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July 30, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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July 30, 1980

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Page 2 - Wednesday, July 30, 1980 Clovefdale 00l00veille Established 1979 usps ,,, 0m Published every Wednesday Geyserville PRESS Established 1934 USPS 1| 00 112 West First Street Cloverdale, California 95425 (707) 893339 Gary L. Fawson ....... Publisher Tim Tanner .......... General Manager Janice Corey .......... Editor Yearly Subscription Rates Sonoma I Lake and Mendocino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 Edil00,00rial Rediscovering our world at hand Considering all the millions.of people who live in the world's urban end suburban centers, it's perhaps a little surprising that more of them don't thinker their own cities and towns as places for explorations and discovery, which, after ell, are adventures in the purest sense. But most of us are caught in the rat race, in the 8-3 groove, end It's hard to break the pattern. On our days off we think we have to take off to some distant place, driving for miles, in order to enjoy ourselves. Looking for adventure in our area is akin to solving the mystery of Edgar Allen Poe's purloined letter: it's hidden, but it's in plain sight. In short, it's not a matter of finding new ad venture opportunities, but rediscovering the ones that were always here. To skeptics who argue that anything so close couldn't possibly be ex- citing, we can only repeat what wiser men then we have always known: that if you can't find ed. venture in your own backyard, then odds ere you won't find it anywhere. Thoreau, for Instance, found everything he ever wanted few miles from his home at Walden Pond. If we only take time to think about It, what Incredible discoveries we can make in things in our world at hand. Whet we're saying is that now with the gasoline situation such as it is, we ere simply suggesting that you discover some of the incredible things that surround us in our own towns and cities. What better place to start than a visit to our many fascinating wineries. People come from all over the world to visit them. Paddling down our scenic Russian River in canoe, on one of these hot days, can be an adventure uncompared. You can hike, bike, run, climb, backpack, picnic, swim, take in festivals, dine, shop--and you can do it all in an atmosphere that is as lovely as you could find anywhere in the world. We could write pages on things you might do, but we'll leave some of the discovering to you. Our tourists learn more about our area than do some people who've lived here all their days. We hope we're leaving our readers with a new thought-to look at our beautiful area with a fresh eye and an open mind so that even if you can't go to distant places on your free days, you will enjoy. them more than you ever thought you could...right near home. ::: ;:: ::: :::::::::::::::: :::: :::::: :::::::::::: :::::::::::::: :::::: ::::: :: :::::::::: ::::':: :: ::;: :: :: ;: :" ":: :::: :: :::5::: :::::: :::: :::::i: i:,: i: !:,:i :i:! :i ::  :i :i: i: i:,:: i: i: i: i: i:i :: .":: ": :::: ::::: :: 5:::::: :: 5:: ::5::: :'::::: :i:::': ":5 :;" ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5:::;':,':5 ::';:::':::;" :5:'::: :':':::':5: Letters to the editor Unjust position F, ditar: I am writlng this in an attpt to make you and the (]ows commit,/aware of the unjust p00Uon the muc students have been put in at the High School. Dueto sohedu,n the students are required to make choices between taking music or bel onthayear hock staff or takln8 Spanish. How m we with a dear  put students and musle dept. in such a posltion. (Wheal went to school I was able to take a foreign lr,ase, be on the year book staff and take band. It would have" been hard to c)ee between them.) Mr. Connoily and the students and the community have put got of years and- money into devel0p one of the best prolp'ams in the nation. I would recommend" the commmity to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and approach the sohoolhoard  school principle and demand (yes. demand, it is m' sdmol, your children and your school board) that other arrmngements be made in the sx)ol scheduling, so that music is made available to all studts and not force them into unjust demions. In the past, music was ,offered beore the first and the students wamUnt music wmdd come to sehoul eerly but the adinisU.atn has discontinued tlds. Hthis was relnsUtuted it would be , our answer to tha Inblem. I hope the parents and In- terested people in he om- mmity read this and take administration I am sure class scheduling can be worked out to ensure keeping the music dept. at a standard that the community and- nation can be proud of. I hope someone will see the need of organlrL a com. munlty group and save the quality of themusic dept. for this coming year and for the years to come. (I hope you don't lose what you have.) I am living in a commmity that has no music dept. at all. Cloverdale has been greatly blessed. Slef t Robert Fo0te P. O. BozS41 Big thank-you EdRor: Without your publie/ty and advertising for us, the St. Peter's Barbecue would not have been so sueemaful. On behalf of Ft. Hem'y, Pastor at St. Peter's Church in Ooverdale, and the whole committee who wi)rked so hard, we ssy a big thk yop .to you and your staff. We hope we can call upon you again wben we plan our Nth Annual Barbeoue on the second Sunday of July, Iml. Gretehdly, Dina Giovalettl, Secretary, St. Peter's Barbecue Committee CodarvIIio, CA Need van F4ter: Mot of us senior dtJmm are aware that we are loelm the u,e of the van that can take us to our doctors and, ff who can't drive. I urge as many seniors as can, to come to a council meeting on August 13 and see what we can get done about keeping the van in use. We all know it costs to drive it. If unable to come, please write a letter to your City Council. We need the support of everyone. Rachel Garrism Senior Cltisen President Disgusts me Editor: This is a reply to the name withheld letter writer from Robnert Park who proposed to use taxpayers' money to rent motorhomes for the unemployed. Listen, I'm 23 years old. I make a living as a laborer. I work at a dangerous job 8 to I0 hours a day. The government takes out one-thlrd of my wages. I can't afford anJdng more than a tent and eleeplng bags when I go campins, Instead of renting motorhomee the government should sponsor work camps for your kind in order to make you into Woduetive citizens. The working man is having his life's blood sucked out of him by paraMtes such as you. FurtheLmore, I'm sick and tired of suppertl you law. unambitious people. YOU really diqpm me. Lawrence W. Stau4er Santa Rosa Not comic nickname E41itor; There is something seE:t" meneely irritating, if not -. righteous, in the ReveiUe's poverty editorial. The word poor does not belong in quotes like a comic nickname-it's a tragedy for millions of Americans, and finger- pointing won't make it 80 away. Generalizations are con- venient; they allow us to fear and hate Vast masses of faceless people, but they are worthless when it comes to solving problems. The whos, howS and whys of poverty are infinitely complex. Is the ReveKle hunting solutions or scupegoats? Let us deal with facts and fisures and faces, not snide generalizations. Let us talk of the millions of workers whose wages trap them forever at the poverty line. Let us talk of discrimination, and education, and gender and race. Children whose brains are impoverished from birth due to lack of adequate diet. The Hyde Amendment, which specifically prohibits the poor from having abortions. Christ said the poor would always be with us, and I fear he was risht. Without the poor there would be no rich. Without the poor there would be no military. As for welfare and food stamps being a free and cushy ride-the Reveille is talidng through its hat. C.D. Grant Iteber Creek Cloverdale, CA M4ZS aetiou. Ifthecommmityua necemu'y, to the hospital, whole aRpcoachee tha school which is so neoesamT for us Birth Stan _ Mr. and Mrs. Davld Stan of The mother is the former sam the 00.orn00Wofaom00ue. blro a .son, born on Paternal greta are _ turday, July 19, in Santa Mr. and Mrs. William Start of tuma. Santa Rosa, formerly of Clo, and the maternal The infant was named grmMparents are Mr. and wmtamEan. Heweqlhed7 .Mrs; Armand Ellggl of pound,, 7 ounces at birth. Cloverdale. I " I _ __ _  LaP. Jacobs, M.D., Inc. Announces the Removal of his office from 100 West Third St.,Cloverdale to Russ/on River i15 West 1st Strout, Cloverdale on August I, 19110 telephone: 894.4229 J I IIIII Veterinary Service 433.$754 Serving Clo,rdal,,, Geyserville and Heald. sburg Speclalizin9in small anlmal house calls I Members of the Cloverdale Flre Dept. Muster Team and supporters. Frent row, left to right: Mathew Wall, Tom Wail, Larry Lagle, Kass Wall, Joan Lagle and Bob Beck. Back row,: Ken Smalley aml me Igle Jack Histt, Henry Enos, Ren Baraey. Janice. Cloverdale Muster Team takes place in West Coast championships Cloverdale Fire Depart- ment's muster team came home from the 19e0 west Coast Championship Muster with a second place earned with their 1929 American LaFrance. Their second place time of so.08 seconds was only 2 seconds slower than Ukiah's firs place time in the motorized pumpers class II competition. Class II is forpumpers built durin8 the 190's, explains team coach Bob RamaRe. The California Firomen's Muster Association Sane- tioned ,he muster in San Jose, July 19 and 20, as the West Cuasl Championship. Teams from Nevada, Washington, muster. Oregon, and California At the competed, muster Ukiah, The muster was held in women's conjunction with The Society for the Preservation an Appreciation of Antique competil Motor Fire Apparatus in America organization 19e0 na*ional convention and of 30 fee/. City Clerk's Corner By BARBARA PEUGH City Clerk The Fire Muster Team from Cloverdale is glowing- they received a second place showing in Class Pumpers at Ihe San Jose Muster held July 19 and 20. Each type of pumper has a class in which each Muster Team can participate. Our team runs our old La France pumper. Good show team ! The bucket brigades are working their way up the ladder too, as they gain more experience in the competitions. Well, after over two years, work and many hours of discussion and paperwork the new Zoning Ordinance is adopted. New Zoning Or- dinance Books and Maps are in the process of being printed up and should be available soon at City Hall. Currently, Dorothy, the Planning Secretary, has a corrected, certified copy for public use at her desk. This copy cannot be removed from City Hall, as risht now it is the only corrected copy we have on hand. July 24, the City of Cioverdale was the host city for Mayors and Councilmen's Assoc. of Sonoma County, with a dinner meetin8 held at Papa John's with ap- proximately  persons' at- tending. Mayor Jack Domenichelli was voted as Vice Chairman for the up- coming year for the Assoc. I The speakers were Willian" "Bill" Lucius of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Richard Retecki of the Sonoma County Energy Committee. Member cities are: Cloverdale, Cotati, Heald- sburg, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa, Sehastopol, and Sonoma. This organization is im- portant to Cioverdale as the cty Wows, as it is here, in this organization that we get a lot of wide-spread support for items that we are trying to obtain for Cioverdale. We have had a lot of support for our proposed By-pasa from members of the Assoc., along with much support from the League of California Cities. Mr. I.AK:ius has worked hard on our behalf in many in- stances regard/ng the by- pass. I feel the citizens should know why it is ira. portant for the City to belong to these organizations. And with knowledge of city membership, people will often read articles in the newspapers EardL these organizations whereas, without knowing that we belong, they might not take heed. I have had the good fortune to attend a League of California Cities Conference for the City and was very impressed with the League's efforts. I was happy to have the opportunity to hear Mayor Diane Feinsteln speak Window Fashions by Nlrylynn Amann and Jim Vlasak Bro'ther -Sister teem "khemlng" with Draperies Many people - in fact, most of us - aqulre turnips over a long peroid of time, because we like individual pieces we see, or because of changes in budget and decorating taste. So over the years we gradually acquire a full com- plement of furnishings that may be individually desirable but do not necessarily blend hairy to into a comfortable decorating scheme. In fact, there is 110 "scheme." One way to unify such a random colleotion is with the window treatment. Because draperies nermally cover a large area of the room, they serve beautlfully u a unifying element .You can repeat a design element, pattern or color. You can complement a modern set- ring with crisp striaght panels, confirm an elegant period with a graceful swag, add the warmth of pattern to a friendly Early American Ntting. Draperies help You "get it together" And for draperies that are Just right for your setting, get It toether with us,, and our new colletion of hundreds of patterns, textures and styles. V" % II.. .'C Cloverdale =jll00. Cablnot & Linoleum , i19 N. Cloverdale Blvd. ,o ' 894-2334 I I at a conference and was moet impressed with her grasp on ideas that confront cties of all sizes and her tremendous ability to speak in a way that everyone could comprehend what she was tryin to get across. I was extremely proud to have suoh an ex- cellent female executive represent us ladies at nference. Cloverdale is growins, and it is important for us to be a moving force within groups such as Mayor and Couneflmene' Assoc. and the League of California Cities. We also belong to LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commmmon) and our Mayor Jack Domenichelli has been chosen as LAFCO representative for Sonoma County. This is a feather in Cloverdaie's cap. Keep up the good work, Jack! The City will soon partieJpate in another annual l.,easue of California Cities Conference to be held in October, 1980. Workshop and discussion i',)ups wil be held on the following: Finance Management, Economic Develo P Relations, California: and Cities, to Help National Innovatioas As you can few days, will Clerk's also has workshop this come and the the that be ws in in order the around us. hole bet] GDHEC( 7 Days A 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. Asti, rAI and Del cm BRI 094-2 AND Special with this COMPLETE BBQ Chicken S Reg. SS.25 BBC) Beef Ribs Reg. S6.25 DINNER INCLUDES: Salad, vegetable, entre, bread, coffee or tea and (homemade blackberry pie) Because of the overWhelm(m; we ire extending our dinner thru August & Take Asti exit, right at stop sign, right again on Astl Garden Dining Room Now