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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
October 1, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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October 1, 1980

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ii J t .... ....... cATI shown hoM/mg the trophy he won in the Trophy Dash in the Silver State Tom Caturegli wins "Trophy Dash" in Silver State Classic With the support and mechanical expertise of brother Armand Caturegii, a dedicated pit crew and a loyal following of Clover- dale fans, Tom Caturegii, Car 25, in his first year as a Hobby Stock Car driver, not only made a good fwst season showing but won a first place in the "fast heat" and B heat of the final Hobby Stock Car race held .at Lakeport on August 28, 1980, and then went on to win the coveted "Trophy Dash" in the Silver State Classic at Carson City, Nevada, September 21, 1980. The one-quarter mile "banked asphalt track" made the effort even more challenging to Tom who had so far only raced the flat tracks. The races started at 5 p.m. with the "hot laps" and ended with the "bomber division" which is an anything goes, free-for-all. In the Trophy Dash, all cars in each division qualify for a "time." There were three divisions, Super Stock, Hobby Stock and the Bomber Division. Each fastest qualifying times. (Tom qualified in the top six of the division.) Then the six qualifiers run six laps and the winner which was Tom, takes home the trophy. In the main event both Cloverdale cars had ac- cidents which made them start over again but they still managed to place in the top ten. Norm Boucher finished eighth and Tom fmished ninth in the fifty- lap, 18 car main. The trophy from the "Trophy Dash" was Tom&apos;s first and Tom and the whole crew are as proud as. can be to have made such a good showing in the Silver State Classic. Competitors for the Silver State Classic come from all over the western United States and in particular from the West Coast. Overheard was one fan saying there were fourteen cars registered from our area, which would include, among others, those from Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Ukiah, Lakeport, Petaluma, and Cloverdale ! Cloverdale is something Page 9- Wednesday, October 1, 1980 !iii! Bowling Scores ii!i ii!i out for both Tom and iili Cloverdale's veteran iii! driver, Norm Boucher, who !iii was also in the competition, ii!i Ralph Mendez, a member of !:: the pit crew, noting the iiii outstanding red and white iiii colors of the all-together ::i::ii team, said, "there is!iii: nothing but class from i!ii Cloverdale" and he was so iiii right. Class and loyalty said ii! it allJ ::::i! Drivers of interest was i:i: "oldest" Eddie Skinner ::ii from Carson City, whoiiii has been racing the "Super iiii Stock" for more than fifty ili:: years and is a mere 73 years i:i: old and the girl driver, ilil Jennifer, from Rancho ::i::! Cordova and Don Harper ii!! (brother of Valerie) who ili! events in five weeks. And then there was C. E. i!ii Tyndall III, from the i:::::: Bureau of Indian Affairs, iiii who collects caps and now ilii has 127 designs among his i::!:: collection, including one ::i!i from Cloverdale Auto :i:i Parts. H you have a cap you !!::i think ought to be in a !iii coveted collection, send it to !!i:: C. E. in care of Box 245, iiii CityousaptemberZl. PlmtobyJanke. division then picks the. six special and as usual went all Carson City, Nevada. iil :. ............... ......... ......... ............-........- ..... . ............- .... . ...... ..... ..... ...../.-/.;...-.........-.-....... ..... ............../.....-.....--/.....-.-.-/.-.-.-.-.:.:.,.:...:.-.:.:....;.:.:.,...:.:../.:.:.:. ====================================== ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :;:;:;: : : : : : : ::::: : : : ::: : :;';::: : : .:- .:?..: ............ ...,...........-.-.: ........ ? ........ ?<...-,...?....- ..... : ........... -..........- ......... -....... ........... ........... ... ......... ... .......... Juice Bet-akr, Froz4m Conc4mtrMe, 12 oz. 7 Beef liens London Broil coffee l00rs Saleway USDA Bartlett, Lake Garden Fresh Choice S988 s:O County's [I Grade Finest A Sl ,. qfl lb. Ms, Sthbs.I 00n00htlJO scotch sw, Great for v,, o -. Fresh Limeade or Tonics ea ...r 45 ,--,,. 6rouml Beef ,,,.I. .,  and Le CUT PORK CHOPS Does Not Exceed .. S128 Fat 2 kRw Jb.I Peppers PANNED HAM .. Cua00',a,s ""- H" HOUSE DUCKLING Sea Trader Tuna u uso, 88 c .,o_ -" 79' Frozen lb. Zucchini Squash. Good So Many Ways Juice Pak g149 Apple -i,- I ..nk 64"0Z. i HANGING PLANTS Saway's ftne ib/o bem, haogif plants m " pots. Many v to choose from Gotm Pomos. Oak Leaf Ivy. Nqytes, p4us marly mo. 33 6" Pot t0P, F,oz. .'2" Frozen !1" ro,,. !1" Frozen -85 Sks Frozen 10unm 3 Ihmb wh, r p,ces e e.,.@emty reed o the pwlod ol me od ( SAFEWAY SPECIALS 3.'1 Crushed Wheat Bread. Mn W,grs. 49 ,1TM q"  Soft I" Breed, Mr Bread, Mr& 4.88  89c10000 Ice OrMm Medium AA Eggs Ordcws l.mUllm Wt, lell M,,,y. 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Fri. Early Bids Marrice's Saw 6 2 Caturegli's 6 2 Orange Realty 5 3 Cissna's 5 3 Rexall Drugs 4 4 Silva's Pharmacy 3 5 LP 2 6 Four Ds 1 7 George Wiget, 212-554; Pat Keehn, 191-517. His & Hers P.eao The Encore Clvd Bakery 7 VFW 7 Aparicio Explosives 5 Field & Rued 4 Pritchard & Crayford 1 Clvd. Bowl Pizza Queen O Dwayne Daunch, 192-542; Marcy Maires, 186-547. Pick's Drive In 6 2 Clvd. Druids 6 2 Giovannetti's 5 3 Carl Young Const. 5 3 Garrett Log 5 3 L. P. RDC 4 4 Pardini's Body Shop 1 7 Sat. Juniors 4th - Muriel & Warre Redwood Paylesa O 8 Sumpter, McFarland Brormer Tony Cuneo, 224-588; Anthony 6 Craig Keehn, 224-580. Goodman, Ramos, Wilson Vail 5 3 5th Marie Hill & Ball, Singleton, Whittaker, Margaret Angell Anthony 5 3 Natenstedt, Meeker lst--George Hunter & 4th--Zella Tippets & Ricetti 4 4 Jack Myers Margaret Weaver Marley & Vail 4 4 Ahders, Stuber, 2nd--Marie Hill & 4th--Zella Tippets & Ricetti 3 5 Margaret Angell Margaret Weaver Willhite, Finck, Beebe, Chase 3 5 Woods & Willhite 2 6 3rd--Katherine Baxter & 5th-Lucille Sink -- Dave Zach Vail, 198-565; Brian Bill Forrester Strong Sumpter, 195-536; Theresa Vail, 181-510. 7 1 1 3 4 7 7 8 (left), Presidi'  Federation of Businesm, presents his organization's "Guardian of Small Business Award" to Cougressmun D iClausen (fight). "The many smaU businesses in he Redwood Empire," said JohMon, "are indeed to have Don Clausen as their Watchdog in Washington." The NaUml of Independent Businesses is the nat.'s largest smal business erganlzathm. Congressman Clausen receives "Small Business Award" and PAC endorsement The National Federation of Independent (NFIB), the largest small business group in the nation, an- nonced today that by voting in support of key business issues, 8O percent of the time during the 95th Congress, U.S. Rep. Don H. Clausen of California had earned its "Guardian of Small Business Award" and had been endorsed by NFIB's poliUcal action committee (NFIB PAC). In announcing the award, Wilson S. Johnson, of the 620,000 member group-with 61,421 of those members in California-explained that the "Guardian Award gives recognition to legislators who support small business, and at the same time assures our members of how their legislator is representing them in Congress. Quite often," says Johnson, "'some legislators will claim support for small business by voting for such things as a Small Business Ad- ministration appropriations . We feel, however, that rl,'lB members should know how their legialator voted on each of those issues which we consider of key importance to small o NFIB PAC Chairman Dick Fisher noted that the endorsement of Representative Clausen comes after close scrutiny OF his overall legislative record which clearly shows a,concern for the 12 million or so small business operations in the country today. "Congressman Clausen has served his constituency well on a bread-based spectrum of legislation and has been an effective member of Congress in his work on the House floor and In com- mittee," says Fisher. "He should be returned to Washington so that he can continue to fulfill the specific needs and wants of his corqressional district and the nation as a whole." NFIB, which is nonprofit and nonpartisan, presents its "Guardian Awards" at the end of each Congress to those members who vote in favor of small business on selected issues at least 70 percent of tbe time. A total of 195 representatives and 30 senators qualified for the award this year,