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September 10, 1997     Cloverdale Reveille
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September 10, 1997

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Page 8, Cloverdale Reveille, September 10, 1997 IMPORTANT NOTICE Taxpayers who have disposed of property since March 1, 1995 may find their names appearing in the following delinquent list for the reason that the present owners have failed to pay taxes. NOTICE OF D POICATICN Pursuant to Sections 3381 through 3385, Revenue and Taxation Code, the published Delinquent List in and for Sonoma County, State of California, has been divided and distributed to various newspapers of general circulationpublished in said county, for publication of a portion thereof in each of said newspapers. Cloverdale Reveille Healdsburg Tribune Petaluma Argus-Courier The Community Voice The Press Democrat Sonoma West Times and News The Sonoma Index-Tribune Windsor Times PROPERTY TAX DEFAULT (DELI) LIST I, Donald W. Merz, Sonoma County Tax Collector, State of California, certify that: Notice is hereby given that the real properties listed below were declared to be in tax default at 5:00 p.m. on the 30th day of June, 1996 in my office, by operation of law. The declaration of default was due to non-payment of the total amount due for taxes, assessments and other charges levied in 1995-96 which were a llen on the listed real property. The amount published opposite the fee number in this notice was the amount due on June 30, 1996 and does not include interest, fees or any additional unpaid taxes and assessments. Tax-defaulted real property may be redeemed by paln,ent of 011 unpaid taxes and assessments tngether with additional penalties and fees as prescribed by law, or may be redeemed under an installment plan of redemption. If the taxes remain unpaid after June 30, 2001, the property will be subject to able at public auction. All information concerning redemption, or the initlatlon of an installment plan of redemption, of tax-defaulted property will, upon request, be furnished by Donald W. Merz, Sonoa County Tax Collector, Room 100F, Fiscal Building, 585 Fiscal Drive, County Administration Center, Santa Rosa, California, 95403. I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. {signed) DONALD W. MERZ SONOMA COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR STATE OF CALIFORNIA Executed at Santa Rosa, California Sonoma County on September 2, 1997 FEE PARCEL ERI]RG  EXPLARATZ(N The Fee Parcel Number, when used to describe the property in this list, refers to the assessor&apos;s map book, the map page, the block on the map(if applicable), and the individual parcel number on the map page or in the block. The assessor's maps and further explanation of the parcel numbering system are available in the assessor's office Property tax defaulted on June 30, 1996 for the taxes, assessments and other charges for the fiscal 'ear 1995-96: FEE PARCEL NN(B ANOinT DOE r   NOONT ASSKSSI me AS Die  )0, 1g$  AS  )0, .g%; SITU SITUS 10-270-023 MI60.ZZ PYWOND A 139 R4Z I J4 1.1-170-0Z4 0732.67 IKNI"ON THEODORE  SR S JOAN D lllZ NUTTI IB 001-141-014 NINI. 06 nUSIf.R  315 CLUE BLVD 001-195-011 0RIZ.44 CALINELL 0ETTY 11 NULOERRY ST 117"110-026 $367.97 C.4tRMER JEFFERY ET AL ES97Z RIVER RD 139-170-037CTELLI  :39.10 719Z DRY CREEK RD 116-300-017 $$19.16 DE HAVEH KREN DENISE 26 CMUR LN 116-200-014 $ZB1.S3 GERDES GNW 0 JUY 090 R0XMELL RIB 116-200-013 $19B.01 GERDES Gk/ 0 JWY ROCXMEL L RD 116200"011GERDES SJWY I0)vS'97 1000  LN 116-200-001 $176.rls GERI)ES GARY & JUY 100Z GERgES LN 300 M&SHINTON ST 116-190-066 8107.93 001-194-002 SY0.ZS GS GARY &  QUINTIN RQR 5o6o0 . I" ,% 116-190-0(3 $ZOS.L 001- - o .14 GERDES GARY S  RFNLrLLI IIJILkS ET kL 30S00 LEVEE RD 105 iMSINSTON ST 116-200-003 $ZZZ.64 lq41-1Z0-010 $1,139.Lql G[RS GARY &  14 ROSE IC CLkqNCE 1006 GERDES LN lzl HMY 11t 11-180-003 07.19 HOBLIN 14ILLIM'I L 0 LIND& NONE 001-151-00 01Z3.OB HUNT .k4ur:$14 DMN 0EE 606 CL0'0BLE BLVD 140-100-011 0175.F IRELAND DOROTHY 14 14 11100 GEYERVILLE ME 001-400-016 0:MI. lZ Lk'qDS GREO S TMI 116-410-011 043. 001-00-017' 01,14.30 LOUPY STEVE S WICHELLE  JENNIFER & RI(:Hai 559 NONACQ CIR 613 MUSCAT 139-110-039 197.70 138-160-016 $973.ZZ HAKEY VICTOR & ETHELYN VILLA  R 880 DRY CRK RD NE 11-1<0-000 t11,017.22 C CALLION MICHAEL TINOTHY S CYWTHIA IM-170-034 9.08 KELLY RD rILL FRANK R OOl-nz-006 01,391.54 NIDNE'P// /,,/ ;;, 14IN;ER HARRY DONALD S SHIRLEY F.AH ZS? EAST ST 1R1-120-002 $$40.63 IMl14URST I,dtREY R TR NONE 1341-120-011 $11NI.99 NaTilRST  R T14 NOHE 13A-110-OIkl $974.62 I&4THURST IW4RET R TR 16N)0 SKAB; SPRINGS RD 138-000-00 $L.3 HATHURST  R TR DE 138-070-007 0671.96 IT)tRST  R TR NONE 117-060-0.J el,66.37 PASX RIItRD J 14tG&RLrT t/MY 101 117-(K0-0 0Z,13.SS PAS[K RICHARD S S  A 276Z0 VMY 101 117-060-0 0Z,46S.1 PAS[K RI(RRD B 0 NMIaAIIET A ZYZ*O STI 001-111-019 0344.4 PELLEORINI Rlr(:HMI R 210 CL0VlEIIttlE ILMB 001-111-002 J7..%3 PIELLEORINI RIOHiMm R 103 LAKE ST 001-0S-004 $1,419.9 PERSONAL  OROUPSHWICI 001-0-004 e436.31 imlz VENTUP 0 CRNER 111 CALDWELL ST 114-130-002 1474.99 RUSSELL CLIFFOI J ET M. NONE 001-(,00-015 0Z07.81 SESSIONS LARRY DEAN & VICXI mMtLENE %ZB Y OR 001-101-017 Kl. 6& $ZNONS0N ED114 LA14AENC 111 UNIVERSITY ST ' ORmNANCENO. 1 AN ORDINANCE OF THE RAINS CREEK HIATT ROAD COUNTY WATER DISTRICT FIXING THE TIME AND PLACE FOR REGULAR MEETINGS AND PROVID- ING THE MANNER IN WHICH REGULAR AND SPECIAL MEETINGS OF THE BOARD MAY BE CALLED, AND DESIGNAT- ING AN OFFICIAL MAILING ADDRESS, ORDER OF BUSINESS, RULESOF PRO- CEDURE AND DUTIES OF OFFICERS BE IT ORDAINED, by the Board of Directors of the RAINS CREEK HIATT ROAD COUNTY WATER DIS- TRICT, County of Sonorna, State of California, as follows: 1. The official name of the dislrict shall be changed from RAINS C REEK/HIA1-F ROAD COUNTY WATER DISTRICT TO RAINS CREEK WATER DISTRICT effective with the adopon of this Ordinance. 2. REGULAR MEETINGS; The regular meetings of the Board of Directors of the RAINS CREEK WATER DIS- TRICT shall hereaftor be held on the 2nd Wednasdm/of eac and every calendar month, at the hour of 7.'00 PM. Meelinge will be held at NEW WORLD MANUFACTURING, Iocatad st 27627 Dulchor Creek Reed, Cloverdale, Calilomia 95425. As there is no facility large enough to accommodate over fifty (50) peop4e within the boundaries of the dislrict, any meedng where it is an:/pated that more than fifty people will attend, may beheld in Clover- dale =the Public Library. The iccstion of the meeting will be clearly noted on all posted Agenda. Mngs =rurned to a different Iocaon which shall contain the address of the new location of the meet- ing, and be postedatthe NEW WORLD PRODUCTS. Excep- lions contained in Government Code Sections 54954(b) (5) (6) (7) or (d) apply to this para- mh. 3 REGULAR AGENDA TINGt The district shell, at least wnty-two (72) hours prior to a reguler meeting, post and agenda containing a brief general description of each item of business to be heard in closed session. This agenda shelt spedfy the me and Ioca- rio of the regular meelng and shall be postecl in two (2) loca- tions with district boundaries The agendas will be posted st: 1 NEW WORLD MANU- FACTURING. 27627 Du'her Creek Road, CIovardele, Calf Iomia 95425 2 DUTCHER CREEK ROAD RV PARKAND CAMP- GROUND. 230 Theresa Ddve, Clovordale, California 95425 Agendas wig be posed in a location that is freely acce=- sle to members of the public. No action or dcussion shall be under.ken on any items not appearing on e posted agendaexcope: a. The Board or Staff may respond to a queson by the public during the time aJiottl for public com- rnenL b. Staff, director or mem- berof thepubSc may make a brimpenor s.nounoe- montwithm.dtoUlOm- [ng events or ivilies o. Tbe buard may mlor items to staff for kater information or to report back that an emergency situalion exists d. Upon a detormirmon by 2/3rds vote of the Board (or a unanimous vote if 2/ 3rds are not present) that thare is need to teke imme- e action and tha the need to rake such acon ing of the Agenda. 4 SPECIAL MEETINGS; 8peclsI meedngs of the Board of Directors shall be held upon call of the President of said 8owd, or a mekwityofmern- ts there, by chvng l- so. or bymeiln no to each member and to each kxalofge.er- culalicn, ra or television ste- lion requesting notice in writ- ing. Such nole must be given not le0B than twenty-four (24) hours before tbe me fixed for the)medmeongmd, ,y me Ume and e of ne=s to be conducted. Water and to serve e= the 6 ORDER OF BUSt- liaisonbetweantheboal  and 8dmstmlorwith re- All Agendas for Regular gerd to m s.s mongs of the Bod shall contain the kng order of business: I C, idl to Orclor A. ROfl Call B. Puldic Commant/Com)- II. Admini Business ill. ope.s o. iv. Lag Re-t V. AdjoummanVltems for NextAger 7. RULES OF PROCE- DURES: isiative sessions of the Beard, whether regular or specl, shall be open to the puldic. Every agenda for regular meetings shall pmvicle an opportuni for members of the public to dy address the Board on any items of inmrest Be, and every,m, for a qxal meeng shall to sddress the Board on anyi that has boan d scdbed in the nolico for meeng. b. c,.,.: A majority of the member= of the Board shall consWto a quorum r the bmon of bum- meeting may not be opened, or  =clion may not be hsd at a regu- want of a quorum; =mid meeng mey be=rpxmd toaday mdhour(r=in by the Secratary or any rnem- bar of the Beard, and no- of such adjournment shag be givan for the time andinthemanner for caging specie meet- ings. excepting that the purpose of the adjourned rneen0 need not be steted. d. Method of Acon: The Beard sha, Rot only byOr- dnance, Resolution, or Molion, which to bBcome eflecl,e, sh be sdoptod by at leest a majerity of its members prasentin a pub- i:meet e. R,,Ud Vom" Excem whereBuUon dd betekan by the unanimous vote of all members present and voting, I ayes and noes shall be texan on  Ro- flonshsd. n clsuse of Orensnm pess by me - shl be in Ise words: "o,sbytheBt of DirecWs of the RAINS CREEK WATER DIS- TRCT, County of Sonoma, State of California, as fol- lows:" All Ordmarmes oflie Board shall be signed by the President of the Board of Directors and attested by the Beste/ In theevent the President is unavall- ale to sign seid docu- ments, andslrpropd- ate 8cdon by the Beet of Dnws, the Jce pra da.t, or sush othordim=or e= the board mey dasiO- .to nmy s. m me seco of me Pmskt  /L The Board may adopt oLJ ReloRof by RoRo- lulion. The Pre=knt of me boa,d  reqxd forme condu of ei meetings of me boaro, in that mOL me Pre=ickmt hes me m- thority to t=ke whmmmr> B." 9. COMPENSATION FOR  The Beard of Director, t may elect to com- penere gemselve= for their servioas. Such action will be in =c=xdanco wh appmpnmo gomrrmnmtcodestetutos wilJ bo set by RoseJulion, at a regr mee of the board of dimctom. 10. This OrdJnanco shall be entered in me minutos of the boardand shd be pushedin a nowpaper of general clrcu- Idon in Sonora8 County and shall take effect irnn'mdiate/ upon itsadopon ! heraby oery U'.me tors- geing is a lull, true and correct copy of an Ordinsnce passed ml adopted by roll call st a ragukzr meelg of me Boardof OfmeRAJNSCREEK WATER DISTRICT, duly held on me 13 day of August. 1907 DIRECTORS: AYE: Noe: Jerr/Huot Ka.mF.m __ SOORDERED. Karon Fmim, Vice Pre=klem ATTESTED: Cindy Comb, Admltrmor 0121 SepL 10,7 Qty of CAoverd,,e Clowrdale, Cali(omia Nonce of Public Hearing t 24, 1997 TheCayofd hofd atxtchengonSelm 24, 1997 at 6:30 p.m. or as soon hm)after as me metter may be hewd to hear promsts ewoposeof a portion of approximately 16,825 square lees of property along Breokside Drive as in- cludBd in recorded document fiumber 92-0097093 to me ad- joining property number in of dar to fRoifitate the CIC Beulevard wan project. TheHeamgwg betd on Septembor 24,1997, st6:30 p.m. in the City Council Cham- bers, 124 N. Cloverdale Bird, Cloverdele, CA 95425. AI interested persons m in- vital to send vmtlan commerm to me above address no Istsr mehemanVorbe present to comment orally on iasue, if you ctmlkmge  s m in court, you may  limited toraJsing only those is- sues you or someone else raised at the public headng dascdbod in this notico, or in wren corre=pondan da#v- ered to the Cty Clerkator pdor to the pu4ic headng. This nolico is pursoant to Gov- ernment Code  66002 ofmeC=,=,SmGov- eminent Code. Noticing of this document Ims been done - pumuant to Secon 3743 of meGovemme.t Coda. D,de= lOdayofSeem- her, 197 Cof,ofCal By: Tracy Spermer, Deputy Michele P. Winterbottom, CMC/ANE #123 Sept 10, 1997 CITY OF CLOVERDALE ORDIN NO.621-97 AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNClLOFTHE CITY OF CLOVERDALE APPROV- ING A RATE ADJUSTMENT IN THESEWER SERVICE CHARGE AND REPEALING ORDINANCE 512-96 THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF CLOVERDALE DO OR- DAIN AS FCX_LOWS: Wtwml, me City Manager has pr-nented Ihe 1997-98 opem sucSewer Enterprise Fund; and Whereea, the 1997-98 Oper- ating Budget aJso reflects in m:cordanco with provisions of the Municipal Code Secon 13.20.050 for Sewer Service c.ge= and dj.stma.t to the rates of 3% Now, Therefore, the City Coundl of me City of Clover- dale doe= ordain as folJows; 1 Aueinasco.sxw c Munkr Code Section 13.20.050, an increase inthe Sewer Service charge of 3%, to be effeclive as pert of ltm Si.mrung cydem,my following the adoption of the Be It Further ReeolvedOrcl- 512-96 is hereby re- Bevendl4Bly. If any section, subclion, clause, or phrase of this erlicle is for any reason held to be unconstitutional or o'..wise beyond me powers of me City Coundt ofme City of - Cloverdee, such clecision shall not effect the validity of the re..ming portion0 of the orci- hence. The City Counc of the C of Ck)vmdee cledaras that itwould here peased this ordi- nan and each seion, sub- section, sentence orclause Efkl DsThis o,-x of me City of Cloverckde shall be eeecve r.y (0) d.ys m and after the dato of its pas- sage. Before me expcatn of flflman (15) days after its pe=- sage, this ordinanco shall be published in a newspaper of c.on pumhed and circulamd within the City of Cloverdale, along with the names of me members of the C Coun voling for and against its passage. Orcrmanco 521-97 was duly INTRODUCED by me City Council of the City of Clover- dale. County of Sonoma, on the 13 day of August, 1997, but me folk)wing roll call vote: (4O)) AYES in favor of: Councilmember Kinsey, Che=e, Jehn and Mayor Sink NOES: None ABSENT: Councilmember Teague TAIN:None - - - APPROVED  Msyor, Thomas Reed Sink ATTESTED City Clerk, Michele P Winmr- boUom Olinanco 521-97 was pessed and adapted by me C Coon- cil of me City of Cioverdale on this 27th day of August 1997, by the following roll call vote: (3-O) Aye= in favor: Councmember Chase, Jehn and Mayor Sink Noes:None Absent: Councilmember Knsey, Teegue Abste: None Attested: Tracy L Spencer, Deputy #120 Sept 3, '97 Rc11nm IramESS NMflE SlrAIIRIENIr FILE NO. 14 Gm, C. vmmmd Sene - cA w420 mel m, Po 811, Geen411 CA 116441. is (am) hmw mex, by tin, m,v minn.(s): Munaa Omn , ! 15 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT RUE NO. 87138 Ymddm Boe Cegam. Yoakim BriOge Co., Yoakbn Bridge Company, Yoakm Estate, Yoa)dm Brklge Estates. Yoakim Bridge Vineyard, Yoakim Bridge Vineyards, Yoakim Bridge Wine. YoMim Bridge Wines, YoaJm Brk:e Wne CWlara, Yoakim Bridge Wine Co.. Yoaldm Bridge Wine Com- pany, Yoakm Bridge Vneyars & Wm- ory, Yoakim Bridge Winery & Vine- yards,incated'at :7209 Dry Creek Road, in g, CA 95448. mailing ad- dmas, 7209 Dry Creek Road, Healds- b.rg. CA 95448,  (are) hereby regis- terod by the following owner(s): Vir- nla P. Morgan, 720 Dry Creek Road. urg, CA 95448 This tJsteu is conducted by:aJ Indi- vlduJ. The registrant commence0 ts transact business under the fictitious name or mm6 above on 1/97. Stned: Virgin P. Morgan This statement was fied with the County Clerk of SONOMA County on: 8/227. i hereby certify that the foregog s a coem copy o( the original statement on ilk) in my office. EEVE T. LEWIS, County ClerK. By/s/ Pa.ul R. SEAL 0114 Sept 3. 10. 17.24. "97 FtCllllOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT RLE NO 199703194 Argklne8 at Pier 35 located at: 344.80 Annapos Road. in Annapolis CA 95412-9712. maJing address, same, is (sin) hereby registered by the fork)w- ing owner(s):Michelle Elizabeth Kilday. 34480 Annepolts Rd.. Annapolis. CA 95412. Andrew John Kifday, 34480 Annooi= Rd., Annapo4.=, CA 95412- 0712. Th business is conducted  Indi- vlduais-Husbend and Wdo The regtrant commenced to transac buainass under the fictitious name or narnee atxwe on N/A. Sned: Miche,e E. Ktlday This statement was filed with the County Cfork o( SONOMA Cou nty on: hUk i hersby celfy that me foregoing is a con= copy  the original statemem on flkJ in my office. EEVE T. LEWLS. Coun CK. By/ Ca Rnkg. SEAL 0122 Sept 10. 17. 24. Oct 1. '95 RCTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT RLE NO. 0730(X) WM Iron Iocaled at: 1010 Rocwe Rd. in CIovordaJe. CA 95425.  address, same. is (are) hereby registered by the following OWS): SIeven Lee Moors, 1010  Roed, Clm, erdWe, CA 95425; Brian Eric o, 190 Grace Court, ColWe, CA 95425. Th bus is conducted by: a Gen- or=d partnership The registrant commenced to trar'-,=acl bunas8 under the ficious name sr  above on N/A Sned: Steen Las Moore. Brian Ere Redola,m This staterrmnt was flied with the Cou Clerk of SONOMA County on: 4- 12, 1997 I hereby ce(lfy that the foregoing is a COmK copy O( the ctginal statenmt on file in my office, EEVE T. LEWIS, County Clerk, 8y/s C. FahaL SEAL 0117 Sept 3, 10 17, 24, 97 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS STATEMENT FILE NO 973137 Loxton Cellars. Lsxton Company, Loon Estate, Loxton Estates, Loxlon VIn/md, Loalon Vineyards, Lsxton Wins. Loxton Wines. Lsxton Wins Corllpany Loxlon Wine Cellarlocked ';A 95442, rnaling add res. is (an=) hereby regismre by the owner(s).'Christophe Loxton. 1510 1.'2 Warm Springs Road, Glen Eflon, CA 95422 This bus is conducted by:an Indi- viduW. The registrant commenced to t ransast Immas under the fs name or names above on June 16. 1997. S: Chropher Loxlon This statement was filed with the Count Ckwk o SONOMA County on: 8/22/97. I he.by nffy that the foregoing is a core copy  the original statement on flk in era/o4fice. EEVE T. LEWIS, County Clerk. By ,Y,J C. FanaL SEAL 0113 SepL 3. 10. 17.24. '97 RlmOtm BUm NAME STATEMENT RLE NO. 973112 The fo#mg pero.(s) is (are) doir bunem as:Cio,mmate Watc & Cfock Shoppo tocted m: 129 N. Clowwdee Blvd., Unll 6. tn Cloverdale. CA 95425. is (are) heey mgelby the ow OlS): AndN Thlbau. 565 HW- Idde Dr., ClovoNie, CA g5425 Th bunmm le conducted by:an indi- T m=t. =xc m tr=nct bdmm= ar e  buinas= tion is no',ary S.E 80., CA 0M20 name or mm ,=ted move on NA to provide for me peNoeful ,  BUIIINEI8 vueL buMnas8 il OluiOd by:an Indl" (IT.  conduct of  ws mATimrdm s.: *. Thu. I=jEMo.IrI ........ Thormogemlsnllotmn Th atAmlenl was fhed wth the 8. DESIGNATION AND ChateauHutchinlon,. DmaJne bultneas und the flcBJoas nan's r neJlml above on WISBY. Coumy Ctork o( SONOMA Coumy on: Aua- 21, Ig07- DUTIES OF OFFICERS    Hatchlmo. Sned: Uuem O. Unde ihmbyowllllat mls colis a- E'-F 2,566 MoffioemofmeBodsill Company, Hmhineon Orohw'd, Th at=smem m , h the c=pyCteov=ftau== I.thing beSPlXnlsdbyamajorivole M,.m.,n=v,=- CooC=SONOMACOn: c.,m. ,u,,m,m on ,   l_..ems" ymL    w1,7. of other director8 at me kilt wl.=, H=mm. Wl.e ceam, j  cmy th the   a BEV T. LEWS, County CrK. By rneeling in December each H.e, w, co.. m. co.coWmeormmm.m m.memo,o. DmySEAL IE SA| WJno OmRplly. HIRchlnB VllteYa .t !1 kl nly o'10. 8110 Aug 27. SepL 3. 10. 17. "97 Calellcler yeer.  servea & wvm,.y,  wlr/a vine- EEVE T. LEWIS. CoulY Cled BY// ql i:d. 8 ono year tram unle=s they m- ,, H.tcmm W.,q. ,m  F,Va, SS. Sj.n. Sept / FII Or &.re removed fom OfR ) E88.  Amplm. Omi #!12 Sq)t . I0, 17, 24, '97 NOTICE OF APPUCATION Ampm A,nphm A, cew.  mmmBm TO SELL ALCOHOUC by a majodty of me Board. Di- Amphora co. Amptmrs "r,,pa,X. BEVERAGES um Dato of Fng Apkmtmn: Aug Spin1,= kx Lem8 Im,qed at: 1150 Medd - Sorve more than one term as  wlnm. k.q=m we co jm crew. jn Sm, Rma. CA 064oI ' an ofrmor at me discreon of 28,1997 theboard. The offioem ancl th dulk shall be as fotlom: The Premdant of me board shd Wedda over all meetings. The President will be prohib- mlno ka.ssm.U ( hm Santa Ra, CA 05401; Cheryl CARIoza. 1 lS0 Mlddkm Ck.o Slntl R,e ca. om. 1 bulmm 1 cond.cl by: Co- The mitram  le transacl To Whom It May Concern: The Name of the Applicant is C & K Market Inc. The q0icants I/stod above am apying to the Depe,ment of Alcoholic Beverage Control to sell alcohdic beverages at: 11395. Cicverdale Evd., Ck)-  . ............. :-- me meeting and me business ited from maldno or sec- ==d:=n.j.  ..de, the  ham or ...... .:'::t ' :-':--: ........... '."'",,""."",""-=, . "--'- e,,c,., ' " of U-  - - - - : M,.k,.;....,,.---k.. ................... Thememtmnm Sm*d. . For the following type i:''. > -- /i._ - . ' ,*vum,,.m,,,o,m,,,av.,,,- KnoEewlrsonlv ,.,w.----- "nu..,.........,  ft"" wtth zno ....... 11_ " " _ - ...... sidared at ttm rnIna hu _.___ .r.m uml= me mas eamo  "_.'7......"'=....' ..... cense: u m umu ra. ,, m ,,u.u mtlum ara moetlll, out m vote .Rk" [A Huhm --:'" __ .....   me tmmby=m/m=mamnmua 50 D St Room 400 m m hereunder may be dispensed an T  ,m m, E'S dT on martin's bellore me . o=m =me mmmm 'm"P L,,[a'Z,f,.,"TfIY1T"J"F'J,"e2",, " Y;.-i"   WIIINI _ U ..... I "''"". z OIS'IK. inl"rIHoriRblll a.-- 01 Wlma181fftyomce. ,"w.e=l:: " t' UST fn J'"-'- .=it  -q '1 I--T,TI' or prior to, me lre e meeting mn all ofii doog11ents ,"'v,..il. y...,, ,,.,, me ,.,,,,,, U a E'VE T. LEWS. =mty Clm. )/.W t,v,,, ...... ,m" . -. .store-e----:--- .---',.---. 1U 11%Jl I]['h=P;'EpII-{"t(IL'I'JJ'[='VGLTAIGAClION IO-|lr/,33.,LEJ._J--a" convenoslaswithS4M;rom --s .. ,'-....---..,...,. __..,.,_,.,.,,,., C. 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