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May 26, 1982     Cloverdale Reveille
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May 26, 1982

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Page 6 Wednesday May 26, 19U II II III III I I I IIIIIII I I I II II  I III I IIIIIII II 00-Editorz&apos;ak I The peoples choice? You may have noticed, this week and the last few, the abun- dance of advertising for political candidates seeking your vote. You may have accurately deduced that this is election time, and you, the voter, have suddenly become a very popular persorL Now you.may not appreciated all this attention, in fact it may be an- noying to yo I have to admit that for us, the voters, election campaigns can become very tedious. It seems that there are very few ways to say the same thing, and make it sound differenL Many times we find ourselves wondering why we must be sub- jected to all of this. If you have asked yourself why, I suppose the best answer is that it is important. These men and women, who will be elected, will run your town, decide policies for your children, and quite : specifically affect the way you live, work and even play. It would :ii seem that the more we know about them the better we can decide to which candidates we will delegate these precious steward- :" ships. Public appearance, advertising, and editorial comment are ": vital means of candidate exposure. The more you see them the more you will know about them. That knowledge will give a %  sound base from which an intelligent decision can be made. ? It is my opinion thatover the past JUU years had the American people listened more, cared more, thought more, and decided . more, we would have less to complain about and more to applauL  Take the time to listen, ask questions and make some good de- cisions about who will run our town. Voting intelligently makes difference. Last election only 569 total votes were cast out of a 1836 registered voters. That's a 31% turnout folks/Can you tell me that such an election speaks with the voice of the people? I think not. I can promise you this: someone will fill the vacant City Coun- cil seats after June 8. Will they be the people's choice, chosen by I I I I I I I IIIIIIII I I IIII I III II I IIIII ;: - e:  t SRJC Summer School Re " Summer School registration starts Tuesday, June 1, at Santa Rosa Junior College. Summer classes begin June 21. On June 1, only, the first day of registrationk students must regis- ter according to a schedule based on the last two digits of their social security numbers, as follows: 26-50 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., 51-74 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., 75-00 1:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., 01-25 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 o.m.. 00-99 S:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Beginning Wednesday, June 2. students may drop in and register at Bailey Hall, SRJC, from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 5-8 p. m. Mondays through Thursdays and from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Fridays. SRJC's Petaium Center at the Petaluma Fairgrounds also accepts registrations for classes scheduled in both Petaluma and Santa Rosa. Regisration will con- tinue through June 23. Summer school day and evening classes begin June 21. Most class- es are scheduled for a six-week period, ending August 3. A few classes are on an eight week schedule, ending August 17. The complete Summer Schedule d  is available free at  Bailey Hall, SRJC, and at the Petaluma Center. Courses listed include administratiort of justice,- aeronautics, agriculture, anatomy, ": Responce to 'disturbed' an organization that is over 50 Tunney. " , years old and has earned the ,: Editor: respect of the nation as an unbias- Bert Ehman . " ed, informed .qrouo whose inteqriW I'" '' Weare vriting in response to is unchallenged. Our main purpose OLOVDRLE'g- L .0 #f : the letter which concerns the as anorganmatlon is to encourage the informed and active parttcipa- /qJ/Ih/' ,/t i League of Women Voters in the Election Coverage ; May 19, 1982 issue of the Reveille. tion of all citizens in government Editor: Dear Disturbed, aka Josephine and politics. (1  C. Paterson: As a relatively new resident of Thank you for mentioning the Joy Stephenson Cloverdale [ve been enjoying the _ " " r upcoming Cloverdale City Council Susan Clark evolution of "The Reveille" over Candidate s Night scheduled for the past few months. The paper " Thursday, June 3, 1982, at 7:30 has become truly involved in the conditioning in painting in Sonom There is no California at SRJC. A $2 charged each and some courses cover materials Non-California tuition of $75 Per Persons 18 may whether or graduates. lt may be high school ent, in June. Hi will be seniors may enroll in at SRJC this students should school counselors information. p.m. at the Veteran's Memorial Building on West First Street. This event is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Sonoma County, Cloverdale Unit. Everyone is cordially invited to attend to meet the eight council candidates " and hear what they consider to be the issues facing our community. Please look for more details else- '.where in this paper. We, too, were disturbed that you were not introduced to us during our business meeting and wonder- ed who you were, why you were there and whether or not you were Interested in Joining. At our next meeting we will announce that every member Is personally responsible for intro- ducing her guest to the other . members. , The League o Women Voters : was founded in 1920 and row has  almost 140,000 members nation- : wide. Since their admission as full ,:, voting members in 1974, over 3000 men have joined. Any Americaq  citizen over the age of 18 may Join as a full member. A basic principle of the League 'has been its non-partiasnship. This means that although the League ",. may support or oppose legislation, ;: :it NEVER supports or opposes a i: cndidate or party. Each local ' Leauge has members of different 'polittcal parties in its membership , and they are encouraged to work  for the candidates or parties of  thmr choice. The League of Women Voters Is mcognized and valued for its : efforts to encourage regtestering a and voting. It leads the way In providing solid nonpartisan lnfor- marion on candidates and ballot issues at election time, on maor i: issues of public concern at all  times. The LWV, shapes l.slatlon :; at every government level to mt the public's needs and strengthen citizen participation in the political process. We are proud to be members of Lovely Town Editor: I read that article about "Where is Cloverdale". It is a lovely town, for sure! I lived here when I was 22, my husband John Chewning and Floyd Buell cut wood for Hollis Block. Fve watched Cloverdale grow. Sincerely, lsobele Chewning Sheep Rancher for Tunney Editor: " As a 5onoma County sheep rancher concerned with the in- creasing loss of livestock caused by marauding dogs whose owners allow them to run loose in violation of the County's leash ordinance, I came to the Sonoma County Dis- trict Attorney's Office last April to findout what assistance that office could give me and other ranchers. I happened to be referred to Deputy District Attorney Jay Dove. Mr. Dove made it clear to me that he was not interested in my problem. He stated that the District Attor- ney's office did not give a high priority to prosecuting local ordin- ance violations, including leash laws. ] was, needless to say, upset and disappointed by his attitude. Later after talking directly to District Attorney Gene Tunney | discovered that Dove's policy was not the policy of the District Attorney. In fact Mr. Tunney and his assistant, Mike Mullins per- sonally attended meetings with local ranchers, animal control of. ricers, judges, and county supervi- sors and helped draft tougher laws designed to reduce livestock losses from trespassing dogs. To my surprise I have learned that Dove is now running for election as Dlstri_ Attorney. ON the basis of my personal epe- lence with him, I stonflly urg all concerned citizens to vote for Gene community, helpful to the organi- zations, and the reporting has really reflected the town's events and interests. Since my husband and I are still quite new here, however, we do wish for some information vital to us in the upcoming elections. We need some objective cover- age about our local candidates running for city election. A few biographical notes and a concise few lines about how each candidate feels about the issutSs and the town would be so very helpful to us and to the many other newer residents to Cloverdale. A non-partisan review of issues and candidates would also seem to be compatible with the news- paper's purpose--to serve the town. l hope "The Reveille" will expand it's exceOent reportage of events and activities fo include similar caliber articles dealing with non-partisan political subjects and important issues facing our town. Keep up your good word! Sincerely, May Ellen Terry Editors Note: We hope this issue helps. Look for more next week. R.B. Town Apy Eor: Last night Cloverdale's P'I;A provided the community with a program specially geared to help- ing the individual deal with the problem of drug and alcohol abuse in a small community. The pro-. gram, was well organlzed, well publicized, most Infccmatlon and poorly attended. The few people who worked long and hard to make this program available to ommun- ity residents should be commend- ed. Their efforts were obvious. Those who attended were mainly police and school personnel, who anthropology, art, astronomy, auto tire mechanics, biology, business administration, bookkeeping, cleri- cal-secretarial, business math, business machines, chemistry, civil engineering, consumer and family studies, data processing, econom- ics, electronics, English, geogra- phy, geology, German, guidance, health care, history, industrial education, library science, radio and TV, math, microbiology, mu- sic, nursing, philosophy, physical education, political science, psy- chology, psychiatric technology, radiologic technology, sociology, spanish, speech, theatre arts and work experience. At SRJC's Petaluma Center, there are daytime classes in art, business math, typing, machine transcription, word processing, English, carter developement, U.S. history, algebra, aerobic dance, weight training, American politics and sociology. Evening classes in Petaluma include aero- nautics, bookkeeping, business da- ta processing, business math, elec- tronic calculator, typing, machine transcription, wod pr, English, psych. : Off-campus classes this summer include volleyball and physical fitness in Point Arena, basketball, folk and modern dance and body May 20:" First: Marie Hill, and Eleanor Stan and Dorothy  t4oo00A.00 00'CHOOL OUT gave of their own time to be there. About six community parents at- tended. It is sad that we so readily express our concerns and yet when a program such as this, that could be of such benefit to our commun- ity, i$ provided, so few take .advmntage of the opportunity to benefit from it. Linda Persons Editor. I hope the people of Clovrdale relect Jack Domenichelli to the City'council. He is experienced, and he does wk consistently for Cioverclale and has time tobe really helpful to orators. Just the kind of man we red. And very important, rm zs a member of LAFCO which is about the most powerful committee in Sonoma County and we are very fortunate in having, him as a member. Name Withheld Wants an explaination Members of the group at the City hall: We are'waiting to get a written statement from ygu telling what your intentions are, concerning our property on School Street. Your first emissary knocked and read from a shady slip of paper held low in his hand. I, don't hear well so it was not clear at all what he wanted to say. Then the next day your two lackeys came and cut down my,tow healthy corner trees, one a forest tree the other a fruit tree with llow plurrm almost btg enough to ripen. A smiling young lady drove a truck up to gather ti aeons. THE CITY sent the, who could object. We want a writt state- rnent signed by at least three of your cohorts telling what your intentions are concerfling us lm<[ our prope). We have been peaceful citizens always working for the best good for the  of Clovrdale, the best cllmate and the all around beat place to live in California. Now I have to change all you expect to station? Why heavy trucks to Street when it was express ruling that should ever use bring up. WhY dtately start by two trees? No CITY dealed be ended. Mrs. Asa grave situation to me County This serious Jim Gallagh, candidates is well' i current ma County ..... ion.