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May 14, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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May 14, 1980

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JOKERI DE WORLD OF SPORTS -(MYSTERY) 4:00 ]I GUNSMOKE S NEED' S MOVIE GUIDE ,jMOVIE -(FANTASY) 4:10 SHA NANA FACE THE NATION 5100 N1 .EE -(DRAMA) BEAUTY CONTEST S O IN SEARCH OF.., DANA POLLS ,0 TIME TRIALS ,NG FROM THE GROUND UP EWS 5:30 ) GONG SHOW g NBC NEWS WILD KINGDOM U CAMERA THREE NEWS Tuesday - 12:15 * qt4OVIE -(ADVENTURE) MERV GRIFFIN 1:1S ............................ ( CLOEUP 13 1:39 5:30  THREE' S A CFIOWD O UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 1:35 6:OO EVENING 0:00 STAR TREK NEWS NEWS . MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT NEW8 -(COMEDY) ,J HAPPY DAYS AGAIN 6:30 NEWS OVER EASY O MATCH GAME  JOKER" S WILD ALL IN THE FAMILY SANFORD AND SON 7:00 M.A.S.H. WEEKNIGHT ]I NBC NEWS O CgS NEWS O ABO NEWS DK CAVETT SHOW EVENING ( NEWLYWED GAME (N) TIC TAC DOUGH JOKER" S WILD 6:OO 7:30 OOOCOUE ,.o. 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AMERICA'S ATHLETES Ig 9:30 8:30  TAXI ONE DAY AT A TIME 10:00 S:OO (B NEWS U:ETHE BIG EVENT  HART TO HART ICE U MASTERPIECE THEATRE SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE ) GUNSMOKE RPIECE THEATRE 10:30 ,j BLACK RENAISSANCE .j TWILIGHT ZONE O:30 11:00 THE JEFFERSObis O PRISONER: CELL BLOCK H AMANECER H' I0:.00 ,N= ,NEWS ),3 TWIUGHT ZONE UNTOUCHABLES t=nu, nPPER JOHN M.D. (rjlAovIE -(DRAMA) 11:30 IT` S YOUR AFFAIR O BENNY HILL IT' S YOUR BUSINESS  DECISION' 80 10:30  CAMPAIGN' 80 O ELECTION 'OO  ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE O 700 CLUB UMOVIE -(DRAMA) JACK VAN IMPE j BEST OF GROUCHO 11:00 12:00 NEWS O F.B.I+ 11:30 (N[]I THE TONIGHT SHOW BC LATE NIGHT MOVIE (() CBS LATE MOVIE EWS MESOARIFFIN EWS 1:00  D CIDED CITY: JERUSALEM FACE THE NATION  NEWS 11145 )MOVIE -(MYSTERY) -(SUSPENSE) 1:20 12:00  NEWS 1:30 ( SOAP 2:30  THREE'S A CROWD 2:40 ) NEWS 2:55 7:30 "j MUSIC AND THE SPOKEN WORD =,,- OTIC TAC DOUGH O ONCE UPON A CLAS,SIC O HUMAN DIMENSION EVENING MAGAZINE j WORLD OF SURVIVAL 6:I 5 O IAIC O FAMILY FEUD 9:.00 () SACRED HEART (WOVIE -(ADVENTURE-FANTASY) 3:10 m  EN .REVI..A (MOVIE -(DRAMA) (g;)VIE -(MUSICAL) 2:05 2:20 i) CHARUE" S ANGEL  8.TRE ) 2: O:OO O THREE' S A CROWD O 30 MINUTES OREX HUMItRD 2: I MY THREE SONS BI MEET THE PRESS MOVIE -(DRAMA)  GREATEST SPORTS LEGEN0 O TELL A VISION 2:.10 1.'  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THE LAST YEAR Monday  OUR MEN IN THE CAPITOL -(DRAMA)30 t MOMENTS OF REFLECTION  JETSONS; TIME OUT O JERRY FALWELL o:.3o  CATHouc 0  USA PAGEANT (B WORLD T O SACRED HE 7"15 EVENING  BARNEY MILLER OJONNYQUEST;TIMEOUT by Douo Davis JUST KIDOG (1 MONTY WTHO.FLYING CIRCUS 7".30 O BASEBALL 00 HOUR OF POWER I@@i)THE O CAPTAIN CAVEMEN-TEEN AINIGELS; O CAMPUSPEF'ECTIV ' 6100 STAR TREK "RI00NGY'00I- ,00_XANG.00 eH.CN00. (]I JUUA CHILD AND MORE COMPANY 10B POPEYE; IN THE NEWS M4OVIE -(COMEDY)  NEWS OWE, THEI<JOS MStNNEEHRSRRERDm During his recent TV CTAI CAVFJUU-TEEN WRRDmMINmTRm.S special Johnny Cash: The ANGELS; ALEX AND ANNIE J BIG BLUE (J JULJA CHILD AND MORE COMPANY NEWS TV NElL LE ) 20-20 I POPEYE; IN THE NEWS CTAI CAVFJUU-TEE NEWS "he )MOLLFLANDERS ANGELS; ALEX AND ANNNE I]IAIBCNL=WS + First 25 Year= Cash in- ( GUNSMOKE jMOVIE -(COMEDY) IMOVIE -(DRAMA) 11:OO BOO ,J HAPPY DAYS .. traduced the disc jockey who =wsOcK. OSCCRY 1,.-= . O.JFO--u.s.A. 8. SVISTREET was responsible for playing PHELEAGUE BASEBALL GAME NEWS " ODICKCAVETTSHOW 8OVEREAS Y the first Cash recording ever DuNTs WF.EKNGSPB:L OPLROdm'S heard on the airwaves. O MATCH GAME TENNIS . j CASPER O'S0  JOKER" S WILD ) ALL IN THE FAMILY O BENNY HILL . O SOUL TRAIN 11.30 O DAY OF DISO(/I'f +('#J SAN FaRO AND 7".SO'.00 THE TONIGHT SI-IOW  AMERICAN BANDSTAND  VISTAS CBS LATE MOVIE O FAT ALBERT; IN THE NEWS O AM WEEKEND ( M.A.S.H N/_ _ABC NEWS NIGHTUNE ( JOKER, JOKER, JOKER I NEW DIRECTIONS JD WEEKNIGHT I]mlOVlE -(ADVENTURE-ORAlS4 () BEST OF GFIOUCItO Il ABUNOANT UVING m) NBC NEWS D URBAN TIMES ql CgS HEWS 1 l:r . BUGS BUNNY 9:.00 O ABC NEWS ( CHARLIE' S ANGA AFTE U OICK CAVET SHOW ) MERV GRIFFIN12:O O O ORAL ROeERTS"  NEWLYWED GAME  CAPfT'OL AND THE CLERGY qE]I@D TIC TAC DOUGH O F.B.I. I.OO 12:00 O JlllkIY SW/.tRT  JOKER' S WILD 7"30 NEWS : O SHAZAM; IN THE NEWS ') SESAME  O RESUMEN DE LA SElllk  CONVERSATION JR.  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F.IR I GET SlKqT +1- 3:40 IDA UFE tU=Xm 4.'OO  HEE HAW  THAT NASH1RLLE MUSIC TIlONAL SOCCER I YOUNG PEOPt.B8 SPECIAL 4".I0  POP GOES THE COUNTRY O THE RWCF.RS 5.110 , AFTERNOON m THE TONIGHTgHOW . - .................................. Icm LATE ,mE LOVE OOUBLES TEmlm NL=W PRIOE IS RIGHT LOOK AT ME O GOOO NEWS LAWMAKERS 5"J 8(XAL NATIONAL INVTTATIONAL -(OnAM'4 NBc NEW8 I, PYR, AEI) I: SYNTHESIS a 2:OO 4:,I + 4". PHiL SILVERS SHOW  -(WEMEm) ERANO ) 1:DO I I S YOUR HIEALTH I:OO OTHnFS ACn0WO .GuENORTH AMERICAN 80CCE ' omws The Worth County Fair in Northwood. Iowa really want- ed the Statler Brother= to perform at their fair this year. The Statlers appeared at the fair five years ago, and it seems there were so many requests for them to return, the fair board made a truly special effort to bring them back this year. In fact. since the Statlers don't make any personal aplearances in the month of July, the fair board decided to move the fair back a week (from late July to early August) in order to accommodate the Statlers' schedule! Saturday May 17 promises to be on of the hottest nights in Cicago since Mrs. O'Leary's cow set the city aglow many years ago. None other than George Burns will appear with Kenny Roger= at the opening concert of the city's new Rosemont Horizon--the long awaited 4 20,000 seat concert  !, Wednesday, May 14, 1980 - Page 15 American Legion By FRANK OLLENA At noon Durham and hi= On Saturday, May 10 Commander Joseph F. Anello, First Vice Com- mander Jack Durham and his lady Helen Fetty were among the many legionnaires to attend and assist in the Junior Olympics held at Bailey Feild on the Santa Rosa Junior College campus. This is the third time the local Legionnaires have been in- valved in this event. And t according to them it is a very rewarding experience. Veterans are also invited and urged to participate. The next games will be held at Sonoma State Hospital. May 18 will soon be upon us and this is the day the local Legionnaires and anyone else will be assisted by the Rio Lindo Academy students in cleaning up the local cemetery Commander Anello urges and invites anyone who has a men'her of the family or loved one buried at the cemetery to be present in order that assistance can be given in cleaning that particular plot. As Anello put it, "we need all of the help we can get from anyone who will be good enough to help." On Saturday, May 31 at 11 a.m. Memorial Day services will be held at the cemetery in honor of all of the dead and particularly those service men who gave their lives in the service of the United States. According to Charles Harper, Post Chaplain Congressman Donald Clausen and California American Legion Officials have been invited to take part in the services. All local citizens are invited to attend and .pay honor to the fallen serwcemen and women. crew of cooks will have a chicken'barbeque ready for consumption by all in at- tendance. The affair will take place at the city park with tickets going for 14 per person. All proceeds will go to the Cloverdale High School, and, the sonn-to-be world-famous Cloverdale High School Band wiU be present to give you an idea of what may go on in Vienna, Austria - a sort of sneak preview, if you will. The local Legionnaires will hold their regular meeting o. Wednesday, May 14 (Tonight) in the C]overdaie Memorial Building. Main item on the agenda, other than finalizing the above projects, will be election of officers for the ensuing year. Only members with paid up dues will be allowed to vote in the election. Installation of officers will be held on Wednesday June 11. Aneilo promises one of the moat unique installations ever for this post, if everyhtlng goes as planned and promised. The Legionnaires are also preparing to make premm- tations to students of the local elementary and high schooil. Citizenship and a $200 scholarship award will be made in conjunction with the graduation exercises. On Wednesday, May =8, Cloverdale's richest and moSt popular Bingo game will be held. The Legionnaires offer a $100 blackout to the lucky person. Everyone is welcomed to attend and meet local residents and becole acquainted with the Legion's functions. It's fun and the proceeds go toward buying gifts for the area children during Christmastime. Gory Antollnl honored at dinner reception Gary Antolini, Assistant District Attorney and can- didate for Municipal Court Judge, Office No. 3, was recently honored at a dinner reception sponsored by the Indian Council of Northern California at the Santa Rosa with Guest Speaaker, Gary Antolini. Lencho Cordov said "Gary Antolini h cooperated with the people in establishing a better relationship with the Coul't System. Gary AntolWd is an advisor to the Indian Indian Center. Kashia Tribal Council of Northern Dancers with Dave Smith California. (Wint) were featured along " !  B =mini 00asbord Lunch Dinner Or Choose From Our Complete Menu We're Open Every Day from 6 a.m. - 9 p.m. Closed Tuesday t ' the j [ Redwood Smorgette J ..... : 504 N. Cloverdale Blvd. imm=mmm= m=mimm=J= I .,. ,-.- NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH Tues. - Fri. 11-2pm 89,:-S723 RESTAURANT '3 "s to '4 "s Specials Thurs. - Veal Picatta Fri.. Shrimp Tempra Sat. - BBQ Chicken Sun. - Beef Wellington Incfule SOUrdOUgh Bread, SOUp or ,llad & Ivl'lge 1 8LOCK T OFTNE CITRI$ FAI + ,. 1 L