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May 28, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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May 28, 1980

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Wednesday, My 28, 1980. Page 7 n band; a lends cious Cloverdale's Iligh School bandmaster and music director Steve Connolly rehearses the band.that will be one of two representing the U.S. in a worldwide competition in Vienna, Au,trta. this summer a sit-down dinner. No can- article is dlelight, but wine. Uoverdale The grand bash, perhaps Geyservllle the biggest such social event d in the 123-year history of the town, was a fund-raiser to their help send the local high edition, school band to Austria this Praacisco summer. eeNributed It was typical of the way Higb everyone in town has been going to extraordinary lengths to support the :aut)i'"-D musical excellence of the community's kids. Even the 10-member police department challenged the Oakland Raiders to a game of This ball, basketball, that is. They may be lost the game that drew a full come crowd of 1,000 to the high lml gym, but raised $500 made for the land. Over the last 30 years Steve Connolly, the school's music all this director, has constantly produced one of the top high effort school bands in the state, but this international recognition was is something else. in Earlier this year, when I0 bub- of the band's players were of her selected from among the finest high school musicians up -.and in the state to form part of the a 109-member 1980 Northern California Honor Band, it of love no seemed like the school had would reached a musical summit. women So when the unexpected IgOrfor invitation from the music director of the Assodation for the International Culture Exchange came asking them to participate in the 9th In- tin-national Band Festival in V'nna, it was something out (dr the blue, Cloverdale, Sonoma County, California, U.S.A., population 3,800, will be one of two high school bands representing the United States in a worldwide music competition in Vienna. As Vivian Menicucci, whose husband runs an auto parts shop here puts it: "Can you imagine this tiny little band from this tiny little town going over there? And with so much faith, they could win. "Mr. C (as the popular Connolly is known around the town) has those kids prac- ticing four hours a day before they go. That means they are going to know what they are doing." The other American band selected from across the nation is the AaLlai Stevenson Marching Patriots and Honor Band from Lake Barrington Shores, an Ulinois suburb. During the July festival, the band will perform 16 competitive concerts in 16 days, playing in concert ERS PROP. 10" IT THE "FAIR RENT INITIATIVE" rest of us call It fraud... a victim of fraud... 10 will do to YOU... July'80 Ju'81 July'82 July'83 $19 $209 $257 $313 187 231 283 344 222 272 331 401 335 4O5 488 586 394 475 571 684 18%C and SlOpermonth passthroughexpenses. A quote from the Los Angeles Times: strongly about fraud, perticularly w. its target is legal document of the state, the constitution... We Proposition fails in June." tE NO ON PROP. 10 Sol Beck,r, Chairman, 17 View Ridge Dr., Novato halls, town halls and town squares to musically sophisticated audiences. The honor of the invitation was clear to Connolly wheri he first received the telegraphed message, but the imagined cost of taking a 48- member high school band on a summer European tour seemed hopelessly beyond the financial capability of Cloverdale. Cloverdale is not a big or rich town supporting a wealthy school district. Over the years, Connolly has regularly turned to the local Lions Club when he needed new musical instruments. The cost of the trip to Europe, which may run between $60,000 and $'70,000. was so far out that the invitation hardly seemed worth mentioning. Connoily's wife. now kind el the ravioli queen of Cioverdale, recalls that her husband "just sort of wrote it off as a nice honor. It was an awful lot of money. Until Vivian (Meniccuci) got going, il seemed impossible. She happened to be around and she believes in the im- possible sometimes. She's an amazing woman.". Menicucci was at the high school gym watching a basketball game when she first heard about it and it was suggested maybe she could figure some way to raise the money. "'Mr. C had the telegram in his pocket for over a month and didn'l even know if it was for real. I didn'l even know huw much $60,000 really was, bul I could see that on a per capita basis Santa Rosa would have !o raise over $1 million for this kind of miracle. "! figured it would lake at least $50,o00, so I put the total al $70,000 You know, put it all in one pot and everyone will go. "We're just a small, low- income town and we don't have a Iol of gifted students. II is Mr. C who inspires Ihem to do their best That's whal we now are all supporting "If y.u have the right standards and leaching, studenls can accomplish anything. Mr. C. never ever would sacrifice Ihe kids or his principles for the sake of participaliun. The whole ktmws him and believes in him." Armed with this thinking. Men{cocci wcnI I0 work on the ilear inp.ssible. .nd almost before any(me could '00flvlan Menlcuccl who spearheaded the "Miracle of V/enna' Is an amazing woman" Lan00L00400;igNonag00!ipr00=nrt00t Un UKIAH, CALIFORNIA $2V= Million Evaluation LATE MODEL tOG61H6 & LUMBER TRUCKS, TRAILEflS, L01i61H6 EQUIP., TRUCK PIlITS HIGHLIGHTS CRAU 11UTORS: CaL D8H w/Hyd. AnEh; Blade & Hyster Winch, s/n 46A9194; 1973 Cat. DSC, s/n 10K8116 & 1972 Cat. DSC, s/n 10K6976, j 4. w/Hyd. Str. Dozer, Tilt & Winch; I TII LOI I.: 1972 CaL 966C, s/n 76J5785 & CaL 950, s/n 81J1901, 4. w/Hyd. LOg FOflLS; [ Case Med. 1737 Bobcat Unt-LoMer w/Hyd. Bucket;  PATROLS, (2) j Cat. 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IX: & 225 Aap. Arc, 4. Irk. MM.; Etc.; lrp: plew 12,000 C. eldeq Steel Fuel Tillk; (3) 2OJ,O00 J. Fuel THks; SllOP FJiPMENT; TREMEIIOUS UAHTITY OF NEW.IJIUILT & US PADTS Consisting of Enp., Trees., Rear Ends, Enliue ellril., Etc.; ETC. Wr/t for Fr Dacdl Brochs SALE UNDER SUPERVISION OF WBISliOW'ASH-LEWIS say "Vivian who" nearly everyone of the town's 125 organizations, from church clubs to firemen's auxiliary, emptied {heir treasuries in grand gestures of civic pride. It was heartwarming and brough! the community solidly together. Even the little high school down at Geyserville sent a check. Before the first month of Ihe drive was over, about $53.000 had been k;ounted, and the trip was confirmed. '*We slill have aboul $24,000 Io go." Vivian says. "It's going Io be harder from here on in wilh most people already given what they have, bul we know we're g.mg to make it. Just amazing this little Iown doing what it has." "llmt ntay be so, but the c-.|munity is still trying hard Still {o come will be a hree-day square dance ja.,boree, a Lions Club pancake breakfast, a Union ()il lout of the Geysers (;eothermal steam plant, .,,nW card parties and a Mexicatt droner. A Wilmie Cmnolly put it, "'Ve can't quit now. one way or am);hcr we're going. I'd even be willing to make ;HlcHh(,r 700 d,zen ray{oils.'" Cloverdale may be small but some things come big here II I I Aerobic Dance Class Choreography by Karen Miller *DISCO *CHARLESTON *JAZZ to Total Fitness! FREE DEMONSTRATION Friday June 13, 5:30 - 6:30 894-3706/527 -7827 Evening Classes Begin June 16 CLIP THIS AD FOR FUTURE REFERENCE NEED VISION CAR SERVICES? select a doctor of optometry from the , t llllk ' I IIIIE American Optometric Association Afillisted With The Redwood Empire Optometric Soety TE LEPHONE 527-7803 MEMBERS SANTA ROSA DAREL E. ASHLEY B643  Dkd. f3., !i31-Zl10 ROGSR H. DOUCHER 515 Fwmn lame ...... ML711N ARTHUR R. DOWOON 1138 : 4th It .......... 5-M414 MLLL P. CAMPBELL ErE Fwmm lame ...... MI-THI MICHAEL D. CHAMBERLAIN l Me4em Dr./2BE.. $2S417 ROBERT S. FOO 21166  Am ...... M.IISD RAYMOND L. GOTTLlel 327 Cdp Aue ........ 1274107 J. MICHAEL RARMON 4 ImmmV Of .... tlliZ R. DAVID J011ES Is  o/all. Rs41m DeNIII R. KeNNeDY ZOIE ........... Mg-3131 PAUL II. KENT tUD Lm AlUm IM ..... ID0-11] IAI J. MIOOLETON 11111  lk. ....... UI-II ROY Oi(AMOTQ IZBE Fmmn Luee ..... MI-DMI JEFFREY LRICH 731- 4tl St. ......... 14.leM * LEE/L SHIPLEY 230 Cebnm CO... SeI *JOHN E. STAROOA', It 2729 Yd A ...... qllCHO LAS P. VROUVAS 2BE-E IL .......... 14048 ,ZMaTOPOL e. FRITZ KHU6ER 237 N.lie SL ....... I L BARRY LUTZ M7 L iiidn 9t. ........ 1123-7881 ONONA ROBERT F. OOWO D46- 3hi I. Rb ...... IICE-li NORMAN SCNWADERER 34W. SWlo D ......... I CLO VE RD ALE L A. GERBER 132 N, leverllale  ....... 14-N11 IDILUAM F. HOYeR me.em ......... :m-31 GUERNEVILLE L BARRY LUTZ l13101io . .......... IIMI41 HEALD$BURG JOHN W. 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