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September 3, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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September 3, 1980

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!i i i Page 12 - Wednesday, September 3, 1980 Bottleneck Ceatinued from page I literature to the tune of visitor comments such as"Ycu have cute lop," and "What are you doing Saturday night?" This humorous break in the traffic jam set well with most of the people. (It took us one hour and 45 minutes to get into Cioverdale from 9 miles out.) Two merchants com- plied. The city police responded to those two calls. When it was found that the Cliamberwas not stopping the traffic, all was well. The ."All American Sense of humor" prevailed. However, up the road a bit, there was a definite trend toward short-tempered drivers. The people were angry. They were angry to the degree that near-miss accidents made one nervous. Passing on the right, only to cause a bigger hand-up later, drew nasty comments and erratic driving patterns. There were the "good guys" and the "bad guys." For- tunately, the good guys won. Thanks to Frank Rose and his motor home which served as the headquarters for he demonstration, and thanks to the "Turtle Man," who got a beer thrown in his face, and thanks to he City Council and several members of the Chamber who tried to get he message aerou, CIoverdaie made aiot of friends last weekend. Now, Governor Brown, you have the ball. Geyserville School Board Omtinged from page ! Superintendent Robert Hileman explained new conflict of interest forms that must be completed by each school board member. The forms must be com- pleted and then sent to the county of sonora. REIMBURSEMENT Trustees okayed the reimbursement of $750 to district architect Chester Bowles became he paid the amount to the stale for a new building fee. The fee was required for the new buildings that will be constructed a the primary school. NEXT MEETING The next school board meeting will be September 8 al 8 p.m. Cloverdale School Board Cmtinucd frompage 1 CITRUS FAIR CONTRACT A $L700 contract with the Cloverdale Citrus Fair was okayed for the use of facilities there for the high school drama class and wresffing program, Washington School wrestling program, Christmas Faire and Graduation and Jefferson School Christmas program. YOUTH FOOTBALL Trustees approved a request by the Cloverdale Lion's Club for the use of school facilities for a youth football team they sponsor. VISION INSURANCE A 1980-81 vision insurance policy for all district em- ployees was okayed at a cost of $9,40 per employee per month. KLEISER PARK USE A request by the local LDS Church for the use of Kleiser Park from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on September 13 for a rummage sale was approved. * Cloverdalo City Council Omthmed from page ! California projects include: the Carter Administration impmmdmont of $23S million in federal highway funds for ,California; a threatened federal, impoundment of more thafi $400 million if the legislature doesn't enact a smog control program; the decline ifi money available for other Northern California projects after Congress appropriated special funde for construction of the Prairie Creek bypass, near Redwood National Park. Evanhne said the commision will release a study next month showing the state highway construction program faces a $700 million plus deficit over the next six years. Further, Frank Lanza, Public Information Officer for CalTraus stated, Friday, that the Cloverdale Bypass is not threatened anymore than any other project on the list. "No one can say that anyone of the projects is 'In like Flyn,' " Lanza said. "But when the time comes to start the project, Cal Traus will . have to take a second look at, :all of the project allocations. " -It's a foregone conclusion thet we have to look at the :money we have to work with. There will be no new projects ;added. All projts now on :tho list will remain in the ,programs, but we'll have to :I o ok at the financial picture  realistically," He said. "I suggest writing a :stinging letter," Carlile luggested to the council. "I think it's a a disgrace. Carllle said that highway officials seem to be just as I I I I II I II il II IIII II I Otrlfle said  aee0rdlng to one rumor, Gay. Edmund frustrating by the shifting sands of state highway politics in Sacramento." Brown, Jr., intends to use the money allocated for the Cloverdale Bypass for a freeway in Ro,lle because Roseville has okayed a no- growth plan. A move into the RoSalie area by Hewlett Packard is another reason a highway may be built in the rq0on, Carllle said. '*It'S a typical Gov. Brown cat and mouse game." said City Administrator Bud Groom. "Lel's face it. We're not in an area where the votes are. That's the name of the game," said Mayor Jack Domenichelli. Col. W. R. '*Bill" Imeius, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Commisslon, said, when contacted, that ke has received no news from CalTrans about a pending change in the status of the bypass. Lucius said the MTC will object to any move to drop construction of the Clover- dale highway but noted that CalTrans has the final authority. City Council members, in related action, decided they will reach a decision on what to do with the old Cloverdale Railroad Depot at the Sept. 9 meeting. The depot, a national historic landmark, lies in the path of the propod bypm. A city decision is required before a state environmental report can be completed. The council requested that letters be sent to the Cloverdale Chamber of I I I I Energy Fair ,/'he Energy Fair will be held ion September 12, I,iII 14, lm0, at the Clovb Citrus conjunctiou with the Harvest ,Fair. Exhibits must be in by 5 p.m. Septmber 11, tN0. Prizes will only be ,warded if there are enoei ntriu to complete a llivtsion. Entrim are limited rmidenla el Mendecino a d Counties only. The Junior High Stndent will receive $35 for first place; the Senior High Student will receive $75 for first place; and the Adult winning firs/ will receive $I00. Ribbons will also be awarded. A $95 savings bond will be awarded to the Best of Show Poster from the Elementary School. LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE a LEGAL NOTICE IMPORTANT " , NOTICE Taxpayers who have disposed of property since March 1, 19e0 may fin.0eir names appearing in the following delinquent list for the reason that the present owhers have failed to pay taxes. DEUNQUENT TAX LIST Pursuant to Sections 3381 through 3385, Revenue and Taxation Code, the Published Delinquent List in and for the County of Sonoma, State of California, has been divided and distributed to various newspapers of general circulation published in said count y, for publication  poi'tion thereof m each of said newspapers. Cloverdale Reveille Healdsburg Tribune Petaluma Argus-Courter The Press Democrat Sebastopol Times The Sonoma Index-Tribune PARCEL NUMBERING SYSTEM EXPLANATION: A.P. The Auessor's map parcel number when used to describe property in this list, refers to the Assessor's map book, the map page or block number on the map and the individual parcel nmnber on the map page or within the block. A parcel number as for example, '003-360-4' would mean Book 3 of the Assessor's Maps, Map page 36, and Parcel 9 on that map. A parcel number as for example, '003-363-05' would mean Book 3 of the Assessor's Maps, Block 363 (Map 36, Blnck3) and Parcel 5 within that block. The maps referred to are available for inspection in the office of the Assessor. LEGAL NOTICE DELINQUENT TAX NOTICE CERTIFICATE OF REAL PROPERTIES SOLD TO THE STATE I, Donald W. Merz, Sonoma County Tax Collector, State of California, certify as follows: That notice is hereby given that because of non-payment of the total amount due for taxes, assessments and other charges levied in the Year 1979 for the Fiscal Year 1979-80, shown in dollars and cents opposite the description of the property contained in the list below, the real properties on which such amounts were a lien were, by operation of law, in my office at the Fiscal Building, County Administration Center, City of Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, sold to the State of California at 5 o'clock P.M., on the 30th day of June, 1900. Real property sold to the State may be redeemed by payment of all unpaid taxes and assessments together with additional penalties and fees as prescribed by law, or may be redeemed under an installment plan of redemption. All information concerning redemption, or the initiation of an installment plan of redemption, of tax sold property will, upon request, be furnished by Donald W. Merz, Sonoma County Tax Collector, Fiscal Building, County Administration Center, 2555 Mendeeino Avenue, Santa Rosa, California, 95401. I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true andcorrect. (Signed)Donald W. Merz Tax Collector of Sonoma County State of California Executed at Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, on September 3, 1960. CODE AREA oal.eo8 City of CIoverdale Villa Pedro Ledesma & Katherine & McDonald Bernice Huddle Gene A & Anna R Huddle Gone A & Anna Ruth ! A.P:' 001-032-01 A.P. 001-051-19 A.P. 001-051-21 142.86 153.93 121.39 Illl I Commerce, Historical Society and Arts Commission advising them the depot will be discussed on September 9. Council members seem to be doubtful whether the wooden depot can be moved or restored without unreasonable costs. The project would cost at least $75,000 to $I00,000, according to City Administrator Groom. TAX RATE The 1980-81 property tax rate for city employee retirement benefits has been lowered to 70 cents per $I00 of assessed valuation, it was announced. The rate for last year was 76 cents. Local voters approved the tax levy in 1974. \\; EMPLOYMENT " Trudi Sanders was hired by the council as a police department dispatcher. She will replace Peggy Marigold who has resigned. Also hired by the council was John E. Stroud who will fill the new job of general service employee. His duties will he janitor, meter reader, animal control, officer, and light maintenance worker. Council members also approved a merit salary increase for city hall em- ployee Carol Giovanatto. ,ALESE IIEARING A public hearing on an appeal by Councilman Angelo Scalese on a planning com- mission decision was scheduled for the September Entry Blank 9 meeting. Scalese is appealing the commission's denial of an application he submilted for an 800 square foot apartment addition al 311 N. Cloverdale Boulevard. CITY ALLEY Council members okayed a $500 city payment for paving an alley off First SIreet that leads to the Oaks Motel. A $2,470 bid for the work has been submitted by Stroco Paving. Five property owners along the alley must now agree In divide the remaining cost the work if il is to be , council decided. CEMETERY VANDALISM Because of vandalism complaints, the council ap- proved the installation of a gate at the cemetery en- trance. The -'te will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. William Russell Ledford American Legion Post Commander Joe Ariel. told Ihe council that vandahsm at the cemetery make the Legion's recent cleanup efforts pointless. "We feel we are spinning our wheels," he said. Anello said Legion mem- bers and students from Rio Linda Academy have spent over I00 man-hours cleaning the cemetery. He said the Councilman Scalese was appointed In meet with the posl on lhe mailer. HIGHWAY tot City Administrator Groom reported that plans for relocalion of Highway 10l in the Preston area were oullined at a recent CalTrans meeting. He said work to build a new highway on the west side of the river will begin in 1983-84. Geologic instability in the area has weakened Ihe Preslon Bridge which will be abandoned. Groom said the state will build a permanent bridge over Sulphur Creek. The main access In (he Geysers will then be on First Street In River Road and across the new bridge. The portion of the old high- way Ihal will be replaced by lhe new west canyon highway will be deeded to Sonoma Counly, he said. AIRPORT LEASE City Atlorney John Klein was direcled to complete a contract between the city and Wheel-Air, Healdsburg, for leasing Cloverdale Airport. The lease will be for l0 years with a renewal option. An unnamed Northern California construction company is now negolialing with the cily to locale its office headquarlers at Ihe post wants to make further airporl, Groom said. The improvements there but company uses airplanes for needs cooperation from the Iransporlalion when con- city In slop vandalism, ducling company business. -- II1" II III II -- I Please check one: Adult  Senior High  Junior High Prolect/Exhlbit Name Address Telephone Signature of Parent or Guardian Bring this form to the Citrus Fair Office or mail to P.O. Box 445, Cloverdale, Ca 95425. Phone 84-5P). II . I III I I I I I LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE Huddle Anna Ruth & Gone A Rosten Philip J Pederson Ross K Johnston Cedric J Victoria Jerry L Huddle Gene A & Ruth A Shaffer Lyle E & Betty J Bills A J Elliott Harland E t AI Battling Floyd James & Jeanina F Life Est Wilmarth James H Gurries Thomas P & Barbara J Tillett George & Margaret Ross Malcolm R & Susanne E CODE AREA 0@1401 City of Cloverdale Short Ray N & Jerry B Norberg Terry L Hudson Dale L & Diana L Cooper John M & Inez H Chappell Gerald D & Phyllis M Argonaut Constructors Bills A J Domenichelli Ernest V & Carla D Hudson Dale L & Diana L Barnes Richard P & Patricia J Martin Charles Leon & Anna Marie Crittendon Robert E & Dana J Hawkyard David L & Sandra LEt Al William M Bates Logging Company Inc Johnson Stephen Thomas CODE AREA 001-002 City of Cloverdale Baughman Jack W & Gwen R CODE AREA 065-001 Eastman Barrett F & Dorathy C Morrison Harvey L Frederick Martha J Cipriano Robert P Nobel Christopher Stuber Charles C & Sara L Weldon Florence Et Al Gerdes Gary Et AI Gerdes Johanffe Woodruff Jerry Grant & Stephanie Loftier Betty Borgna Gary & Julie R Nalenstedt Richard E & Carolyn L Hopkins Vera E Et AI Reed Robert L & Brenda Duffey Verne W & Carmen P Banning Verlon & Syb]e  Wendt Fred D & Joyce R Christ Larry Alan McCoy Robert M & Linda M gt AI Tatge Walter A & Dixie E Gutknecht Harold J Burrow DOn Ray Et AI Cates Elizabeth Et Al Burrow DOn Ray Et A1 Day Felicity Hudson Dale L & Diana L Doble John H & Diane M Monser Maria Kaminoff Filley G William Nielsen Cliff J & Karen R Lawson Charles B & Loretta J Smith William J & Ellen J Bu]lard Dave Joe & Betty Joan Abney John C Jr Et A1 CODE AREA O65-OO4 Cloverdaie Products Corporation Turner Leonard Lewis Orlando Julie Rogers Niderost Edward F Young Gladys Alton & Monte R BeaversWilliamP CODE AREA CODE AREA 087-#01 Warm Springs Properties Jackson Gerald N Muell Meridee F El AI Bernier Paul JEt Al Wilson Keith Bailey Vogensen Robert J North Coast Cellars Pray Eugene C & Betty C Shah Siddharth & Jaysheela Et AI Shah Siddharth S Hoffman Martin & Eloise B Fish & Game Wildlife Carp Clay DOn & Connie L CODE AREA N'/-tS .t George Julia Len0ra Crotchet LeGrand Adrian James CODE AREA o87-4m7 Vogensen Robert James Ireland Dorothy M M Villa Pedro & Katherine Anstm Archie L & Elizabeth A Corkrum Enterprises Inc Et AI Published Sept. 3 & 10, 1980 A.P. 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