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June 4, 1997     Cloverdale Reveille
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June 4, 1997

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Page 8, Cloverdale Reveille, June 4, 1997 Cloverdale Senior Writings This story was written by Lou- ise Morris for the autobiography workshop at the Senior Center in Cloverdale held Thursdays, 1-3 pm. Louise was born and educated in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. She attended Kent State University and graduated from City hospital School of Nursing. In 1946 she came to California, married and had three children. She and her husband, Gil, re- tired to Cloverdale and have eoyed living here for the past 18 years. 1930&apos;s Decoration Day = There was always much an- ticipation of Decoration Day, now called Memorial Day. Times past I always thought it was the 30th of May. Today I looked it up on the calendar and this year it is on May 26. The dates of holidays have been changed numerous times since the thirties. . The town of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio let it be known long before the day that there would be a parade. Marching bands from schools with the drum major strutting his stuff in his regalia, putting on quite a show and the audience clapping till out ofsighL The music most stirring and flags fluttering in the breeze. Some- times hard to handle if the wind was blowing hard. All people snapping to attention and salut- ing very solemnly. Floats made on a long platform on wheels pulled by horses and trucks. The different clubs of town had their theme and of course lots of flow- ers. Rod, white and blue were the colors. We felt they were elaborate in that day but noth- ing like the Rose parade or Ma- cy's Thanksgiving Day parade where each year the parade de- signers outdo last years. The soldiers in uniform who had come back from World War I were most honored. There were even a very few from the 1893 war and Civil War, very feeble, but well taken care of on the route. As the day dawned we kids became very excited running back and forth to the parade formation area. We lived only three blocks away. But we had to wait until 9 o'clock for the start. This was along Front street and Broad Blvd. It wound down Front street to Oakwoed Drive and turned up Oakwood for 4 blocks where it veered to the right still on Oak- wood and on another block to the cemetery. Many of the towns- people followed all along the way. The children hopped, skipped and jumped with enthusiasm. And then they were recruited to take flowers gathered to all the graves. Seemed it wasn't just for soldiers graves but for all our departed family relatives and friends. No grave was left without a bouquet. The flowers were most ly peonies and a few spring daf- fodils or such. This cemetery was not fiat, there were hills and dales and the drives wound round and round. One could got lost and have to repeat the drive to find the destination. The trees were large oaks and elms, tall and shady for a beautiful picture. Many large and small head- stones with dates back to the very early 1800's. Many forgot- ten probably, but a bouquet was put on them. A 21 gun salute ended the ceremony and all dis- persed or lingored otter for their own tribute. As a youngster, when the day came we already had a few fire- cracker and those black pieces of I don't know what, that when lit wiggled out of the glob and crawled along the sidewalk. I think they were called snakes. Then the round pieces that spit out a noise when ground with your heel. Of course we had to wait til dark for the sprinklers we had to be effective. My sister reminded me that we beth marched in the parade when we belonged to Girl Scouts. We had green uniforms, belt and a display of badges worn sewed on the sleeve. A tam adorned our heads to complete the outfit. She andJ were so close in age we did everything together. This was the most exciting day of the year for kids and the town. Christmas was more intimate. The flowers were picked in pro- fusion and put in buckets of water to be taken to the cemetery the day before. 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DATED 0en, UNLESS YOU tAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY If[WAY BE ,SOLD AT A UBLIC SALE. {F YOU NEED' AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCNG AGNNST YOU YOU .SHOUt..^(XNTA.CT A WYER  s he al lb romclure   as otly "1 tolhe ol Trt GERALD .CREH)'eSEt NANCY D. MOREFIOUSE HUSSANO AND WIFE daled 09/21/94 end  1064. as Imtmmmt No. - Deed 0f Tn. The mel address md 0tr cornmm C'QVERDAL .C#., 95425   T eoomss, ano ome common .osmmon, n .my, mown indeedness oe:. In Ii!i k cadt e Trume ml .cX. cmtmrs ctmcks dr on m stm or mdi D'% a d,a( dro by a sta or fdofoi credit tnc, or II dlk drlmby II lllill  federd iletlgli md 1011 to c#e e dt A/ dXmod  be Lm RcTrnoos BUNF.S STATEMENT NO. 9720" Ro0atm Festive Finery Iocl at: 234 E, Third, in Cloverdale, CA 96425,n'mil- in@ address, PO Box 573, CloverdaJe, CA 05425, is (am) here./ registsrsd by the following owner(s): Jill D. Kelly, PO Box 573, 234 E. Third, Cloverdale, CA Wt.?. 5. This buslmms is conclucmd by:an Indi- viduaL. The registrant com to tmnfct businus unOat the t'tiou$ name or name above on N/A. Signed: Jill D. Kelly This statement was flied with the County Clerk o SONOMA County on: May 28, 1997 I hereby catlify that the focegoing is a (xmct copy d the ordinal st,a on file in my office. EEVE T. LEWIS, County Clerk, By/sY C. Farms. SEAL #59 June 4, 11, 18,25, '97 CLOVERDALE FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Directors of the Clove'dale Fire Prolacon District of Sonoma County, pursuant to the provisions of Health and Safety Code See- don t 33;has adopted a Pm- 1 Budget, esmadng and determining the annual amount of money required by the Dis- trict for fiscal year 1997/1998. A copy of saicl preliminary Ixd- get is available during regular business hours at the office of the Cloverdale Fire Protecl District located at 116 Broad Street, Cloverdale, CA. for in- specti by any intomsmd mx- paye. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that on September 8. 1997, at the hour of 7.'00 P.M. at the Sclaini Bulking meeting room, 1 38 So. Cloverdale blvd., CIo- vordalo, CA, the District board will meet for the purposes of fixing a final budget Any inter- esled laxpayar may appear and be heard regarding the in- creese, or omisdon ofany item of the budget, or for an inclu- sion of additional items. NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that on September 8, 1997, at the hour of 7.' P.M. at 116 Broad Street, Cioverdale, CA, the District ell meet for the iJrpose of serdng the Prop. 4 lirnit forliscaJyear 1997/1998, pursuant to the provisions of Slate Government Code Seo- tion 7910. Jack Rosevear, Fire Chief #56 June 4 & 11, 97 RCllllOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT RUE NO. 171901 Valley Properlies ;ocated at: 122 Calo0a Rd., #396, in Santa Rosa. CA 9{W00, maaln9 adding, un, Is (am) he,,eby re0memd by the f, WWw- Ip Owm(s):Rom O. , 6005 Met Rd.. Santo Rcea, CA 95409;. Tomlna K Hlobakos, 0005 Meilta Rd,, Santa Rosa CA 05400. This tmslness I= onl  Indl- vtduals-Husl0u and Wtte. The registrant co tot budneU und the fictitious narn or names above oe N/A. Signed: Tomina K. Hletmkos This statement wu flied tdth the County Ctk of SONOMA County co: M W 15, 1907 t heeW ceny that the tom0olng ts a cocmcl copy of the odgtnll statlmr On file In my offi EEVE T. LEWIS. County Clerk, By / C. Fada SEAL #51 Miy 2t. 28. June 4. 11. '97 RClTrlOUS BUm NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 971764 Chueau Skewts, Dorna]ne Skewis. Sluls.  CePm, Skew Co., Skewts Company, Slum'is Orchard, Skss Vineyard, Skowis Vmeyan, Slum'is Wine, SNR Vmes, Skewb Wine Cellars, Skew{s Wlne Co.. Skewis Wce y. located at: 1610A  Aue. in Heak- 13s, Hddstr0, CA ft4a, (am) h rssrsd by me - 0 oms): F.mcis H. Slum Ill; 11872 Los Atrtm Rol, Hetttrg. CA aS44& Th busl is oandu by:=n ind(- vlduaL The istrant cemrrmtz to ttantt buldnllll under the fictitious a,no or above on 1tl/7. Signed: Fmfts H. Sk, ows, II1 Thts statement was file@ with the County  o# .DfK)MA Coumy on: M=y 5. 1007. I h o1 that tha fot Ill a cermet Col/o t bs tOt st mwn on file in my office. EEVE T. LEWIS. Cotlty Clerk. By/s/ Carla Relnkin@. SEAL #46 May 14, 2% 28, June 4, '97 AGAINST YOU, ' at 11:30 AM,. the under md to Deed No ot at time ,06/04/97. 06/11/97 ,f. NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE FILE NO: T/764 SERVlCER: SOURCE ONE #2614095 TRUSTOR: LR SUMNER YOU ARE ]N DEFAULT UNDER A DEED Of TRUST D 9 1 UN Y T SOLD AT A PUBLIC SALE. IF YOU NEED'ANEXPLA: NATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDINGS AGAINST YOU. YOU SHOULD CONTACT A LAWYER. On June 4 1997 a 11:30 A.M. Nohe Moraae , I: as duty a)Dointsd Trustee under 'oi r, nusoano mo w as lrslor, recoed November 1 L ords o " - EST BtDOER for cash, or cashis check (drawn and oowale at 5'm 5me d sale in laul moae o( ti Liaite4 01-151. ' but ft0ut c0enam or warrant, exptm 0r impfd. $175,7H.14 PL 05rz1/97, 05/287, 06/04/97 CNS147831 ?  .' ,/ FICTITIOUS BUSINESS STATEMENT RUE NO. 9"/'11142 Pdn 9 Palace Chtaeu Restaumrd lo- cared at: 102 S. Ckweme Blvd. in , CA95425,rrltn9 ak,--. (blat, is (ate) hereby re0istsm<l by the foflowlng oum'(s): Tsair Y Hua 0. 568 N. Jeff(reran St-, Clov- dal. CA 95425. Lucy Huan 9, 568 N. Joffon St.. Clovede. CA 95425. This  is o by: indl- vtduals- and Wife. The rs01strmt ommmd to  buslmms und the fictitious rm mmm  on IN2"N97. : T Yuan Huang This statement was filed with the Coumy CWlfk of SONOMA County on: May 20, 1007 I Imby cetty that the foregoing is a coma: cow of the orlginaJ stammont on file In my office. EEVE T. LEWIS, County Ckk. By/s/ Carla Relnklng. SEAL 1=53 May 28. June 4, 11, 16 "97 Cada NOTIC Of TRUSTEE3 S/dE T.$. NO.W243166  Co,d=W Loa NO.101740624500011ARREtU AP 1164)90-O61 AMERICAN ECtITIE$ C01/UY m d.y appoi. Tnm uler tM foBowing de=cd Deed of Tru WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION TO THE 1,16tEST BIDOER FOR CASH fm the lonm whi m tmultm i  Unimd Sm) =mgor tim =W's, ctili=l at ofh dks i Ci Cod Sn 2924h (psyabie in loft M the iMw of role to TD. sm Commy) al at  md  mnwyed to aea new hdd by it ued mid Bood of Trim m the pmp Mmmn TRUSTOR: RATA. 6. ARREGLaN KATI.ERE G. ARREGtN BENERCIARY: WELLS Fk.,R60 BANK. N..K RIlcm61dOf cemib 15, 10if/m Imstr. No_ 87112119tn Book page o( Otlicial P,ads in U olfk: of the Recon:ler of SonomaCounly; YOU ARE IN DEFAULT Uf,ER A DEED OF TRUST DATIED 12.R3/87UNLESS YOU TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT YOUR PfP'ERTY, IT ,Y BE SOLD AT A PUffi.IC SALE.IF YOU NEED AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF THE PROCEEDIN6 A6AINSI" YOU, YOU SHOUtD CONTACT A LAWYER 424 SCHOIX. STREET, CL0ERDALE, CA (If a tddr=s o.r me, dmon  pmpet is shown above, m wm'.,mly is w  to ompkdml or cmtatx). TM IwF=ty a m D W tnmL W Uor, mmm ,  and detn to e mdem0md a vaieam DecCa of t ad Demand k Sale, al wtm not of ddaol aml of dortion teem the udopm to roll Wd t.,W to mi  etem, md ttmeal t mlm  mid nofc el ddadl m of WIWn to lie R:eRledJammy 30, 10417 as Instr. No. 197 904021n NOok Pa of R0ord= ia tlo office of IM recorder of SonomaCoumE Sal Sale o( prope/wl I rnadeie asis onditionwithoul cevmat or possmsn, ot am'umbnm, to psy the rm=mm0 pm mm of u ss(s) mcumd b/md Od of Tru=. th udor the tram of mid Dmd of Tnt hm.  =rid  of Ihe lhlm md of the tram amid IW md Dmd ol Tru SI me 11m hdd m: Juae 1L 197, =1 11:30 tm.M the Ada Dr'We mtr to U Admmmtrai e=kaO, 57S  om, san Rm, CA At thO tram of the i pmn of thin notice, tim total  of tM u 5.m ot tM ot mmmd by h abow dmbed Dord of Trim ami maded cods, . md m'aacN is $25,322.J. is postibte ttm tt tM tim0 of me the opem.g bid may be lem bm the tof=d indelm< due. De:S,JF IRICAN SCUllES COMPANY a= =ad Tnlu. ganm Mal, Ataal Som/ 737 Arnold Drtw, Ste C, Mmlin. CA 04553- 652 (St0) 22H0t$ We m mtm0 u  to  m WM  W Wor- m=io m of will be reed Ir till pueffhethorVJU received orally or i, w- ig. IF VAILAIJE. THE EXRECTED OPEN- 1116 BID kY BE 0BTAINE0 BY CALUNG THE FOLLOWING TELEPttONE NUMBER ON THE DAY BEFORE THE SALE: ($10) 3t3- 6.t TAC: 44t 4{ 4C PUS: 5/'1, 5/28, 8/4 M RLE NO. Trw 115E2ndSt rnm arou.  r=0mamd t Rk:mu Cloverdale. CA Armm'u 55 Tatmon [- CA 95425. Thb tmsinea is busineu undat rmm above on 5.1-97. Sgaed: RW:tm O. This statement Cou May 09. 1OO7. I oW mfy tins corm=copy EEVE T. LEWIS Rad Rsynoso. SEAL _ #47 May 14, 21, 28, J ufle