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October 20, 1982     Cloverdale Reveille
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October 20, 1982

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Literature Wornens Fellowship Book Center Bazaar offers prizes afirst 25, from 10 a.m. to 12:30 a Christian p.m. in the Shop 'n Save Wheels will be parking lot. October "We couldn't afford to When you see the beau- tiful oil paintings offered at make a special trip," says Craig Klatt, bookmobile the Women's Fellowship ,.aj{'l" manager and operator Bazaar you will be anxious "But since we're passing to have several tickets. through we'll be glad to These tickets can be ob- stop for acouple of hours in tained at the Bazaar by con- both young Ctoverdale." tributions of 50 cents for YOung institu- Klatt, whose full-time job each, or three for a dollar much value is manager of the Adventist The painting was done by must Book Center in Pleasant Ruth Schmidt, a very tal- Once. The vic- Hilt, has toured Northern ented woman who lives at or never. California every fall for the Briarwood in Cloverdale. know better, past three years, enabling Letter small-town Christians to She contributed a fine pie- ture last year, a prize coy- is ad- purchase Bibles, children's genera- books, inspirational litera- eted by those not lucky The church ture and gospel music tapes enough to have the winning any more and records - as well as number. that in a some health food items - Another prize will be a pa- without a shopping trip to large lovely afghan, care- as well the city. What's more, a fully stitched by a member hope and love. number of items, including of the Women's Fellow- American the New King James Bible, ship. d to learn will be selling at 10% pre- Visitors can have lunch at Well. holiday discounts. Which is part The mobile Book Center, the Letter to which specializes in Adven- the Rev. tist publications, also priest-in- stocks books by other major market," says Cloverdale Shepherd Christian publishers. Seventh-day Adventist will "Many Christians aren't church pastor Dale Wol- theme, "Pa- aware that Adventists pro- cott, who arranged the of Ma- duce some of the finest stopover, "We hope all our regular Sun- devotional, inspirational Christian friends can take 9:00 a.m. and practical literature in advantage of this oppor- Provided. the contemporary Christian tunity." noon for $2.25, in the Lounge during the show of items. For those who come later they can appease their hunger with a spaghetti dinner from 5-7 p.m. for $3.00 at tables in the Lounge Be sure to visit the Fel- lowship Hall in United Church of Cloverdale on Friday, November 12. The Bazaar will open at 11 a.m. and close at eight p.m. Aspirin and pregnancy The FDA is warning pregnant women that tak- ing aspirin within 5 days of birthing may cause exces- sive blood clotting, giving rise to post-natal compli- cations. CLASSIFIED ADS GET RESULTS// 894-3339 Oclober ;tO. 1982 Cleverdale Reveille Page 9 " Americon Legion Auxiliary-News by Dena Gambetta The only fund raising program that William Russell Ledford Unit #293, American Legion Auxiliary has, is the snack shack at the Park, which they man for nearly three and a half months. This year they opened May 6 and closed August 24. The shack was open seven nights a week, keeping us very busy. Last Saturday, a little get-together of all the workers was held at the Wallace House, to receive input on now to improve our facility and be of more service of our patrons. Elsie Karr, treasurer, paid all the bills, and made the phone calls to order merchandise each week. Elsie donated the telephone calls. Thank you Elsie for your generosity. Dena Gambetta was in charge of the workers, and receiving and checking merchandise. Bob Flynn and AI Gambetta were our right hand men, as they repaired and painted the snack-shack. They divided their days, and crushed the ice for the ladies. Our special thanks to these two special men. At our meeting it was decided to continue our same prices for next year, that a cup of ice would be fifteen cents, that an extra squirt of juice in the snow-cone would cost forty cents, and that just a plain cup would cost five cents, and no straws to be given out with cokes. At our little party LeD Thompson decorated the table in a snack-shack baseball motiff with candy, balls, etc. pertaining to the summer baseball season. Two lovely plants also adorned the table, with the plants in Plastic SUN BEEF BONELESS BEEF Laundry b Steak Detergent 39 " Steak 72 OZ. KING SIZE PKG. BONELESS T Steak SKIPPY--ALL VARIETIES ation og Food 15 OZ. CANS 59 e lb. ! lb. FRESH SMALL :00Ribs lb. Noodles 3 LBS. AND UNDER F o bubble gum buckets. The lucky winners of the plants were Jean Watts and Mary Miller. Love cookies were given to all and special home-made bars of soap were given to Jean Watts, who worked 31 days at the snack-shack, the person with the largest number of days. Mary Miller was given a bar of soap because she came the furthest (San Mateo). RoD Cole, Bob Cole, Mary Miller and Robin were also honored as they were non-members and still gave generously of their time working there. There were 21 workers in all who contributed from one night on up to 31 nights. The auxiliary has done well on their snack-shack income, and would like to thank the Ponytail, the Women Players and the Men Players and their families for contributing to the success of our 1982 snack-shack project. We also thank all those who patronized our stand, it is you who make the stand successful Because of our success, much more can be contributed to our com- munity's special programs throughout the year. hank you to all and God Bless you all. You are beautiful Peoole! Elsie Karr, Americanism Chairman, is urging all the residents of Cloverdale to get out and vote on November 2, 1982. Some times you might say, "Oh, my vote doesn't count, I don't feel like going to vote." But Elsie researched some statistics and this is what she found out Every vote counts, and a single vote can change the course of history. *In 16450ne vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England. "In 1649 one vote caused Charles I to be executed. *In 1776 one vote gave America English instead of German as our language. *In 1839 one vote elected Marcus Morton governor of Massachusetts. "In 1876 one vote gave Rutherford Hayes the presidency of the United States. *In 1876 one vote upheld the republic in France and prevented restoration of the monarchy. *In 1923 one vote gave Adolf Hitler the leadership of the Nazi Party. Elsie says, YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT. IT DOES COUNT! So please go to your polling place and vote on November 2, 1982. Did you know that the Shell Oil Company funds Energy Saver Free Booklet, asks Donna Wooldridge, Energy Conservation chairman? This booklet focuses on eight areas where a big difference can be made in saving energy at relatively low cost. These range through eliminating wasteful habits, improving efficiency of heating-cooling systems, guarding hot water heater efficiency, wise use of lights and appliances, conservation cooking, home weatherizing, choosing the right insulation for your home, and choosing a competent contractor to do necessary work. The program includes a 16-minute slide show and a 20-page manual and a detailed presenter's guide. Free distribution of the entire program was underwritten by Shell Oil Co The program has been available for release since September 1st. To get a free copy of the participant's manual, write David Gamse, AARP Program Department, 1909 K St. N.W., Washington D.C. 20049. If you would like to join our active organization, just contact any auxiliary member or Elsie Karr, Membership Chairmant IIII I I Gems and Jewelry by David Worcester I . I PILLSBURY PLUS--ALL FLA VORS Cake Mixes 18 OZ. PKG. |lk) 9 LIVES--ALL VARIETIES WE HONOR USDA FOOD COUPONS i i PILLSBURY--16 OZ. CAN IPeoCat ._3i$1 "=P $ 149 CARNATION "'-'" $1" 12 ENVELOPE PKG =t00z , 9 FISH SPECIALS ;RINDS BOX 40) JELLIED OR WHOLE CAN 14) CAN 10l CAN '6.S4 .O.ALT $269 11 OZ PKG BETTY CROCKER $149 13 OZ PKG  ALL VARIETIES OO----L ..... ,1 ---.,..  OZ PKG 1 SUNSHINE--SALTED OR UNSALTED 8 9 Krlepy Crackers 15OZ PKG q@ KRAFT DELUXE-- 14 OZ. PKG IAecareld mNI beele nlaeer 1 PLAIN OR IODIZED , i LIPTON--ALL FLAVORS Flavered Tee Begs 16 COUNT PKG HEINZ 57 IOOZ BOTTLE $1:9 36" 99 $199 SHASTA--ALL FLAVOR5 Irkdke 2 LITER BOTTLE i p NALLEY--REG , HOT OR THICK lkmwitlk tSOZ CAN .o "- $1 s9 BONELESS Rump .? Roast. 1 98,b. BONELESS Sirloin Tip Roast. .... . $1 e9 8 ,b BONELESS Tel: Round Boast ..... $ a e88 lb. BONELESS Bottom Round Roast $1.79 ,b BONELESS Rib Ii $ BONELESS (BEEF ROUND) Leiea  Itelcs ......... s2.29 , FARMLANO OFI MELL O CRISP Iee e KG sl.Y9 ARMOUR STAR laced oz P Sl.39 FOSTER FABMS--' LB PKG FRESH WHOLE OR HALF FRESH Jqikn* * 1.49 , F,s,, FILLer OF 4 er $2.39 FRESH FROZEN Stoeks *2.89 , FESH.. tO OZ JAR olkers Sl.79 SHOP 'N SAVE QUALITY Beef Does nol e:,ceeO d9 8 % ,,, q ANY SIZE PKG .... lb. SWIFT--ALL FLAVORS 80Z PKG ........ FOSTER FARMS--t LB PKG Tk smo, eo 1.39 , LOUTS RICtf vw**v km *2.19 = ll.I I( :l/Jr: t :ll-J (%r.I q.m A. ,,EA r OR BEEF ALL MEAT OR BEEF N=2OZ P Sl.79 ALL BEEF, EG OR SOUARE Ym4ee.y Peck l .oz . 2.29 60Z PKG cpd u.m 1.89 t20Z PG cpd km *2.89 60Z PKG -__--_ .d k .... S 1.89 BEST FOODS yoaabo 32 OZ. JAR ouo.,,.., $10 CUSTOMER PURCNASE ONLY  WTH OI ION TEMPORARY PRICE REDUCTION Moeme Extra levkugs To Tout When Shop :N Save receives short-lerm price reduc- tions from the manufacturers, we pass the savings on IO..YOU Leek fer tire Tlt cerds ea eur shelves NAME SAYS 750 S. Clovordalo Blvd. Clov HOURS: Mon.- Sat. 9-8 Sun. 10-7 I remember my curiosity at seeing white gold for the first time, for I had always known gold to be yellow up to that time. The fact is,. of course, that pure gold is always the same deep, rich yellow color. But pure gold, for all its remarkable qualities, must be alloyed with other metals to be suitable for jewelry use, and color must change in the process. In being alloyed, gold can be made a lighter yellow, white, rose, green, orange-red, blue-green, or even purple. Pure gold is a truly unique metal. It Is so rare, that all of the gold ever mined would fit In a cube fifty feet on a side. One cubic foot of gold would weigh over 1200 pounds, almost three times the same volume of Iron. It ts so malleable that it can be rolled into a sheet only five one-millionths of an Inch thick, so thin that light can be transmitted through it. It is so ductile that It can be drawn into a wire as thin as a hair, with one ounce making a wire several miles long. Gold does not tarnish, chemically it is very st,ble, and can be tooled without becoming work hardened. It is a metal workers dream material. Karat gold refers to gold purity. The higher the purity, the higher the karat. The karat number indicates by weight how many parts out of twenty-four are gold For example 24 karat is pure gold, and 14 karat is fourteen parts gold out of 24, with the remaining ten parts being comprised of alloys. In the United States nothing of lower purity than 10 karat can be called gold. Terms such as gold-filled and heavy gold electroplate simply refer to a thin surface layer of karat gold over a base metal. Unfortunately, gold is too soft to wear well In its pure state, so it Is almost always alloyed (mixed with other metals) to increase Its hardness and weariblllty. Besides hardness and color, its ideal working characteristics are also altered. Gold in any form has a beauty, heft, and rarity that reserves it a right to be considered the most desireable of metals. Have any questions about your jewelry? Come In and see us, David and Helen Worcester at Healdsburg Jewelers, 401 B. Center St., Healdsburg. ii I i Bob's Nevada Tours RENO .... OVERNIGHTER - Saturday-&Sunday November 6th and 7th  27th and 28th Colonial Motor Inn Refunds - $ 6.O0 Cash, $ 3 .O0 Food - Harrah's $10.00 Cash, Nugget $42.00 p.p. Pickup Veterans Building, 6:45 a.m. I I " For R Call Alines White 894-5365 or Ida 433-2472 i | i i