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July 30, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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July 30, 1980

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Wednesday, July 30, 1980. Page 17 '. 1 No pe. M-31-1t Glimpses of the past ayaACX..OWE,.,. The Cloverdale Reveille is over 100 years ofd! This is a notable record for a small time newspaper. Did you know the London Gazette is the oldest continuously running newspaper in the world? The first number of the bl-weekly Oxford Gazette ficmsed by Lord Arlington and written by Henry Muddiman was published on Nov. 16, 1665. With the publication of the 24th number (Monday, Feb. S, 1966, old style), the name was changed to the London Gazette and has appeared twice a week ever since u an offlc/sl organ of the Cv't. Lord Arlington became a member of Parliament in le61 and, during his career, had cons/datable influence on British Domestic and Forei policy. The main influence was considered to be the uninterrupted confidence of Charles II. Henry Muddiman had been actlve as a wrlUr of newsletters of the times and in 1659 began his "Parliamentary In- telligence," later named the "Kingdom's Lqtelencer," which was published until Aug., 1663. When fresdom of thepress cameabout in 1641, the English periodicals contained domestic and foreign news. In 1936 there was a Roosevelt Hotel in Cloverdale and the manager Laroy T. Nelson was str/cken with a throat infection and died at age 45. Porters "lent Show By shuttle bus to the World's tallesttrees appeared May 30 and featured music and vaudeville. Now that is someth tlt has with time  with those grand old circuses that earne by rail in the early morning l's. They hed loe kido to water the elephants and other exotic animals that most people never saw except in pictures. A giant parade preceded the openinS of the show with clowns galore, a giant caliope operated by steam that played rousing tunes, cages fufi of ferocious- looking beasts that paced the cqes as yompers gazed in fear at s reapactable distance holding tight to their fathers' hands, or clutching their mothers' skirts. Once in a while a llon would roar and the crowd would gasp and deal, Now it's more convenient than ever for pll{Fims to )-314t Redwood National Park to experience the awesome sight of the world's tallest fivinl thlns--graceful trees z7 feet h. Eight time a day, until September I, shuttle buses will carry visitors from the control, Park entrance headquarters ,000 at Orick to within a mile-and- or a-third of the Tall Trees Grove, first measured in 19 71-31-2t by the National Geographic RVICE Society. A leisurely downhill stroll then takes walking parties to the great Coast Redwoods, located in a sweepir bend of Redwood Creek. .Park rangers accompany the v/s/tars to explain the eeolo of redwoods, which {[row nowhere else in nature except coast. C, afifornla. Until la year, the trip was a 17-mile roundtrip hike. The first shuttle bus leaves Orick at 8:30 a.m., followed by hourly departures until 3:30 p.m. Final bus leaves the Redwcod Creek trailbead at 7:1S p.m. Fares are 11 for edults, SO cents for sere/ors, cents for youngsters 15 years and under. Trtp are reduced to five daily dur Septemer. Discovery of the Tall Trees caused a mmsation in 1963, and ultimately brought about establishment of the National Park in 1968. The preserve includes three long-time state Parks, where travelers can camp under the redwoods for lm a nlt. Visitors enjoy forest  ferns and shrubs along the way. Many have testified it is a memorable nature experience. Maps and in- formation may be obtained about the re,/on, includ/ the Tall Trees, by mailing $I (postage and handling) to: Redwood Empire /umociaUon, XO Post Street, Suite 401, San Francisco, CA 94108, draw further away from the curb. Girls In colorful costumes adorned the backs of elephants as they swayed to-and-fro in the crowds while dark4tmed boys in turbans led them slor the main street. Mysterious covered wagons pulled by giant horses advertised the existence of people who were not normal In every respect, they were called freaks. "JoJo the dog4aced boy," "the alligator man covered with scales," "the tattooed man," "the fat lady," '*the thin man," "the bearded lady," and other ab- normalities of the human race that saw fit to dlaplay their virtues or misfortunes. I recall the "stone man" who was a p,-tactly {xr,,ed man, very dead and very cold looking and creepy to a chUd as he gazed in awe at this phenomenon. We watched as muscular rouse-houts, with giant hammers, drove in tent stakes sometimes to weird chanting and rhythm of foreign nature. As the big top was raised, people lined up for tickets to get a good seat so they could watch all three rings and the performance of the death dofylns ammllsts, some with no nets. Clowns that drove out in tiny autos with an endless stream of tbem emerging from the confines of that auto, a band playing rousing ttmse in their high-plumed hats, some out of key, but we d/dn't care, the excitement was over- whelmina. The sm of the animals and the straw, roasting popcorn, balloons flying high, cracker-jacks with its surprir.es was eagerly sought, and finally the [[rand finale came when all the people paraded the  and a tired and weary crowd reluctantly went home to their quiet towns dreaming of next year when the circus would come to town. The next morning all to be seen was an empty lot and railroad aiding where yesterday the magic of the circus stood, it seemed as If a dream. Those were the days-and that was a [[rand time to five. Posters stayed on .buildings for months until the rains came and they slowly faded, but you could still remember the grandeur of the circus until next summer when the call went out--"Circus is coming," and ote more the lot would come alive. In-January 19445, The U.S. Hotel added a new room, known as "Charlans" and was operated by Charles Fowler, former chef of the Matson Lines. In 1947 the famous old hotel burned, like the pasetn of an old friend, sh, cruel fate-t'was ever thus... That same month Annie Brush Wilson was honored as one of the charter members of the Clover Chapter 10 Eastern Star, having served Sl years. Two other charter members remain, Mrs. C. E, Eumbert of Cloverdale, and R. E. Banr of I)ecoto. The Del RJo Theatre featm'ad "Bring on the Girls" with Sonny Tufts, Eddie Bracken and Veronica Lake, and across the street Percy Redwtne would repair your watch so you would be on time for the show. I think the wholetown is sighing with relief (l heard it) that the band has returned to the fold,and proud we ere of their standing in the Vienna competition. For the 'record they have earned a place in history and for all the mambera of the Society we say ' latloM." weard at t response we have racs/ved from the clthmm in our biographical history , but we wnuld lib to see more. So all of you who have not et in yore please give it some swlom consideration. Biography i kits have oe out f" those who responded and Um  rmnln out, You will flndlt quite simple to follow the guidelines in constructing your family hbtory, 'Jrlds be a hislorical put and we would llke to see as many as poibla partieipste. Now is the time to racerd your place in Ckwurdale's history..Your family, and future generation8 will thank you for It. It eeate othlM to send in your biography Jmd you are not obliptM to purchase anythln. Thls Is a history book written by you.. Say yes and make hUtmT. Anyone who has not raceiv information about this pro.t pleau phone l.n98 or or write to us, ears. of P.O. Box 433, ClO, California 964. Thank you. Geyserville Area :!usin Directory FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS DIRECTORY CALL 894-3339 Kits Fall conference on "spills" to be held Frustrated over the lack of coordination among the many agencies handling 72-f hazardous materials spills, the Executive Board of the Association of Bay Area SALE Governments (ABAG) voted to hold a fall confere,e on the matter. paint, James Watk/ns, Chief of sand. Planning for the State Office of Emergency Services, told the board that no plan for o4-.4t handlln K such materials exists at the state level. If SB IS (Nejediy-Contra Costa County) Is signed by Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr., a state plan would be developed. truck, Watkins said the bill would work. only become effective on January 1, 1981, prorni2Jng 7'1.1t ABAG President Susanne Wilson, a Santa Clara County supervisor, to quip that we'd Good have to make certain we had no more spills between now lm00. and then. 75-31-t Watkins indicated he supports development of re, ansi plans for responding ARROW to hazardous spills. Wilson mpg, agreed. "We need to move ahead on our own," she said. -30-1t "We're tired of waiting until others act." The ABAG water quality staff will set up a conference in cooperation with the various agem:tes involved in the handling of hazardous materials spills, probably to be held in late September. Interested persons should contact Lorene JaFknon, ABAG environmental engineer, at (415) 841-9730, ext. 114. In major action Thursday night (July 18), the board voted overwhelming ap- proval of water quality amendments to the Bay Area Environmental Manageent Plan. Among the amend- ments is a recommendation that a reooal chemical spill response plan be drafted for the BO.y Area. The board also adopted a manual of standards for surface runoff control, to.be distributed to local com- munities as a voluntary guido to help control Iota of sou from nonetruction jro%,cts. Bridge winners Cloverdale Duplicate Brldge Club met on Thursday evenln July 4. Winners were: Ist - Jack Meyere& George Hunter. nd - Margaret Weaver & Lois Riley Sad - Marge  and Dave Durfue. 4th - Tied: Eva Consway & Bette Vedon; Bill Farreeter & Ben Davini. :..::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::..::::::..:::::::::::::::::::::::..:::.:::::::::::::::::::::::::: / narcotics-related Income BINO'S AUTO REPAIR Under the new ownership of Jim Remain Repair work on all makes of foreign & domestic cars & trucks Call 857-3790 for appt. ' 2 lS 10 Rdwwod Hwy. @eymtrvllle Revenue Its el- dealers terminat/on assessment can be made. In addition, when the IRS learns that a tax- payer is tranderring or at- tempti to conceal assets in urdor to place thm  the reach..of the mS, aents can iseun an assesemmt The Internal Revenue Service frequently werks in cooperation with other law enforcement agemdea, When a state, local or federal ch'ug enforcement agency arreste a suspected dru dealer, and they believe that a sub- stantlal amount of sale of lllefl dru are referred to the United States Attorney for proseeuUon. Tax evaders who are convicted of avoiding the payment of taxes on their drus-related income face a max/mum sentence of $10,000 fine and five years in prison. "Durins a five-year period which ended in June of last of the unreported income may be in involved in the case based on Although the State of "We evidence seized in connection California spent R, O0 drug with the arrest, they notify or more from Its General Fund tax are contacted by the IRS. than it recved durh the In one racmt , a etude past fiscal yonr, it cloasd with "set of books" m,tt be0, t year, the Internal Revenue Service In Northern California was respons/ble for 1S.S percent of the Nation's activity in ammsslng taxes owed by narcotics desists," md Sm. "Shwe July I, 1974, lm assumnmts .s.t dr  {my. been made, totalling ,I,." it is State flKal yr. closes with $2.24 billion cash balance Local Agency Emergency Loan Fund, an actkm that will not reoccur durlz the current fiscal year. It should be remembered Visit Fine Italian Cuisine (707) s;7.9904 Over 39 years In Itw same Iocationl 9at today's "cash bask" or drswesselsakwltha (Note: Stato's.aeerual fi, a is an substantial quantity of merit at proeeure that will be Cocaine. ThearreatipoUco the balance $I.S7 billion completed by late Aum and TRACTOR that robe agency contacted the IRS, and after examin the drug dealer's "books," agents determined that more th ooe milUon dollars worth of  had bern rch..ed. A termination assessment was made for more than $I,000 in tues. In eddlUon to working from referrals made by other law enforc,nent qeneiea, the IRS has an actlve program of its own which identifies drug dealers, and invesU|ates their financial dealings. Criminal eases involving the because several major ndl, blm, we,z ,aed Into law late in the fiscal year.) State Omtroller Keu Ory, d,mve hl, Aun,-, Report, noted mat another SS mIU in Federal Revenue Sharing Fund moneys are not in. cluded tn the Gener Fund bot er allabla tr ap- proprlatlon by the t,lslature.  c, mm P.nd nsur are adjusted to lnehde the return durin the ISSt fiscal year of 30 mmlo, hem the embodied in the State's Anu Report. "For the ascend eon- seoutlve year, the State's neral |"md took in/vnr doUars than  ,d, a proems .that earmot eon- tlnus forever," said Con- trul Cory. "11 sruateat part of the I.SO fiscal year rel]act stro ueonomle eondltkm, ret in nmjor dor increases in mvs from the State's Persum Inmm tax and the rutall aules tax," edd Co. Geyserville Ave., Oeyserville 4418-14,19/115744441 Geyserv|lle Is the home of one of the finest Ibslian Restaurants in Northern California. Catelli's, The Rex. Santi and Virginia Catelli opened the restaurant in 1936 and have kept it a family.owned establishment since then. R/chard Cat.Ill, their son, is now the owner and operator and is assisted by his lovely laught@r Domenico. Richard is still using the same recipes the family used for years and maintaining the fine quality for which Catelli's gained it'S fame. The menu Is varied and includes such specialties as rabbit, scampi, sweet breads, as well as steaks, seafood, poultry, pasta and many other items. The bar is separate from the dining room and offers an excellent selection of liquor and wines. Bosworth Hardware .Paint .Hardware Household Items Geyserville Ave., Geyserville 857-3463 Growers Supply & Irrigation, / Inc. ACE Irrigation Systems, Hardware & Equipment, ' Swimming Pools, I'ksaweres and Farm Supplies 20750 Geywville Avenue 857-3484 o