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August 6, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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August 6, 1980

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of the Past poem Gibson also of an JOy trees, air, {hrotghout flowing P  [tome sentinels green and and olive warm the year churches here and treasures sacrifice defending the right so live as free men in towns such as this that offered the peace and tranquility needed for the good life. Already progress was being made as plans were being made Io build new homes, Waller Karr planned to construcl a new commercial garage on lots on Healdsburg Avenue which he purchased from Clara Toretta with a 58 fool fronlage on Railroad Avenue jusl south of the Triangle service station. He plans to service autos and stock parts. Vingie Roe. noted author of weslern books, was a guest speaker a! the Woman&apos;s Improvemenl Club, reviewing her book "The Golden Tide." Russell Thompson gave up his post of Fire Chief after many years of faithful ser- vice; his successor was Floyd Walker. Miss Lynden Thompson announced her betrothal to Mr. Gary Hoebl of Saginaw, Michigan. Sale of savings bonds and stamps would conlinue until the completion ,f the current Viclory Loan. AI Mike's one mile north of Cloverdale. an extremely popular drink called "The French Seventy-five" cost $1 io find oul if you like it (What was il?) The C. E. Humberts celebra! ed ! heir 61st wedding One never anniversary with their friends in Sanla Rosa, Dr. folk who avld Mrs. W. C. Shipley. fuLl Milton F. Clark, M.D., announced the new address of town of his office al Third and led. Commercial Streets, phone 14, an Dr. A. A. Mutchmor, Dentist, will be in Cloverdale for all each Tuesday and Friday, I0 global war a.m. to 5 p.m. at Third and enemy Washington Streets. Where Immofront was lhel?  if you had a pursuits toothache in between times I guess you just suffered. time for came Sorrow for In the mid-19th century in France an idealist named Pierre I.,eroux who was a follower of Saint-Simon who sponsored his own kind of c6mmunism, published a review named "L Esperonce." His brother Jules was one of his ardent followers. They came to America in 1858 bul returned Jo France where Pierre died in 1871. Four families got heir belongings 1age!her and came Io America Io seek and essablish the life Ihey believed in. They came Io Cloverdale, 1hen only a village and purchased 885., acres of i he Bluxom ranch for $15,000. The land bordered he Russian River and is sbua,ed jusl south of !own where 1he freeway ends or begins depending on which way you are going. Ruins of an .ld winery mark the location. The four fa-milies were Armand J. DeHay, Marie Leroux DeHay, Jules Leroux, Peter Leroux and wife, Paul Leroux and family. This was in the late 70's, by 1881 they had built a one room school and several individual homes and a main dining room and kilchen wheat mey took their meals together. They cleared I00 acres tar wheat and planted fruit trees and grapes. They sold their products in town but with much difficulty as they were foreigners and probably not trusted. They built a winery and called it French Colony Wines. Later their numbers were added to by other followers: Arni and Gabrielle Leroux, Zurchers, Mrs. Emile Bee and son, Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Gustav Provost and family, George Pepin. He built the s hoolhouse and some dwellings and Theodore DeHay. After a while others joined this Utopian Colony such as Charles Humbert, local merchant. Who, when they had need o! services such as a butcher, he supplied somelimes even xfrom as far away as San Francisco. Called San Francisco. Called Icarians, they were'true Christians. but did not accepl organized religion. They believed in elhical principals. brolherhcs:l and love; one of 1he reauiremenls for joining was being able s, speak French and read and wrile ,he language, in Iwer years *his kep ,he commune from gr.wing, some of them had beell in ,he lcarian cow, leone in Texas, Illinois. and Cor- ning. Iowa. Their dreams of a pert,el life were shaltered as one by one lhe members broke away. like all humans ,hey discovered grealer freed.m in being individuals. ly n.w re.s, of you who replied f.r a biolgraphy kit have received i full. Full i,s ruc* ions are included and i sh,uid be a simple mailer .o fill it ow. owever, if anyone has a problem, feel free *o call us and we will endeawr o help you. For .l'se who find il hard Io rile a cassette recording can be made mid sen, By now lllOSl of you who replied for a biography kil have received il. Full in- s, i'ueJ ions are included and il sh,uid he a simple mailer Io fill it -w. H,wever, if anyone has a problem, feel free to call us and we will endeavor ,, help y.u. F.r Ihose who find is hard u write, a cassette rec.rding can .be made and senl Vo he company and they will edil il and c, ndense il s, she required space allowed.. ,ensive hisory they wan! to iqclude please nolify the c.mpany of your intenl and hey will explain the details. Please remember !hat this could be your one opportunily o record your family's history in prin! and will probably m,t be offered again for sonle ime. It is not ,,J lwe Io receive a kit and if y-u wan! y.ur name included a.d nt no1 have a card, please call 894-2246 ur 894-3796. Thank y.u f.r y.ur par- icipa i,n. program started to:employ Californians that program in Ihe nation to "employ commit taxpayers' money toward such a goal. Ad- Jlt six ministered by the Era- face of a ployment Development is mat- Department in cooperation optimistic with the Department of In- to dustrial Relations, the Department of Education and and the c00,00Uor's omce of the Community Colleges, it Worksite requires a local process Act which directly involves by employers, employee signed organizations, schools, CWI'A Prime Sponsors and other employment and training providers in dem__gning jo private training to fit actualjobneeds an of contracting employers. the em- Contracts negotiated thus labor far are providing tralnihg under the sponsorship of from California employers and June local schools in such varied over "demand" occupations as skill nursing, electronics Irts of auembly and technology, entry machine operations, !and- had nobe Old Lace Douglas of the ad- the With to train other or These Igate em- cl00rx other Contin from page 5 of animals throughout history and the next heartwarmer is just one more testimonial. "She never has to be told wla Io do...she knows what to do!" Once Si and his family were '+picnicking" near a lake and saw a Iwo-year-oid loddler heading for the water. Before the mother who saw lhe danger and began to run, could get toberchild, Old Lace had put herself between he child and water. Every time Ihe child wenl too close, Old Lace would give a gentle nudge io keep it back. She even went so far as to push the ehild down on the ground causing it to sit, so it couldn't get any nearer the water. Old laud, the remarkable Border Collie and, ex- ceptionally intelligent and beaut!fill animal, who knows her job and does it well. b- mad The of +tl first We wish her life's best as she spends the days in en- joyment, guarding the eat who lies in Lhe house in the tree. Old Lace, the Queen, deserves her retirement. All things work together. Old Late is an amazing animal but what she has achieved would not bepmmible scapping a[,a agricultural technology. Patina said CWETA programs also are meeting their goal-of serving those most in need of such ti-alning, as indicated by these results of a sample survey of par- ticipants: Entry level--48 percent women 23 percent youth, ae 21 and under, 19 percent veterans, 8 percent disabled; ethnic minorities total 71 percent, includin 8 25 percent Black and 37 percent Hispanic; 29 percent for- merly received Aid to Families with Dependent Children, 20 percent formerly received unemployment insurance; 76 percent were at or near the poverty level in family imme. Creer Upgrade-e percent women, 15 percent oath, 13 percent veterans, 38 percent ethnic minorities, 22 percent participating inupgrade training after age 40. "The 22 A programs currently in operation are the vanguard of others which, in total, will train about 8,400 workers in jobs which em- ployers previously found difficult to fill," Pationo said. "Through these jobs, for- merly unskilled persons become part of the labor force, thereby gaining econ9mic independence and reducing he cost of public aid programs, while advancing workers are put on the road to more rewarding careers." Employers" interested in learning how the California W,,rksive Educa!ion and Training Act migh! benefit them should eail the nearest Job Servie office of the State Employment Deveiopmen Department or contact the CWETA administrative of- fice, Employment Development Department, 800 Capitol Mall, Sacramenl o, CallS,rata 95814, !elepbone (916) 323-3006. withoul +he mastery and uvldersianding of owner. , rather. Si Francisc. The &g's naurat abiliiy has been raised ,. perfec;ion by Ihis vlmn whose love of he animal and lhe arl of sheep dog handling and raining:an be maiched by few. He is a true master of his trade. Mark Twait nlusl have had men like Si in nlind when he wrote ihe famous words, "The power or lbe miracle that elevales lhe few...can be found in their industry, alp hi!ca!ion and perseverance." Si's major projecl and concern Ioday is his in- v<dventen, ill. supp.r, fol'. and promotion of the Red- wood Empire Sheep Dug Ass.la+i,vl. along wi+h ihe -,her loyal club menlbcrs. including Bob Meier. Vice l'residenl (Bob was prcsiden las, year, he works hard ,. "'show" .he d,gs and +heir abili+ies .. ,heir bee+ ad- vail+ age. Pu,,iIIg i, all .age, her we n,igh+ reI,cmber Si's wqrds, "Dogs like all living things, have something to teach man. if he is paying attention. Man and animal, working ,-ge+her. who's eaching wl*" Amazing sheep dogs Com4naed from page S yesterday and the specialized show dog of today. But for the moat part, at least in II area, the performer is still a part of the ranch and lm continued to "work" with the sheep when and where eIkd. The story of the sheep d, mpoeially the extraordinary Border Collie: mems to me to be a beautiful tribute to all animals of this earth who have waited with the greatest of patkmce, throughout the ages, for man to learn, what i Francis says, '"/'he animal has Imown all along!" Like sheep we follow..Jike sheep we are Mow to learn.* Wednesday, August 6, 1960 - Page 15 Ruins of this old winery marks the location of the old Buxom ranch. Photo by Jantce. Geyserville Area Busin Directory FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS DIRECTORY CALL 894-3339 :::: :::: :::: :'::::-:::::::::. ":::: ::::,::: :::: ?:-:::.:. :. :::. :. :. :::. ::. :. :. :. :. :::. :::-:. :.:.-.....-..... :. :::.: ?:-:: :::: ::::::':::::,:: :: ::::-:::::,: "::::::::::::::::: ,: ::: ::,:: ;:: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::: ::::::, ::: ::::: ::: :: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i::i: Geyserville is the home of one of the !!ii finest Italian Restaurants in Northern  California - Catelli's, The Rex. Senti and Virginia Catelli opened the restaurant in 1936 and have kept it a family-owned establishment since ::!:: then. Richard Catelli, their son, is now ::i!i the owner and operator and is assisted iil by his lovely daughter Domenica. Richard is still using the same recipes the family used for years and maintaining the fine quality for which Catelli's gained it's fame. The menu is i:: varied and includes such specialties as :::: rabbit, scampi, sweet breads, as well ":" as steaks, seafood, poultry, pasta and many other items. The bar is separate from the dining room and offers an excellent selection of liquor and wines. ::`:;;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;::::::.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: B INO'S ,u,o Bosworth "E'"' Hardware Under the new ownership of Jim Remain Repair work on all makes of foreign & domestic cars & trucks Call 1157-3790 for appt. 21310 Redwwod Hwy. G00ymrvllle .Paint *Hardware eHousehold Items Geyserville Ave., Geyserville 857-3463 Visit t Fine Italian Cuisine (707) 857-9904 Over 39 years in te same Iocltion! LAMPSON TRACTOR +Growers Supply & Irrigation, Inc. ACE Irrigation Systems, Hardware & Equipment, Swimming Pools, Housewares end Farm Supplies 20750 Geyserville Avenue 857'3484 This spice Avtillbie Reasonable Rates Call 894.3339 Geyserville Ave., Geyserville 455-1619/I$74443