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July 16, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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July 16, 1980

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9 Page 2 - Wednesday, July 16, 1980 ff00qveille Clovefdale , Established 1879 USPS 119 / 0o Pubiished every Wednesday | I Gel(serville PRESS Established 1934 USPS 218 200 112 West First Street Cloverdale, California 95425 (707) 894-3339 Gary L. Fawson ....... Publisher Tim Tanner .......... General Manager Janice Corey .......... Editor Yearly Subscription Rates Sonomal Lake and Mendocino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 I III I I Editorial Exporters need rescuing A group in Congress, is redoubling efforts to rescue American experts from the slough into which they have fallen.  These efforts should be pressed, even in the crisis atmosphere of an anti- inflation battle. Ever since 1950, our share of the world's im- ports has risen by 27 percent. For example, the U.S. construction industry plummeted in lust two years from first to fifth in world exports. This frightening decline translates into sickness or death for U.S. companies, loss of income for American owners, layoffs and the wrecking of the economy. Reasons boil down to a combination of thingswe are doing to ourselves and. not for ourselves, as well as things that others are doing to us. The bitterest complaints are condoned or encouraged by foreign governments but forbidden by U.S. law. Also, antitrust interpretations hold back formation of export associations to compete with cartels and powerful trading companies abroad. Lack of government support is retarding the modernization of unproductive plants that must Ipid against sparkling new factories in Europe and Asia. Hardly anybody in Business, Congress or the press is going to declare for a return to bribery by U.S. firms, even in this unequal and dangerous contest. Experience with our allies does not promise much cooperation, but at least we can embarrass them--and that may be the spur to action. Antitrust law is another restraint, necessary on the .lomestic scene, that is helping to kill U.S. exports. Even the biggest American firms have trouble competing with the huge Japanese and European cartels, all significantly aided by their governments. As a remedy, several senators have been pushing several bills to clarify the law which will give companies more assurance against legal troubles, add service to the exports that are exempted, and move promotion of export-trade associations to the Commerce Department, where they can be sympathetically treated. Senator Stevenson proposes the creation of trading companies, with participation of banks. Export decisions may not be the most sweeping or agonizing that Congress now confronts in the fight for our economic survival, But it must not be forgotten whatforeign trade and the moves to save it represent an integral part of that struggle, and cannot be ignored without peril. ..........  .................................. . .. ..................................................... .. ,... ...................... . ................ ,..,........, ........, ............,, ..... ... ..... . ..... " ................................................... :...................................,.........,............./..,.................../......:...,..................... Letters to the editor Disregards laws Editor: On the 4th of July I visited a church across the street from the Cloverdale City Park. When I was ready to leave my car was blocked by a big mobile with "Norma Bark for Congress" printed all over it. li  was illegally parked in front of the church, not only blocking my car, but all the ply others parked there, too. Dee I waited for at least an hour before the police department annreci'nted found the driver to ask him to p,l., .--- ,.= move the mobile. This ib not the first time Editor: that I've seen this Bark It is an honor to be mobile illegally parked, recognized by one's own How can this woman, who community and I would like completely disregards the to thank the members of the law, expect people to vote for Chamber of Commerce and her is more than I can un- all those present at the recent derstand. Awards night and In- L. Anton stallation. The honor is Productivity tax cuts needed Senate Majority Whip Alan Cranston (D., Calif.) said today the govermnent should start to phase in a series of "productivity tax cuts" beginning this October to bolster industrial growth, increase jobs and avoid a new surge of inflation when the economy recovers from the recession. He said he would favor gradual, "timed" im- plementation starting in fiscal 1981 of investment incentives such as a further reduction in the capital gains lax cuts in corporate and personal taxes, and ad- ditional tax benefits for personal income from savings and dividends. To help people "hit by the inequities of inflation," Cranston also advocated a phasing in of indexing per- sonal income tax rates to allow for inflation and a reduction in personal income taxes to offset the increase in Social Security payroll taxes that is scheduled to take effect Jan. 1 for employees and employers. "When each of these cuts would go into operation and how large they should he will depend on how the economy-- and the budget--are doing," Cranston said. "Obviously we cannot do all this at once. But at least we should get started." 'Both the government's tax and spending policies should be designed so that we come out of the recession a higher rate of productivity - II Ill I II II Youth Hotline Have a problem? Need to talk? Call 1194..2727 or 433-6161 6pro 6a.m I I I I as well as a lower rate of inflation. "We should aoid the lemptation for a quick fix. A sweeping, across-lhe-board tax cut that would boost consumerism might bring the recession to an earlier end, but it would be followed by a new skyrocketing round of inflation. A new spending splurge would have the same consequence. What we must try to do instead 1 is avoid going through boom and bust all over again by careful, prudent steady moves, that will lead to a new stability and sustained, sound growth." He said a "far more ef- feclive way of getting out of = recession without worsening inflation is the kind of tax cutting I am advocating." Cranston said the balanced budget blueprint for 1981 "provides us with a good yardstick for limiting government spending." Though I would have preferred the alternative 'ant i-recession' balanced budget I proposed--which would have gotten us out of I he recession at least a bit sooner if Congress adopted it -I hope we can continue to hold the outlay targets in the Congressional budgel and restrict any new or expanded spending programs." "While I doubt Ihat Congress's 1981. budget will WeTip Report Between June 22 and June 23, 1980, burglars entered a house at 2917 Petaluma Hill Road, Santa Rosa. Taken in the burglary was an Indian print rug, a stereo and two large speakers. Anyone having information on this burglary is asked to call WeTip, 800472-7785, or to contact Detective Sgt. Gus Zanzi of the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office at (70?) 527- 2994. Dunk an Ump! Sink a Cop! Get a Manager. il S .......... Ponyta unday I = ' SUNDAY JULY 20 I p f' 12 noon - 5 p:m. I   Citrus Fairgrounds ! I:;',: -Fun-Food-Games I II I II I I III Dr. William .F., Hoyer Optometrist Wishes To Announce The Opening Of His Office At 106 E. First St. Cloverdole, Co. for appt. phone 894-3936 I I Ill deeply appreciated. Through the years, the lovely silver medal will be a "treasure" holding beautiful memories of beautiful people. . My congratulations to the ' newly installed officers' al newly elected President Pat Rose. Thank you everyone, Vivian Menicucci P.S.: It took everyone! It was everyone! cushion Ihe impacl of recession, in America's working men and women, I hope that it,will. I will do all I can to help make that budget work," Cranston said. "Bul if current unem- pioymenl compensation and job programs prove inadequale, if the recession becomes unacceptabley deep. prolonged and painful to the millions of people in our coun! ry who depend. sometimes for their very survivial on the help of A Continued on page II I II Window Fashions by Nrylynn Amann and Jim Vlasak Brother Ster lean', Focal Point Illegally parked- again Keene bill advances on tax free savings accounts Most interest on savings accounts would he exempt from stale income tax in a bill by State Senator Barry Keene which passed a key cam- mitre test today. "Senate Bill 1399 would exempt the first $200 per year of interest for singles and the first $400 for couples," said Keene tD-Mendocino). "Small hut prudent savers are being devastated by inflation. They cannot turn to gold, real estate, T-bills. or B BARBAR&PEUGH, City Clerk Just a reminder-If you are planning a "happening" in the City Park for a fair sized attendance, you will have to obtain a Cit] Park Ap- plication from City Hall and reserve your spot in the Park. Any time you might want to have a very small amount of people for a gathering you do not have to worry about the application. The City would rather not have to do it this way. but the Park is being so heavily used in the recent years, and space is at a premium, that it was felt it was necessary to do this. Have you noticed the nic4= job of topping the trees in the Park? This was done for safet y's sake, so you could enjoy yourselves, not having to worry about getting bopped on the head. Last week we talked about turning a decorating problem into an asset by making it a focal point. Another way to drape small windows to enchant a room is to cover a larger area of the wall than is custon?,ary. This is just the opposit of using the win- daws as a focal point if you drape with solid color and use the color on the wall. Not only does this make the windows look larger, it makes a small room look larger, also. To achieve a higher contrast level in the room without going really bold, use a print, but keep it in the soft shades and colors closely related on the color wheel. This is especially important when draping a large area. Another way to drape a large area using a print is to use solid color drapery, then use your print or a solid bolder color as a stationary side panel in front of the print or soft-colored drape.., or use the heavier colors in a cornice box. the stock market as can wealthier people. We add insult to injury by throwing a tax on the small interest earned when they put their money into passbook ac- count s. "That's lousy tax policy," Keene told the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee. When consumers decide to spend their money rather Ihan save, an unfortunate chain reaction occurs: less signed money is available for bank which loans, which depresses the come expansion of business, taxes," particularly the housing in- dustry, Keene said. This eliminate contributes to housing fusion shortages and inflated prices state did for consumers. With SB 1399 exem and the resulting incentive to save. more money would be The available for capital in- which vestment. "President Carter recently passed 4. City Clerk's Corner Color is our business. In window dressings it is very important Come in or call us for an appointment. V% 11, .-C. Cloverdale .- Cabinet & Linoleum -,:; ,, 119 N. Cloverdale Blvd. I, o 894-2334 I I III The playground equipmenL is still not up due to late delivery of some parts that were shipped in the original delivery. It's really tea bad- Ihat would have been a lovely addition to the Park for the kids' summer fun. But, eventually, we will have the pieces required and it will be installed for the enjoyment of our kids. It looks like the CalTrans widening project from Hillview to Owl Cafe will soon be completed. Hopefully by the time you read this column the surfacing project will be well along its way. There will be a middle turn lane added and hopefully this will help the congestion at the corner of Cherry Creek Road and High-way 101. Slow but sure the hallway and old Police Dept. in City Hall is being cleaned up, just some paint and some elbow grease, no majo r repairs will be done. We. just needed a cam face lift--Barbara Clary of in Youth Services is cleaning up the law, Ihe old Police Dept. to use as her office--so we will have Barbara's smiling face the City around City Hall now that she Code is shifting her office from the dale Police Security Building to City Hall. City Effective June 10, 1980, the ning City Council adopted a ministra Conflict of Interest Code for the City of Cloverdale in accordance with a due date imposed by the State of California. All Fair Political Practices Commission required paperwork, as has been done in the past, will be filed at City Hall, with the City Clerk as Designated Filing Officer and the Originals of some of the paperwork required filed with the State of California favoritest Fair Political Practices I hopey2 Commission in Sacramento. it this sw,- We had previously been Cloverdale, Supt. of Planner, Attorney. The first i o papers *. for an 1 .,Pursuant t t.onflict of ! It looks lil going to  weather, I Photo Special! \\; SPECIAL 8x10 COLOR ENLARGEMENT From any standard size color negative :i :'J or slide. Offer Effective 7.17 - 7-30 Silva's Pharmacy e9,-5 117 Broad St. ( Next to the Post Office) ILL