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June 30, 2010     Cloverdale Reveille
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June 30, 2010

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CLOVERDALE REVEILLE, CLOVERDALE, CALIFORNIA WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 2010 -- Page 5 $ol here's the thing... Marin CountyGrand Jury Painless panes concerned about SMART ,,,,o,,,, and pretty By Roberta Lyons are over,y generous and shou,d be Hot Town? Cool town? The Marin County Civil Grand reconsidered and that the SMART store fronts released its report on Friday, boar, should commit to fund all Well, summer descended with a vengeance, didn't it? Hot town, June 25, with an extensive review costs annually, you bet it is. Isn't that what people in other parts of the county say of the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail "SMART supporters have consis- when you tell them you're from Cloverdale? Yes, it's hot here in more By Paula Wrenn Transit (SMART) agency, tently championed the environ- The grand jury points out the mental and efficiency benefits of ways than air temperatures. Cloverdale is a town where topics such many problems facing SMART and rail transportation. It will be incum- as Urban Growth Boundary and Exception Areas are hotly debated. In covering city council stories, sometimes is critical of the SMART board for bent upon SMART's decision-mak- We have the hottest Friday night music venue in the entire county. If my priorities abbreviate less urgent topics to not coming up with an alternative ers to focus on the "people mover" you haven't checked it out, you should. Longtime residents, newer the point that they are at risk of being misun- to the original rail proposal, aspect of the train. The 'ambiance' residents and visitors to Cloverdale mingle, dance and just generally derstood. That may have been the case in a Measure Q, which funded a com- or 'experience' of rail travel should enjoy the sense of this community's warmth. The evenings here are council meeting some weeks ago where I mentioned an idea brought forward by Mayor Russell which is being muter rail system between Clover- be a secondary goal. Given the perfect for sitting out, visiting and sharing the region's bounty, both dale and Larkspur in Marin pressing financial shortfall, the food, wine and microbrews. Last Friday, you didn't even need a successfully employed in other cities to spiff-up troubled downtown aT- County, was passed in 2008 and Board should defer the $91 million eas. It was an evening of discussion about economic development and the levies a one-quarter percent sales bicycle/pedestrian pathway until sweater. That's the way it is here most evenings. Perfect weather for tax for the establishment of the rail additional funds can be secured. BBQs, stargazing, watching the river flow by or watching the toms- hopes for a soon-thriving downtown. Topics were interwoven and discus- line. The sales tax will raise money The voters of both counties were toes grow. Don't forget the Lion's Club's "hot" fireworks display on sion circular at times. The participants on the project Russell mentioned in over a 20 year period to fund the sold a safe, efficient, and reliable the 4th, delighting audiences for over 30 years. no way view it as a plan for economic development, but rather it is one of commuter rail system with a paral- train to reduce traffic congestion," the "pins" to help prevent further slide while figuring out the next step, lel bicycle/pedestrian pathway, the report states. The Cloverdale "grapevine" is saying that the city will be featured whiChupbeat,iSfunhOWidea.tO get more business here. And it is an The measure passed in Marin and The Grand Jury has a list of eight in an upcoming issue of Budget Travel Magazine. A photographer If it pains to look at a messy storefront, Russell and Sonoma counties with a combined recommendations. 70 percent voter approval, the re- They include: development of al- from the magazine was here about 10 days ago. The community an assembled group of volunteers can turn empty busi- port's summary points out. temative budget reduction options, really needs to capitalize on Cloverdale as the "coolest" small town hess windows into displays that would be of interest, As the report outlines, the origi- examination of the generous contri- in the west and the "second coolest" small town in the entire country. perhaps to benefit local non-profits, for public educa- nal funding plan projected sales tax butions to the pension benefits pro- To our way of thinking it should be proudly proclaimed on city, tion, civic pride and an overall better appearance. Non- revenues of $890.7 million over the gram, re-evaluation of the train chamber and tourism websites. In fact, all of Sonoma County should profits (Asti Tout De Vine, for example) always have a 20-year period. SMART is now ridership projections, adoption of a be proud to call Cloverdale a "cool" neighbor, don't you think? need for publicity. Eagletech owners Randy and Gins Hatcher, bike shop looking at a shortfall of approxi- vigorous marketing plan to maxi- czar Dave Reynolds, Joan Tillman (of De Tour), Carla Howell, Melanie mutely $155 million. "It [the board] mize ridership, initiation of an au- Bagby, Phyllis Hornstein, Judy Visse, Roz Katz and Russell (I hope that is has yet to identify, or even discuss, dit to assess the overall program in everyone) cleaned the windows and created a tableau to make the store- an alternative to the original plan," view of the current economic con- front less empty-feeling. Now the Historical Society is putting together a display of vintage hats. it is stated, ditions, increasing the number of "The Metropolitan Transports- members of the Citizens Oversight CLOVEDALE HISTORCKL S(KI* I say, let's make that display interactive with the public. If you are willing tion Commission's 2009 Annual Re- Committee, including members ......... j to stop by that window and vote for the hat you would like to see the port finds that the current economic with more business and technical ..........  :=. .    .  -,  s Mayor don during an upcoming council meeting, I'm guessing she is up outlook for even the Bay Area's expertise, broaden the role and du L = Museum Hours: Thurs. lOa-pm, for it. It wouldn't even matter if it was the most "interesting-looking" most mature transportation sys- ties of the Citizens Oversight Corn-  Fri. 10a-2pm, Sat. 10a-dpm & Sun. la-4pm among the selection of bonnets, but it is a plug for our wonderful History terns, such as BART and Caltrain, is mittee to function as a true Center. Another idea was using blown up posters of FNL crowds. Surely quite dismal, to say the least. The oversight committee with responsi-  15 N. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverd&le 707 894-O67 there could be some sort of interactive contest associated with that. Who Bay Area's 28 separate transit agen- bilities to initiate, review and re- www.cloverdalehistory.org wouldn't want to stop by to make sure they took a great photo? cies are losing revenue due to the port to the general public, and We never know who is driving through downtown. If they happen to recession, and during the past three finally, in light of the $155 million Join [J8 ill July - Our JuI CsleJl(. come in the cool(er) evening hours when walkers linger in front of win- years have been stripped of $532 shortfall, the board should defer 2 a, 5:30-?pro - First Friday Open House: Family Carnival iht dows, you just never know what ideas about business could come into million in state aid," the report plans for the $91 million bicycle/ IT , 2-4pm - Openin Reception and DemonsTration: their heads. But, yes, we absolutely need organized economic develop- says, noting the concern that if ms- pedestrian pathway. ment and we must actively seek out businesses to move here. Landlords ture transportation systems are in The SMART board is required to Clover Quihers sprucing up their properties is part of that process. Until then, this "pain- trouble, then SMART needs to "en- respond to the comments and rec- 24 'h, 14pm - Openin Reception and Livin History Roundlables: less panes" concept has my support, gage in some serious planning to ommendations of the Grand Jury. American Leion Service Exhibit develop strategies that will assure The entire report can be found at 2? ', 2-3:30pm - Family History Workshop: US Research Wanted: Cool heads at council meetings its economic viability." www.co.marin.ca.us/grandjury, (held at the library) All discussions about city business come down to money so it is natural The report's authors believe that click on reports and go to the 2009-  FMbits: there will be some disagreement. But I was particularly dismayed by the SMART's retirement commitments 2010 Grand Jury reports. The Gould-Shaw House. its icmrian rooms decorated as they would behavior of numerous Cloverdalians attending the last city council meet- ing, especially during the discussion of the Lighting and Landscape Dis- have been aI Ihe mrn of the 20Ih Century trict. Applause for a popular opinion expressed is a reasonable show of Pomo artistry and artifacts, showcasin examples of baske making, approval. However, at times this group could not stifle the chatter, making ;." rindin stones and flake tools it difficult for others to hear whomever had the floor. Several lines of Timeline Wall hifhlihtin  key episodes in the history of the town conduct were crossed which bear mention here.   i  and vicinit Short of announcing a fire, there is no reason to interrupt an individual =: The Cirus Fair: a tradition since 1802 during public comment. It is their time to address city council. Anyone i The Gray Exhibit Hall with vintage tools, equipment and machinery who comes to a meeting, often waiting hours to get to the subject of their ! Bank of C|overdale's curious bubble safe concern, deserves respect for exercising their right. Can't hear the speak-  Summer Exhibits: er? Raise a hand and tug at 6r ciaiS'an ear tog6tthe mayor's attention so she i can remmd the speaker to get closer  the mc, obody other than (Celebrafin decades of artistry and service to the communi) councilmembers shouid interrtipt' or question the speaker. It does not matter whether we agree with them. ; SER37ICE, SUPPORT 2kllD SACRIFICE Heckling the council is beyond bad manners and wastes time. The next (Exhibit of Kmerican Leion Post # 293) time someone stands up and tries to unilaterally and publicly scapegoat i i iiii!!!!!i! the entire Council or city staff with a spiteful comment such as, "Maybe it's time to replace all of you," it is my hope the appropriate city staff person : : will step forward and hand that individual an application to put their own name on the November ballot. Three council seats are opening soon. I am deeply concerned that we need innovative, smart folks with good listening skills. Nothing will drive them away from the job faster than lack of cooperation from the communi- ty. At the very least council members should be able to expect civility at The Cl0verdale Library announces 0urfirst Reader 0fthe Week! Jasmine Zuniga the meetings. Write your angry letter. Make pointed arguments in your is shown "making a splash" with the official Reader of the Week surfboard. public comment. Offer up an informed and reasoned solution. That is what they need and how to help Cloverdale move forward: Cl0verdale Library We absolutely must get all of our disagreements and ideas on the table. I certainly think it is appropriate to analyze, criticize and request change to municipal policy. City council wants our input and guidance, but careless- ly throwing acid-tonged comments around in public is like throwing the first Reader hot grease from the fish fryer out the window without looking first. "Budget-ing" his time 0ftheWeek I don't know how he had time to do it with everything else on his plate, but Cloverdale Planning Commissioner Bob Cox played a major role in The Cloverdale Library announc- Cloverdale's "cool" campaign that is as-yet publicly unsung. For weeks, es our first Reader of the Week[ Jas- Cox carried his laptop and made a point of voting 13 times each day to mine Zuniga is shown "making a give our city a competitive edge in the Budget Travel Magazine's contest, splash" with the official Reader of the Week surfboard. She willbe in Knight f C lumbu And it worked, so thumbs up or a bit of applause is appropriate when next the 6th grade at Washington School S O O S you see him. Bravo, Bob! in the fall. Jasmine says she has en- Do you have a suggestion for this column or another viewpoint ? Write to Paula joyed reading from the time her Wrenn c/o the Reveille, or email paula@thewriteangle.com, mother began to teach her when she was five years old! She submitted a book review of the title Twilight [ OPEN writtenby Stephenie Meyer whichfolloWS:The book was really good. Iliked Breakfast Iim M0n-Fri 10-6 the part where they go to the beach Help the Knights D ,.b and Jacob Black te!ls Bella thestory an,.a00es - 00-sss I ..... dr' o Sat 10.5 Sun 11.5 o, the Cullens. It sa really good www'gclverdale'cdm894 4080 book and I recommend people readit.The Reader of the Week contest is Help the Lions Sa. "" sa"e and Ham ........................... .......... _ o00ento00h00ld,en00o000000*othe4th, 5th or 6th grades in the fall It is part  " of our Summer Reading Club, Ne & Vi ge F it "Make a Splash, ReadV' There is still $8 00 adults w nta urn ure time to sign-up for the club and the Support the o Serta Mattresses - Gifts and Collectibles un continues with weekly family programs, storytimes, Reading Reasonable Prices. Conveniently Located. Delivery. Financing Buddies, TeenRead and more. For Lions Annual more information, please call Cindy $4.00 children at 894-5271 x5.-Lucinda Wilson Fireworks 11%[i LAWOFFICES OFJAMESF. DEMARTINI Display Peter's Church Hall James E DeMartini, Esq. s Franklin Street Paula S. Hall, Esq. Just West of The Owl Cafe ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS AT LAW "Cloverdale's Full Service Law Firm" July 4, 2010 LIVING TRUSTS, WILLS, POWER OF ATTORNEY EMPLOYMENT LAW & DISPUTE MEDIATION BUSINESS AND REAL ESTATE o DIVORCE, SUPPORT, CUSTODY 00CC,D00.r ur,0000r,o00 CO0000BO0000r.W 8:00 to Noon 115West First Street Cloverdale, California (707)894-5000 www.cloverdalelaw.com r.