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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
May 7, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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May 7, 1980

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12:00  MEDICAL CENTER mNEWS g DAYS OF OUR UVES ALL MY C 800=v00sHo* () HUCK AN, YOGI 12:.30 Y RLY HILI.BILUES I:00 EB M--WE -. L AE W ONE ETO IB EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING . E} GOMER PYLE 1:30  ANOTHER WORLD I-- DICK VAN DYKE 8HOW 2:00 MOVIE GENERAL HosPrrAL . VARIOUS PROGRAMMING 00,ve.To%00R  cx&apos;YS  BUNNY AND  KE  (C,.) NIGHT STREET YellOW |.  ON | iRYAN'8  ] 6 MuRSTERS Page 16 - Wednesday, May 7, 1980 . N NEws  NEWLYWED GAME 5:00 12:.00   LATE E )  NEWS  JOKER' S   HEE HAW O BE ANNOUNCED  A NEWS NE E -(ADVENTURE-DRAMA) P  V S " COUPLE 7:30  N ) ISSUES AND S  BEST OF GHO . PRICE IS RIGHT NEWLYWEOC, AME "po.,oSTE.EC THEA (c.-"*RNELER TIC T DOUGH  HOLLYWOOD SQUARES  WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS 11:50 7:30 . EVENING NE  X NEWS 12:.00 g) ODD COUPLE  KD EVENING EDITION 5:30 lE -.(DRAMA) . F.B.I. I SHA  NA " MAGAZINE . N NEWS 12:30 12:20 C TAG DOUGH . PLAY THE NTACES R ' PYRAMID . DIRECTIONs .  WOMAN May 13 i NI" GNE E" ER..(DRAMA) " NEWsUT  E S  S YOUR H.Ll:00 "POLICE WOMAN12'25 LX S  ALL IN THE FAMILY  PHIL SILVERS S KD EVENING E E -(COMEDY) 1 : I PM MAGAZINE 8:00  CAN AM RACERS . .. . PLAY THE PERCENTAGES (VlOVIE -(COMEDY) ]1 WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW WED THRU TUES  JOKER' S WILD  MOVIE OF THE WEEK  WARREN MILLER' S SPORTS Y) E INCREDIBLE HULK EVENING BLOOPERS 1:20 EMULY)  BARRETT EWS ALL IN THE FAMILY 1:30  BARNEY MILLER 8:00 DAY SPECIAL S  :30 MORNING ATIONAL GEOGRAPHICREAL PEOPLE ,. WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEWs:30 IFOE  6:00 N) TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS "VIEWFiNOER SPECIAL MOVIE PRESENTATION ]} WALL STREET WEEK  WALLFREET WEEK 1:5 2:.00  NEWS EIGHT IS ENOUGH  THE DUKES OF' 0,4ZZAI=()  NEWS 1} PURSUIT OF EXCELLENC|E 2:.00 5:55 O SHAKESPEARE PLAYS , . NOVA lE -(COMEDY) . THREE' S A FRIDAY NIGHT E . ED ALLEN TIME (JMOVIE -(DRAMA) MOVIE -(DRAMA.COMEDY) 3:00 2:.40 ( BILL MOYERS' JOURNAL 6 9:00 () ANDY GF S MOE EDYoWESTE) E C) . EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING . JAES SU 10:00 . NEWS 8:30  BONANZA 2.50 SUNRISE SEMESTER  F RENT STROKES  THE CURSE OF KING  S TOMB   S . MEET THE PRESS IMOVE -(WESTERN) SUNRISE SEMESTER  CHARUE" S ANGELS  DALLAS 8 I ( THE OLYMPIAD 4:20 (WED.,THUR.,FRI.) 10:00 IS RIGHT ( WHO REMEMBERS MAMA? MOVIE -(COMEDY) Q) VARIOUS PROGRAMMING , NEWS  NON-FICTION TELEVISION 6:15  GUNE  NR AND SON . SPORTS AFIELD 4:50 . BAY AREA MUN5: COLLEGE E  BEST OF GC10:30 . DANCE FEVER 7:00 . SPEAK OUT 3:30 E -(MULL) . PICTURE OF HEALTH 10:30  HT ZONE  LAWRENCE WELK SHOW  WORLD OF SPORTS 5: 11 : . PACIFIC CURRENTS E -(SUSPENSE) . GREAT PERFORMANCES:  NEWS 4:00 o+-, oou--o,E Tuesday THE .O,NG STRETON .   AM,LY FEUO . OREATEST SrS LeceNOS CAPTAIN KANGAROO . PRISONER: CELL BLOCK H ) ALL IN THE FAIMLY . NEWS HEALTH FIELD (C..)   UNTOUCHABLES VARIOUS M  HT ZONE 7:30  ONCE A DAUGR S  TOP  UOES 11:30 , OOO COUPLE .(JMOVIE -(DRAMA) 6:  LIGHT ZONE E -(I-K)RROR) LL TOGETHER NOW 4:30 E TONIGHT SHOW  MATCH GAME . REX REED' S MOVIE GUIDE .NEWS 7:00  BENNY HILL 11:30 I CBS_ LATE MOVIE ADAM 12 . FACE THE NATION FRIDAYS ) MUPPET SHOW 5:00 EVENING "CARTOON TOWN  THE TONIGHT S  TO BE ANNOUNCED   VAN DYKE S E -(ADVENTURE) ................. TODAY   LATE MOVIE  BEST OF G 8:00  $1 . BEAUTY CONTEST  S .  A NEWS NIGHtie 12:00 VlE -(HORROR-DRAMA)  NEWS 6 MORNING AMERICA ]IE -(COMEDY) (J TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED (]N) BJ AND THE BEAR . IN SEARCH OF... .STAR TREK () BEST OF GROUCI-K) 12:40  THE TIM AY SHOW  CHOICE OF CHAMPIONS FUNTONES 11:50 lE -(DRAMA)  THE LOVE BOAT  GARDENING FROM THE GROUND UP  NBG NEWS 7:30  LOVE ATA  ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL MARY TYLER MOORE  NEWS .7:30 A.M.  BOLD ONES . ML HRSR REPORT ME GRIFFIN 1: 9:.00   NEWS CASPER 12:00  THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL E -(-EW) 5:30 ( CgS N 8: . F.B.I. )MOVIE -(DRAMA) . NF  GONG S .  NEWS t FUN WORLD OF I'UNNA BARBRA CAPTAIN KANGAROO LEWToAo R 1:00 1:30 () SPECIAL MOVIE PRESENTATION ) NBC NEWS ()MOVIE -(ADVENTU RE) HATHA YOGA ROW ( NEWS ]1 AMERICAN FILM THEATRE . WILD KINGDOM J HAPPY DAYS AGAIN "MORNING SHOW I]MIOVIE -(COMEDY) I) NEW 1:40 I) JOE' S W(LD .30 )EAIREW eNEWS 6:30 BANANA S 1:20 1:50  TINILIGHT ZONE  NEWS  OVER EASY 8:30  LOVE BOAT .lE -(YSTE)  NEWS 10:00  PHIL LRS SHOW  MATCH GAME . JOKEFr S WILD . ROMPER ROOM 2'00 2:20  PRIME TIME AY  N AND . MISTER ROGERS . THREE' S A  . N 7:  PUBLIC AFFAIRS (EXC.MON.) 2:10  FANTASY ISLAND BATTLE OF THE PLANETS . . N ' 2:30 . M.A.S.H. 9:00 2..30 IIMOVIE -(DRAMA) MOE -(WESTERN) EVENING (j) NEWS ' 2:50 ,J TWILIGHT ZONE . WEEKNIGHT 10:30 I NBC NEINS . BffCHED .cgs NEWS ] CARD SHARKS 2:35 (MOVIE -(COMEDY)  MONTAGE 6:00 JEFFERgONS ,E -(WESTERN, IIMOVIE -(DRAMAP :40 = GUINNESS GAME  NEWS 8 BIVETT . AM SAN FRANCISCO 2.40 10:40 (D MUPPET SHOW SHOW . SESAME STREET .lE STERMA) 3:45 . (0 N GAME i tIMOVIE -(HISTORICAL-DRAMA) ) SNEAK PREVIEWS " NEWS  TIC T DOUGH MERV GRIFFIN 4:25 11 :  JUUA CHILD AND MORE COMPANY  JOKER' S WILD MORNING SCENE OVIE -(DRAMA) 4:35 . BENNY HILL .30 MINUTES IMOVIE -(PHICALA) 7: YOGA FOR HEALTH 4:30 "  NEWS  SOUND OFF! LEAVE IT TO BEAVER E -(MANC)  THIRTEEN  NAME T TUNE ITH 9:30 11:10 (IjMOVlE -(COMEDY) ) X:)M 222 ] GREAT PERFORMANCES: LIVE FROM 6:30  FAMILY FEUD EVENING MAGAZINE ItOLLYWO(D SQUARES LINCOLN CENTER . WILD KINGDOM ] KQED EVENING EDrrloN =w_, Th rsd Sat rday 1,:= ) LIARS CLUB  PM MAGAZINE . MARCUS WELBY U ay u -(SCIENCE-(D() NEWS ( PLAY THE PERCENTAGES FICTION) . THAT" S HOLLYWOOD t JOKER' S WILD . OAT JUNCTION  SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE  AGONY AND COMPANY E OY) I0:00  ABC NEWS , FAMILY FEUD () ALL IN THE FAMILY VAL .  WORLD CP TENNIS 7.'00 8..00 H ROLLERS 11:45  DNE' S WONDF-RFUL WORLD ) THE DRF.AM MERCHANTS ARE TALKING (()MOVIE-(DRAMA) e0 MINUTES I]I THE MISADVENTURES OF SHERIFF RIME AND SHIRLEY EVENING MORNING 12.30  ABC MOVIE SPECIAL LOBO EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (0[) LADY MICHELOB GOLF TOUR- ]1 RIPPING YARNS (UNTIL 12: SURViVAL ANGLIA ( PRICE IS RIGHT NAMENT ?:3G 1() THE WHITE 1.'00  BEAN sPROUTS  HAPPY DAYS P  6.'00 8:00 ) SOAP FACTORY DISCO 8.'00  NOVA 10:30 . STAR TREK 8 A BETTER WAY . SECOND CITY TEL E STERN) E -(MYSTERY--) e NBC NEWS UNNERBITY OF MICHIGAN (MOVIE -(DRAMA) 00ptl00WH=EE'OF ,000 PYRAMID  NEWS . AGLL RLM 8:30 DOUGLAS GLES HOTEL  LAVERNE AND  EHRER RET 1:20 UCIE NKES  HEALTH FIELD ITHIRTEEN (MOVIE -(ADVENTURE)  ODYSSEY 9:.00 1:30 (:j AMERICA' S ATHLETES 1900 (B THE BIG SHOW 11:00 AN 6'30 . THREE'S A 9 lE :__1- - _.m_) . PHIL OONAHUE SHOW MOVIE -(MUSICAL-COMEDY>  BAY C3TY ROLLERS ]1 AMERICA'S TOP 10  ABIG EVENT  TUESDAY NIGHT MOVIE .CHAIN REACTION J HAPPY DAYS AGAIN . SUNRISE SEMESTER 1:45 (  8:30  BAY SCENE () NEWS  SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . NEW8 KIDSWRLD I: , MASTERPIECE THEATRE 30 FAMILY FEUD . OVER SY . VO,,E OF AGRICULTURE E -(MA)   RE  TA I LE L ".MATCH GAME   S YOUR NE  . 10:00 NT  JOKER' S LD P- IMOVIE -(HORflOR  THE JEF 11:  SAND AND   SUFER GLORS "   EL ANR  TO P US 7:00 1 VILLA ALEGRE 2: 10:.00 I MASTERPIECE THEATRE MIY . M.A.S.H  S GTEST .N N: GUE pR' SwHOPE . WEEKNIGHT SUPERFRIEND; SCHOOL. ROCK 2:55 N NEWE "  SUNE SEMESTER R N M.D.  BEST OF G NZOG REVUE .  N   AFFAIRS IMOVIE -(DRAMA) ID OVER EASY 10-.30 3:15   S YOUR AFF   A N  JK RA VlE -(NTARY)   S YOUR BUNE 11 DICK CAVETr SHOW 7:30 - "3:35 10:.30 NG  FER AND THE AE;  lE) .NUNE H ++ .... '.. s . KtD6NEWS -(MA) (Tj JACK VAN mtPE 7:30  FOCUS ON FARMING 5:15 11:00  UNTOUCHABLES I OOO COUPLE  YOGA FOR HEALTH  TWILIGHT ZONE IN SEARCH OF... () EL AMANECER DMOVlE -(HORROR) . ALL THE PEOPLE 11:30 TIC TAC DOUGH 8:00  NEWS . BENNY HILL EVENING MAGAZINE . VOICE OF AGRICOLTURE  '00 . FAMILY FEUD  FRED AND BARNEY ME   LADY MICHELOB  TOUR- N'80 KGED EVENING  M(X; ASK NBC NEWS NAIMENT lBiJ) 'mm-ABc NEWS NIGHTUNE | S nday ":= MAGE  MIGHTY . HECKLE-  NBC LATE N E Y THE PENTAGES JECLE; IN THE N U .N   JOKER' S WILD  SN S; X. 11: VlE EOY) ROCK+ II ABC N .E+WS__  p (J ALL IN THE FAMILY  MISTER ROGERS .tSJl+:  SAY-AREA AR- 12:00 8:00 WIE SUS) B.I. MOVE -(COMEDY) (1 MUSIC AND THE SPOKEN WORD . FACE THE NATION I THE TONIGHT SHOW MOVIE OF THE WEEK 8: NG  -(RE) RI  LA NAiL GTE .  FORUM 11: CHEENG MHI   UPON A CLASSIC E -(M "P . ME GFRN  MEG MaRK AND MINDY (l WORLD OF SURVNAL 6:00 2.0o 1:00 SNK  g:00 . NEWS 8:0 . ASIANS NONI . UN OF MICHIGAN  -(ORAMA) IdOVlE -(DRd) .INTERNATIONAL.ZONE 12.5 :0  _  BUNNY AND   .HU CLUP13 ,NEWS :  BAY AREA AR- NER; IN THE NEWS 1:15 1: T FUE  SA  5:15  BARNEY MILLER . REVISTA DE LA SEMANA 6".30 1:30 . MOW P'S FLYING S F ;  NN 8 .THSA 2. 30 )L+SBY AND SCRAPPY IOO:  ' .TItREE'SACROW1D CASH: THE RRST 25 THEUFE 2.40 .NEWS JOHNNY FOR OUR TIMES . NEWS 2.40 ) SESAME STREET [ SUNDAY MASS .5 DIAS EN REVISTA 2.50 THE ROPERS Q) SUPERMAN HOUR CHURCH OF CHRIST 3:10 . RIPPING YARNS 10:00  -(RE) 0:00 /0 . MI:/uC .10 . OUR MEN IN THE  . WES    ) .NEWS (BI JETSCHM: TIME OUT . IT IS WRITTEN . VIBRATIC 4:50 GU  OFKING  S TB  LLA A  JRY FWB -( FMDER8 . (MOVIE-(DRAMA) I MOSAIC 1. L  S N . WORLD TOMORFK MOMENTS OF REFLECIX)N (.) iST OF OFK)QCHO STATE CARTOL (1 JONNY QUEST; TIME OUT += ++'-- POPIEYE; IN THE  (J CA MAS () lrlMUGHT ZONIE0430  O PTAIN CAVEMEN-TEEN AIIGELS; 7:15 VE k I L FNRS AL ANG ANN .  11: JUUA  AND  COMPANY :0 . NER: L BL H  CAPTAIN TEEN  ROF R NEWS AINIGEUS; ALEX AND ANNIE 8 IsMGHPT PERSPECTIVE . UNTOUCHABLE8 )MOVlE -(COMEDY) I TWlLHT ZONE +.+00 EVEN|NG "+ m+ ++ F"+-+- . BENNY HILL UE BASEBALL GAME WR PORTEE MiNISTRiES T TONm*0W WE m BLUSMA.BLE e ISAME<'r.A,, C mWESNGSPEaAL = .ST ' =m=A=NEWENIG.NE .CA,E,. .CA.oRN,, .s.A. """ . MIKE DOUGLAS 11:45 FATAL=FIT; IN THEN-- )() STREET  C,B N--L% ..y O MIKE DOUGLAS (FRL) (MOVIE-(COMEDY) NN BANO6TAND ROBEITr8 ..__. ,... .,2. rA, OFO00OV.,v00,AS BURNETT AIMD FRIEND8 .F,B.I. 1:00 AMWEEKEND MATCHGAIME NEW DIRECTIONS I JOKER' S VN) AFTERNOON 8ABUNCANTUVING )SANFORDANDSON by Doug Davis URBAN TIMES 7.'00 BUGS BUNNY . A.S.H. . NHT t M ml'ER ROGERS BRNETT AND FRIEND. ,y .cH 5.'OO .81X MILLION DOLLAR MAN mNk'S . MARY TYLER MOORE . NEWLW4f. ( . srUME s'rm ( FAMILY FEUD . ALL IN THE FAMILY . THAT GIRL  Bues BUNNY 5:=O NESH(% GAME n sdoy IMOVE -(DOCUMENTARY) I:0 . CHARU S ANGELS E <DRAMA) 2:.00 . THREE" $ A CROWD 2.10 NEWS 2.3O I NEws 2".45 tE -(WESTERN) 3:,35 Ill E-(ORAMA) 4:3O tMOnE -(MUSICAL-GOMEDY) Friday 12:.00 . ! SHAZAM; IN I-IE NEWS .(RAL  EAC  AMERICAN SHORT STORY , CAPrOL AND THE CLERGY RSSUMEN DE LA S . JIMMY SWN COW PALACE WRESTLING . SESAME 8TI .  CAVETT SHOW MOVIE -(ADVEWrURE) . CONVERSATION JR I NEWLYWED GAME 12.30 . IT IS WRITnEN  TIC TAC O, UGH MOVIE -(gCIENCE) . LA VOZDE LA RAZA E) JOKER' S WtLD B WBRTIONS (K)nE-(.U:NENTURE) 7".3O il DUDLEY' S DINER .--Y RIG . ",COUARES g) MY THRE SONS 11:.30 GET SMART i REX HUMBARD I.0 MEET THE PR_gS II WEEK  SALL TELL A V|K)N .T , VlEWRNOER Y WS 8 ,AMERICAN FILM  . __N _ LV N   IPLAY  S  TESTS N ' iEFrS  FAMILY SUNDAY  Re) TO BE ANNOUNCED -OESTERN) ONTUr,E   TOO; Dew ALEX RPTI . o ANNIE m THAI"S 1 . WttO, 'Aq.IAT, HOW GO YOU KNO . BAY COUNTIES DATEBOOK 11".30 Wlly ,klItkl1l .AMERk3A'SATHLETESm .FuNTSTONES  THE STOO(ARO CHANNm .  TREK 8:00 . AIERICAN SPO 10:.30 .. 2.o .ff .WORLD It looked like a scene from ID AMERICAN FILM THEATRE .DOF NO 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' but NBC NEWS . BIG BLUE MARBLE ' IINI" NEWSmAGNBL LEHRSR RSPOm" " 3:00 --" KIDS E PSOPL TOO; OE ALEXANN+E Lym MOvs the crasl of Wlylon |.STII'-.=K o. CllSCllSm . .NASHV..LeONTIROAO .KO.STOO --- .+ Jennlnlrl' Nascar Oldsmobile 11 NNEWS .JOKBJOKEmJOKBU 6)MOVlE-( " during the qualifying run at ,,_W.. the recent Daytona 500 was YSAO, MN .WILO, mLOWSST .ONSCL|ARE 8SHORTSTOmr anything but a Hollywood- l mxr 5:= Q wTERNo,, eox,o .coe,u, c.. .=9OV-(.=OMEDY) staged pile-up. According to .MOVIE -('ENTU I EST Of: (mOUCHO EASY .EASYUVN' COUNTRY driver Gary Baker (who es- IlrIUE .PLF.,s'r8 := 8ZONe' caped injury), the black and ...,w "-'=; gold 00nston cup ra=, =., : KI ,8 ITHATN/IHVlLLEMUIC .FOOTSTE ' llll NEws simply 'lost its handling" at 7 .NEWS 4:== into.a wall. then eight cars, k .AeCNAI .POPGI'rHIIEOUN'RY 'IRINKXN ," BI.IILL 1t':,I resulting in a major crash the OCAVLq'rsNGW .XWW=mS -- THSmNmHTSHOW osy before the race. ()MOVIE -(COMEDY-MYSTERY) / TELE Y by Steve K. Walz Every week this column reviewS i demerits of a network series, special. More importantly though, we viewer, to get involved with the in your opinion about a certain register your tele-pulse. We'll pass more interesting comments to the in New York. THE DUKES OF I'll be the first to admit that I had' doubts about this show, figuring only to cash in on the 'Smokey craze. Well, not only has 'The Dukes bolstered CBS's ratings to the point toppled ABC from its first place fast-paced, action-packed show, 'Smokey' overtones, continues The 'Dukes of Hazzard' also has for it--likeable personalities who their respective roles. Handsome John Schneider and and Luke Duke) are just two southern guys trying to have a expense of the local sheriff Sorrell Boss Hog,, is magnificent as tLre Hazzard County. He encompasses stereotypical machinations of what a town mayor is like. James Best, bumbling deputy Rosco, is character, probably a cross between Elmer Fudd. Catherine Bach is the the seductive southern belle almost anything to keep her of trouble. But Daisy likes a good then, too Another thing that impressed me was the Duke family's expression of oneness despite the sometimes difficult cir- cumstances that each of the Duke members face every week. Why there is even a segment now and then that shows the Duke's saying grace before meals. How many TV programs flaunt this , kind of stuff, which is considered by many to be plain hokum? John The premise of 'The =ml Dukes of Hazzard' is simple--we we may get into trouble, but our family. Can't beat that can Send your comments to Compulog, P.O. Box 123, Film Clip Moore to that's all by J.T. Yurko into action, 'ffolkes.' Universal with hiS Studios. Directed by An- drew V. McLaglen. team Screenplay by Jack fusiliers' Davies. Starring Roger the day. Moore, James Mason. away an Anthony Perkins. Rated when has PG hero evil-doers Review time ? The onlY Roger Moore, alias 'The that Moo Saint.' alias James Bond, the must have become a bit damsel. weary of the suave, character debonair; lady-lovin', loves catS, world-saving figure he pre- point to sented in those roles, so strategY, when the chance came year-old along in this film to p.r- from tray a character against sort of the type, he not only Hood. jumped at the opportuni- being a ty, he joyfully played with bow it as well. 'ffolkes For that reason the lyas audience's reaction to this as the movie should be the se same. 'ffolkes' is a film and that might be considered his a drama, but a film that no same as one, save .the investors, dary should take seriously, and Although "fflokes' con- Taken cerns itselt with terrorists and hostages and ran- 'ffolkes' sores, the film lives more for its in the realm of comic hero. adventure, lingering just that the. this side of farce. In fact soundly the more correct descrip- providing tion of the film would be given by that it's a comic-book lines. The adventure, under Moore portrays an ec- groups ( centric and unorthodox "tely but highly successful un- vilh derwater expert, em- and played by Lloyd's of Lon- nary a don to protect off-shore found oil rigs from terrorists, film never When just such a situation more than occurs he moves quickly early