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June 11, 1997     Cloverdale Reveille
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June 11, 1997

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Page 10, Cloverdale Reveille, June 11, 1997 Cloverdale Senior Writings This story was written by Ha- zel L. Bauman at the Cloverdale Autobiography Writing Work- shop being held at the Clover- dale Senior Center Thursdays from 1-3 pro. Hazel lives in Clo- verdale and is a poet. She and her husband, Marty, have lived in Cloverdale for 27 years and have five daughters, three still living. The free writing class is taught by Scott Reid and is pre- sented by the Santa Rosa Junior College Seniors Program. The class always welcomes new par- ticipants. Memories of Past Times By Hazel L. Bauman I was born in Georgetown, Illi- nois, on July 21, 1923. My par- ents were Charles E. and Grace Ethel (Sheppard) Williams. Morn told me my father was six foot four inches tall, slim with sandy- colored hair. He was a carpenter and worked on the railroad re- pairing the tracks. He passed away when I was 11 months old. All I know about him is what room and the rest of my family told me. After I was told about him, I could look at his picture and see a gentle loving man, one who cared for his family and their welfare. My mother was a small wom- an, just four foot eleven inches tall and weighing 98 pounds. She wore her dark brown hair braided across the top of her head. She was part Cherokee Indian. Morn said they would be visiting someone's home and it would be raining and they would say, "Charlie! Are you going to put Grace in your pocket to keep her dryT This was quite a joke between Mom and Dad because of the differences in their sizes. More like Mutt and Jeff. Morn said my dad built the house they lived in, which sat by the river in Georgetown, Illi- nois. He made all the furniture for the h nose, al so the cradles we slept in as babies. Dad was al- ways bringing people home to look atthe house. He liked show- ing it off. He would say, "I built it all by myself except the rain gutters. I had to have help on those." Dad brought home a friend this one evening and he was showing the house one room at a time. When he came to his and Mom's bedroom, he noticed his clothes he had taken off the night before were still where he dropped them. He turned to Mom and said,"Grace! How come you leftmy clothes on the floor?" Mom replied, "I never put them there, you did. I decided the only way to break that habit was to leave them there." Dad was pret- ty embarrassed about findinghis clothes still on the floor. That broke that habit for good. When my dad passed away my mother lost the house be- cause of back taxes. She couldn't pay them. There were three chil- dren at this time. Mildred, age eight; Laura, age four; and my- self, 11 months old. She had to go to work in a secondhand store to feed and clothe her family. She was very lonely and griev- ing for my dad and my four year old brother who had passed away about two years before Dad. She started writing to a man through a Lonely Hearts Club. They were writing and ex- changed pictures, then one day a letter came from him. He was coming for a visit Saturday. Morn was excited. She said, "Children ! You will need your hair washed, a bath so you will look your best when he comes." I could not see why she wanted to go to all that trouble for a man. Saturday finally came and Morn spent a long time getting us ready to go. She wanted to be sure every hair was in place and our clothes were spotless. The train finally pulled in and people began to get off. Each person that stepped off made me more excited, and I thought where is he, this man Morn is writing to? Finally, a handsome man stepped down from the train and came toward us with a big smile. He greeted my mother and then knelt down in front of us chil- dren and said, "I am Charles, what are your names?" We were smiling with happiness by this time as we gave our names. As each gave their name, he took our hand and said, "I am glad to know you." He and Morn were married when I was three and a half years old. I liked him from the beginning so I was glad when they married. He was a farm worker and each place he worked provided a house for us to live in. @Hazel L. Bauman MCCONNELL CHEVROLET ' OLDS ' GEe = = == MAT(;H P()INT YOUR NEAREST GM BI00:ALER 1395. Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg 1 800 775 3384 Tenant, landlord workshop due 6/18 in Santa Rosa A workshop for landlords and tenants who would like to learn more about their rights and re- sponsibilities in negotiatingrent- al leases and agreements, secu- rity and cleaning deposits, and other conditions of tenancy will be held Wednesday, June 18, at 7 p.m. in the 4-H conference room, 455 Fiscal Ave. at the County Administration Center in Santa Rosa. The two hour workshop is pre- sented by the Sonoma County Legal Services Foundation as part of its "You & the Law" se- ries of self-help seminars for peo- ple who cannot afford legal rep- resentation. Cost is $5. 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For a five Family Fun I1 blmvhure, or t }rook your ramily's 1997 vacation now, call the Varatioo Stm* at 1-800-VA-TRIP8 t 1-800-828-7477l. (NAPS)--For information on an "Explore Arizona" Package ind.ding Pointe Hilton Rmmrta and the (trend Canyon Railway. call I-ROO6RSO. For information on alley/alia chmaic fin. call University Pain Center toll.free tP, EIOI 278-7002 or visit the Web robe: www.pain.-cen ter.eom. RC BUSINESS NAME STA aLE NO. 97171 Sonoma Valley Port Works located at: 20580 Eighth Street East, m Sonora Ca 9547 mmlt'g addre. 192t E. Foothill Ddve. Santa RomL CA 95404. is (are) hareby regiared by the lollow- ing owner(s): American Beverage Group, In., 20580 Eighth Stme E=t. Socmma, CA 95476. This business is conducted by: a Call- fomls Cry-mien. The registrant corr to transact busine=s under the ficlttios name or narra above on 111/97. Signed: Andrea L. Andemon, Attor- cey-irvFa= This statement was filed wRh the County Clerk o( SONOMA County On: May 5, 1997 I hereby ce#*dfy t hat the toageing it a conect copy o( the oinal statement On  in my office. EEVE T. LEWIS, County Clerk. By/s/ C.ad Reinldng. SEAL 1155 May 28, June 4. 11, 18 '97 FIClllrI04I BUSlNFJ STATEMENT FILE NO. $'/1101 Vidlay Properties located at: 122 Calloga Rd., #396. in Santa Rosa, CA 964, mR, tag klmte, um it (are)  registered by the tag owner(s) :Ren G. HlebaJ=, ece,s Meilt Rd.. Sartta Rosa, CA g6409; Tomina K , 8085 Mellta Rd.. Santa Roee, CA 95409. Thit businelB it  by= Indl- ,ddual=-Hueband and Wile. The mgtmam oommed to t ranuc= buslneu undar the ficOtious nan or nam aboYe On N/K Signed: Tomtna K. Hll:mkce This statement was filed with the County Clerk o SONOMA Coumy on: May 15, 1907 I heraby ce'1ffy thet the foregoing it a correct copy el the original statement On file in my offk. EEVE T. LEWIS, County  By/t/ C. Fartu. SEAL #51 May 21, 28, June 4. 11, "97 RCTmOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. $711142 Pedng Palace Chinese Restaurant In- at: 102 S. Clovedale Blvd. in CwRdaJ CA 95425.maJlng addrms, (bm, it (are) henoy tterl by the folng owner(s): Tr, al, Yun I-luang, 58 N. Jefferson St., Clover- dais, CA 95425. Lucy Huang, 568 N. Jeffenm St, rdais, CA $5425. Thit bcem it oonducled by:. tndb vldutib-Husbimd and The ittrant commenced to trammel 10u=iness under the fictitious name o, names abot On 5/23/97. Signed: Tul Yuan This statement wu flied udth the County Clerk of SONOMA Coun On: May 20, 1907 I taeby a'tl/that e foreooit it a oormot W o the oan stsrat On flte In my office. EEVE T. LEWIS. County Clerk. By/s/ Carla Reinldng. SEAL It53 Mf 28. June 4, 11. 18"97 CLOVERDALE FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT AMENDEDNOTICE (Addre Correction) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Directors of the Cioverdaie Fire Protection District of Sonoma County, pursuant to the provisions of Health and Safety Code Sec- tion 13893, has adopteda Pre- limina Blx, esmeng and determining the annual &mount of money required by the Dis- ct for fiscal year 199711998. A copy of said preliminary bud- get is available during regular business hours at the office of the Cloverdale Fire Pro District located at 116 Broad Street, Cloverdale, CA. for in- speion by my mmmsmd tex- payer. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that on September 8, 1997, at the hour of 7:00 PM at the Sciaini Buildng meeting room, 138 So. Ctoverdale Blvd., CIo- verdale, CA, the Disct beard will meet for the purposes of fixing a final budget. Any inter- eared texpayer rnay appear and be heard regarding the in- crease, Or omission of any item of the budget, or for an inclu- sion of addiOonal items. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that on September 8, 1997, at the Scieini Building meeting room, 138 S. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, CA, the District Board wi, meet for the purpose of setting the Prop. 4 limit for fiscal year 1997/1998, pursu- ant to the provisions of State Government Cede Section 7910. Jack Rosevear, Fire Chief #56 June 11, 18 '97 To Buy 0r Sellcd Bue Gmxmn ORDINANCE NO. 518-r/ AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 15 CLOVERI 15.37, THE PEOPLE OF THE CITY OF CLOVEF FOLLOWS: a,the C 1992 whioh involved substantial revision of its landuse programs as previously provided in their Whereas,the City of Ctoverdale is concerned with the of telecommunication facilities and towers and Whereas, the City of Cloverdak the design and placement of teiecomm u nication the protection of the public health, safety and welfare! consistency with the 1992 General Plan and Whereas,the Cloverdale Planning scheduled and held public hearin to discuss and approve tenna Critena', and s,the Clovordale City ( hearing en April 23, above ordinance, and The adopting ordinance which contains all the file in the Office of the City Clerk, City of Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale, California and during the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 p m, Friday Now, therefore, the City Council of the ordain as follows: Section 1. The Council further finds and "Telecommunication Facility consistent with the Cloverdale 1. The proposed ordinance is consistent with the goais, policies, and progr&m s of the 1992 C, aneral Plan and i$1 and desireble to implement the 2. The proposed ordinance will affects of telecommunication facilities and their im public health, safety, welfare or result in an panem 3 The proposed ordinance is consistent with the Chapter 1803 of the Cloverdale Municipal Code 4 The potentialanvironmental impects of the are addressed throug ration as prepared and hereby recognized as heir the intent and (CEQA) The Mitigated Negative DecleralJon was approved by the Planning Commission on March 5, ence: Planning Commission resolution #3-97) Section 2.AIIconditions required by law having been all findings with relation thereto having been made the City of CIoverdale City Code is hereby Chapter 15.37 et seq., an ordinarme entitled Facility and Antenna Criteria', further shown as Exhibit'A" to this ordinance: Section 3.The'Telecommunication Facility ordinance, "A'. 15.37.010 General Purpose and Intent 15.37.020 Definibons 15.37.030 General Requirements 15.37.040 Exemptions 15.37.050 1537.060 15.37.070 15 37080 Registra0on Required 15.37.090 Design Guidelines 15.37.:!00 + 15.37.110 ..... Visual Analysis 15.37.1-20 Transmission Tower Location 15.37.130 Structural Requirements 15.37.140 Height Detewnination 15.37.150 NIER Exposure 15.37.160 Life of Permits]Abandonment 15.37.170 Exceptions 15.37.180 Zoo ing Di srict Regulations 15.37.190 Public Notice 15.37.200 Appeals Section 4. This ordinance of the C, lty of Cloverdale shallbe days from and after this date of its ILB. of fifteen (15) days after its passage, this published in a newspaper of general circulation circulated win  C members of  City Council vol INTRODUCED by the City Council of  City of County ofsanoma, on the mday of April, ADOPTED on the 28th day of May, 1997 b) vole:(5-0) AYES in favorof: Cooncilmembers Teague, and MayorSink NOES: None ABSENT: None ABSTAIN: None APPROVED: Mayor, Thomas Reed Sink ATI"ESTED: City Clerk, Michele P Winterbottorn #60 June 11, '97 1)7-98CLOVERDALE UNIRED SCHOOL DISTRICT BUDGET the 1997-98 fiscal year will be available for location, dates and times indicated below. A PUBLIC HEARING on the proposed DISTRICT Cleverdale Unified INSPECTION PLACE Cloverdale Unified 97 Schoof Street Cloverdale CA 95425 INSPECTION DATES: 6/10/971o 6/18/97 INSPECTION TIMES: 8.1:)0 a.m. to 4:00 p.fft. PUBLIC HEARING PLACE: CloverdaleHigh Cloverdale CA 95425 PUBUC HEARING DATE: 6/18/97 PUBLIC HEARING TIME: 7.O0p.m. #58 June 4 & 11 '97 lmmm.ss NAME STA FILE No. ttlllPi Oulde the  10card el: 14301 Arnd (btve #31 In GIm Ellen. CA  rmered by the ,0 00:  Mala.  E. Spain St Sonoma CA m. "fl inms la mmata t:am ttl- eaka.  mamt  totramaU  ulW the flor mm ot munN alxm On N/A. This atltmnt was filed with the Cauy Ct=t = SONORA COonW On: M22. I7 l h4by ttlIy thee I fgot Is z on fge In my effk. EEVE T. LEWd; County Clerk, By/I/ s  ,SEL #57 Jutm 4. 11,111, 25, 'f/ FILE