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October 9, 1991     Cloverdale Reveille
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October 9, 1991

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!i 61 ii! k t Page 4, Cloverdale Reveille, Oct. 9, 1991 Asphalt plant must have an effective monitoring program High performance standards and an effective monitoring program to ensure that mitigation measures are met appears to be the direction the City will take in dealing with the problems that could arise from the proposed Ghilotti Bros. asphalt plant. The controversial project will come before the County Board of Zoning Adjustments Oct. 10 and the hearing promises to be a lively one. Residents in the area of the Louisiana Pacific mill site, where the plant is to be located, are up in arms. They do not want the plant at all and at best arc demanding a full-fledged Environmental Impact Report (EIR). However, since a similar use was on that site, the present plant is vir- tually grandfathered in with certain conditions. These conditions, mitigating impacts of truck traffic noise levels, air quality and visual aspects, will supposedly reduce these problems to a level of insignificance. This is the basis for issuing a Negative Declaration on the Ghiiloti per- mit application. Cloverdale&apos;s Planning Director and City Manager have responded to several concerns and the Council will be advised tonight that these con- terns can only be met if there are performance standards set and a monitoring program established to see that they are in compliance with the use permit conditions. It is understandable that people living in the vicinity of the plant are concerned. And every effort must be made to see that they are not made to suffer from excessive noise, reduced air quality and the truck traffic. It is within the County's power to establish high performance standards and to provide the necessary monitoring program for enforcement. The City should not settle for anything less. However, it should be clear that the County has jurisdiction in this matter and if past experience is any measurement, Cloverdale is likely to receive less than satisfactory response from the County. It this should occur, the City can only double its efforts to gain its goal of protecting its citizens and those living in the efivirons of Cloverdale from the serious impacts a lack of proper standards of enforcement would bring. BJll Clean Up Week in Cloverdale Cloverdale Disposal announces the next Clean Up Week will be October 14-18. Free garden waste will be collected.Only leaves, grass, and garden clippings will be picked up, no bricks, rocks or cement will be taken. Garden waste must be put at the curbside by 6 a.m. and cannot exceed seven bags per customer.The waste must be in a form that will allow Come praise with us Sundays at 9:30 It will be a glorious occasion. Church of the Gooa Shepherd Main & Broad , | i i "YOU R HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER" Since 1879 I II I I I I Office llours Mon-Fri 9 a.m. o 5 p.m.. CLOVERDALE REVEILLE Editor Bonny J. Hanchett Managing Editor Roberta Lyons ReporterGraphics Robin Kramer Sports Brian Sumpter AdvertisingCirculation Bonnie Goodman Composing Carmen Gleason I Illllll II II I Illlllll I The Cloverdale Reveille (119-020 USPS) is published 52 times per year by Hanchett Publishing, Inc., on Wednesdays at 207 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdalc, CA 95425 (707) 894-3339 Subscriptions: (Price includes sales tax) $16.13 per year, $20.45 per year out of Sonoma County. Single copy 35. Second Class Postage Paid at Cloverdale, CA 95425. Postmaster: Send address changes to the Cloverdale Reveille, P.O. Box 157, Clover- dale, CA 95425. I II II II I rapid and easy handling and leaves, grass, iceplant and other vine-like materials must be boxed or bagged while shrubbery and small limbs must be cut to less than four feet in length and tightly bundled. A debris box will appear at 220 South East Street during "Clean up Week" for items too large for the regular service truck, such as furni- ture and appliances.All Cloverdale Disposal customers are urged to join the curbside recycling program. Proposed asphalt plant attacked Open letter to Supervisor of the 4th District Nick Esposti and Bob Gaiser of Sonoma County Planning Department. Gentlemen: We are writing to express our strong objection to the planned Ghiiotti Brothers Asphalt Plant at the Lousianna Pacific Site south of Cloverdale. Our objections can be briefly summarized as follows: Environmental concerns: The plant will have its characteristic obnox- ious smells, high noise levels and at- tendant substantial increases in gravel and asphalt truck traffic (estimated by Ghilotti Brothers to be 240 trucks daily) travelling through downtown Cloverdale and across the First Street Bridge at the Russian River. In addition, we have read authori- tative articles on the health hazards of the fumes that will be emitted from the plant and posing a health threat to citizens in the surrounding area. We demand that an Environ- mental Impact Report be prepared by an independent unbiased expert in environmental studies. Safety concerns: in addition to the substantial increase in truck traffic through downtown Cloverdale men- tioned above, we further understand that gravel trucks will travel from the Hale Ranch, up and down River Road and across the "summer bridge" south of town to the asphalt plant. River Road is a small county road with a posted 30 MPH speed limit. It is quite narrow and is frequented by bicyclists, school children and farm equipment from the adjacent vine- yards. It is quite obvious that big gravel trucks travelling back and forth on River Road will pose a serious threat to thesafety of school children, bi- cyclists, joggers, grape farmers, etc. We will hold the Planning Depart- ment and the County Board of Su- pervisors (ie. Nick Esposti) account- able for any personal injury andJor property damage caused by a gravel trucksJravelling on River Road. Aesthetics: Cloverdale and its surrounding area is beautiful rolling vineyard country that is visited year- round by tourists. An asphalt plant in the middle of this pristine vineyard country would be an outrage. We have recently retired into the ii i LOOKING FOR ' TAKES TIME A TO GYNECOLOGIST TALK WHO WITH YOU?? MICHAEL P. GOODMAN, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. 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Ca 9q iRobta Lvo_ 54(]7 Lake Blvd. Lcr Lake. Ca 95457 [Hatl('hLt D.;lhli.in. Tn'_ P_O Rnx 15"/ 2,7 N. Clov@r]a] R{vd. Clrdle 32 Chiisea Circle Clovrle. Ca 95425 .... 32 Chelsea Circle Cloverda[o. Ca @5425 k---2367 215 -- 842 ,p.,,t .,.,a , ,oe,.,,.., 2098 1116 i 1958 97 25 , 65 Reader with re: motives in Cloverdale area (from San Jose). Let'S keep Cloverdale and its environs beautiful so it can be enjoyed by all for generations to come. Let's not let this wonderful country evolve into another San Jose or something worse!!! The Ghiloui Brothers Asphalt Plant would be the first step in that unfor- tunate and undesirable direction. Please read this letter aloud and in its entirety at your next public meet- ing. We also demand a written response of the action taken by Planning Department so that we can reserve our right of appeal. Charles R. Chodora Corrine F. Chodora Senior MultiPurpose Center's celebrates 4th anniversary Editor: The Senior Multi-Purpose Center has just celebrated it's 4th Anniver- sary and everyone associated with the center is overwhelmed with the out-pouting of community support receiv.ed for our recent benefit cele- bration. Our deepest gratitude goes to Bobble Lyons and Roaring 20's Lioness Club for once again hosting an outstanding event. And, toeveryone who participated in any way, we extend our heartfelt thanks. We are dedicated to serving the Seniors of Cloverdale and the people of this community have cer- tainly demonstrated their support of our center. Mary DeLap, Coordinator Senior Multi-Purpose Center Recycling answer to saving important land-fill space Editor: Bring your old bag, no that's not right. Bring your own bag. Longs Drugs and Albertson's have a policy if your purchase is bagged with a bag with your name on it, you get a five cent credit. This is two that I know of, possibly others. I never could try to estimate the tons of plastic or paper bags hauled to the dump each year as some people have no way to use them. Some groups re-use these bags by the hundreds. Anderson Valley on Highway 128 is a scenic route to the coast. There are reports of bags of garbage and trash being dumped in Mendocino County on public and private proeprty. All stores should use this refund method to help pre- serve out landfill. Living in the country, I crash my egg shells and distribute them in the yard for the birds and chickens. Cutting the bottoms out of cans and crushing them together can also save on land fill space. Wild animals have been known to get their heads trapped in cans and perish because they can not free themselves. Esther Atterbury Yorkville Residents object to Ghilotti plant Editor: We want to take this opportunity to state our objection to the granting of a permit for Ghilotti Bros. to es- tablish an asphalt plant just south of Cloverdale. We see no benefit to the Cloverdale area in such a plant. On the contrary, this plant would seem to be environmentally inappropriate. We attended a recent meeting wherein a representative from Ghi- lotti Bros. was present. He informed us that should the plant be estab- lished, it would generate 240 trips a day (8 hours a day) of large trucks going to and from the plant. At least half of these trips would be on Crocker Road and North River Road to Gey- sers Road. He also admitted that the noise level would be high. We can attest to this. When the last asphalt plant was operating in the same loca- tion, the noise was so loud that inside our home, and even with doors and windows shut, this noise, a loud roar, was quite audible. We live at the SOUTH end of River Road. When questioned as to the benefits of such a plan in Cloverdale, the Ghilotti representative could only say that it would be cheaper for anyone in the area to pave their driveways. The number of any new jobs this plant might provide was negligible. At this point in Cloverdale's devel- opment, we believe that utmost care should be taken in its planning. Certainly more industry is indicated, however, we certainly want CLEAN industry and industry that is aestheti- cally desirable. An asphalt plant does not go along with this image. Finally, we strongly urge that an EIR be done before any permit for an asphalt plant in the Cloverdale area be considered. Our current ecologi- cal system is so fragile, and we cer- tainly need to explore any possibility that it might be disrupted or dam- aged. Mr. and Mrs. K. Bamhart Cloverdale Reader expresses "misgivings about Ghilotti Asphalt plant Editor: Ghilotti Bros. seems to think that Cloverdale is an economically de- pressed sleepy little town that won't mind pollution. But many members of Cloverdale Tomorrow, a citizens group for responsible growth, are challenging that opinion. Many members feel the adverse effects far out weigh any small bene- fitsan asphalt processing plant would bring this community. Nick Rado from Ghilotti Bros. ata public meeting de nie d that there would be any problems with noise or pollut- ants. But Donna Dibble, from River Road, expressed her opinion based on past experience with the same facility saying it's like living in the middle of Los Angeles Airport. Many worried people expressed the concern that we would not only be contaminated by the noise and asphalt pollutants, but also from the 240 truck trips through our area each day. According to the Caltrans study, all gravel trucks will access the site from the North via 101 into central Cloverdale then via 1st Street to the east of the city. Cloverdale Tomorrow at th.e re- quest of its members has retained the services of Susan-Bran& Hawley, specialist in environmental litigation. An expense fund has been created to defray the cost of publicity and liti- gation in fighting the proposed plant. If you are concerned about the future of Cloverdale, attend the pub- lic hearing on Oct. l0 at 3 p.m. in Santa Rosa at 575 Administration Dr. Room 107. Jim Ganzer CIoverdale Tommorrow Editor: Fellow Californians I've the trouble and effort, newspapers, just to see in the state legislature but gress as well. The overall us citizens and business aliU we are getting just exacdy deserve because of our to our best ml It has been suggested firmed the "Finest" Rel money can buy anywhere today. That's not only in ourl Congress but our statehouSe ramento as well. There's problem we have with merit; "We just can't anymore." Now we have any numt rebellion groups and bellion groups formed and our battles in ington alike, only to have representative we've our voting rights telling us | shall we represent not in our, ests. I'm sure that all of us aware of the fast growing with both the democratic lican parties, with their garding the tremendous unemployed in our nation. George Bush to forgive over the world, of dollars and the needs of his own here, at home! These people world than you and I. shouting about busting so far busted right now, be conceived let alone Our organization, "The to end the vites your comments, help, by calling, through days, to 800-279-0622 assisting us all in "throwing t less ins, out!" Typos in n, Editor: I was disappointed witt editing errors in your especially the misprints high school teacher's letter, After the time and thoughtt into their letter more care have been taken to pnnt Polly Duplicate First, Lucille Sink, TobY; second, Dan Voorhies Yacawych, third, Jane Ed Weisner, fourth, Jo Dorothy Gummerson, Chaplin and Hettie COMMUNITY Wednesday, October 9 Senior Center, Grange Hall ........................ 9:30-4:00 p.m. Senior Citizens Club, Vetx Bldg .............................. Noon Soroptimists, Sciaini Bldg ...................................... Noon Roaring 20's Lioness, Grange Hall ......  .............. 7:00 p.m. Grange Potluck, Grange Hall .............................. 7:00 p.m. Planning Commission, City H all ........................ 7:00 p.m. American Legion & Auxiliary, Vets Blvd .......... 8:00 p.m. Thursday, October 10 Thrif Sale, United Church ....................... 10:00-3:0<) p.m. Rotary, Vets Bldg ........................................... 12:15 p.m. Hometown Workout, VcLs Bldg ........................ 6:0<) p.m. Duplicate Bridge, Vets Bldg ............................. 7:00 p.m. Clovcrdale Lions Club, Vets Bldg ...................... 7:30 p.m. Friday, October ! 1 Senior Day Center, Grange Hall ................ 9:30-2:00 p.m. THE OLD FEED STORE Hay - Grain - Feed 28301 Redwood Hwy So. 8-5:30 Sat 9-4 894-5297 Emergency Food Pan', United Church ...................................... I Saturday, October 12 Regional 4-H Fair, Citrus Fair ............... Thrift Sale, United Church ...................... ! Sunday, October 13 Regional 4- H Fair Cloverda[e Farmers Markct,Vets BIdg ...... 1 Monday, October 14 Hometown Workout, Vet_s BIdg ....................... 2"i Historical Society, United Church ..................... Citrus Fair Board, Citrus Fair ............................ { Tuesday, October 15 Century Lions, Senior Center, Grang Overeaters Anonymous, Fellowship Hall ......... FRED YOUNG & COMPANY Mortuaries 428 N. Cloverdale 894-2540