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September 17, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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September 17, 1980

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Wednesday, September 17, 1980- Pa..$. Ttter ..  By VIVIAN WEER 'Li0LOf yOU watched the U.S. Open Tenn!s  e .,'he old tube recently. I found the men s" ;. McEnroe and Borg one of the most 'eJJroorts I've every watched. Who says tennis days? For one on one you just can t beat it!li!Qf the match brought back many memories LsLlbort career in tennis many, many years- L IKmeered wagon days, as my kids call it.)  college at Oregon College of'Education in up one morning to f'md myself on the te I was a substitute...the only one...and erY. class that the odds of me having to play . my favor. _ was Ms Love I always thought this in ,,' iRt=iely funny. Ms." Love had huge feet and  nl,.  / ,,, 13 II00 CONDITION C n IV 1 8 OZ. ..- IP"w I Xl Ill ,o / qOqf 'qher ankJe and the substitute was caUed in to CONDITION 1 I """ ..... ILI toPortland for a match at Reed College. Q 1,,1= w if you've ever heard of Reed, but in 15 OZ. 1 it was known as THE intellect capital of the ded by strange geniuses, all very rich and Carl Marx in their classes. It was the WAHE students wore shorts to class and studied io the long sweeping lawns overlooking Por- .way contour back massager llYiartner who was a math major. While this this body over the net post panting loudly. Apply thousands of soothing, massaging _ shoulder musc,es Flex design shapes CwO'c ) 1 J=' actually read her calculus text book bet- strokes to your back. neck and Hemote i/ Idayed score was 12-1eve. It two sets and the the speediest match in history as we didn t -o,,o, :A massaqer to natural curvature of yOur switch f.jt::f " II with "I 1 body. Spot heat plate located on back heat applicator II No. 4954} I back massage | of switch. Cover made of durable. d with deuces or adds. brown vinyl 8 Ibs.. 4 oz. . 't phase Ms. Love. I think she had expected ,,, I) L "e it was the last match of the season, it was 44.15 VALUE "_'i"- .e,qerience. The following year I transferred ' [eL,and carefully avoided the entire subject asked about the results of the concerned. oum tUS*NSS "n Labor Day urging travelers to "Write dE t,G,N, UT SEPTEMBER lL know, blue post cards were handed out in  w, T N   t t * N G Northern California" and they were ad. ,, ,,,c,,, o,s SPECIALS --di dlLvernor, i  :   " m_ the results, Chamber Chatter called i  Our pharmacist will help you in transferring your prescnption t0 our A massager for the asked for Mr. Brown. (Well, you might as. store. Bring in your prescription SALE GOOD r..p and you might get someone with more  container and we will handle the ne- intancewith the man. ) I did. ,reached THRU 24" active life you lead. .ii7  secretary who said her name was Beth. cessary ,,Is. ' One of life's k.ou the !ast name.) She put me on !d and k . simple plessure, . . 27.50 VALUE.  " : _,; Oh, these BLUE postcards, she , ,, a Wahl 4400 Superssge /L '/ lid'_Yes, ' she said, They did get a lot of them massager. Double coil motor ',,./f" 1 I;77 s.e.,s..s,.,e .Z'AJ 'r_. ! -' trey had received  like number of letters i "! u massage.  i,.,m etters and cards were now on their way :E s (Ms. Ca]Trans') office. So, who knows? I =='-.'==- m WAHL CLIPPER CORPORATION 1:?. advertise" =, .e..,,.,.., [ i 'dixlL mrmer meeting. C'loverde was corn- PEARSON oup for activities of the freeway bypass rDay. Not only that, theytmanimously  CANDY NiPS L'4m il lady, Marie Vandagriff to represent Empire Association convention to be I --'" - _tlIK 1[  ASSORTED FLAVORS PLANTER'S with a resolution supporting the freewa)' i ............. lt" 6.4 OZ. .,.,..iil  wear Miss America Pageant ,  --  PEANUT ,,   "'Mtss(ed) Cloverdale bypass"...Get it? " FAMILY SIZE . te tln eidentally' the, are some among us 5 OZ A C BUTTER oz   ,ou, F.,,s. .,. " .ffeeway, so to up-date the wishes of our , . " . "1" l c,, o.o.o.o,  I TOOTHPASTE I " , ,, ...e ,o..o,...., , , ......... " IiL'm member again before any further action    . | Automatic ' the project. By the time you read this. the KTpleted and i should have the results here --- ' . ! Action Toothbrush Ib7 [ BROXODENT Enhance I!1". of Cloverdale representatives who will be Ii [ I ,each I p!,q- l e. World Championship Grape Stomping at Pff 1 ll... ;lill ' --  I I Bro ode t s es he oat " Won the title a couple of years ago with a I'.. W--" _ . " " I I ,/" X ._-'=--. a*, yo-, ,.m,, ,,. i==.r!ends. That would be Erlene Peg and ..*"2:" git o' cleaner t.th Be"'w)"th casts fr bvius reasons""  9. ' 88 DRY -OILY 16 OZ. I "" . Dog-Large Dog-Cat I  m sVlRDALE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE I.G SENATE BILL 200 AUTHORIZING  ' t,: o,:"  canal poses major economic and en- fIL DEODORANT BOOY POWDER tonorthernCaliforniawhlleulUmately, SCISSORS II w,,, c....,...,..,.,.o ijwill turn our North Coast rivers into a [ Baking Soda L'..the canal will be a major drain on our II '""'"""'c.,,o s,,,, " I=coNTA " ll'- "il 0RREGULARHERBAL I.0[L/f//- !. VALUESPECIAL ,o,s I-- , b'_nakthee water system wiLl requlre ten billinn i SC|SSOR,----' 'O'S l I,-37100 THERAGRAN-IIIll ll"mes), meaning more expensive power ql-..' .suprters of the canal have greatly L , _  L Recommended by I ill meti for water in order to get average tbi' for further land speculation and real I ............ more physicians l Ilttl ( .... I _lll ] and pharmacists, l t1 _. I ".Z I than anyother I IE IT RESOLVED by the Cloverdale I twixis a personal hair groomer  1/1 ...s{l !I[[ [ high potency i .,that this resolution he distributed to | oths, shapes  -,--' .-' t! v. ,.,... Illlll=tleE,_ I  I vitamin formula l lb.--,ofcongre,s, the Sonoma County Boar d and trims stray hairs for a well- ' .... with minerals ! I."'tnblymen and senators of this district to groomed look between professional,  / ,. J .- .= ouj.r,- ptePlaee the Peripheral Canal on the =_got hair cuts. Use twlx K ,ikea comb for r  -' 71 . . -- virtually goof-proof trimming. Inter- .  /, !i K o.w IBI I1l KZ. mde of caorna O7 changeable close cut head outlines ii '. , , ", ____ I approved by the Board of Directors at a moustache, beard or 29.95 ] ! n ,!  7 7 sideburns. Model 7190 VALUE /=- / Z-- i -.uer 8, 198o. n. V.P. f Commerce !!l Unified payment of Bills and will hold a Warrannts. eeting The next regular meeUl [ '* . lLeber II, will be MomJay, October 13, 1980, al 8 p.m. at the I have one Geyserville Educational the Park. : \