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October 29, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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October 29, 1980

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Page 8 - Wednesday, October 29, 1980 I I " "t00l00glon Parkside ghedpel- music an sk   more music The Good Word for .Today: Doing TEXT: Arise, therefore, and be doing, and the Lord be with thee. 1 Chronicles :16. Our text today comes from that portion of scripture which tells us how David made all things ready for Solomon to begin building the temple. He had amassed gold, silver, brass, iron, timber and stone in sufficient quantities, and an and be doing. The temple was to be an edifice to the Lord, and under Solomon&apos;s able direction the result was a majestic and magnificent house for a majestic and magnificent God -- a place where men could come to worship and honor their creator. As I read this passage, an analogue presented itself. has presented us with the tools we need to be "up and doing" for Him. He gave us Jesus, through whom we receive the new birth and the desire to share the gospel with others; then He gave us the Holy Spirit who enables us to do that ef- fectively. What are " you doing today? Are you, like Solomon, using the things The Long Gospel Team of Sisseton, South Dakota, will be appearing at Parkside Christian Chapel. The services will be held Sun- day, November 2, through Friday, November 7, at 7 p.m. Sundayt and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. The six membee team will be featuring special music every evening, as well as the ministry of God's Word. Accompanying instruments include lead guitar, drums, bass, rythm guitar, and the piano. The Longs have traveled extensively in the upper midwest as well as in Florida, California, Texas, and other southern states. The public will find their youth slanted music and ministry warm, sincere, and contagious. Pastor Richard Riled and the people of Parkside Chapel extend a cordial invitation to the public to attend these outstanding services. Parkside Chapel is located on West d Street, adjacent to the Cloverdale City Park. The Long Gospel Team of Slsseton, S.D., will a 2 through November 7 at 7 p.m. abundance of workers Even asDavid, Solomon's you've been given to bulld up LDS Semi :iy is to hold skilled in every phase of father, prepared materials the family God, or are you n , building. All that remained for he work his son had Io asleep on the b? Come on, was for Solomon to arise do. so God. our Fa,her. let's arise and be doing' beg,ns :i:! ..., An exciting event will i!:: take place at the United iiiiChurch of Cloverdale on i!i November 23, 1980. What is .o.. :i:! so exciting? The United !i!Church of Cloverdale ii:::(form erly t he !! Congregational Church), iiat 439 N. Cloverdale i::Boulevard, is fortunate ii:,Indeed to have Eugene ii::-Jones, Director of the iiBerkeley Community i!!!Chorus and Choir Master at i!the First Presbyterian iiii Church in Santa Rosa, as a :i.Ruest conductor for a anned Choir Festival on !ihat date. The Choir ::ii!Festival is planned so that iiiall participating churches, iiiiindividual singers, and iii!ministers, will have a two- iihour training period with iiiiMr. Jones, tlum present a :i-hour massed choir i! the public is invited to hear Choir festival at United Church Nov. 23 ;i:i them into a single body of more information, and if ili! unified voiees, singing like you wish personal in-:i:i they have been together for formation please call i:i: many hours of grueling Barbara Peugh, United iii:: practice. Church Choir Director, iiii after 6 p.m. in the evening iiii Mr. Jones, or Gene, as he at 894-5791. She will be glad ::i::i likes to be called, is himself to give you more in- !ii:: a bass voice and.has sung formation. :::: in all types of settings. He There will be a two-hour ii!i has molded the Berkeley practice session with iii! Community Chorus into the Eugene Jones starting at 2 ::iii well-known body that it is p.m. on 'the 23rd of!ii:: today. In fact, his November and a public li!! * which continue'week days iii during the school year. The !!!i" classes include short daily The Baha'is of Clover- ilii iii!what Eugene Jones can do !:i:with these choirs, turning watching the paper for " together, :i:i The New Testament will be the course of study for the high school age seminary students of the LDS Church in Cloverdale for the coming year, which started last month. The basic of their New Testament study is Christ's commandment to Love One Another Audrey Hawk is teaching the local students at,J.heir daily 6:30 a.m. classes. They meet at the LDS devotional services, music and frequent films, along with the scripture study. Seminary classes are held for the LDS high school age students throughout the world with several thousand enrolled annually. George McConnell is the class president, and Sara Allen the counselor for the Cloverdale students. professionalprestigeled to program will commence at i!ii Annual Bazaar and !i!! master at the Presbyterian Church in Santa Rosa. He Watch for that Luncheon this Saturday commutes for this position will be posted in variousii!i all the way from Oakland, parts of the city and keep ::i!i On Saturday, November showing his dedication to your eyes peeled for further iiii 1, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the the Santa Rosa Choir. information in theiii Invitation flyers will go Cloverdale "Reveille." i!i Women's Fellowship will again present their Annual out to all interested persons Let's show Mr. Jones what a i:i: Bazaar and Luncheon at the in the community and terrific little town iiii Geyserville, along with Cloverdale is, how much ::::i United Church of Clover- dale Fellowship Hall, 439 N. persontatiOn= going to talent ar/' dedieeton we : Cloverdale Boulevard. The " churches in the Cloverdale- have, and what we can do by iiii community is invited td I Geyserville area. Keep banding all these talents ii!i browse or buy. There is no admission charge. Many of the members Is there hope for America ? By REV. JOHN POWELL Our coins still bear the =gan "In God We Trust" but prayer and Bible reading are now abolished from our schools. How :many Americans drop to knees every day to thank God for theland which He hu given to us, as Moses Oommanded his people to do?is there any hope for America? Is there any hope ha" the world? The great Soldier, General Douglas lieArthur, outlined the two podble paths America can follow: either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deteriorating leading to ultimate national disaster." If America can be saved, we must realize that the words of MacArthur, the testimony of history, the words of the Bible, all warn us that unless America turns back to God, she is doomed. Our problem is that nations do not turn back to God - or away from Him. Only individuals can. Moses' warning to his people holds truth for today: "But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is He that giveth thee power to get wealth., .and it shall be, if thou do at all forget-the Lord thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve who have been working through the year preparing handmade toys and household gifts believe this year's display will be the biggest and best ever. In addition to many Christmas gift possibilities, homemade candies and jellies and jams will appeal to many. At the heart of the day's fun will be a luncheon served for $2 from II a.m. to 2p.m. in the church lounge. them, and worship them, I testify 'against you this day that ye shal surely perish." (Deuteronomy 8:18-19;. Today in America we are walking after the false gods of "pleasure and materialsism - sex and security. We have forgotten the true andliving God who has given us the power to get wealth -and the freedom to .enjoy it. It there hope for America? Can America be tw'ned back to God? Who knows? "If my people, which are called by my name, shall , humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear fromheaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14). "History fails to record a single precedent in which nation= subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been The beautiful prize for the November 8 raffle at the United Church's Turkey Dinner at the Citrus Fair will be on display at the Bazaar. They are 50 cents each or three for $I. The drawing will be at 7 p.m. on November 8 at the dinner, but ticket holders do not need to be present to win. Baha'i Gleamings "Among the teachings of Baga'u'llah is that although material civilization is one of the means for the progress of ,., the world of mankind, yet until "" "" it becomes combined with Divine Civilization, the desire / , r" -- result, which is the felicity of mankind, will not be attained, Consider these battleships that reduce a city to ruins within the space of an hour are the result of material civilization; likewise the Krupp guns, the Mauser rifles, dynamite, submarines, torpedo boats, armed aircraft and bombers--all these weapons of war are the malignant furits of material civilization. Had material civilization been combined with Divine civilization, these fiery weapons would never have been invented. Nay, rather, human energy would have been wholly devoted to useful inventions and would have been concentrated on praiseworthy discoveries." Abdu'l --Baha, Selections From the Writings of Abdu'l Baha P 303 Sponsored by the Baha'is of Cloverdale  894-4172 dale announce a public meeting, sponsored by the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Healdsburg, at the North Bay Savings and Loan, Piper and Center Streets, 7: 30 p.m., November 1, in Healdsburg. "Education" is the topic chosen by the speaker, Dr. James Haslip who lives in Willits with his wife, Lee. He serves as an assistant board member for this area for the Baha'i Faith, is an educator administrator and is currently principal of an elementary school in Covelo, a predominantly Indian school. Haslip has pioneered for the Baha'i Faith in Switzerland. Baha'is believe that a balance between the acquiring of arts and sciences and spiritttal and moral training should be maintained. - Emphasis is placed on the spiritual aspect which civil education gives least attention. Baha'u'llah, Prophet- Founder of the Baha'i Faith declared, "all mankind should attain knowledge and acquire an education." This is the second in a series of three public meetings sponsored by the Baha'is of Cloverdale and Healdsburg. v A FREE ,Christian Science Lecture For further please call Y Given by Rose M. Henniker - Heaton, C.S. Member, Board of p Mother Church, The First Christ, Scientist, Boston, Ha. Mon., Nov. 10, 8 Cloverdale Citrus Fair Tea Child Care Provided All Are Sponsored by First Church Of Scientist,, Healdsburg Cloverdale Area Church Directo ANTIOCH MISSIONARY BAPTIST MISSION 47] (Io''rOle lvO , on Reorestatv,o Ken I,m SunOav S,.hO01 tO a ," GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH .Sunday Norn WorshO Serv,ce orn,n Worsh,D It  ,, 890 N CIoverdale Bird SunOav School FvPn,nq Worsh*D 6 P ' P'tor Nornan &It Reoeker M.dwPPk SPrvce (ThU%) 7 p * PhOne 4]] ]8]5 or 894 730 EAHA'I EAITN F,res,de M,et,nqs (two< * 1 Plel,O call tot more information a month check Clendcr NEIGHIORHOOD CHURCH Growth OrOuO5 ;c ,r t=terture Of Events Ior DIos Chr,st,an I. ,ssonarv AIhanCe Suf1l&y Worsh, D Phont! 894 4172 and Times) 711 Trman Dr,re Ev,ng Serv,ce 894 4663 Childrefl's Classes 9 30, m P$tO: Ken Hoover B,ble Study [ Thursd&y) 894 4532 (Sun. Morns) Pe 1194 ]445 CHURCH OF CHRIST bunOav R,DIe %tudv IO a m OAT VALLEY EAPTIST CHURCH Sunday SChOOl ?6 Trm, Drve Sun ornn Vor,h,p 11 a m hway 1211 V.orn*no ,Worsh,D nrter Ot)ort W (.hurch*ll Sundly  vl'n*(4 6 D m CV D F H,eteq" Evneg Service Phone 89,1 506] Wl: Ev,n 7 30 O m hone 8@4 3107 /V,dweek Serv,ce (we,ce$ay} ChurCh Phone 894  13l O,na Stret SunOay 9 4S  ' CHURCH OF GOD PROPHECY Pa'to A W West Phone g94 3595 SUNDAY ] HOUR RL OCK Rt.hPI 0( ,ely 9  ,,', Pr,macy 9 a m Y(,unq Wo,,i,.t 9  ,,, SutlOly ,5( hOOI 10 a rr S,,(ramPnt /V,nq l0 S0 a m Rehtq 5D4"lety Homemaktnq 1 lu ) l AAtu led ue5 e/Ich Nonth CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS 78755 ReOwo<l Hwy So rn(h PrP% Cloud K Wli*lm Phone 894 2012 %ucday HOly Communo 9 a m EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD It; N Ma*n Street ev Jar v*n Rower Pf,P%I ,n Chlrq' Phone 894 57 I9 Bdte Teachan9 Proqr&rn 9 4 a m orn*n9 Worsh=D Hou, 11 a m Chur(h Tr&,n*nq Pfor&m 4 ID ,n E ven,t WoeS*t) Hour  6 0 m M*dwex F, erv*(t tWed,.Slyl 7 p m FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 450 Healdsburq Avenue Pad.tot John POW'Ii Sun NorninQ WOcShq II 1 am Church School It 15 a m Adlt tOrt Cor 930 a m Chf*stian WooluLqrl'$ Felto$//% 1000 am. Lhes AI -n. GEYSERVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH 2t{XI Oeyserville Ave Pa'stor James O Corner T Slce AvRilSIM@ C@II FRED YOUNG & COMPANY 894-2S40 or 433-3329 Pellegrini's CHEVRON SERVICE 206 S. Cloverdale Blvd. It4-3003 CLOVERDALE BOWL 110 Heatdsburg Ave. 894-7996 I J PARKSIDE CHRISTIAN CHAPEL 533 West Second St v R,(ro R,lea Phone 894 2893 Morn,rig Worship E yeS,nO Serv,ce B,ole Study Prayer {Wt I Da,sy Pr,m$ (Wt'd) WMC All Lad,ca Welcome {YhurS| J SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 78775 RedwOO0 HW S PastOr Dale Wolcott Phone 1194 5703 SATURDAY Sahib SChOOl Worship Strv,ce Fam,l Prayer FeltOw$/ti (Wed) S,ster Of Servsce (S O S I a 4th Tues ST. PETriE'S &TNOIC CNURCH 0111 LAdY Oil MY. &RMIEL Re0od Hiw#y So Father Hlr*r y Sotury Evtm,nl /kASS Da,t1411 {ely@ T J IRNTIi lltilCN Oil LOVItlNI 5My Wrt/*p N Clov4rg41 It',NIl Ch,M Cere AviliI m Robert geet41 Ctmtlll  mmtf,eS  e Clrlll Ch'ch  tf United 91t11'11) MaTN4N)tST NUNCN Suelv woeq Metl w,m TRe Ui@HI Churt # C4k Ptne Ia ]03 This SINICe Avsill*bl@ Call This SlUiCe Available Call P4 3339 ,,J THE ENCO 104 S. CloverdlH J CLOVERD00 REVEILL 112 First St/@