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July 16, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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July 16, 1980

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'icon Le [O[,LENA group would be able to perform in Cloverdale for the been a installation. If you noticed an been able increase in gray hair on record the Commander Joseph F. Post and its Anello's head, the worry as to what whether r not the group installation, would be present caused the many of those beautiful dark at black locks to turn absolutely little time white. Since the installation as a we have a new Commander in But Jack Durham (thank God), get back on and Anello has had his head shaved, but I can guarantee who him that the gray will return. all I According to Anello, no one you missed knew that the Post ;Zl Drum and most and Bugle Corps was to in perform it was a "secret" And if and as far aslknow, no one it, just ask knew a word. While everyone who has present seemed to enjoy the [or several group Commander Fred fine job, Vadon noted that for once he the was able to hear what was Frank going on. In fact, he was held the heard to remark "...it was a I little too loud at times." forever. It to know .= only post team From the =tie sort of 'younger" ritual but they to come to I think I tire mem- "We love Good work to the of the in- segment of Post 21, Drum and turned ip and tuck or not this I am sure that everyone present enjoyed the im- pressive ceremony including the initiation of the new members by Frank Quigley of Post 21. During the evening Commander Anello presented a Certificate of Merit to Bill Domenichelli for the assistance given the post during the past two years. Domenichelli, according to Anello, has done more for Post 293 than many of the members have during the past two years. It is Domenichelli who takes the time, effort and expense to take the colored pictures of each child on Santa Claus's lap during the Post's Christmas Party And it is Bill who volunteers to assist in any manner when he knows about a job to be done A similar plaque was to be awarded to the Cloverdale Senior Citizens Syncopators Band, but for some unknown reason Orville Burnside (the Glenn Miller of Cloverdale) did not show up for the ceremonies After being installed as Commander, Jack Durham presented Anello with the Air Force insignia to be worn on Anello's Legion cap. Durham told the audience that he tDurham) has received a special dispensation from some General (Air Force) for Anello to wear the medal. Anello was a member of the U.S. Army during World War II and wears the Army in- signia on his cap. However, Anello consented to wear the Air Force medal under the Army insignia. Commander Durham then presented Mrs. Joseph Anello (Laura) with a citation for the work she had done during the past two years as chairman of the refreshment committee. This award was duly documented on film by FOAL (Friend of the America Legion) Bill Domenichelli. Soon after the installation, the Anellos traveled to Butte, Montana, for a family reunion tLaura's) returning just in time to attend the Deapartment Convention with Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Harper. The Haters had recently returned from the World War I Veterans Department Convention held Fresno, California Charlie, who is Post 293 Chaplin, returned from Fresno as the Department Junior Vice Commander. of the Past k of the past and it's Iiot of history but history day and to to, say, under Gilbert F. Bouchers selling in the make room Judge [27 old ranch in three on Geysers Imperial With Herb had Other at that Valley Hard- Street, Jack's north on Clover in the Hotel's open 24 Duosler F, state County and was con- movie here Rivers to Cross" in this area. The name of the forthcoming film will be "The Scarlet Coat," about colonial days in upstate New York. The C.U.H.S. band had an enrollment of 45, according to Steve Connolly. New three bedroom homes were selling for $400 down and $54 a month, and for the tidy sum of $13,800 you could be a landlord with three furnished apts., room for another apt., large lot, full basement. Read it and weep!. At the Blair Theatre, Alan Ladd starred in "Hell Below Zero," while "Men of the Fighting Lady," the pride of the Navy, thrilled the theatre-goers with such names as Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon, Louis Calhern, Dewey Martin, Keenan Wyn and Frank Lovejoy, with the previews announcing the arrival of "Flame and the Flesh" with Lana Turner (even more popular as a brunette). The Hillview tract was opening with new three bedrooms houses, nothing down to vets, agent for he tract was Glenn Wilson and Frank China The year 1936 was to easterners the depths of the depression and many camp- fires under railroad trestles and in vacant lots were full of men down and out, away from their homes and families, lost ships on the sea of life, so to speak. Mean- while, the banks announced a 2 percent interest on deposits in California because of taxes, high cost of main- tenance and the newly for- reed social security tax. They should see it now! That same year progress was being made to complete the new city hall in Cloverdale, it originated in 1933 but remained dormant until this year. It was stated that the completion was due to the hard work and diligence of the city officials: Mayor R. M. Mcclelland and Coun- cilmen Walter Bellport, N. Bocci, Charles Cavagnaro and Geoge Ledford. Down the street D. R. McClary was moving into his new garage, the local Townsend Club had a card party, and Magills opened their Geyserville market. The Central Garage on West Street (phone Cioverdale 2) had the new deluxe Chrysler 8 in stock with a 110 hp. motor, over- drive, all for $925.00, and the new oldsmobile sold for $665. The Cloverdale Quicksilver mine was sold to Mr. Evan Bennett of Calgary, Canada, by the owne Charles Cavagnaro and Glen Bouham was chosen for a radio broadcast on KFRC in S.F. and will, no doubt, be glad to receive fan mail afterwards. 6 League News Ix3 doubles, D. R. Gren Stockman Ix2. Senior League ette E. July 2, LouisianaPacific R. Dodgers 6, Rotary Club Mets T. 3. Dodgers: D. Wart Ix3, M. Woody Ix3, D. Meeker Ix3, T. Trimble Ix3 double, C. Bergman Ix3. Mets : R. Ricetti IxJ IX3, C. Yankees 4. lx2  Ix2 avies Ix3, T. B. Kaisi 1. Ix3, 2X2, R. Ix2, T. July 7, Louisiana Pacific Dodgers 12, MGM Brake Cubs 7 Dodgers: D Wirt 2x4 double, M. Woody 2x4 triple, D. Lile 2x2, C. Bergman Ix3. Cubs: A. Estrada 2x3, H. Tellez Ix4, B. Humphrey Ix4 double, B. Buckner lx3. July 9, Rotary Club Mets 13, Lion Club A's l2. Mets: C. Delfino Ix3, B. Bell Ix2, D Ricetti Ix3, S. Petersen Ix2. A's: R. Hibbeln 2x4, E. Balkan 2x4, R. Bluhm 2x3, A Edens 2x4 double, S. Stewart Ix2, M. Stuber Ixl. Senior League Cham- pionship game. July 12, Louisiana Pacific Dodgers 10, Lion Club A's 2. Dodgers: T. Trimble 2x3, D. Wirt 3x4, D. Lile lx4, C. Bergman Ix4. A's: R. Hibbeln Ix2, E. Botkin Ix4, R. Bluhm Ix4, A. Edens Ix4, S. Stuber lxl. 1980 Champions for the senior League - "Dodgers" - congral ulations ! t.,O Major League All Stars Lonnie Wise-Reds Greg Fabor - Reds Steve Wineland - Reds Malt Lemley - Reds Mark Munson - Reds John Naiman - Astros Jeeff Graham - Astros Darren Sibert - Astros Bill Caldwell - Padres . Jay Lowe - Padres Dan Kumec - Cards Ran Gren - Cards Tom Coon - Cards Chris Grey - Twins Alternates: Tracey ubberfield - Reds; Laura Danner - Cards; Bobby Farris-Padres;Jeff Adams- Vice Commander Harper addressed the Department Convention of the American Legion as representative of the World War I Department Commander. Mrs. Harper (Leahona) was a delegate from the Unit 293. Harper was on the Legislative Committee and Anello served on the Public Relations Committee. Anello also is a member of CALPA California American Legion Press Association) which had its annual meeting during the Sacramento convention. Both Legion delegates report that it was a very busy convention. The regular Post meeting was held last Wednesday, July 9, at which time Com- mander Jack Durham took over the reigns. Other of- ficers who took their new posts are: BOb Thompson, First Vice Commander; Maurice Watts, Second Vice Commander; Ann Odette, Finance Officer; Joseph F. Anello, Adjutant-Service Officer; Darel Mack, Historian; Charlie Harper, hfiplain and Walter Karr, Sergeant-At-Arms During the meeting a new member was accepted into the Post, Bill Newhart, a former U.S. Navy enlisted man is the newest member to be allowed to join the William Russell Ledford Post 293. Bill is a Vietnam War Veteran. Any veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States is eligible to apply for membership in the American Legion, however, not all can qualify, if you or a member of your family is interested please call 894-5107. Mr. N.B McGahan sold 1690 acres of his Sulphur Creek ranch for 126,000 to Charles Black, it will be stocked with a thousand head of sheep and managed by Oscar Black and sons. The prisoner appeared before the judge and the judge said "Have you anything to offer the court before sentence is passed on you?" He replied, ""No siree, Judge, the lawyer took my last dollar." (Note: As we read further, we discover that Glen Bonham won the contest at the California Theatre in Santa Rosa, first prize was a ticket to the state fiar, all expenses paid. Here's some more of that 1950's humor: "Will Tom go to the end of the earth for you? Yes, but he can't make ends meet." Charles Jackson purchased the Cloverdale Cigar Store and pool hall from C. Bledsoe in Aug., 1936. The progress on the biographical history book is in full swing, letters and cards continue to roll in and for those of you who sent in your "yes" cards, you will soon be receiving your kit which will include in- structions. If you don't receive it, notify the Historical Society and we will endeavor to help, thank you for your response. Astros First game will be 6 p.m. at JacCee field in Ukiah, Wednesday night July 16th. Double elimination. 1980 Senior Leaguell Stars Markos Woody - Dodgers Doug Meeker - Dodgers Danny Wirt - Dodgers Da,id l.Ale - Dodgers Ran Bluhm - A's Eric Botkin - A's Allen Edens - A's Sieve Stuber - A's Tim Persons - A's Barry Bell - Meta Jerry Tolman - Turbo A's Andy Estrada - Cubs Anthony Bartlett -*C'ul Henry Teilez -Cubs Alternates: Steve Stewart - A's; Dave Ricetti - Mets; Rick Esrada - Cubs; Todd Ridgway - Mets. First game will be Saturday, July 19 at I p.m. at Rincon Valley. Double elimination Wednesday, July 16, 1980 - Page 15 Cloverdale receives share of taxes State Controller Kenneth Cry today announced the distribution of $7,083,471 to counties and cities as the June apportionment of cigarette tax Sonoma County received $26,394. and Cloverdale City got $1,049. The 58 counties' share was $1,280,974 and the ci(ies' share totaled $5,802,497. This distribution represents 30 percent of the revenue deposited in the cigarette Tax Fund during the month of May, 1980, less the State's administrative costs of $31,803. State Controller Kenneth Cory today reported distribution of $46,932,934 to cities and counties as the June apportionment of state- collected in lieu motor vehicle license fees. Cory reported Sonoma County received $293,903, and the City of Cloverdale received $5,214. The distribution represents 1he cities' and counties' share of license fees other revenue deposited in the Motor Vehicle License Fee Account during May, 1980. The State excise tax at the rate of $2 per $100 of market value takes the place of local property tax on motor vehicles. Except for that portion withheld to cover administrative costs, the money is returned to local governments which may use their share for general purposes. Half of each distribution went cities and half to counties in the proportion that lhe population of each city or county bears to the population of all the cities or counties in the State. Distribution is based on the 1970 Federal Census as ad- jusled to reflect new in- corporations, annexations, special censuses and State Department of Finance estimates. State Controller Kenneth Cory today announced the distribution of $72,541,752 among the State, cities and counties as the June ap- portionment of highway users (axes. The distribution was $165,751 more than that for the same month last year. The June gasoline tax distribution was $1,702,024 more than that for June 11979. The diesel fuel tax distribution was $1,542,065 less than in June, 1979. Sonoma County's share was $290,408, and Cloverdale City's share was $3.606. A total of $18,3291108 went directly to the counties; $13,844,513 to cities; $4o,338.131 for expenditures on State highways; and $30,000 to the Bicycle Lane Account. The total apportionment was derived from the following sources: gamline tax, $66,497,152; diesel lucid tax, $6,035,347; and miscellaneous, $9,253. Animal on premises stickers available If you are a pet owner, there is a concern for your pets welfare when you are away from home. In case of a disaster such as fire, ear- thquake or other lypes of disaslers, your pet could suffer and-or lose their life because someone would not know they are on the premises, Healdsburg Animal Shelter and Pet Aid Welfare Service have joined in a service to offer your pet aid in case of the disaster. They have printed slickers which when placed on your window or doors for the rescue people to be aware of a pet on premises. The person resp, mding to the disaster call would notify either the Shelter or P.A.W.S. and they would come to your home and pick up your pet, giving it shelter until you can be notified. There would be an index file, giving your name, address, phone number and emergency number witb both animal services. For information on this service, please contact either Healdsburg Animal Shelter, 433-4489, or P.A.W.S. at 6616. Let us help your pet in case of disaster. Geyserville Area Busine Directory FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THIS DIRECTORY CALL 894-3339 ili ....................... GeyservUle is the home of one of the !i finest Italian Restaurants in Northern i..':. ii California - Catelli's The Rex. Santi :.: i.i and Virginia Catelli opened the i.i restaurant in 1936 and have kept it a !'i family-owned establishment since :,:. i.i .... . ..... then. Richard Catelli, their son, is now i.i the owner and operator and is assisted i:i by his lovely daughter Domenica. :.: Richard is still using the same :.: recipes the family used for years and ::if:  maintaining the fine quality for which varied and includes such specialties as rabbit, scampi, sweet breads as well as steaks, seafood, poultry, pasta and many other items. The bar is separate from the dining room and offers an excellent selection i!ii of liquor and wines. BINO'S ,u,o REPAIR Under the new ownership of Jim Remain Repair work on oil makes of foreign & domestic cars g trucks Call 8S7.3790 for appt. 21310 Redwwod Hwy. Geymrvllle Bosworth H00rdw00re *Paint ,Hardware .Household Items Geyserville Ave., Geyserville 8574463 Visit )L Growers Supply & Irrigation, Inc. A_C.E Fine Italian Cuisine (707) 857-0000)4 a Over 39 years in the same ioation l Irrigation Systems Hardware & Equipment, Swimming Pools, Housewares and Farm Supplies 20750 Gevserville Avenue 857-3484 LAMPSON TRACTOR This space Available Reasonable Rails Call 894.3339 Geyserville Ave., Geyserville 433-1619/857-3443