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May 26, 1982     Cloverdale Reveille
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May 26, 1982

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en Delights Iliissa Cox tus Trees mean kangaroos brings visions to my mind. Australian na- introduced to 125 years ago noted the great limates ot They grew so sands of trees were lflmvn the state just m an unsuccessful , and eventually far- a large scale It is not often that pst free eucalyptus n planted in the proper care, strong, vigorous the Greek and KALYPTOS imd refers to the Word that on there will be propositions Channel 50. p.m. This is league of Wo- all interested program. vein, local and Jancey .e of the 1982 for Councn. #7 on the woody flower caps that cover the seed capsules. When the tree is ready to reproduce, the lid pops off the capsule and the flowers e- merge. These flowers come in white, yellow or red and are usually. borne in small clusters that are very attractive to bees. Some species have such bright visible flowers that they line the street of many Australian towns like flower- ing cherries, while others have flowers that can hardly be seen. The juvenile foliage on most eucalyptus is often very different from the ma}ure foliage but it is usually blue-green in color. Almost all of these trees have an oily pungent odor and many varieties have an additional fragrance of peppermint, lemon, medicinal or other scents. All parts of the tree produce oils that have been used from disinfectants to boot polish Eucalyptus trees grow anywhere from i0 ft. to 150 ft. tall and make excellent screens and windbreaks. The tallest non-conifer in the world s the Eucalyptus regnans that has 1cached 350 ft. in Australia. Euca- lyptus are often referred to as gum trees because of the thick sap that oozes out of cuts or wounds in the plant, but gum is also used to designate the smooth bark varie- ties. The term ironbark means the bark is rough and hard and mallee is the word used for shrubby varieties. I have picked out 9 species that are widely used and often available n nurseries, but they are only a fraction of the trees that can be grown Most eucalyptus trees grown here are started by seed and there are some catalogs that sell a wide range of seeds to the public for those enterprising gardneners who want to grow some of the more unusual species Some of the more common ones are E. camaldulensis (Red gum), E. citriodors (Lemon scented gum), E. ficifolia (Red- flowering gum), E. globulus (Blue gum). E. globulus &apos;Compacta' (Dwarf blue gum), E. nicholii (Peppermint), E. polyanthemos (Silver dollar gum), E. sideroxylon (Red ironbark), and E. viminalis (Manna gum). To choose the best eucalypt for your gardening needs, consult a professional nursery- person or read up on them in any number of gardening books. One of these trees may be just what you've been looking for. Corner inter- copies ol meet- Can now pick up City Library on as at City iI out agendas at mrning of.the,, meetings, usually 1 the corlstruction to start this summer on the Second Street widening project. Things are getting in gear for the job and it will be a big improvement, that has long been needed. We are all glad to hear of Geneva Scalese continued improvement in her long hospital stay. Best wishes from the City go to Councilman Scalese and Geneva! With confirmation of hire for the Parks and Rec. Summer Program occuring on Tuesday. May 25, at that Council Meeting publication of the intended summer program should soon be instigated. Keep your eyes peeled for the informa- tion to appear in the Cloverdale Reveille. We hope to have a bang-up program this year. If anyone is interested in obtain- ng schedules fr the new bus system slated to start June. I. 1982. between Santa Rosa and Cloverdale, we received a large pile of schedules from the County and they are at your disposal. It will be a $3.00 round trip ticket purchase and the bus will stop at Broad Street close to the Grey- hound Bus stop Councilman Cong- don told me he intended to ride the bus to work in Santa Rosa the first day, to see what the passengers can expect in the way of service. I'll ask Steve for a update on the situation. Hope you all have a marvelous Memorial Day Weekend! Remem- ber that the local Memorial Day Services planned by the VFW and the Legion Post at the Cloverdale Cometary. You should find particu- lars about the time in todays Gaper. And another reminder, RE- MEMBER TO VOTE ON JUNE 8TH!! This year we have eight City Council Candidates running and many of them have been attending Council Meetings and coming in to ask questions and asking for copies of City Budgets and commission lists and chain of command infor- mation. It appears we will have a good number of well informed Council Candidates this electio n . Lets sho them we care about their concern and willingness to rk by a large voter turn out. 'G limpses of the past By Jack Howell A hundred years seems like a long, time when you think about it Sometimes when I feel that old it seems like yesterday. At any rate. it's interesting to note the similary ity in the times as one wades through the yellowing pages of yesterdays history. For instance, in the Reveille of 1880 it was men- tioned that the city dads have fixed the rate of taxation for Santa Rosa at 40 cents on each $100. which is not too high The State. County and School Board still have to levy, so go slow gentlemen. times are dull". As far as crime was concerned, Marshall Blume, the keeper of justice and the town jail at the time, was called to aprehend a bad guy who had beat a citizen out of his watch. The good Marshall followed them to the city and recovered the goods in a pawn shop. Now, that's what you call police action and dedication to duty. Not likely it would happen that way today. It would be out of local jurisdiction and referred to other authorities and miles of paper work would be in order etc But that's our world today, com- plex as its is it's the only one we have. Marshall Blurne was busy at that time, as the next week he took a bed guy to the Santa Rosa jail who was sentenced to 55 days in the calaboose for pilferinq books from a school-house and some harness lines, all recovered. I guess the poor fellow wanted to further his edlucation and needed a horse to get to school. Merchants were competing with their competitors much the same then as now. Mr. Marks, proprietor of a general merchandise store, advertised that he was willing to well clothing 25% cheaper than any other merchant in Cloverdale An example of his wares was as follows: "Pants-made to order- $5.50 and up;Suits made to order- $0 and up;" and French and American goods were always avail- able. ,So imports were in vogue then also as foreiqn markets vied for the American dollar (then worth a dollar). Grant and Bentley, carriage and buggy makers, had a sale on springwagons--Cheap! Sounds like the used car business doesn't it'/ The City Hotel advertised meals and )odging at 25 cents. Another hopeful merchant it was reported had stoed 1800,sacks of wheat at Hoadleys warehouse usin.q about a third offf,,-.,ce The remarkable ;)r .'i: rt, L: ,,,n a minister fr:' [" .:! ;-r!-;p: he was qolriq !o re,:: : , fio:k i was reporter tr ! , ,r [., a,ivi:;. Colorado at th 2: ! <ri, ,.,... eliing for 30 cunt ;: [,;,;. ,:.d tit nobody casts ny rq tr, ,.,,tcr. t}.re Corn was I0 <.er:, - :ushei in Texas and p,Tr)p ! ' t; !r]rp;terHrg a revolu- tior ]u  , ; prce of rotgut whike 7 v. a,-, reduced. O }, rm,rous side it was oher,.-(! i,,: "e, en if a boy s ai.dV;, v d:;;4: I want to be an Ang;e; . it is us,' as well to keep the pre-ur'ed [xars on the top shelf a;! !id,. ie tep ladder" Here'- :, ru..,,-- m;m to ponder over "The arr:,.,a] of American grair t Rus at; port has opened the :,:, rf t:e people to the defici,,:r:; of fl-,er .ystem of arjr',cu',t u : Othr trr:, '.' quipe that appeared m this f;rt yuar of the Cloverdale Re',.el]e wure "Old Winnemucca. Chief of t!;: Putes was kdled by his son-in law v. hich proves that an unhappy marriage can sometimes lead to violence. Highway robbery was becoming fashionable--the a- verage life of a house-fly was twenty days--so why box a fly swatter, they'll be dead in a short ume anyhow In Lakeport a body was found at Goodwins Point. east of Magw S!ough two rocks weigh- ing 50 pounds each were attached to the body and the belief is now prevalent thin foul play was asso- ciated with the affair." Dr Coornes that uear erected a winery on hi% place, and also a still as he tad 17 acres oi grapes and expecled to make 18.000 gallons of wine h was belie/red that the still wouid pay all the expenses of the winery as the profit was all gain. (As Dr Coomes was a dentist it's obvious t}at the sti]l would provide anisthtic for his patients A few snorts of Old Overalls beats nova- came-no question). As all newspapers require sub- scripnons to exist Mr Ragsdale. ,'heedi'or st,ted Another issue of the Reveille, wiI! compiete the first year '-ub'crbers please take no- tice an! a,t accordingly, the paper has ,.ast]'. !:r, proved and the price of $2 per yr,ar s the cheapest in Caiif.oruia our friends are encour- aged to come in and give their support for this noble cause." By lg2 the paper had survived b' hod ;brd  new editor. Edward D Sparrow. Evidently Mr. Raqsdale had found the real estate Wednesday, May 26, 1982 Page K DOMENiCHELLI: Experienced, Qualified & Dedicated raise funds and supported the Dear Friends Voters, On behalf of myself end my family I am once again asking for your support in re- election to the City Council. This is my home. Im proud of it, and I want every. one to enjoy its benefits. Sinoerely, Jeck Domenichelli, Family U Jack supported the development of King's Valley. Jeck with Senator Berry Keene w business more lucrative. Humor- ous ancedotes still tickled the funnybones of the populace. Some- thing that is lacking today. Even comic strips are of a serious nature, the only thing humerous is the politics. Note worthy of the times were the followinG: Another deer came tearing throgh town tb other day A girl tried to catch it, but the blamed thing wouldn't stand still A quartette of boys and a two and one-half pound dog followed for quite a distance." Signs of the times: Droves of fat hogs are coming in every day to be shipped by rail: and a drove of 198 turkeys was driven through town by Mr. Bale of Lake County Can you imagine the awful noise asso- ciated with those endeavors? And we think the trucks are bad, but" just imagine 198 screaming fbtter-. ing, gobbling fowl in the middle of Cloverdale Blvd. And equally as bad would be a couple hundred fat,' sassy, acorn-fed hogs squealing their way down the main drag. And then until shipped their detention at the yard of the railroad, espcially if you were downwind of the critters. It's almost enough to' convert a body to vegetarianism. As the townsfolk of those days, lazily made swirls of dust with the-i toe of their boots, in the mid-day ' sun, whilst lingering beneath the " shade of the canopied stores you could hear them remark: "Ho hum," another drove of turkeys, thal : makes three this week, but then. who is counting'?" And a local ':', chinese was seen being rescued" from drowning and saying "Thank Queue! And he was rescued by  being pulled out by his pigtail. .., And it finally happened! A drove ,i of turkeys got out of a coop at the, depot Monday eve and the towns-:' folks helped corral them, not-with- ? standing a few disapeared into stew pots or fricasees. Believe it or-, not. a man captured a white swan ,, that measured 7 feet 3 finches, and ;. weighed 38 pounds. And it was reported on good authority that Ransom Powell of Healdsburg. recently sold a monster ox to someone that weighed 2,136 pounds and brought $I00 in gold. To close this syndrom of poor, humor, bad taste, and boorish/ quotes I leave you with this pearl of wisdom, quote: "Sara Bernhart, the famous actress is reported as having a delectable kiss that was rated as a cross between the ' suction of a force pump and the , explosion of a over fermented yeast, jug!" Almost gross, eh? % r Jack supported the building at our town "' library. j 5 ! Jack as member of LAFCO iaalso County Official oringe, he supports Ja4k dreams of a new pork ot this elte- Jack SUltlbePre-@41toolpegram. Jamk throws the 1st Little League pitch of JeckD. aupportslnduotry for Jobs. the aoason. -ELECT JACK DOMENIcHELLI toCity Council! ;