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July 2, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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July 2, 1980

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Page 10. Wednesday, July 2, 1980 I I Ponytail League News orts TON! BORGNA to us by the the Lion's Club. June 20, Marty's Texaco Thanks Guys! Angels 11, Wheel Cafe Nora Minion was the lucky Dodrs 8. For the Angels: Well, we made it through raffle winner! This is not M. R'hardson lxl, L. another week of Ponytail fixed, honest folks, it was Peterson 2, K. Naiman lxl, League, Whew! This is fun, pure luck. Darn good luck by G. Colin Ix2 homerun, P. Oil Notes but itisaisowork. For in-theway! Whe won a set of Jump 2x2 double. For the stance, our carwash, which lamps donated by Joan Dodgers: A. Sharp Ix2, L. was last Saturday had each Fennessey, owner of the Woody 2x2 homerun, K. team working for two hours Wheel Care. Thanks again Brown Ix2 homerun, T. or- and keeping 15 6r 16 girls in Joan. - to[ini Ix2 triple, J. line is no mean chore, believe Moneymaker 2x2, L. Devine me! Especially when our Speaking of thanks. Our lxl. umpire is the biggest kid of President deserves bunches! all! Oh well, it was only soap She has really worked hard to By CECIL SMITH and water. It could have been worse. Our "Fun Day" has been changed to July 20th instead of the 13th. It will be at the Citrus Fairgrounds so bring your dollars and have a ball or rather 3 of them for $1 to dunk our ump or a cop or managers and coaches! The "Dunk Tank" is being loaned get some money into our bank account that for all intents and purposes was empty. Most of our fun activities are her idea and she was the one who went all over town to get people to donate things for our raffles. So a big hand to Cherna Alliston ! Minor League Bowling Scores Mon. Mixed Fours Damerow & RicarolNo. 2 17 7 McTeer 12% 15% River Rats 15 9 Clvd. AutoParts l0 18 Garrett Logging 13 11 United Vintners 9 19 Ricarol No. 113 II Dave Parsley 247-722; Rob B.S.&Co. 8 16 Wakeman 268-690; Dave The Kirks 6 18 Ricetti 244-647; F.C. Bray 211- Bill Oakes 212, 535; Mike 604. Kirk 185-530; Janice Gaylor 197-471. Thurs. Morn. Better Half Whittaker, Naiman & Beebe 18 10 First things first. Last week I inadvertently left out of the scores of Diane Torvich-Bill Cooper. This week I heard about it. You know who Bill Cooper is? He is the father of Diane Torvich ! And you know how these fathers are, especially with a daughter as good looking as Diane! I am sorry, father. I shall how my head in shame. Oh, the score, 361/2. Now for scores from the Summer Classic: 1st, Cousins, !Selzle, Lyle and J. Peterson 266; 2nd, Boucher, Masherini, Vadon, Nilson 269; 3rd, Sloan, Davis, Turpin, Vasconi 271; tied for 4th place, Faust, Cochran, C. Peterson, Phillips and R. Pellegrini, Carroll, Hines and Baker, Collingwood, Cochran, Hines and Sesna 272. Now for scores turned in by the players in our last Couples Doubles, low gross and also low net, Kay Rogers- Dale Faust 38-29-%; Alyce Bidwell-cliff Peterson, 30; Naomi Peterson-Duke Bidwell 211/4; Adamae Rege-Gene Rege, Anita Mulgrew-John Peterson, Frank Turpin-Ellie Wight, Theresa Boucher-P. Pasquini tied at 31; Mary Smith-Bill Cooper, Bea Sloan-Jim Halverson tied 31a; Ollie Bandiera-J. Torvick, Carol Pasqulni-F. Boucher tied 32; Ev. lverson-Bob Jones 32%; Mae Belle Cooper-Cecil Smith 33; Verna Bidwell-Stacy Belli, Marilyn Johnson-Rich PelJegrini tied 331/z; Laura Nichois,M. Phillips, Mary I.,arson- Steve Rewak, Beulah McCaffery-E. Matteoli, Doreen Venable-G. Davis tied 33%; CG. Barbieri-A. Woltzen 341/2; Sylvia Rewak-A. Larson, Sally Davis-K. Venable tied 351/4; Kissie Belli-Burnett Bidwell 351A; June Jones-W. Iverson, B. Haas, C. Wight-E. Turpin, A, Rosen 35:%; R. Benson-J. Tues. AdultJr. Trio Ingram 36; H. Rosen-L. 1 lz Haas, HeenRege-GeneRege,m4; A. Wirts&Keyes 17 11 Mateoli-A. McCaffery 36%; Peterson-Mulgrew 37; Fritz BallNalenstedt,& Kennedy-J. Kately 37V4; Faust-E. Rogers 38i Mutt Halverson- Hieter 15 13 F. Sloan, Anne Ingram-M. Nilsen 381/z; Diane Torvich-R HeaidsburgBoys 14 14 Bandiera 431/2; A. Woltzen-Z. Berbieri, O. Pellegrini,J. Chase&Naimans 13 15 Johnson 44. Committee for next couples doubles, July 8th, i .GOodman.,.AVi!son & Art Larson, Mary Larson, Cecil Smith, Mary Smith, Frenchy Vdit 13 15 Beucher, Theresa Boucher, Rich Pellegrini and Onita The conrads 12 16 Pellegrini. Nathan Hieter 224-590; There was a total of 76 golfers for this last bash and the hot Zach Vail 200-577; Julia dishes were a little short for the committee. Plenty of Naiman 214-526. desserts but ran out on the hot stuff. Don't forget the beans next time, even I brought a huge apple pie or I should say that we, Mary and I, brought a pie about two feet across, which she baked. I must get these credits right as today (26th) is my birthday, so should watch my step, else all is lost ! See you all up the crick aways as I must hurry out now, it is nearly three finger time and since it is my birthday, I just might add another finger today! Happy Birthday, you. old goat ! Wed Scratch Four ' First Half final Pardini's Body Shop 17 11 Pizza Queen 1614 llr,z Boise-Cascade 16 12 Garrett logging 16 12 Pick's Drive-In 15 13 June 21, Cloverdale Food Center Red Sox 15, Marty's Texaco Angels 2. For the Red Sox: D. Wilson 2x2 homertm, M. Lopez lx2 triple. C. Zumwalt lxl, R. Perlenfein lxl h0merun, T. Tindall 2x2 double and homerun, T. Webb Ix2 double, M. Richards lxl lriple, C. Mathews Ix2 homerun. For the Angels: S. Smith Ix2 double, M. Richardson lx2. L. Peterson Ix2, R. Ball lx2, K. Naiman 2x2, P. Jump lx2 double. Major League June 20, First National Bank Phillies 12, Cloverdale Coffee Shop Brewers 5. For the Phillies: B. Strawn Ix3, P. Hearn 2x4. M. Embry Ix4 double, C. Yeazell 2x5, S. Brazzell 2x3, L. London Ixl, R. Nielson 2x4 double. For the Brewers: S. Botkin 3x4, T. Mathews Ix3, R. Botkin Ixl triple. June 21, Cloverdale Coffee Shop Brewers 5, Toni's Pizza Orioles 2. For the Brewers: S. Botkin lx3, R. Marshall 2x2 both triples, S. Sehmidt lx2 double, M. Vice 2x3. For the Orioles: R. Wilson lx3, J. Henderson lx3, K. Thompson Ix2, E. Domenichelli lx2. Damon, Stolz & Peterson Sara Stuber 186-534 17 11 Jojola, Brown & Spelbring Thurs. Fun League 15 13 Vaughan& Barney 182 9'2 St uher, St uber & The Four Seeds 15 13 "Manion 13 15 Vaughn & Groom, McGahey & Johnston 141z 131 Snellgrove 13 15 Troy's 13 15 AllislOn, Carlon & Marley & Valenzuela 12 16 Marincic 8 20 Hoyer & Menicucci I1 17 Thelma Groom 223-547; Troy Allen 193-519; Tina Kathy Spelbring 187-545 Mac Allen 183-420. Trimble Ix2 double, E. Botkin June 27, Fire Dept District Tournament. 2x2, R. Bluhm 3x4 double, S. Yankees 20, Redwood Stewart 2x4 double, R. Smorgette Pirates 9. Behind the clutch pitching Hibbeln lx3. Dodgers: D. Yankees: E. Delgado Ix2 of Lonnie Wise the Reds tl Wirt 2x3, M. Woody 3x3 double, R. london 2x3 triple defeated the Nestshor double, D. Meeker 2x4, D. (2), T. Marsh 3x3 double, L. champs by a score of 2 to I. nch's Mustard Lile'2x4, S. Michelon Ix3 Delgade 2x2 homerun, K. Wise struck out 12 while Great 9o double. Cline Ix3 triple, R. Victoria giving up just 1 hit. Though Television June 28, Lion Club A's 9, lxl triple, C. Choate 2x2, 2 the Reds managed only 2 hits, Item for the  of the Spit t' lira MGM Brake Cubs 8. A's: R. doubles; R. Kreuger lx3, singles by Mark Nonson and Week, -,k Wilson 1x4, E. Botkin 2x4, R. Pirates: D. Rmmel 2x3 Greg Fiber, they made their Bluhm 2x5, T. Persons 1x2, S. triple, R. Gren 2x4, D. Gaylor, count. On Sunday June29the Norbest ....... Stewart Ix3, R. Hibbeln Ix2, 3x4 homerun, triple. D. Reds got another fine pit- ,so%', ,b Soft Drinks R. Stark lxl, J. Paulson Ix2. Domenichelli 3x4 triple, J. ching performance. . c,mom. 12 oz. c-ns Cubs: R. Estrada 2x3, B. Dowell lx3, C. Gill Ix2 double, This time from Greg Fiber Spareribs ,c.. o, ,, double, A. Bartlett Ix3, B. League Champs 2 to 1. Faher ......... I 0 lib ......  .......... lb. for Dinner Ix2, R. Tillman, B. struck 12 while giving up 4  Humphrey lx2. STANDINGS hits. London Broil Expos 4 2 The Reds played a fine Lomoe Standings Yankees 4 2 defensive game. The hitters o.,o,,eo,,o, s,,,o,o co Be,-,,. ro,n IotleAverage Weigh! 2 3 Ibs Dodgers 4 0 1 Angels 2 3 for the Reds were Mike s ..... , uso, c ..... o .... L cosec, t,,1,. 12 oz. -, lb. A's 2 0 1 Pirates l 4 Panzo, Matt Lemley and 2 8!} ( Cubs 3 3 0 tracy Stuberfield, each Whole Body Fryers Turbos 1 3 0 Little League tourney collecting a single, u .... for .... 57 o. us' en Cloverdale Recreation By LOU THOMPSON WOW! The Rec. has been buzzing. There are about fifty children a day using the facilities. They are enjoying table games such as Sorry and Stratego. The younger children play Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders. The playhouse, which was lent to the program by the Cloverdale Pre-school Co-op, is always in use by a makehelieve family. The hardest thing for the children [o do is to wait their turn for the ping pong table. There is a waiting list is seems. (Soon we will plan a ping pong tourney. ) Jane and I are pleased to announce the addition of Julie Linn to the staff. Julie is a freshman at Cloverdale High School. She will he with us Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons to help with the preqeen group. Surely, everyone in Cloverdale is aware that the Band is in Vienna by now. This has meant to the Recreation Program the absence of Jane Barnhart, who is one of the Band's members. We miss Jane, but have a very able and nice lady to take her place. L ,. Mayonnaise N o - . Little League ws B0n ss Turkey c "= Necta Senior Leagne On Sat. June 28th the S&B _,.:::: G:;rtar June 23, Lion Club A's 7, Mets Const. Reds traveled to Ukiah - , :: ...... -:-- :: : ,o,o Aluminum Foil L.P. Dodgers 7. A's: T. Minor League to compete in the Intra % ....  .... Grade A Safeway park custodian Larry Lagle will remain in the job. '['he position was ad- vertised after several citizens wrote to the counccl to complain the job was not properly advertised or of- fered to local residents. PARK KEY Council members decided that a single key to the an- nouncer's booth at City Park will be left in the care of Dena Gambetta. Past problems with the key not being ret or being duplicated was the reason for the decision, the council said. FIREWORKS A $250 allocation to the Lions Club for the annual Forth of July fireworks display at Allen Memorial Field was okayed by the council SALARY INCREASE A merit salary increase was approved for policeman Bruce Rae. PLAQUE Council members approved a motion by Councilman Congdon for an appreciation plaque to be awarded to outgoing Planning Com- missioner Mouat for his service to the city. S i moked Hams ! 00w-'--lLII EilP. I , UU ) "" Ib. I Fryer Thighs ...o,.o_ Frozen. 2 lb. box. "J 5-lb. box --- Snow Crab Sections Premium Ground DeI-Monte Tomato Catsup. 32 oz. bottle Hot Dog Buns Hamburger Buns. Mrs. Wright's. 8 ct. _,, ...... S.l00, t0r 8 C: Pack.,, , too,.. (Small s,:,, lb. ....... , ..... $177 eh Thawed ' Ib.l i i Beef Rib Steak I Corned Beef S.,f,,wav USOt Ch.,.. G,.*O,. 1 b.i Boneless Chuck [ Boneless Cross Rib ..... o .... . ..... S177l ..... S.00]8 Saleway USOA Saeav USOA d Cho.cc G,ack {see, Cho*ce G,d Bee, lb.| I lb. | Beef Tip Roast ................. .... o,....., s2- Boneless Rump ................... .s2,, Sliced Bacon ......... 99  Ribs ............ ............. 99 Turkey Ham ...... .'14, Canned Ham ........ ..... ,.,,! Van Camp's Pork & Beans. 16 OZ. can 3,001 Gr-00n Ib. package Drip Grind. 3 pound $8 29 *City council Continued from page t They said it should he left up to Judge Gallaghez whether the letter should be released. Domenichelli said this will be done in order to prevent the letter from being made public before Gallagher receives it. Domenichelli said the city is upset the Grand Jury report was published before the city saw it and that it RESIGNATION The resignation of animal ,control officer Thomas Goosetree was accepted by the council. Because of high turnover in the number of persons who have held that job, the council said they may consider hiring an older, retired person. Young people who have been hired as animal control officer do not stay in the Smmked Pork Chops "='..":'.''v,-' !1" Blade Pork Chops .-.--- :1" Skinless Meat Franks ,. ,.99= Kassie su] program Most of Kassie as during the has also done volunteering School as member of School member of PTA. We we hope time of her Because Friday is be no The mobiles. in our very well. experimentS Do you kno w We enjoy nesday Remem r picnics ! delicious and Just bring like to cook. on sale for 3 If you're what is please would enjoy Salad Red LeVI Mangos Fresh Radishes & Great for Potato Chips o,.on, Cheese Food Ame,can Slioes. 12 " Powdered Beverages would be ironic for the same- position very long, according thing to happen to the letter to to City Administrator Bud be sent to Judge Gallagher. Groom. ZONING ORDINANCE Second reading and final adoption of the new city zoning ordinance was deferred until the July 8 meeting. PUBLIC HEARING A public hearing on any protests over weed clearing done by the city was scheduled for July 8. Property owners who did not remove weeds that the city cited as fire hazards will be charged for the work done by city crews. Bills totaling $432.50 will be sent to property owners who did not comply with weed abatement notices. CITY AUDIT A three year contract to audit city financial records was awarded to Healdsburg certified public accountant Charles F. Reichei. Reichel will receive $2,500 for the 1979-80 audit and a 7.5 percent cost of living increase for each of the remaining two years. PARK CUSTODIAN City Administrator Groom reported that only one ap- plication was received for the advertised job of park custodian. He said the ap- plicant was interested in part-lime work only. Following an executive session, the council an- nounced thai recently hired Heinz Pickles Chips. 16 oz. Pickle Relish Large Eggs Ripe Olives t.ct. pined. 6 ox. NuMade Dressing Kidney Beans n..S" o. Ice Cream s..s.