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September 3, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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September 3, 1980

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ton warns against "election hysterics" :  Cranston Y warned l!on year " intensify Il War bet- ,.ll the Soviet rease the rous and t race. hat the !ion of .  provoked lJtgott, the and the of the va "mitation U} has created . E a dangerou  which could Y the coming . tle:Ytlba City m, .nmSn noted  agreement blicans and&apos; t-hat the be un- ':i" ISSue is how  danger of the super- over, into tions. conflict ::i. U'S. and the r  th e worst i to befall the More people in less time 9 in human :i! i : :lUaited States is tnd militarily aation in the System of t, insuring 'constitutional :mronger than and its few, NATO have I J.- weapons I[  the Soviet "U.S. and NATO military spending in 1979 was about $215 billion. The Warsaw Pack spent $175 billion. "U.S. and NATO have 5 million active duty military personnel- the Warsaw Pact, 4.8 million. "We have a two to one advantage over the Warsaw Pact in tonnage of naval forces and almost the same in total number of ships. "Although the Warsaw Pact has more tanks, NATO forces have far more anti- tank weapons reflecting the defensive nature of NATO's European forces. "And, finally, the U.S. and NATO countries have a far superior industrial and economic base, with the capability of outproducing the Soviets in vital materials and technology." Cranston reiterated his support for Senate approval of the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT II) and warned that "every day without approval of SALT increases the danger of an unrestrained nuclear arms race which could prove dangerous and tremendously costly." "There is a critical point in the years ahead-if a new arms control agreement is not ratified-when it may become almost impossible to control the arms race; when both sides may have new advanced weapons technologies which cannot be detected and so cannot be controlled and thus threatened the military balance. "That is the point of maximum danger which must be avoided. Under the SALT II agreement than condition will not occur. Both steres will have the ability to verify, through surveillance,, sophistication of the super- powers' nuclear arsenals. "In the months ahead, political debates around the SALT treaty and our defense effort should center on fact, not on emotional diatribes and unsubstantiated charges. "False debate aids our enemies around the world and it adds nothing to our security. We need to proceed with a sober assessment at our strength and weaknesses, and a clear assessment of the dangers ahead. "In this presidential election year-as in almost every presidential campaign since the end of World War II cries are being raised that the United States is 'weak' or is threatened by Soviet supremacy or that there is a 'missile gap' which threatens the US. position. "It's true that over the past two decades the Soviet Union has steadily increased its defense spending. In some categories its military forces are equal to or more numerous than ours. But overall, with our NATO allies, our forces are superior in number and quality. And in the important category of the ability to project power abroad we are superior to the Soviets. Most of their military capability is for the defense of their own borders. "In addition, the U.S. is making major increases in defense spending to meet the potential threat in the Middle East and Southern Asia brought on by the invastion of Afghanistan and to upgrade our forces enerally. "In the last four years real defense spending has in- creased by 10 percent. In the next four years it will in- crease by an additional 27 percent. "A few weeks ago the Congress approved a federal budget which includes $170.5 billion in budget authority for defense, compared with $143.7 billion in fiscal 1980. "When the Congress reconvenes next week we will approve a conference report for a $52.8 billion weapons bill which includes research and development funding for the MX missile, the CX super transport plane, a proposed new multi-role strategic bomber possibly o the B-I type, $'2.5 billion for aircraft and another $2 billion for various shipbuilding pro- jects. "In addition there are funds for an 11.7 percent pay raise for military personnel beginning in October, which believe will make a crucial contribution to our defense effort. "One of the most important problems currently facing the U.S. military is the recruitment, training and retention of service men and women. "We have a very serious shortage of professional and highly trained personnel in the armed forces-especially doctors, pilots, computer experts, technicians and engineers. We will most effectively meet our national defense needs by raising military pay and otherwise encouraging those kinds of people to volunteer--and those already in service to reenlist. Inexperienced 19 to 20 years olds won't meet our real manpower needs. I voted for the 11.7 percent military pay raise as a step toward meeting those needs. "It is outrageous that any member of the armed forces should be forced by Menu ' " "t , Sept. 3 eal Bar pt. 4 iain Salad il'gra','y IK 8 Casserole !0 5, 11 i$ and Onion k Potato Salad Roll Fresh Fruit Tuesday, Sept. 16 Birthday Apple Juice Baked Ham Sweet Potatoes Peas Wholewheat Bread Birthday Cake Wednesday, Sept. 17 Lettuce-Tomato Salad Meatloaf w- Gravy Rice Pilaf Green Beans Pudding Thursday, Sept 18 Baked Fish w-Tartar Sauce Mashed Potatoes Stewed Tomatoes Roll Apricots Friday. Sept. 19 Cole Slaw Baked Chicken Sliced Carrots Whole wheat Bread Fruit Jello Monday, Sept. 22 Fruit and Cottage Cheese Chicken Chow Mein Chow Mein Noodles Spinach Sliced Peaches Tuesday, Sept. 23 Orange Juice Grated Carrot-Raisin Salad Pork Chops Green Beaeans Wholewheat Bread Applesauce Wednesday. Sept. 24 Lettuce-Tomato Salad Spaghetti w- Meat Sauce Italian Vegetables French Bread Fruit Jello Thursday, sept. 25 Cole Slaw Barbecue Chicken Potato Salad Wholewheat Bread Fresh Fruit Friday, Sept. 26 Pickled Beet Salad Salisbury Steak w- Gravy Baked Potato Broccoli Pudding Monday, Sept. 29 Bean Salad Macaroni & Cheese Stewed Tomatoes French Bread Pineapple Rings Tuesday, Sept. 30 Cabbage-Raisin Salad Meatloaf w- Gravy But tered Noodles Sliced Carrots Fresh Fruit Milk and Tea or Coffee Served with all meals. $I suggested donation for seniors 60 years of age and over and their spouses. Call 894-2961 before 3 p.m. for reservations. 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"The Joint Chiefs of Staff contend that service people should get 6.6 percent in- creases annually for the next three years to just make up for what they have lost due to inflation since 1971," Cran- ston said. He said the Navy needs to retain at least 58 percent ot its young pilots this year "but it now estimates it will hold only 28 percent of them becale so many pilots are quitting to pursue the higher pay civilian pilots are get- ting." "But this is not to suggest that the U.S. can improve its military standing in all areas by giving a blank check to the Pentagon." 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