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June 11, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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June 11, 1980

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Page 8 - Wednesday, June 11, ]980 .. _. =.Waskln,,,on Preschool o School Reports for fall reg As the school year came to a close the noontime aides at Washington School, Mrs. Aubrey Richardson, Mrs. Jolene Crider, and Miss Jenny Hawk concluded their noontime 4th, 6th intramural sports program with trophies and awards. , Trophies were given to the boy and girl who completed and won the most awards during the school year. Tina Mankin, a 5th grader, from Room 7, Mrs. Smith's class, won the girl's Int. Sports champ trophy. Damon Doble, a 5th grader, from Room 6, Mr. Melton's class, was the recipient of the Boy's Int. Sports Champ trophy. Congratulations to you both ! Runner-up awards were given as follows: Girls noontime Int. Sports Champ awards 1st runner up- Cindy Waite, Room 8, Mr. Miller's class. 2nd runner-up - Krista Thompson, Rm. 9, Miss Burke's class. 3rd runner-up Lupe Peterson, Rm. 2, Mrs. Ballard's class. Boy's noontime Int. Sports Champ awards.- 1st runner-up- Adam Beeb, Rm. 1, Miss Burges's class. 2nd runner-up - Tim Edens, Rm. 6, Mr. Melton's class. 3rd runner-up - Shawn Padgett, Pan. 6, Mr. Melton's class. Congratulations to all the above students. The 4th-6th students that diligently competed in the noontime sports (badminton, racketball, tennis, handball, jump rope, basketball free- throw, 50 yd. dash and the long distance run) made the noontime program a success. Thanks to all who competed and helped. Noontime Tourney win- ners: Room 2A, Mrs. Judy Hine's class, was our 6th grade champion winning our basketball, softball, soccer, and kickball tournaments. Room 6, Mr. Melton's class, was our 5th grade champion winning our basketball and softball tournaments. Room 8, Mr. Miller's class, was our 5th grade champion winning our soccer tournament. Room 3, Mrs. Dawson's-Mrs. Michelon's class, was our 4th grade champion winning our basketball, softball and soccer tournaments. 4th-Gth cafeteria star competition . 4th-Gth grade students have also completed their year with their star competition in the cafeteria. They earned stars by being picked at a No. The Cloverdale Co-op and Preschool is having a offers a wide meeting tonight at 7, Wed- and crafts nesday, June 11, at the City tivities, all Park Scout Cabin, 450 2nd very Street. This meeting is open group of to anyone interested in The having their child participate d e n o m i n s , in the Fall 1980 program, welcomes This year we may offer racial alternatives for evening and back day participation by parents, tainly so if you have any pre-school group children you will find this be the meeting informative and fun. with the Sessions are from 9 - 11:30 daily. Parents can choose to We hope enroll their children any day terested i of the week. The school is will attend located at the City Park Scout evening, orq Cabin and provides an op- and leave portunity for children to play ween 7 - 9 Winners of the Intramural sports awards at Washington School were Damon Doble and Tins Mankin. 1 table for having the besl manners and keeping Iheir noise level to a minimum. At Ihe end of the week, on Friday, the room that had the most slars earned the right to con.m m 10 rain. early to the eafeleria and play records of Iheir choice. A No. 1 citizen earned an award by receiving 3 stars in a week. "Citizen of the Week" had the most stars m a "N(). roolll" and received an award "These are the resulls of the N() l rooms of lhe year: R,,om 2. Mrs. Ballard's class. is )he Lu. 1 room of the )'ear. ihey won 7 weeks oul of the school year. Room 6, Mr.. Melloon's class, was second, winning 6 limes. Room 7, Mrs. Smith's class and Room 2A Mrs Hines class were tied for l hird place, winning 4 rimes. l.()onl 1 Mis Burgess' class -3 lime winner. Room 3 Mrs Dawson, Mrs. Michelon - 1 time winner. Room 8 - Mr. Miller's class - 3 time winner. Room 9 - Miss Burke's class - 3 time winner. Room IA- Mr. Leet's class- 2 Time winner. Congratulations Rm. 2 you are No. 1 of the year. Have a safe sunlnler everyone see you next year. From Jefferson School By DENA GAMBETTA This has been such a busy and exciting year end I don't know where to begin to relate to you all the things that have been going on at Jefferson School. As you may have heard Polly Lile is taking a malernity leave, so the staff at Jefferson School had a surprise party for her; on Friday there was another surprise luncheon for Lois Morse first grade teacher who is retiring. Everyone brought their favorite recipe and also the dish for that day's luncheon. Many former school teachers who began teaching with Lois were guests. She was presented with a lovely necklace with a picture of a little school house on it, and pertinent in- formation of I.,ois's tenure on the backside of the necklace. She also received a lovely fern plant with a monetary tree.; All the classes went for a trip, (walking) to the public library so that the students may acquaint themselves with that library for summer reading. One morning all the students received a RIF book (this is the fourth book each child received free because of public spirited organizations) to take home and read and keep for their very own. The PTA showed three showings of the movie "The Jungle Book" as their gift to the children at Jefferson School. All the students enjoyed the movie im- mensely. Thank you PTA. Then on Friday the first graders held their Olympics games. Each first grade class marched out in single file, carrying a flag, with the usual Olympics music, followed by salute to the flag. There were all kinds of en- tries, such as short distance races, long distance races; wheel barrow race, three legged race, jump rope race, hoop race, sack race to name but a few of the events. The winners each received a special medal along with 2 other places. Parents and friends were on hand to enjoy this pleasent occasion. It was fantastic. You should have been there to enjoy it. The Mrs. Morses class went on a field trip to Denson's Cookie CO. on Highway 101 in Redwood Valley, Ukiah. The children saw the cookies being mixed in huge mixers and put into a machine that dropped them onto trays that were then placed on rolling carts which held 1200 cookies. These were rolled into the huge ovens and by observing through a little window could see the trays, move slowly back and forth as they baked. The cookies were then removed from the trays to ladies packaging them, with machines that sealed the boxes. The machine also packaged the small 3 cookie packages. They next visited the store room where huge sacks of flour, sugar, brown sugar, oatmeal, and barrels of peanut butter, etc., were stored. By this time the fresh cookies came out of the oven and everyone got to eat a fresh hot granola cookie which was the cooking cookie of the morning. Yummy! Yummy ! Each student received a little package of cookies to take home. Special thanks to Mrs. Natenstedt and Mrs. Delfino and Mrs. Naten- stedts's two older daughters who went to help for the outing. Then, of course we had the famous spelling bee contest; and on Wednesday and Thursday, the kindergartners put on their famous, (motor perceptual) Circus for all the students and for the parents and citizens of the com- munity. They always do such a superb job, and are to be congratulated for their hard work, and also the teachers talents of many hours, costuming, etc., that goes into such an excellent final production. We promised you some Mothers Day recipes by the students of Tonya Giusso's class, and since space doesn't permit to print all we shall share a couple with you. Here is Tony's Tacos. It chili beans, 4 taco shells, 6 pieces of lettuce, 2 pounds of hamburger, 2 tomatoes. Cook hamburger, open taco shell, put in the meat and lettuce and tomato, and add the chili beans and eat. Chris's birthday cake. 5 lemons, 1 c. vanilla, I0 c. of sugar, I quart of dough5% c. powdered sugar, 2 c. brown sugar. Mix it fine, cook it for 2 minutes in the oven at degrees. (These recipes were made up by the students as they thought recipes should be). All the third graders went on a trip to the city park Ill =" LEGAL NOTICE I IIIII II III III IIIII No. 639 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT The following persons are doing business as: This N That, 26916 Asti Rd, Cloverdale, CA 95425: Patricia Brown 4058 Old Barn Rd. Healdsburg, CA 95448 Moyne DeShazer 6515 Geysers Rd. Haealdsburg, CA 95448 This business is conducted by "a general partnership. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Sonoma County on the date indicated by file stamp above. I hereby certify that this copy is a correct copy of the original statement on file in this office. EEVE T. LEWIS County Clerk Published 6-11, 6-18, 6-25, 7-2- 8O for Iheir end of the year outing. Mrs. Fontana's second grade had a swim- ruing par!y at their home. Tanya Guisso had a swim- ruing party for her class a) her home. with other teachers having different outings and parties at this year end of school. All the third graders had an in- d,.)cl rinalion day at V'ashington School where lhey will be altending next year Io acquaint them with their upcoming environment. The library was closed, but many books still need to be returned If you find a book after school is finished please drop il by Jefferson School, the custodians are always Growers Supply & Irrigation, Inc. ACE Irrigation Systems, Hardware & Equipment, Swimming Pools, Hou sewa res a nd Farm Supplies 20750 Geyserville Avenue 857-3484 Visit Fine Italian Cuisine (707) 857-9904 Over 39 years in the same location! LAMPSON TRACTOR Geyserville Ave., Geyserville 433-1619/857-3443 !here and will accept the b,)oks for the library. Special )banks goes to the whole staff al Jefferson School for running such a smooth year, with many accomplishments. bolh academically and socially, as well as to our very special people (he VOLUNTEERS! God bless you all and have a fantastic summer, until September 2, when school again will resume. Here are certain things that are true about how a child learns anything: 1. A child learns by doing. 2. A child learns by repetition. 3. A child learns through imitation. i.....:::::::::::::::::::::........i! :.: i .7.: ::: i ::.: !! , iiii ii!i :i:! i!! 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