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June 19, 1991     Cloverdale Reveille
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June 19, 1991

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&lt;1 II i. . ionally draining week of testimony in Giampaoli murder trial :z00i w ,. _OVrJd.Winter According to Sherri, Irene had week that Irene and Craig both towe! ,wrapped ound th.e,,st.ock, of/cad fro.m thebullet., .. .ron..and sa Ste e on the floor , } ;r trial of Irene Giam- told her about three days before tested negative for drugs or alcohol whJcnnaaoeen stui'.lpartmny into .Long Ume. uove.rie r.esae, nt wlutme.gun. . ._   ,lLit recess this week, foliow- the murder that "she had to get out He also admitted, under questioning metngger,ea.   _ anamenaot..neneLimmpli,_t,neK K_On, MOOre, w.no .iS m.amea to ,  1  lionallv draining second before she killed herself or some- from defense attorney Harolo e was ame to connrm mat me rreaericg, tOld me court Umt Irene uraig s sister, nern, sma wnen . testimon - - bad " S auldin , that gun powder residue weapon in question was the one had confided tO him that Craig was Irene ran hysterically into his y. y. P g .... f  _ ][,wlio has occasionally had Superior Court Judge Laurence tests done on Irene, Craig and their that fired the fatal shot.. . kllle(! by drug d elers because he hou next   m.ght o..the  O,,,lllltshort recesses to regain K. Sawyer called a recess after 3-year old son, Steven, alsoproved .Tli.etwopdlowstlaa.tnad .t. non oweo. tnem.upto$/a,.uou. __ . .muraer s. sma e Just lmdR  O.edurin the roceed Crai'smother BobbieGiam oil, neative tnetwotnatnignt, alongwlmme uicKsamneoHereoseveralUmes aownano,twentoH. g p - g , pa g . . . . . O: .... e down in sobs Friday as left the courtroom in tears during Residue is not always present blood ......... stained pdlowcases, were to try to track down the the people A few minutes later, he said, she  " to her sister, -in-law.. Sherri's testimony, on the hands, of people who ....... fire the admitted into evidence. Crmg s revolved, but Irene refused tO gwe changed her story, saymg instead i , tearfullv recall how Debra Delfino, a high school gun", he said. He explained that if parents took advantage of the him any names, saying she was she heard a noise and was afraid ml   l her brother , Craig, last friend of Irene's, said Irene was residue evidence isn't collected prosecution's offer tO leave the afraid she would he killed, too, if to look." -- _ 1 f23, the night he was killed first attracted to Craig because she within two hours of the shooting, it courtroom while they were being she did.. Robin Simpson, another of hat;   thought he was rich. tends to dissipate through normal shown. H e .sm.d Irene. has .relatedly Irene s former c.w.orkers, .rec. led _. ], /d she was the only mem- Debra also said that when she living activities. The jury was shown the parallel demed kdhng Craig saying, Why a conversauon with Irene m July, "i - I, me family to enter the bed- herself dated Craig about 10 years We don't get too many positive lineson, the pillow case m ale from would I kl!i my meal ocket? 1990., where she .,)d .of Craig, q e Iit night She also recalled ao he took her into the hills and readings after mat time, he said. the nasn marxings ol me rixJe wnen lwo omer witnesses rater gave Lfiven me Chance, l o xin nim in a ] .  Ian" next door to her taught her how to use his AR-15 Mr. Corazza also showed the it was fired, three different versions of state- minute."  'gout,"Hurry! Hurry! It rine, leaving rise to speculation jury a video tape taken at the crime Dr. ErvinJindrich, the pathologist ments lrene is alleged t0 have made Sherri" Moore is expected to con- ['  i, ffiust went offi" that he might have taught Irene laboratory where the murder wea- who conducted the autopsy, later about the night in question, tinue her testimony when court 3'  Sm" asked her" what she how to use it.. as well. Ix)n was lest fired a number of described .... in great detail the Terry Escobar, a former co- resumes at 9 a.m. Monday,. June 24,   "rtlnerrtedlv said "I iust Veteran criminologist William times, usinavariety of methods, seventy of the head wound, saying worker, said Irene told her she ,n Dept. 5 of the Superior Court of r' . , J  . .  .... !|i'00-an00itwentoff. Corazzatoidtheco0000i00,,nthe Whenfound, therlflehadapmk he had found only small fragments heardanotse, went into the bed- San=Rosa. LO -" ll,-  ! il I . I I I I I I I I I III = ' f  ! . _ - : -_ II IlIIIIII I ,  .,.-  Ill I I I -  I  I r=,l...it:.,.........,, o, ,,. ..= A : .. I :.,.,e.-..:.,.,a, "  11 i ll IVUI  Uldl IIlIUI =,, ...... _. _ . . . .. Pire Services contract awaits -i[ale High Class of 0 llll II I - more dignified some-   . i iormation OT new service area t k00h00now-00-00tio00sun- . . [a ,Were very much in evi-  While the City has accepteda six complete and other legal paper work they  not think much at me I _uue environmentally con-  mantas extension of the current is a one, he added. County s proposal. Manager Per- - [i'ss._released no bouquets of ounty l-ire 3ervlceS Contract, o111- ! i n e CSA boundaries largely foi- fault does not believe that the CSA fl Ualloons into the heavens, cials are not pleased with the ow me Cloverdale Unified School can be formed within the time frame  ]..W(jre no beach balls bounc- County s plans to form a Community Districtwith a small change around of another six months, contrary to J in, the speeches were  5err.ice Area (CSA) to iund these t.age :onoma and the Geysers. what Mr. Exline believes. The Fire [ t.in boxes of pizza any- ";/ services m outlymg areas of Clover- These changes were made due to Chief is concerned that tbenew ar- L ..... " dale in the future, response time considerations, the rangenumt will result in diminished .1 not scream or yell / ../  ........ Last March the City was notified Director explained, revenue for the CloyMale Fire -teceived their diplomas, by the Department of Fire Services He anticipates the CSA to be DepartmenL ..... evmany took a bow and - . " ..  that its lax supported Fire Service rough  LAFCO hearings by The City will have to budget only [vven threw in a dance step  Fund was broke and propeny owners Augustor September. , $70,000 for the 1991-92 fiscal year f0 ilia_. . . l in the area now covered by the Cio- In.response..  .Citys idea of until this matlex is resolved, Perrault I_  Lisa Medetros chose verdale Fire Department under forming a special district rather than said. This wilrimpuct the local Fire ii gt"rew as the tifle of her ...................... county contract will be put into a a CSA, Mr Exline said that his Departmeatvemly, inoted. S . ny o a.m. ^aren Met.arty was '1aaing fast", out when she neara her . . " . .  glaShe spoke of bowtlle, n- name announced as the Grand Prize winner of a 3 davs cruise to Mexico CSAasavehtcleforfundmgthese De.p,ytm.e.nt would be happy to Dn'ectorExlinedoesnotsharethe _ j  .t._n openea oy lacing d,, w,,t. .... ;- a , .... # -  ' services in the future, work wim the City to accomplish City's worry concerning reduced ( sdifferences.  ..... .-r ...... .,. According tO Timothy Exline, this. revenues, although he acknowl-  __ Peggy Trimble AIIA AI  .JAAJ Director of the Fire Services Depan- We will be glad to turn over our edged the the amotmt of the final [  tb''_.r'r, sP eechinverse,reml" l;H."i l:lR_q_q "lH_q'l I00nit00v_q ment, property owners will be noti- maps and other data to facilitate this contract with Cloverdale will de- m i' li_th the recurring phrase J J fied of the new service area through ifa special district is what the people pend upon wi level of service the ,-"  .We.re in high school". . 11 imslm& Ill I a adl,-- &l-- l--,tl a numberofworksho. . ps this summer, in the service area WahL. ...... people in thenew CSA select. = t/ Tim Dalb00. spoke illl HigHt UHUU! tHU OUt:l party They will then be gwen the opportu- Dunng the Council discussion, As the discussion continued be- '  the Course , noting that , / ' nity to decide what level of service Bruce Reuser, local businessman fore the Council, Harold Walton  I!-'Y__' .we ,have lived one By Mary Jo Winter Captain "Hook-less". they wish to fund through a levy on and Chamber President, Tom Man- su.gg.ested that the Hospital District ' 'aOr live .Our hves He went on to Graduates cou dn'l t beheve then- Joe Tap'm was the first to amve", then-" property, toya, Attorney Jim" DeMartim'" and mght be a proper veble" to con- , :.we  the ones who_ eyes last Friday night when they He said later he figured they d be ....... v ....... Dr. Thomas Yeager all spoke in sider. The District largely follows k L'rine what the quality at entered the undersea world created dancing in the middle of the room ena enomtenuonoNmposng favor of a special district. They School District boundaries and ill . . . anyming on our constituents, Mr ........ illbe. _ .. _ just for them at the Citrus Fan" by and the hot tub would be some- E,i; .... ;a u ......... A,,,;,, hve outside the cty hmts m the these could be ex to take m j -.u. lh'esioent Dana Project Graduation. where in comer. Never in his wild- _L" .... . ....... , ....... .'*" present contract area. more propea. vice President Re amy raise so much revenue w=mout 'q 'a v e . ." --  Seaweed, sea shells, whales,  imagination had he pictured an -''4i';^-' '-v- qr,g. k^: ..... There are several ways that a City officials Pearault and Miner, d l,nted me tmss itt flying fish - even a ship dubbed the what really awaited him. n,,,',-,,,''-",t,*,,,,-'',',,',';*, special dislrict can levy on property and Councilwoman Carol Chase met Jg-dent Boay rresiuent "CHS Cowabunga" - they were all Each guest was given a black an"Ana r ,":,=,'=f"g;_'74:.' without a vote, based upon a with Su." r Eqpo$fi recently to _ ifl= .am_s. there. Project Graduation T-shirt as they ..... ""_'!.e_, " .... .." "Y ""/."= certain percentage of protest. A discuss  issue, is to be used to In a side room, party goers could entered, with signatures of all their IelrlnleWl:vlerl.cnlsiWnn ? he special tax, however, would require They told the mllmrvisor that  i-laY..ca._aroundam.um I enjoy the relaxing hot tub, while classmates.on the front. June 12 meek'n- Amndor wo'l" a 2/3 vote of approval, Cloverdalew,antsto...ctinuetobe .,   i --ed b.y Jason pelbring, listening to the illuminated waterfall The Casino games drew standing m ....... a;,,'.,.,. ,. ..,h r.' The City Manager and Fire Chief a key player m providing fLre serv- gr".  gffl, and CHS artleacner in the backgrotmd and watching the room only crowds, and the midway ,-..,..t,o,.,..y.;,,y;-;..,;, made it clear to the City Council that ices to the North Connty. i "-" . . outsioe me city limits unoer .   '< u'm,. glowing, striped fish sway gently game booths never wanted for cus- . .... 7-:.. _ < " Dreseni conu'act, me li res ens !  iSfiYL%RGeec ny v''eeaiby of the Main Building to-,ecr graduate started the evening logelytmedicalcalls'Yhe;lted   lqlal;rcipal Dave Ashworth was transformed into an aquarium, with $100,000 in funny money', _  ot the seven foreign ex- complete with a "sunken treasure and through a variety of games and ,,_. .............. . ..  - ...... l-ulmer me tire L.nlCl nor l|V ,_,   uents taking part m the chest, where merchandise could be otlr opportuniues tm-ougnout me M- r ........ "   " " " ni h h anage too t-erramt are m lavor  lt.,; She also thanked the purchased and raffle imFs could g t, ad a chance to increase this ................... : | ,, t lk"mtes for t;- k..-.;,ol;,., i,,. ,..limrl amount suhstnntiallv oi me um. tney tom me t..ouneu  "-" it ". .... v .... 7: ......... . ..... . that a Special District that could -:/ ..... :'  il ;l il, for Hollelgh Also on hand to welcome the Drawings for an assortment of .......... I;: Ii ' U operate lnoepenoenuy at me i  | ' u.D. Reed and Ran graduates were a number of famous prizes took place all mght long, with ...........  ludm Km .ounty woum oe me oetter plan ; I _ , undersea celebrities, inc " g " g winners receiving everything from '/: Cont'd to BackPage Neptune, the Red Lobster and videos to wallets to lu e to ffw |: Co . " , , ggag , Sta as directed to look into the : ;il ' watches. , feasibility of forming such a district .... 't4k- ...... =,.,I,dl=,m,,. Jl,,,,- . Roaring 20s.Lioness Club mere- The City Council could initiate it or " t &'00atUUll WlelUIllU IUll bers kept busy cooking up fresh property owners in the area could .......... ' ,, :m .'  hamburgers all night long. petition for its formation if owners / gt[ II'A '[@llmll@im .@4[IP]IIFIIP . The auctions were straight out of representing 25% of the assessed !1 |"41 IglglJ.. Rllkill(:il IklllVUi LifestylesoftheRichandFamous, valuation signed. '  - / with an "almost-oak" picture frame A special district could he govern- selling for $4,500, a Playmate med either by an elected Board of Bay teenagers com- a car at gunpoint in last week, taking for a wild ride be- him OUL Highway Patrol near Asti during hours of Tuesday, of DUI. neither boy had a he radioed for Pelle- out and tow the re- until a responsible come [or the t immediately discovered stolen, and the two 17, were allowed the tow Ituck back to officers Kevin Campbell were word incident and a deription of ,he suspects broad- cast. Officers were advised that at least one of the suspects might sail be in  of a loaded shotgun. While responding to a reported sighting in the area of The Wheel Cafe, Off'w.er Campbell saw a boy in the alley behind Penny Fair match- ing the description of one of the suspects. The officers cornered the two boys, who disavowed any knowl- edge of a shotgun. Shotgun shells were found in their pockets, how- ever, and they finally admitted that the gun was in a nearby dumpster. Officers not only found the weapon in the dumpsler, but also a silencer for it. The suspects were taken into cus- tody and charged with numerous crimes including mlto theft, kidnap- ping and illegal possession of a weapon. , Cooler and Thermos for $44,000 and a swatch watch for $45,000. Ron Richardson and Chris Cor- nilsen engaged ill some "hot and heavy" bidding for a Sharp AM/FM Cassette Recorder, with Chris finally winning with a high bid of $145,000! Another "hot" item was a mann- lain bike, with the bids finally ex- ceeding $1 million. To simplify the process, the two highest bidders stacked their $1,000 bills side by side. The taller stack belonged to O.D. Reed - and so did the bicycle! The American Dream Comedy Team came in to entertain the gr- uates at 2:30 a.m. with their special zany brand of comedy. Hard to believe anyone could have that much energy that time of the morn- ing! Cont'd to Back Page Directors or by the City Council sit- ring as the district board. The present cataract with the County totals $140,000. According to Director Exline, the City has ap- proached him for more money to fund cost of living increases, new equipment, and other goodies, as he put iL He said that unfortunately the money is just not there to confinne contracting with Cioverdale as the County has done in the VaSL He is sure that the new contracting entity, the CSA, will be in place by early Fall. The County is empow- ered to form a CSA without a popular vole. "We are ready to present our. for- mal application to the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFO) very soon, he said. The map work is Firefighters were able to quickly bring last Thursday morning's fire at the Peking Palace under control. No injuries reported in early morning fire at Peking Palace No injuries were reported last guish the pilot light in the hot water Thuray morning in a fire that erupted on the roof of the Pe. cient heat to eatl the fire. Palace shortly before 8 a.m. causing an estimated $5,000 in damage. heater, they so#.  sum- Noue of the adjoining businesses a00ong s000000s00rerea =y Firefighters say all water in fire water or smoke e  i building had been shut off while Its unclear exactly howlm the employees attempted to install a restaurmt will be closed whi re- hackflow device. Failure to extin- pairs are completed.