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May 28, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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May 28, 1980

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Page 12 - Wednesday, May 28, 1980 % % The Good Word for Today: Repent By PHYLLlSSJOBLOM generally try to be good citizens. They feel that they have done nothing that calls TEXT: "I tell you nay, but for repentance. But the Bible except you repent, ye shall all says that all have sinned and likewise perish." Luke 13:3. come short of the glory of Somehow many people full * God. (Romans 3:23) If we the word 'repent' distasteful, or at least disconcerting. They will often listen agreeably to the Gospel story and the plan of salvation, but will balk at the word repentance especially people who, though non- Christian, live a good, decent life, give to charity, provide well for their families .and have all sinned we all need repentance. In today's text Jesus says repent or die. That may sound like a very harsh dictum but in reality Jesus is very "long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance". {2 Peter 3:9) He loves us enough to allow Himself to be ". ,/ qpL___ ___ L ]::-..-.=:I ,.. 1 " 'N Thing000000 ) ** By Nobody in Particular % -, VIENNA QUILT  The Vienna Quilt represents more than a beautiful bed , covering. It is a symbol of the entire community and its ef-  forts toward a cause and beliefs. It represents the thought-  fidness of the members of the Green Thumb Garden Club and  is a very beautiful, historical commemorative of the Miracle  of Vienna. Congratulations to Mr. Bud Beale of Best Four  Hardware. He is the lucky winner! When I first saw pieces of the quilt blocks I started my own "if you don't win beg for a block" campaign. I did beg. But "ask and ye shall receive" wasn't really necessary because  Terri Paine, Muriel Lumry, and the Green Thumbers are. as I : have just said, thoughful, and Winnie and 1 were very proud recipients of two of the most beautiful pillows. One for each. i! handmade and hand embroidered with the words...Vienna :ii 1980. We are so proud! Greedy, when it comes to the Vienna iqliltand all it stands for I then had the nerve to ask Mrs. Caty *  ug ff shegmdher fusbandtRudy designed Ue.Ls) would autograph and embroider a piece of the quilt cloth so I coudd attach it to my pillow. Then it will be official and someday if the Historical Society would like something to remember the Miracle of Vienna by I would give it to them. 'Thawon'{ be for many, many years and in the meantime I will Sit and look at my lovely pillow and remember that ? aJthough I didn't have to beg .I didn't really feel any guilt OBSERVATION ' 85years young Mil Allen remarked she would be glad when the "kids" finally got on the road and off to Vienna because abe was about "affaited out." I asked if she had attended many affairs for the Band and she answered, "Yes, I've at- e0 tended every single one! ''' ANOTHER ONE  Another observer and "attender" at the Sunday morning Lion's Club Miracle of Vienna Pancake Breakfast noted, "Before those kids get off to Vienna this is going to be the fattest, poorest town in the State of California!" . LIONFEST'S LIONUP ". The lion-up at the Lionfest consisted of a shill, a momey changer, a wiper, a flipper, a stirrer, a breaker, a scooper,a scraper and several pour-er-ers. I was deeply impressed with  the organizational skills required in the performance of duties l of the lion-up at the Lionfest. So I asked ..... I was told there were no low levels allowed in this !organization so as to avoid any discrimination. There are, however, four levels. They are the Upper, upper Middle, Upper Upper, and Supreme Upper. All are supervisors. All level of supervision is done by the supervisors...who super- vise: And, each and every member is given an equal o13. portunity...to supervise and supervisors. shamefully put to death that none of us would have to perish. The word repent means to not only be sorry about your actions, but to turn from them - to change. I can truly be sorry for doing certain things, but if I keep on doing them I have not repented. I can see that it is only reasonable for Jesus to ex- pect to see a change in my behavior once I decide to accept salvation through His suffering. Indeed, once I make the commitment to repent. Jesus does the changing for me. 2 Corin- thians 5:17 says that once I am in Christ I am a new creature; old things are passed away and all things become new. Beloved, if you long for Organizational skills and fame is the result of many years Jard work and many worthwhile community projects. An iimportant main ingredient of the Lionfest is a cool, refreshing i gQlden liquid which has a unifying effect...maki ng drinkers thinkers or wce versa...tantahzmg the t|tflated tafltwmters whoare either teased or tickled.., or who teaseor tickle.  To be carefully noted are those supervisors who while tanding supervise the standers and those who while sitting observe and supervise the standers and the sitters. There are also those Supervisors who are able to, while sitting or standing, observe and supervise the sitters and-or standers. The SupremeUpper supervises the Uplr Uppers who are supervising the supervisors supervising and observing the observations of the observers whether they be standing and-or sitting themselves. The Supreme Upper always performs his iItduties in the lion-up, as is allowed by his position, while sit- ing. , DON'T FORGET, WIN-A-WILD-PIG TICKETS AT PICK'S!! IF YOU ARE SIIOPPING SHOP AND SAVE ASK ABOUT TIlE F(N)D RAFFLE AMERICAN LEGION BARBECUE MAY 31 C.H.S. BAND CONCERT AND LITTLE REND. This is a good Ume to conserve energy by staying at home, enjoy a good old fashioned family get-together, entertainment, good feed, and All of this and a refreshment bar. Be with us! COFFEE SHOP (The next coming at- HANG IN T!iERE MIlL ALLEN IT WON'T BE NG NOW! assurance today that you will not be eternally dead, ask Jesus to come into your heart and repent, whatever be your sin, and come into the Kingdom of His marvelous light. St. Peter's barbecue July 13 Tickets for the 25th annual St. Peter's Barbecue have gone out to parishioners this week following a meeting of the committee last week. BOb Bngner, Chairman and Leon McKinney, Co- Chairman, have lined up all the workers and plans are under way to make this another memorable event. Since this is the 25th annual barbecue, the last award of the afternoon will be a value of $25 to the winner. Prizes will be awarded from 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tickets are still at the same price as last year: Steak $5 and Chicken $4. If you are new in this community, make certain to attend this barbecue....you will never miss another one! Bob loll is the chairman of the cooka and as usual, has a tremendous roster of cooks to do a good job. Anyone needing tickets may purchase them at the following locations: I. Jo & Loule Luciani, 511 Cloy. Blvd. 2. Sears Catalog Agency, Ed-Evelyn Rutherford, 1st and Main St. 3. Giovannetti's Sport Shop, Cloy. Blvd. 4. Jo Howell, First t O Tina and Bud Beale of TB&T Glass and Best 4 Hardware were the lucky winners of the beautiful quilt raffled for the benefit of the CIoverdale High School Band fund. Shown Q giving the quilt to the Beales are Terry Lumrey of the Green Thumb Garden Club, made and donated the quilt for the Band. National Bank, Cloy. Barbecue Committee, P.O. Get them early! If necessary, you may Box 504 Cloverdale, and Fr. Henry, Pastor at St. making make your request to the tickets will be mailed to you. Peter's, is asking for activity a Manzanita Manor Musings By JAN FREEMAN , Sitting up on thi hill over- looking the grape vineyards behind Washington School and Buck Boehm's house, with the horses grazing in the fields behind the mini- warehouses, I get a very comfortable feeling of well- being. My office is in the front of the Manor and my desk is at the window facing all this beautiful scenery with the mountains in the background. It makes me leel 'ery- sma|i a ndcJn- significant and I member Psalm 8:3-9: "When I con- sider Thy heavens, the work of Thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which Thou hast ordained; What is man, that Thou are mindful of him? And the son of man, that Thou visitest him? For Thou hast made him a little lower than tha angels and hast crowned him with glory and honor. Thou madest him to have domiiion over the works of rhy hands: Thou hast put all things" under his feet: All sheep and oxen, yea and the beasts of the field; the fowl of Homeowners & renter assistance forms mailed the air. and the fish of the sea. and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas. O Lord. our Lord. how ex- cellent is Thy name in all the earth !'" How good it is to know that each individual on this earth, lhe good and the bad. the smart and the dumb. the believer and the atheist, the rich and the poor, the sick and the well. are of im- portance to the Dne who created us. I love the people at Man- zanita. They are so neat! Eath  a sial story to ell and 1 love o let my imagination wonder what they might have looked like when they were young and what their personalities might have been, (since so many have had strokes and that has changed them). There's Florence who's 95 and says she still feelg like she did when she was 18. She More than a half million California senior citizens, blind and disabled persons have been mailed State forms for Homeowner and Renter Assistance. The Pranchise Tax Board sent 1980 claim forms to 272,000 renters and 239,00o homeowners for the filing period beginning May 16 and ending September 2, ac- cording to Acting Executive Officer William G. Mackey. In 1979, the State paid $44.8 million in assistance to 261,449 renters foe an average of $171, and $24.3 million to homeowners for an average "$104 per household, Mackey said. Forms were mailed to all people who filed a claim for assistance last year and to all others who inquired about the assistance program. The program is intended to assist California residents who were 62 years of age, or were blind or disabled on or before December 31, 1979, whose 1979 household income was $12,000 or less. To qualify, homeowners must own and occupy their .home as principal place of residence on December 31, i979. Renters must pay at least' $50 a month on a residence not exempt from property tax, during all or part of 1979. The State payment is based on income, Maekey said, the less the income the greater the amount of the State payment. For homeowners, reimbursement can range fram 4 to 96 percent of the property taxes. The payment to renters is from 0 minimum to $240 maximum. has lovely stories to tell aboul the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco, her parents who lived into their 90"s, and the abundant life she lived before she came here. Then there's Della, a fiesty little lady who claims to be 10l plus and lived m her ow. home here until lasl fall. They're from everywhere. originally - Russia. Bulgaria. England, Finland. Greece. far away and here at home. Sounds jusl like some of us. doesn't it? Some of them have lived very eetani lives, while others' greatest clatter o fame is lhat they were born. Here. however, they all have the same life except we try very hard to give them a continuing sense of personal dignity. The question I have had to ask myself at this point is, "'Am I my brother's keeper"" The overwhelming answer is. ""Yes!" L.D.S. graduated seminary students Sunday By DORIS HILL also sung by a quintet from subjects Lakeport composed of years have Tammy Borgia, Joel Bald- Testament, Graduation exercises for win, Michael Snider and Sort and students of the L.D.S. Church Stdder. Cloverdal who have completed four The students have been Chris Allen year of seminary studies attending daily classes years of were held Sunday evening at during the school year Audrey 6:30 at the Ukiah Stake meeting at 6 or 6:30 a.m. on for the Center on South Dora. school days. The past year students. Dr. Vern Watkins of the they have been studying be Ukiah Stake Presidency the Old Testament. Other Testament. conducted tbe program. Stake President Robert V. Knudsen awarded the Stork R, diplomas to the graduates. MaUde speakers for the ir Were Lori eethel and Gio Bruce Drennan of Ukiah; vannetti Joel Baldwin of L,akeport; and Dan Cloud of Redwood Valley. The guest speaker for the evening was Bishop Walter R. Hardester of Middletown. Bene Hayes and Melissa Bartolomei played a flute duet accompanied by Kathy Van Ostin. A number was A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Leo Giovannetti of Fairfield on May 20th. He has been named Christopher Joseph and weighed seven pounds seven ounces at birth. Mrs. Shirley Sullivan of Le Mars, Iowa, is the proud grandmother while Joe and Dina Cloverdale time. Garibaldi on the grandmother. Joe is just passing out Cloverdale Area Church Director' J ANTIOCH MISSIONARY EAPTIST MISSION Sunday School 10 a.m. NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH Growth Groups 473 Cioverdale Blvd. Mocning Worship 11 a.m. Christian JI. MiSSiOqlBry Alliance Sunday Worship Mi.ion Reresenta1"vie - Ke tiaras Evening Wor'-il 6 p.m. 28 Tarman Drive Evening Service Midweek Service (Thurs.) 7 p.m. Phone: 894-3445 Bible $'t.m:ly (ThurSlay) J BAHA'I FAITH Fireside (MO, /rn$.) 10 a.m. OAT VALLEY BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday School Please call for more Fi,-e$ide (Fri. Eves.) S p.m. Highway I78 Morning Worship information and-or literature C.hiidre's Cia,es Ray.: D.F. Hieter Evening Service Phor: 894-4172 Junior Youth Phone: 894-3107 idweek Service (Wesday) Youth Church Ptne: 894-2998 131 Dina Street J PARKSIDE CHRISTIAN CHAPEL Sunday School CHURCH OF CHRIST .mdy Bible Study ]0 a.m. . 533 West Second St. Nornrng Worship 76 Tarmsn Drive SUn. Morning Worship 11 8.m. RI: Richard Rile Evening Service Minister: Roberf W. Churchill Sundy Evening 6 p.m. Phone: 894.13 Bible Study & Prayer (Wed.) PhOne: 894.5063 Wed. Evening 7:30 p.m. Daisy & Prims (Wed.) WMC All Ladies Welcome (ThUrS-) CHURCH OF GOD PROPHECY Sunday 9: a.m. & 6 p.m. SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST SATURDAY: Pastor: A.W. West CHURCH SabDath $OoI Phone: 894-3595 28775 Redwood Hwy. S. WorShip Service Pastor: Dale Woicott Family Prayer Fellowship (Wed-) Phone: 894-5703 Sister of Service (S,O.S.) 2rid & 4th Tues, CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS 28755 RedwooO Hwy. So. Branch Pres.: Ctauo K. Williams Phone 1194-2032 SUNDAY 3 HOtJR BLOCK PrieSthood 9 a.m. Relief 5otety 9 a.m. ST. PETER'S CATHOLIC CHURCH Saturday Evening Mass Primary 9 a.m. OUR LADY OF MT. CAEMEL Sunday MSS (Asti) Young Women 9 a.m. Redwood Highway SO. Daily AAaSS (CIvd.) SUndaY SChOOl 10 a-m1 Father Henry Sunday SS (C|vd) Sacrament N, eeting 1{):50 a.ml Phone: 894.2535 Relief Society Homemaking 7:30 pro. Mtg. 1St TueS, each Molth J EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD 112 N. Main Slreet Rev. : Marvin Bowers Priest in Charge Phone: 894-5719 $oay Holy Communion 9 a.m. UNITED CHURCH OF CLOVERDALE Sunday Worip 439 N. CIoverdale Blvd. Child Care Available Min.: Robert Kersey Continuing the ministries of the Cooore@ati, Church and the United -- FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH 450 Healdstrg Avenue Pastor : John Poweli Bil:4e Te4ching Program 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship Hour 11 a.m, Church Training Program 4 o.m. Evening Worship Hour 6 p,m. MichvlN Services (Wedftesday) ? p.m. UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Nta, eting with The United Church of Cioverdale Phone: g9-2039 Sunday Worship GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH 890 N. Cioverdale Blvd. Pastor: Norman M. Redeker Phone: 433-3835 or IN4.23. FRED YOUNG & COMPANY 894-2540 Or 433-3329 CLOVERDALE BOWL 110 Healclsburg Ave. 894-7996 II II IIII II IJ Sunday Morn. Worship Service 9 am. Sunday SchoOl 10:15 a.m. THE ENCORE 104 S. Cloverdaie Blvd. tl94-9944 Pellegrini's CHEVRON SERVICE 206 S. Cloverdale BlvcJ 894-3323 I[d I , ., J Domenichelli , REAL ESTATE 104 N. Cloverdale Blvd. 894-33S4 J. PEDRONcELLI CL O VERD/ WINERY REVEILI,00 122GCanyon Rd., Geyserville 112 First S t! J