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August 6, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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August 6, 1980

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r trials, if the that t 10! work Si put run Irene first sheep, back Starting and left sheep or then a time and a to win must all times maands. sheep the certain and sheep they the Wednesclay, August 6, 1980 Page 5 azing sheep dogs field, a young pup, tied to the the fence, was waiting. He to gol so excited and was so "He eager Io get otlt on the field wilh the others that he began ;o lump back and forth over the fence. Restraining the young animals teaches them palience and allows them the opportunity to observe. This is one of the ways they learn. The goal each handler is working reward during the i rial consists of a total of fifty points from the holding pen to he starting point is a possible fifteen points. Each panel or gale is worth a possible two and one-half points, the chute is worth a possible ten points and the final "penning" is worth fifteen points. If the blind chuie takes too much ime, officials will notify the handlers and they sometimes choose to leave the chute and go for the final penning and ihe fifteen points. As one of the spectators at a recent trial pointed out. "Anything can turn the cards on you if you get a powdery bunch of sheep!" Com- menting on the blind chute. Irene noted, "'There is also a lot of luck involved in this trial.". dog Dr. Campbell, Healdsburg Velerinarian. whose son Bruce has the famous three- legged dog said it was a pleasure for the vet to work wih the sheep dog because ihe animal and the owner are friends and the dog allows the vet o do anything, simply "'Nothing like a cool bath on a hot day!" Champion Border Collie, (lid Lace and daughter. Belle. jump into the tub after showing their stuff in a workout. because lhe owner tells him ;o. The dog accepts and reslmds o 'he owner with compleelrusi." He wenl on o say, "There are about ten gtnn:l dogs in his area and noi enough difference in their abilities so Ihat on any given day, anyone of ihem could win a rial. When the dogs miss il is usually nol lhe fault of the dog, il is a mistake or misjudgmenl on ihe parl of he owner. Competilion a; he rials is keen. bul underneath lhe sense of pride in each olher's animals and ac- complishmenls are obvious. and :he genile urging from he crowd fur each dog and hmdler :o do his besl is a sign of grea respecl. Alum; ;he dogs...nu one is m,,re .uned in o herials abou, ,o begin han ;he dogs hemselves and oflen ihose wail ing their turn can be seen making every move as if hey were on ,he field lhemselves, Some people retire, sit on he porch in a chair and rock all day. Not Old Lace. She spends her days sitting under a tree guarding the cat who lives in the treehouse. Belle and Irene Francis are looking on. hey handle and work every ,,u,, you're going 1o make a flock of sheep and even an- mis;ake!" Or. "Boy, when I wipa,emislakesby,heoher' set oul lhere I'll show animals. Some of ;he dogs become so excied and anxious io work ha ,hey have :o be kepl away from the field until hen" ,urn. 1, isinlereslinglo wa ch :he younger dogs who are v.aiaing ,m he sidelines. (me can ahnos; read lheir ,h-uh;s as ;key acl and teat; .. every move made by he dog on ,he field. "'Hey, ha,'s my job! Whal are you d,,ing ou; ihere'. '" Or, "Walch "era!" One young pup even cringed when the anticipaled mistake come. Fascinating! A good sheep dog is a faniastic animal and senses ,he a;iitude of Ihe sheep immedialely. When hc sheep are a litile spooked or nerv.us. ,he dog in conlrol will slop, sil quietly for a momenl, perhaps lurn ils head away from lhem. and allow hem lo seltle down The dogs have heir work cui ou for lhem and il is a difficull iask working a bunch t,f sheep who scare or spook easily. The working ranch dog for Ihe most part are allowed o use their own judltment in how to gather the sheep on, a range and bring ,hem m. The dogs who ('ompee in lhe trials are highly skilled professionals who perform under slrictly con,rolled rules and regulations, reqmring great discipline. Mutual respect and understanding between animal and handler are also IWO very necessary ingredients for those who ish m reach the top of this profession, The Border Collie is known ,o be Ihe top dog of the sheep dog line. They were in- ,roduced Io this parl of the country about twenty-five years ago and had to prove hemselves before they were accepled There is a great deal of difference between he working ranch dog of Continued on page 15 & Delicatessen Imported SWISS CHEESE Old-fashioned DINNER FRANKS PORK STEAKS Country PORK SAUSAGE Very Lean - No Nitrates File of LING COD BEEF RIBS for BBQ meat 1"' thick CALL FOR QUOTES ON LOCKER BEEF q y Cloverdaie FOOD CENTER 138 E. First Street 894-2325 Store Hours: Daily 7:0 am . 6:30 pm Sunday 9 am - 5 pm Free Delivery Every Day at 4 pm Prices Effective- 8/6 - 8/10/80 11 the trophies, ribbons and awards she has won over a period of ten years. of the smartest the smart so good sheep Old of of the and re to Several IS a I are the dog gave dog, a had to it Said he ive Ir ]lave to it all at ae.h in ns the it. to a good is and the to great, Old Will to but of Old an old is is slow she is so whenever she goes out to the field she swings Do: wide. around the sheep. And another ihing, whenever any one of ;he young pups mess up she always seems to be here o 'cover' them. Old Lace never has to be Iold whal o do. she's lhinking all ,he ime and knows whal o do. One ime. out in a field, a younger pup (her son was closing in on a flock Knowing she is slow. she began 1o make her circle wide. lhen, kept on going. She kept right on going. She went out to the next hill and kept on going. On that nexl hill were snx sheep. She heard lhem and knew per- feclly well the younger pup had lhe flock under control... so she went after lhe strays and brought them in." Old Lace knew her busine- and often went oul on her own ,, gaiher sheep. This nexi li;ite s;ory has probably been heard by quite a few of the ranchers ar.und hese paris. Seems one time Old Lace was found in a canyon prolecl ing a baby lamb who could nol walk, She stayed Ihere for hours, refusing ,o give ihe lamb up . any of he oher men who came near She was wailing ira" her mas;er a COllie and carry,helambow. Ii is said she would have slayed ihere m ,he canyon, wilh he lamb, all nighl hmg!- "'The inelligen; snimal .hinks "you" are supposed ;o k.ow and when ihey don',: come back .you will know ,hey are m rouble and hey expect you-to come looking flrhem! So they wail!" Heartwarming stories have been ,old aboul he un- derstanding and intelligence Continued on page 15 00asbord Lunch Dinner Or Choose From Our Complete Menu We're Open Every Day from 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. Closed Tuesday the Redwood Smorgette ] 504 N. Cloverdale Blvd. I I NOW ili PRODUCE AT ITS BEST iil :.: FOR LESS }ii :.i- -:-: CHECK THESE PRICES i!ii Fresh :': Number Squash For Broccoli 59 Ii! Your Bunch Corn 6 for 1 OO iili. 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