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June 8, 2011     Cloverdale Reveille
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June 8, 2011

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Page 10 --WEDNESDAY, JUNE 8, 2011 4) CLOVERDALE REVEILLE • CLOVERDALE, CALIFORNIA , # so • ,.  __,qT ,,r&apos;Ecs 7-//.€ -/ REVEILLE CROSSWORD PUZZLE: ',, s--,e  ,, z ..... ------7 R.F.D. COME ON:v,E  I-  TARET"E REALL' W PLANTi'N' ' AND llkl.,ll'r, AGO !   by Mike Marland €11 Some v,DOE V I CROPCIRCLERS It. l: ACROSS 1 AtoZ 6 Vitamin stat 9 Foolish one 12 Marble type 13 Chic no more 1 2 12 15 7 21 a2  I 25 28 14 Pi follower 29 30 31 15 Water a  Z softener 16 Level of achieve- meat --- l 18 Vegas S Z ! wedding site 20 Angel's prop 21 Brewery product • _ 23 -- Lanka 24 Soft and smooth 25 Pod dwellers in 27 Bury 29 Map-Quest offerings 31 "Planet of the Apes" star 35 Stallone role 37 You 38 Fantastic 41 Conclusion 43 Scrap 44 Capri, e.g. 45 Leopard's cousin 47 Hat 6 Entice 28 Immodest 49 Scrub 7 Boring swimwear © 201 I King Features Synd.. Inc. __ i 10 11 -- i II 33 34 50 51 I I 1 I 30 Listener 32 "Walden" writer 33 "-- the fields we go" 34 Profit 36 Beast's love 38 Michael Moore film 39 Leading man? 40 Aircraft 42 Ticket 45 Penitentiary 46 Actress Jessica 48 Sprite 50 Venomous viper 51 Born ANSWERS ON NEXT PAGE ...................... .......... Thou0000 the day:  il fi. televisiO ve educating' Eve m som bod s n the seL! go into the other roO and rea a boo ii  erouo Marx Moments in time:. The History Channel • On June 15, 1215, King John puts his royal seal on the Magna Carta, or "Great Charter," a peace treaty between John and his barons, guarantee- ing that the king would respect feudal rights and privileges, uphold the freedom of the church and maintain the nation's laws. Four original copies of the Magna Carta of 1215 exist today. • On June 16, 1738, printer, publisher, postmistress and patriot Mary Katharine Goddard is born in New London, Conn. In 1777, when Con- gress decided to print the Declaration of Independence, including a complete list of signatures, it chose Mary Goddard as printer. • On June 17, 1885, The Statue of Liberty, a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States, arrives in New York City's harbor. The dismantled statue was enclosed in more than 200 packing cases. Its copper sheets were reassembled, and the last rivet of the monument was fitted on Oct. 28, 1886. • On June 19, 1905, some 450 people attend the opening day of the world's first nickelodeon, located in Pittsburgh. The storefront theater boasted 96 seats and charged .each patron 5 cents. Its usual offerings included live vaudeville acts as well as short films. • On June 14, 1968, Dr. Benjamin Speck is convicted in Federal District Court of conspiring to aid, abet and counsel draft registrants to violate the Selective Service Act. Speck, a physician, was the famous author of "The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care." • On June 13, 1971, The New York Times begins publishing portions of the 47-volume Pentagon analysis of how the U.S. commitment in Southeast Asia grew over a period of three decades. The publication of the "Penta- gon Papers" precipitated a crucial legal battle over "the people's right to know." • On June 18,1984, radio talk-show host Alan Berg, the self-described "man you love to hate," is gunned down in the driveway of his home in Denver. Berg's story provided the loose inspiration for the 1988 film "Talk Radio." (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc. jN,' I Ol- z. ...I'LLPICK YA !YAIOLV... ATH 3ON . r7 -ne e LL'... BUT I cm XeLL t S CLO'dlP.. U, I: F)REPARI TO ....... d.; s WAS T'DAY, THATJALL.BUTtCN'TWITTO / I'a41-1AVtNG  IT'; " H SAI, FII COT W.T rT IS... I I)#FFICULTY GF-TTIN ALL VERY I OH OY.  I I OT THE CN'T ELIVE OX sEAr'; FER IT' F:IblALLY "VIA ' lAk tIN'T DOLLARS&SENSE By David Uffington If you're considering buying a home via short sale, be prepared for the process to be different from a regular purchase. A short sale is the sale of a property for less than what is due on the mortgage. Short sales generally come about when an owner can no longer make payments (and likely can't come to an agreement with the lender about refinancing), and is one step away from foreclo- sure. If the lender agrees, a short sale allows the seller to get out from under the property and ideally walk away without being obligated for the difference between the sale price and the full amount of the mortgage. The lender gets at least somethIng and often sees this as a preferable alternative to an expensive foreclosure pro- cess. As a buyer, your first steps in a short sale are the same as with a regular purchase: get pre-approved and clean up your credit. Your second step is to understand that short sales can and often do fall apart. If you go into a short-sale pur- chase, be sure that it's a property you really want, because it can take a long, long time for the lender to approve the sale, and approval isn't guaranteed. There are a number of potential stumbling blocks along the way. Lien or second mortgage holders can delay or stop the process. After the seller accepts your offer, your agent will need to send those documents to the lender as well, along with a copy of your pre- approval letter and a copy of your earnest money de- posit. Make sure it's clear in your offer who will pay the selling and buying agents a commission. The seller likely won't have any money to do it. The lender will already be getting less than the full amount of the mortgage and will try to renegotiate the commission with the agent. Be careful that you don't have to pay any of the shortfall. You'll need an attorney to protect your Interests, as the rules and laws vary from state to state. At the very least, you'll need to work with an agent who is experi- enced in handlIng short sales, ideally someone who has Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource Certification. That certification involves taking and passing a course through the National Association of Realtors. (c) 2011 King Features Synd., Inc. • SERVICES • • SERVICES • ADVAN( :ED EARTHW( )RKS Weekly SL DOK. LAFF- A- DAY DIFFICULTY THIS WEEK: * * "Never mind the bill for a while, Mr. Jenks-let's wait until you're a little stronger." PURCHASES IS IN TIME MY WIFE WILL FEEL SHE ACTUALLY SENIOR NEWS LINE By Matilda Charles If you're not sure you're getting all the benefits you're entitled to, or if you assist someone who might qualify for more, there is an easy way to find out. Benefits Checkup is a National Council on Aging website that lets you hunt for information on all kinds of benefits. Whether it's prescription costs, utilities, taxes, meals and more, you could be eligible for help. The questions might seem a bit intrusive in some areas, but that's to help figure out where you might qualify for assistance. There's no need to give your name, however. At the website [], click on Find Benefits, then click Comprehensive. Before you begin, check the Click Here button for a list of things you'll need to have before you start. For exam- ple, you'll need to know all your current income and assets for you and anyone else in your home, as well as the amounts of your utilities and medical bills not covered by insurance. If you're on prescription drugs, have those handy as you'll be entering the names of the medicines you take. If your spouse is a veteran, they want to know that as well, as there may be veterans benefits you're eligible for. Be patient as you go through the questions, and answer all that apply to you. At the very end you'll see a results overview with a list of programs you might qualify for. Each link is a description of the program, local contact informa- tion and an application form. If you like, you can print out the results or go back and change some of your answers. Give it a try! You might just qualify for benefits that you never even considered. TBo . olen "counts" ,e" us ho m.. grains of 'a]["lf'  1" plant poll ........ I .... d ant ....... bic Ji i meter of air by trees, weeds and grasses in a ' ' '(9 certain location during a 24-hour period. ', I  '  'Those who suffer from allergies due to z'__ p  airborne pollen should avoid outdoor activity during times of "high" pollen counts Pollen in their area. "Ihe following websites ',,'> counts provide pollen counts for many areas: x, % [] counter-calculator ......... -, [] weather forecast.a-p   Pine ", r'l pollen.uaaai.o),t,nab/index.cfn?l)-pollen ] pollen " ',  ..... masnifiedl "" ' "'-": ""':' I 2011 by King Features Syndicate, Inc. World ’)ghts ’esewed. TO F Ilace an ad In the Reveille, ple;00.,;e Call 8E)4-3,')39 "r DIRECTORY TO BOB ( R N O E R,.,, ANDERSEN  ATI [ €, Septic Systems • Dump Trucks ° Water Trucks Backhoe • Loader • Dozer • Grader PO Box 221, CLOVERDALE, CA 95425 Gen. Eng. License 340786, PUC-CAL-T 154-265 libya Irlul[u mu n Ill =  I m,n llul  We Have Everything For Your Building Needs... "Serving the Homeowner and the Contractor Since 1946" 31210 McCray Rd. • Cloverdale, CA 95425 • 894-2989 "When Quality & Reliability Matter" ...... 894-4564 Senior Citizen  24-Hour Discount d Emergency Service COlllllySide. < •  "-= ..... L PROFESSIONAL SERVICES - ALL YOUR RESIDENT!AL PLUMBING NEEDS! Thomas Brunelle (707) 894-2482 countrys) il CLOVER ALARM BURGLARALARMS FIREALARMS RickGurries LIC. # 267621 CCTV SYSTEMS ACOS90 CENTRAL STATION MONITI]RING 5D Industrial Drive, Cloverdale • (TDT)B-q4-3531 FAX (TDT)RB4-2113 • 8 2 9 7 3 4 by Linda Thistle 6 2 4 2 4 1 3 9 1 8 6 2 5 7 9 7 4 5 3 4 7 9 8 Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine. * Moderate ** Challenging * ** Hoe BOY! © 2011 King Features Synd., Inc. Rook Deliveries • Tight Access • Excavations • Paving Road Construction • Underground Utilities • House Pads Demolition & Cleanup ° Land Clearing • Septic Systems Pond Construction g Repair • Erosion Control Mention this ad for 10% OFF Adam Vlasak 744-1554 • Cell 318-7337 Lic. #846195