOCRE people will run for office." That sad day is not coming. It is with us. We may vote and get what we deserve. So what?? At least we have the right to make the choice. When we vote, we should vote for the man or the platform which best reflects what we believe. One vote does make a difference. One vole may make the difference. Vote for the man of your choice. Then pray. VOTE. THE COUNTRY YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN. FRIENDSHIP In her own way, in her own thoughts, Summer Thougls is a young person who wants to show her respect and admiration for a friend. The following words express thai respect and admiration. STEP INTO TOMORROW There is a lady whose name Is "Bonnie Mother Hubbard." e's so nice and plays no games And is fine and dandy as can be.' She has so many children And DOES know what to do! A hard-working and able person So polite and kind... As fresh as the morning dew. The world needs more of you To lift off the troubles To reach and care for Just to be yourself...wheever you are. You give many hours in a day. To enrich so many. I feel I've come a long way Just from being around you. Thanks for being a human being And for having faith and trust That's what I needed To become who I am today. -Summer Thought., (This is dedicaled Io Bonnie, my b)ss. i just wan!ed her Io kn.w 1ha, she's a really nice person So be around. ) ,American Legion Auxiliary William Russell Ledford Unit 293 By DENA GAMBETTA Also, Halloween is coming up, and some of the most October is Fire fatal accidents happen at Prevention Month this time to children, who throughout the nation, and are in dark costumes, dart so in conjunction with the out from behind cars, and so observance of Fire many more students being Prevention month, William on the street,that so many Russell Ledford Unit 293, children are harmed and American Legion Auxiliary some killed durng this time. is contributing, through So here are some safety their Children and Youth hints, to have a fun program, and their Cam- Halloween: munity Service program, the fire safety decals and instructions to each kin- Advise children to wear dergartner, so that their costumes which are light in lives will be fur- color, short enough to ther protected through this prevent tripping, and program, nonflammable. For greater visibility, the costumes can This is an ongoing program, in which each year for the past ten years the auxiliary gives to each kindergartner the fire safety decals to further help save lives from the terrible fire. By putting this in- formation in this particular classroom, we are attic to continually reach all households with children. The little packet, prepared by Katherine Greppi, Community Service chairmn, consists of a yellow instruction booklet, listing how to display the two triangular fire safety decals, and also the booklet lists home fire safety check list,and a list of additional information for fire safety. Two of the triangular safety decals in each booklet, are to be placed in specific areas .in the home to readily help firemen to see the decals, in the e,ent of fire. One decal is gummed and one decal is clear. The gummed decal is for placement on each door or window of the child's room and the other gummed decal for window use in the front of the house where the decal is visible from the street. This program was instituted by the auxiliary with the consent and per- mission of the Cloverdale Fire Dpartment, who felt this program was a grat addition in helping to prevent the loss of children's lives by fire. The Cloverdale Fire Department, through the fire chief, Milton Holt, has extra fire safety decals, in the event that you would like to have one, or if a shut- in or an invalid would like to have one. SO in conjunction with Fire Prevention Month, the auxiliary is going their part for their children and community. Pauline Chase, Legislative Chairman reported re-subscribing to the monthly Legislative Bulletin. This bulletiin, lists all bills passed and pending and coming up, and other very pertinent information for the veteran and his family. Pauline reported , the passage of a new bill that would benefit veterans for Better Health Care. Theresa Tollini, is still reminding everyone to please contribute to the Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Program, the Christmas Gift Shop. Please contribute before November L as she must send in, so that the veteran can choose a gift for his family and auxiliaries close by will wrap arid get ready for mailing. The auxiliary has gone on record to sponsor a Girl State from Geyserville High School and from Cloverdale High School. We sponsor a girl from Geyserville every other year, as Sotoyme Unit from Healdsburg sponsors the girl on alternate years. The poppy program is coming along nicely, all paraphernalia has been ordered, and we have in- creased our peppy order by fifty poppies. We will now have 1100 poppies to offer on Memorial Day to remember those who gave their lives in the service of their country. Ruby Vadon, past President's Parley, reported sending $10 to the Nurses Scholarship. Anyone going into the nursing field from our high school or junior college tnay apply for a nurse's scholarship, through the high school counselor or through the local auxiliary. Under children and youth, we will be con- - centrating on Special Olympics, Drug Abuse, and Reyes Syndrome. be decorated with reflective tape or hands so that it "glows" in the beam of a car's headlights. Warn against wearing Halloween masks by youngsters (masks restrict vision), use colorful facial makeup. Warn motorists to have extreme caution on trick-or- treat day between the hours of five and nine. Have children carry flashlighls, En courage children to par- ticipate with younger children. Over 13 shoudnot IL Elsie Karr. Theresa Tollini. Fire Chief Milt llolt, and Mil Allen are shown giving out fire safety decals and instructions take part. Confine trick or children on their outing. trea Io our well-known Wait until you get home to neighborhood. Urge taste your treats. Ask parents to accompany residents who wish to to kindergartners so their lives will be Photo by Janice. participate in trick or treat Council. to leave porch lights on. HAPPY Promote basic pedestrian all from rules of the National Safety Legion JUST ONE CALL 894-3339 00veille Don let its simpUcity fool you. Classified is still the easy, low- cost way to exchange no-longer-needed items for cash Call us today to place your acl for the items you have for sale. As they say. simple things are often the bes I1 II III the e genth and the, two or lcked manat the Juc Hel00 Wildl seie