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July 16, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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July 16, 1980

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page 10 - Wednesday, July 16, 1980 I I ofts olf Notes I By CECIL SMITH The Flag Day Tournament played on the 4th of July was a huge success but there were some minor foul ups in the play. The play should have had or rather the players should have had a deadline starting time. As a result, many of the golfers finished hours ahead of the others and had long since finished eating at the barbecue. It made a long drawn out affair and seating for the meal was at a premium. Those that had finished eating continued to sit and talk as was their priviledge and the late finishers had to sit on their thumbs and eat a dead chicken sitting on your thumb is not conducive to a happy temperament! Among the winners were, as near as I can figure, the poop sheet, my own green-eyed bill collector, who stroked out on the 20th hole. Jack Lyle took the honors for the men. He also planted his flag on the 20th green. The Couples Doubles was also played last Tuesday evening but due to other events and a long holiday only fifty-three golfers showed up for the festivities, however, there was a lot of food left over as we were on the committee and naturally had to eat last. Lots of food! Scores were: Low net: Mac Belle Cooper-John Ingrain, 26. Low gross: Mary Smith,Stacy Belli tied T. Boucher-J. Tor- vick, 43. J. Jones-,/. Peterson, 31V4. R. Benson-W. Iverson tied R, Philllps-R. Ranft 31V4. M. Johnson-E. Matteoli tied O. Pellegrini-R. Pellegrinl, 32. M. Larson-R. Bandiera tied. F. Kennedy-R. McCullough, 32 %. A. Mulgres-A. Rosen,&apos;H. Rosen-W. Mulgrew, J. Barbiera-F. Turpin tied at 33. O. Bandiera-A. Larson, 34V4. A. Ingram-W. Cooper, 34. S. Rewak-M. Phillips, S. Rewak-Steve Rewak tied at 35 %. L. Peterson-R. Jones tied A. Matteoli-J. Johnson, 35. E. Turpin-Z. Barbiera, 35 %. A. Woltzen-B. Christensen, 36%. V. K. Belli-C. Smith, 36 %. Diane Torvick-F. Boucher, 37V4. A. Ranft-J. Book tied J. McCullough-J. Clark, 371/z. V. Bidwell- A. Woltzen, 38. High gross, E. Iverson-N. Stuart, 56. Committee for the next Couples' Doubles to be played on the 22nd of July is Mac Belle and Bill Cooper, Alice and Dick Ranft, Jim Clark and Fritz Kennedy, Jacquie McCullough and Bob McCullough, Anne and John Ingram. Remember, those of' us that have nothing else to do, should tee off early so that those that have jobs and must play later will be able to sail through the nine holes and be ready for the watering hole, before we sit down to eat! See you all up the crick aways and I must confess I may have a touch of the vapors, yet, as the bills keep pouring in over this house improvement project! I may have to go up and join the rural inhabitants of Mendocino County. They don't seem to worry about building cedes and stuff like that. At least, that is what I read in the paper! Men's *Softball Final games of the first half for the men's softball. Starting July 15 the men will play games Tuesday, Wed- nesday and Thursday night. Tuesday night's first game brings Chem West and En- core teams out. After five innings of play, Chem West comes out on top with a big lead of 15 to Encore's 8. Hitting for Chem West, Bald, 3x3, Mooney, Wilson, Ports, N. Mooney, Stratton and Wigit., 1' hit. For Encore Woldarczyk, 2x2, Persons, Mayfield, Daily, Ell and Pine, each 1 hit. Second game, good game between Geyser Peak and Perrys. Geyser Peak scoring 4 runs in first inning and holding Perrys scoreless until the 4th. Perrys opened up the fourth inning with 3 hits, each scoring and scored in the next 2 innings. Holding Geyser Peak for the rest of the game brings Perrys out on top with a final score of 8-4. This game gave Perrys first place first half. Hitting for Perrys Bogue 2x4, Adams, 2x4, Lazzorini. 2x4, Carniggie, 2x4, Dale, Bundeson, Jolson, each 1 hit. For Geyser Peak, Gokan, 2x4, Larie, Dannan, Ramasetti, Pigini, each I hit. Thursday night game Dante and Rolando. Each team scoring I run in first inning, then going scoreless until the 5th when Dante took charge of game and came out on top with a score of 7-1. Winning pitcher Hamner losing pitcher Evans. Hitting for Dante Giampoall, 2x2, Hamner, 2x4, Bunco, 2x2, Scalese, Valencia, Panskey, Rege and G. Gifford each 1 hit. For Relando Schuller, .':i :. . Tuesday nights' first game with Geyser Peak against Dante. Dante with 7 runs, 10 hits, Geyser Peak 4 runs, 7 hits. Winning pitcher Valencia losing pitcher Johnson. Hitting for Dante, Holt, 2x2; Rege, 2x3; Pankey 2x4, " Scalese, Giapoali, Bunco, Hawthorn all with 1 hit. For the Geyser Peak team, Blackbm'n, 3x4, Gokan, Lopez, Johnson, and Pigoni, each I hit. Second game brings En- core and Auto Parts to the field. Game was called after 5 innings of play with the Auto Parts team on top with 15 runs to Encore's 5. For the Auto Parts team, Domenichelli, 2x3, Wigit, Stanley, Lombardi, D. Domenichelli, Lingo, Menicucci, and Hines, each 1 hit. For Encore, the pitcher Wlodarczyk, 2x3, Manioc, 2x3, Thrask, 2x3, Mayfield and Cerini, I hit. Thursday night game Relando and I.T. I.T. win- ning with a score of 7 to 3. Winning pitcher Lovato losing pitcher Evans. Hitting for l.T.Tallez, 2x3, Grove and Lovato each 1 hit. For Bowling Scores MON., MIXED FOURS River Rate 21 11 Ricarol 2 18 14 Garrett Logging 17 JS Ricarol 1 16 16 B.S. & Co. 13 19 The Kirks 11 21 Rob Wakeman, 214-617; Connie Kirk, 165-467; Debbie Farrell 115 avg., 168-401. TUES., ADULT JR. TRIO. Wirts & Keyes 21 15 Shawn's Three 19 17 Schieffer, Martin & Sumpter 18 18 Chase & Naimaus 17 19 Goodman, Wilson & Vail 17 19 THE Conrads 16 20 Zach Vail, 253-641; Don Chase, 219-593; Dale Wilson, 187-482 WED., SCRATCH FOUR Pardini's Body Shop 6 2 The Pizza Queen 6 2 Pick's 5 3 Garrett Log 5 3 Damerow & Assoc. 4 4 United Vintners 4 4 Boise Cascade 2 6 Clvd. Auto Parts 0 8 Spencer Vail, 279-737; Rob Wakeman, 321-636. THUR.. MOIN. BETTER HALF Whittacker, Naiman & lk, ebe 25 II Damon, Stolz & Peterson 321/ 13, Stuber, Stuber & Manion 17 19 'jojola, Brown & .... !j Tom Caturegli and Norman Bouchers, drivers of the two cars at left, whO' Saturday night in Lakeport at the Hobby Stock Car races. Photos by Janice. Local men compete in Hobby Stock Car Races week before the races begin. Origin of stock car racing is said "to have stemmed in part when prohibition bootleggers needed cars of more than ordinary speed capabilities and so tuned and altered the ordinary passenger cars to suit those needs. Subsequently, the "hopped up" cars were often raced for pleasure." It is estimated that I0 million people in the U.S. attend stock car races an- nually. Principal stock car events include the Darlington (s.C.} 500 miles, the Monte Sponsors Car No. 25: Car built Carlo (Monaco) rally and Barnes Lumber & Plywood, various national rally events Caturegli's Shell, Cloverdale in European countries. Auto Parts, Foster Freeze, National No matter how big or how Joe Torvick Chevrolet, Ken's Co., famous, none can be more Signs, Santa Rosa; HiFi exciting for the loyal Professional Parts, Webb's Aut, Cloverdale fan than to watch Fashions With special Distributors and cheer their own favorite thanks to Beck Fire Ap- Cleaners,, "home town drivers," Tom paratus. Chevron,. Caturegli and Norman Pit Crew: Laura Caturegli, thanks Bouchers, Saturday night Armand Caturegli, Ralph Automotive. live...Lakeport. Mendez, Jerry Berry, Dave Pit CreW: Car No. 25, Driver Tom DeLao, Mike Mendenhall, John Caturegli. Car built by Tom Kevin Petrick. Dennis Caturegli, Armand Caturegli Car No. 17, Driver Norman Gordon and Ralph Mendez. Boucher Hair. There are three "heats," A, B, and C classes; slow, middle and fast. In the Semi- Main Event, the first and second place winners tran- sfer to the Main E ent. The Main Event is the sixteen fastest qualifiers. Each week there are between 35 and 40 cars, whose drivers come from several counties, to take part in the competition. The fans yell and cheer, and are strongly supportive of their favorite drivers as ear and driver is introduced each SAFEWAY FOR SURE-SIGNS OF 7-DAY SPECIALS IN THIS AD...PLUS HUNDREDS MORE IN THE STORE...MEAN SURE SAVINGS! oneless Round Steak. Full Cut. Saleway (m,.,s oo,t) ,: Ndey [[!i Beans. 15 ou.ce P Ground Beef Regular, A.dB dk dPk Does Not 1  Exceed Ui s= u ibll Game Heens Lucerne Ice Milk Fresh. Rock Cornish. Half 0090 Boneless Crossrib Blade Chuck Roast Ib'L" $108 SO49 I Ib_L Hormel Cure 81 Boneless S199 Ham lb. Tip Roast [ Chicken Franks S0581-- .qOc ,,. I l-lb. gO Jumbo Bologna i Boneless Chuck - 89cl sp We,ll Romt. Unde pau:kage  6oe Saleway USDA Choice Ib t Ib Rib Steak .............................. *2" Boneless Beef for Stew ........ o,...,--'..*". Skirt Steak  .............................. '2" 7-Bone Chuck Roast ......... o,...," .'1" Assorted Pork Chops ....... '1" Butter Basted Turke ...... oo.o.. ys ...... o..... 78' Cross Rib Steaks .... ..' .... .-,  ..... **2" Swiss Steak .........  .......... Cho<e Gle Bee,  s24e Sliced Bacon ............ *1" Bacon Ends and Pieces .49. Smoked Ham Hoks .79  6allied Italian Salami ..... *2" Cod Rllats ................ '1" Safeway Imported Ham .... '1" Captain's Choice Sole ................. '1" Horns A Plenty Iced Tea Mix $verarcrs Crown Coemy, 10 COUnt 24 Oonce 00$159 Ve00abkn Cheese 79 7W it I t I I I1 i Super Soft Bread Mm. Wrl' 14b. Loaf (llMian Bread. 1% lb. LO. 5K) Your guide l0 Real su whh W tL'J fo ttw ( SAFEWAY you I  is I Ire advluUld, Golden Large ,0!1 ,a 6ram LL 8 olre ( Se. 1S o.t, Z) PLUM-0-RAMA FamOUS Santa Rosa ptun' and 7 Other Varieties ,-,_ 59 lb. 9 Mangos Lo,. Onions dozen (4,W  r) .Yu" *, Medium Fogs 55 4,,, Pressrvu Sm,ber, Em, pt. 'I{I ou 00Sl0, tie r JB Chocolate Milk Lvme Low- Swanson Me PW FW. I ounce 4 tm JW  Saturday night between 55 and 85 Cloverdalians travel the distance to Lakeport in Lake County to watch their favorite drivers, Tom Caturegli and Norman Boucher, compete in the Hobby Stock Car Races. The 180 feet of pipe in the Caturegli car is protection for what Tom says is a fairly safe sport. But watching the action, on the track, the race car fans are acutely aware of the aggressive challenges and competitive danger. For those who love ex- citement with plenty of thrills, chills and spills, Lakeport on Saturday night is the place to be. The time trials start at 7 p.m. with the races beginning at 8 p.m. Norman Boucher, a seasoned driver of the big motor, big tires Super Sports, recently switched to the Hobby Stock Cars. This is the first year of driving for Tom Caturegli. Last week both Norm and Tom made the Trophy Dash which is the four fastest qualifiers in the competition. 2x3, Ackerman, Hampton, and W. Jimelka each I hit. Second game is Grapevine and I.T. battling for second place. With the help of a few errors by the Grapevine teams and H.R. and trippie for Spellbring of I.T. I.T. takes second place with a final score of 5-3. Hitting for I.T., Spellbring, 2x4, R. Jojola, 2x3, Tellez and Brown each one hit. For Grapevine Borgna, 2x3, Kempl F. Davis, Wirt, R. Davis, Ramasoti each I hit. League Standings Perrys 8 0 I.T. 7 I Grapevine 6 2 Chem West 3 5 Auto Parts 3 5 Dante 3 5 Rolando 3 5 Geyser Peak 2 6 Encore I 7 Rolando Ackerman, 3x4, Thuman, 2x3, H. R. Schuber, Evans, Hampton, and Brush, 1 hit. In the second game Grapevine outscoring Chem West in 5 innings of play. Final score Grapevine II, Chem West I. Winning pit- cher Carlsen, losing pitcher Wigit. Hitting for Grapevine, Kemp, 2x4, Carlson, 2x3, Borgna, 2x2, Demattii, 2x3, Menicucci, F. Davis and Angeli each I hit. For Chem West, Wilson, 2x2, Leavitt, Bold, Potts, and Whittaker each 1 hit. Spelbring 16 19 Groom, McGabey & Snellgrove 15 21 Alliston, Carlan & Marincic 12 24 Jackie Snellgrove, 203A98; Priscilla Marincic, 176-476. THUR. FUN LEAGUE The Four Seeds 23 13 Vaughan & Barney 20'4 15'4 Valenzuela & Marley 26 16 Vaughan & John- ston 17 16 Troys Team 14 22 Hoyer & Menicucci 13 23 want from a store... and a little bit moret Cliff Johnston, 247-621; Gloria Stryker, 201-581; Bette Vaughan, 219-553; Linda Marley, 183-537.