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July 23, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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July 23, 1980

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Page 2 - Wednesday, July 23, 1980 Clovefdale 100vi11 Established 1879 usps . o2o Published every Wednesday Geyserville PRESS Established 1934 USPS 218 200 112 West First Street Cloverdale, California 95425 (707) 894-3339 Gary L. Fawson ....... Publisher Tim Tanner .......... General Manager Janice Corey .......... Editor Yearly Subscription Rates Sonoma/Lake and Mendocino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 Editorial Poverty- a desirable lifestyle for some Some people think that poverty is an affliction visited upon certain people like cancer-- indiscriminately and ruthlessly. Many Americans are victims of the romantic myth of poverty, which pictures "poor" people as gallant individuals striving to climb above their im- poverished circumstances. However, after talking with welfare workers and reading reports we have come to the conclusion that poverty in many cases is a profession, purposely chosen and perpetuated by those whom we label "'poor.'" About half of these welfare people are first- generation recipients; the other half are second or third generation that is, their parents and grandparents have been on the dole for as long as it has existed. It's time that people like this realize that welfare has made poverty in the United States a desirable lifestyle. Most welfare clients believe that welfare is surely better than working in an assembly line or washing dishes. The welfare free medical care and utility and rent subsidies provides an adequate existence for American "poor" people, one that would be envied by the genuinely destitute people in many other coun- tries. Who are the American "poor"? We are not including cases like the woman who has lost her husband, or someone who has several little children to take care of, or those with real dlsabllities.-or those really trying to find a viable means of support. The typical "poor" we are talking about are the professional welfare recipients. Early in life they decide that welfare will be their life's "work," so they drop out of school and do what is necessary to get on welfare; they fake disabilities. We, who are working hard for our living are the ones who are paying for the welfare aid these "poor" people are receiving. We believe we have stood still too long and think it's about time now for some of these cases to be checked into a little \\; t check with its fringe benefits of free food stamps, more thoroughly. Everyone was looking for a cool spot on the last day of the ideal place. Photo by Janlee. [_ ;:::;::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::;:::::::::::::::;:;:;::::::::::::;:::::;::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::::;:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:::::::::::;:;:::::::::::.:::.:.:.:.:.::.:.:.::::::.:::.:::. Sonoma Couuty Fair. 'rlkts little dog seems to have found the ? Letters to the editor month. A fully armed opened the summer brige by overseas so all could reaa Cc!nareUSencl ie?Vest!gates auto industry00 I K'O'e noatilla is now, for the first tearing out nearly a quarter Ihem at once. No time ever, in the Indian mile of existing asphalt road Thank you for the replies a g has long been directly con- .imports can be made more Bush, and t, Ocean, and the first of seven then dumping coarse, sharp you have prined. All of the used his attendance at the cerned withthe problems of successful. In particular, he participanan' "civilian" ships has begun river run rocks for us to bottles with your address Republican National Con- the auto industry, was interested in deter- vention. " Editor: transporting military sup- dodge, were launched nearly two vention in Detroit as an op- mining the extent to which that the r"lk With draft registration plies the island Diego Garcia. Observing the way years ago and many replied portunity to engage in a fact "The automobile industry, beginning in less than a week (Monday, July 21), perhaps it's time for 19-20 year. old men, their family and friends, to give serious thought to what thk event might mean to their lives. Anyone who believes that registration "is not directly linked to the draft has only to look at Carter's udget. Every year since the Vietnam War, Selective Service appropriations have contained the prohibition: "one of the funds...may be expended for or in connection with the induction of any person into the Armed Forces of the United States." This year Carter has asked that this phrase be deleted. The fact of the matter is that the draft is back in the guise of a pre-mobilization strategy code named "Peacetime Registration." Massive war preparations , have already begun. A $15 million desert operation was staged for two weeks in the Mojave earlier this year. The military's top priority in- terventionist project, the Rapid Deployment Force, which is designed to get 100,000 or more troops with supplies to "trouble spots" anywhere on the globe on a moment's notice, began its first full-scale operations in the Nevada desert earlier this President Carter has vowed to "protect" M]deast oil supplies "by any means necessary, including military ..force." That vow is fast becoming an actuality, and with a new po01 of registrants, replacements will be guaranteed for casualties of battle. The draft is no ,ke. It can be called into effect at a moment's notice in the event of a CalTrans dumps the freeway onto our town and the poor county road maintenance in our north county area, I suppose I should expect to be dumped on again (roads). Sincerely. Dave Bullard Palomino Lakes will be little or no chance for second thoughts. before you register. 50,000 bottles are just starting to come in. Just as I figured, many people are writing to us for Bibles which they cannot afford Io purchase because of their poverty, so we ar sending them the Word. I don't use your address any more but on behalf of everyone in the Marantha Gospel Bottle Crusade, I want to say thank you very much for your kindness and un- derstanding. finding investigation of the nation's ailing auto industry. During the day," Calusen attended meetings at the research and development and the safety and en- vironmental divisions of some of the leading automakers, while par- ticipating in convention activities at night. Ciausen, as a Member of the House Public Works and Transportation Committee, like the housing industry, is taking it on the chin during the current recession. I'm pleased to have the op- portunity to get first-hand exposure to some of the uto industry's problems. This will be helpful in assessing the impact of legislation on the industry," Clausen said. Clausen looked into the ways and productivity can be improved and ways in which competition with foreign excessive government most popular'; regulation contributes to the Convenio,J industry's problems. "We respectedl have to eliminate over- those in suIL stressed.regulatin'" Clausen A sub' among reP'll [ Clausen served at the media at Lmj[, Coqvention as an Alternate the reunio Delegate from California. first ._,lltJbslrl Before the convention RepublicJk opened, Clausen and some of Baseball . his colleagues from the Jerry Foar.&ord, I Congress had brunch with Carl PurS] Betty and Jerry Ford, George Don ClauS Dr. William F. Hoyer Optometrist Wishes To Announce The Opening Of His Office At 106 E. First St. Cloverdale, Ca. for appt. phone 894-3936 / I I I -- lil I I II I Doo  vsr  lkf f/'" ....... w 'tJk ierim.j Save Heart Worms? I ) CALL  'L) Dr. Deborah Hodesson Russian River Veterinary Service 433-$754 Serving Cloverdale, Geyserville and Heald- sburg Specializing in small animal house calls I 28, 1312 hrs., Grass fire at Washington School Rd., 1 Washington School Rd., 3 truck, I man. trucks. 14 men. 29, 1636hrs., Medical assist at 29. 0730 hrs.. Mop-up at Police Dept., 1 man. Yours truly, H. Craig Rice Founder. Marantha Gospel Bottle Crusade 03-1220 hrs., Dumpster fire at 120 N. Cloverdale, 1 truck, 2 men. 04, 1255hrs., Cat rescue at 488 Clovercrest, 1 truck, 1 man. 05, 2345 hrs., Public response at 1st St. Cemetery, I truck, 1 mart. 07, 2149 hrs., Lockout at 424 N. Cloverdale, 1 truck, 1 man. 07,2222 hrs., Public response at HiFi Drive-ln; 1 truck, 1 man. o8, 1227, Kitchen fire at 131 Dina, 1 truck, 1 man. 09, 0e49 hrs., Vehicle accident at MGM, 1 truck, 1 man. 09, 1345 hrs., Vehicle fire at tst & Main, I truck, 1 man, 10, 1300hrs., Washdown at 60 S, Cloverdale, 1 truck, 1 man, 12, 2038 hrs., Smoke check at 204 N. Cloverdale, 1 truck, 1 man. 12, 2326 hrs., Medical assist at Manzanita Manor, 1 truck, 1 man. 13, 0731 hrs., Washdown at 69 S. Cloverdale, I truck, 1 man. 14, 1032 hrs., Grass fire at U.S. I01, Chianti Rd., 2 trucks, II men. 14, 1654 hrs., Medical assist at 61 Clark, 1 truck, 1 man. 15, 0918 hrs., Smoke check at 1030 Gerdes, 1 truck, I man. 15, 2t15 hrs., Public response at Jet Trucking, 1 truck, 1 man. 17,1652 hrs., Washdown at S06 N. Cloverdale, I truck, ! man. 20, 0235, Grass fire at PG&E substation, 1 truck, 1 man. 20, 2050 hrs., Log fire at Ist Street Bridge, I truck, I man. 21, 0500 hrs., Washdown at 200 S. Cloverdale, I trck. I man. 21, 1314 hrs., Medical assist at 485 Josephine, I truck, I dmn. 21, 1550hrs., Medical assist at 30282 River Rd., I truck 1 man, 23, 0729 hrs., Vehicle fire at North Wells gate, I truck, 2 men. 23, 2349 hrs., Grass fire at Cemetery (Ist St.), 3 trucks, 17 men. 25, 1719 hrs., Assist CDF at 3 mi. south of Asti, 31 truck, 1 man. 28, 1500 hrs., Landscape fire at library, 1 truck, 1 man. 27, 0207 hrs., Vehicle fire at 29533 River Rd., 2 trucks, 17 men. 28, 0039 hrs., Structure fire at football field, I truck, 1 man. Here is a summary of the calls and responses for the month of June: which it believes may have been rigged, Commissioner Clen Craig says. Training of CHIP division- level personnel in techniques of identifying staged ac- cidents was completed this week. These officers now will train ClIP personnel in local field offices all over alifor- nia. Craig estimates that "up to l0 percent of all California injury acci(fents may contain elements of fraud. The cost has been estimated by in- Window Fashions by Marylynn Amann and Jim Vlasak Brother Sister teem Theme Music Ideally a room's decor should be planned in its entirety around a definite theme, and carried out according to plan. But this ideal is only possible when you begin with bare walls, floors and windows surrounding an empty room. But you may move into a place with painted or wallpapered walls and good carpeting. And you bring your cherished furniture. When you come to window fashions, you are not starting from scratch. You must work with what is there. And that is the secret: let your draperies confirm or even create the room's theme music. They can, for instance, provide a variation on the color of carpets, walls or upholstery. They can repeat a pattern or style, and thus bring harmony into diversity. When you are selecting draperies to complement a room's theme, it is a good idea if possible to bring in samples of carpet and wall color, upholstery patterns, act., to compare with fabric samples. Or let us bring samples to your home. Come in - or give us a call ! _,'L' t Cloverdale ; : Cabinet & Linoleum . 119 N. Cloverdale Blvd. , "   o ' 894-2334 I I I Ill II became involved in iden- the insurance company, often tifying phony accidents when making a counter report to a to completal'l investigators uncovered a ..__ law enforcement agency as CP' major Sacramento ring in 1977. The new program is the outgrowth of discussions between the CHP, Depart- ment of Insurance and the Department of Motor Vehicles, all of which par- ticipate in a staged collison insurance fraud council formed under ClIP auspices. CHP personnel identified the four most common frauds as: Asti RESTAUlUT and Deli j BREAKFASI"., 894-2856 AND DINN CIoverclale, Special w.. tl00i00t COMPLETE BBC) Chick.n Reg. $5.25 BBQ Beef Ribs Reg. $6.25 DINNER INCLUDES:, Salad, vegetable, entre, fren. bread, coffee or tea and desk" (homemade blackberry pie) J Expires July 30 t Take Asti exit, right at stq sign, right again on Asti f'J Fire break Editor: As a resident of an area in the county that must travel River Rd. south of 1st Street, I wish {o express my outrage at the Sonatas Co. Road Dept. Past petitions and con- versations with county supervisors have fallen on deaf and uninterested ears regarding a permanent bridge at the Asti Crossing. For half of every year the numerous residents in. this area must head towards Ukiah to get to Santa Rosa for many it means backtracking 7 to 8 miles. But this year the county now for 13 years and has used numerous addresses, mostly churches sympathetic to this form of evangelization. About three years ago I decided to try an experiment and put the newspaper ad- dress in the literature inside approximately 2,000 bottles. The reason I did this was because most of the members of the Crusade subscribed to the Reveille. I hope the kindly editor would print any replies coming in from 36.030 containing the Gospel of John. The U.S. Govern- ment which also floats bottles (drift bottles to test the current) has indicated to us that if we get one percent return we will be lucky but we are praying for more than ,one percent return. Thanks again for your help. any letters that may come in. Just to let you know how we are progressing for Christ, by the end of ths year we hope to have 50,000 bottles floated; 1 would like to explain a little bit to you about how I decided to use the newspaper address. The Bottle Crusade has been launching bottles "National Emergency." Once inductions begin, there ][ Editor: About three years ago l g Think Thank you very much for moved the Marantha Gospel CHP to look for rigged traffic accidents, 1 sending me the five letters Bottle Crusade to Graton to from Indonesia and the the Assembly of God Church The California Highway surance companies at up to 1. The paper accident., No well. Philippines which came to there and that is he present Patrol will take a more $400 million annually, collison occurs. The 'vic- 2. I denl  Deaf ears your address. I appreciate address we are using. Please careful look at accidents The Highway Patrol first tim" reports an accident to cidentsis your sending them to me. keep printing or forwarding time and