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May 7, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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May 7, 1980

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Page 2 - Wednesday, Ny 7, 1980 +, / Clovefdalc 00veillc Established 1879 usps ,,. m Published every Wednesday Geyserville PRESS Established 1934 USPS 218 200 112 West First Street Cloverdale, California 95425 (707) 894-3339 Gary L. Fawson ....... Publisher Tim Tanner .......... General Manager Janice Corey .......... Editor Yearly Subscription Rates Sonoma I Lake and Mendicino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 Editorial Mother's Day Sunday is Mother's Day. The observance of Mother's Day is little more than half a century old, yet the nature of the holiday makes it seem as if it had its roots centuries ago. The Founder of Mother's Day was Anna M. Jarvis, who lived from May 1, 1864, to November 24, 1948. She remained a spinster throughout her life and was extremely attached to her mother, Anna Reese Jarvis, a minister's daoughter, who for twenty years conducted Sunday school classes in West Virginia. Anna Jarvis's mother died in 1905, and two years later Anna discussed with friends her intention of starting a Mother's Day. She inaugurated a letter-writing campaign, contacting congressmen, businessmen and ministers in the hopes of gaining their support for her project. The first Mother's Day observance was a church service held at Anna Jarvis' request in West Virginia, on May 10, 1908. Another service was also conducted in Philadelphia on the same date. This was not strictly a Mother's Day service in honor of motherhood, but rather to pay homage to Mrs. Jarvis. The carnations which have become such a familiar part of Mother's Day were introduced and supplied at that first service by Miss Jarvis. The flowers were accepted as appropriate for the occasion. Red carnations in time became the symbol of a living mother, while white ones were worn as a sign that one's mother had died. The relationship of child to mother is one of such basic love - a relationship of life to the source of mother could not fail to take root everywhere, not only in this country, but also in many nations throughout the world. The first Mother's Day proclamation was issued by the governor of West Virginia in 1910. Oklahoma celebrated it that same year, and as far west as Washington. The Mother's Day International Association was incorporated on December 12, 1912, with the purpose of promoting and encouraging meaningful observance of the event. The House of Representatives on May 1913 unanimously adopted a resolution requesting the President, his Cabinet, the members of both Houses and all officials of the federal government to wear a white carnation on Mother's Day. On May 7, 1914, a resolution providing that the second Sunday in May be designated as Mother's Day was introduced. It passed both Houses and on May 9 President Woodrow Wilson issued his Mother's Day Proclamation designating the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day. Each year a similar prgclamation has been issued by the President. Today, Mother's Day is a popular occasion, warm and joyful in spirit, universally observed because it found a warm response in the hearts of people everywhere. "May you live this day as your mother would have you," Anna Jarvis urged. We hope, as she suggested, that each person, if possible, spend the day with his or her mother, if she is still living - or send a little gift, card or call her on the telephone. We at the Cloverdale Reveille and Geyserville W. C. "Bob" Trowbridge, The Canoe Master and Commander of his rental fleet for over 30 years, once again opened the canoe season on the Russian River Sunday, April 27, bringing over ItH) canoes from Trowbridge Recreation, Inc., for canoers' adventure down the river. Trowbridge, and Phil Wright, who suggest reservations be made as Photo by Janice. City Clerk's Corner By BARBARA PEUGH City Clerk MUNICIPAL CLERKS WEEK observed through th world - May 10th through 16th, 1980. The position of City Clerk is held in cities of all sizes in many countries of the world and is a position of per- manence in an ever changing political scene because many City Clerks hold their positions for many years; bridging many changes in Councils and Ad- ministrations. This was indeed the case with our retired Clerk, Marguerite Bonnifield, who held her I am a City Clerk and I hope I am the personification of the true public servant and all that those words imply. I am a logical liasion between the City Hall and citizens of my community. This is particularly true because I was elected to the position. (In some cities the Clerk is appointed by Council). I am the one public officer who can prove that City government is responsive to the needs of the citizens by keeping records open to the public and by making them available to all who ask to see them. Besides serving the citizens City Clerks Association and International Association, beth-of which I am a member. In the past few years the City Clerks Association has started certification program in which a Clerk can obtain a Certificate of Professional Standing the program consists of various Ad- ministrative courses and are of ; of that is a City to you be your in the City CLOV ! BEST EVER! Card of A very special thank you tc neighbors, friends and cards, calls flowers, prayers, in during my recent hospitali life - that a day of public recognition of one's Press wish all mothers a very happy day! i:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i!:i:i:ii:i:ii:ii.:.i!i!.:!iiiiiiii:.iii!i:i!ii!i::i::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Letters to the editor Unjustly received criticism Editor: I would like to respond to the publicity that various news medias have given to the contract negotiations between the Sheriff-Coroner Department and the County Funeral Directors. I would like to point out that the news media has failed to present the total picture concerning efforts to reach a reasonable agreement on the handling of deaths that require a Coroner in- vestigation. In this regard, newspaper you reported that you hadn informed by the Cloverdale Police Depart- ment that I consented to the closing of my theater during the Citrus Festival. On the night my theater was closed, several police officers came to my theater about I0:00 p.m. They requested that I close. They gave no reason for closing my theater. I informed them that I had sold several hundred tickets to the concert, that it had been extensively ad- vertised and the )ands had been engaged, paid and were present. The officers left, vowing to return. About 1 a.m., several car council agreed with the ex- planation of the Chief and the matter was closed. I asked the council if I could see the letter. I was informed that I could only see this letter at the office of the Chief of Police. I am at a loss to understand why I must report to the Chief of Police to see a document that was sent to the council, considered by the council, referred to by the council at their meeting, and formed a basis of a decision by the council. Our mayor informed me that he would accompany me to the Chief's office. I compromised and said I would meet with the Chief at Very Truly yours Michael Tompkins Save the cats In just a few short weeks the beautiful healthy cats on Big Oaks Drive here in Yorksville have been disposed of. No way do I believe this is the work of pranksters. Act of God? No, I believe not-more like an act of the Devil. Esther Atleburg P.O.Box Yorkville, CA office for 0 years. Hope she is enjoying a well earned rest! Many reasons for having City Clerks are: 1. As liaison between City Hall and citizens. 2. Keeping open, public records. 3. Service to Council, Mayor and staff at City Hall. 4. Knowledge of cedes, procedures, election laws, etc. 5. Recording of clear, concise Minutes. 6. Supervision of staff; and many other points of im- portance, but this list can give you a general idea of duties. I would like to paraphrase the City Clerks Pledge for you, in part. CITY CLERKS PLEDGE the County Funeral Directors have unjustly received criticism for a situation that, for the most part, has been caused by vague and con- tradictory State regulatory actions. Once again, the State has found a way to generate additional costs for local government without legislative enactment. The more than I00 years of professional service per- formed by the Funeral Directors of Sonoma County, at no cost, has gone un- noticed. I would like to publicly acknowledge my gratitude to all the Funeral Directors for their many years of service and a job well done. Very truly yours Roger M. Mc Dermott Sheriff-Corouer Wants loads of officers came to my theater, and ordered me to close. Again they gave me no reason for the closing. I was informed that either I could inform my audience to leave or they (the police) would put them out. I decided, to prevent injury to both the police and the audience, I would close the concert. No claim was made at any time that the audience was disruptive in any manner. No arrests were made and the audience left peacefully. I then requested the City Council to determine why I was closed. I appeared personally before the council and made this request. The council requested the Chief of Police to report on the matter at a subsequent meeting. The Chief of Police wrote a letter to the council explaining the actions of his department. the mayor's office. At the appointed time of the meeting several police officers came and stated that the Chief was unavailable and the letter was locked up. They (the police officers) then at- tempted to question me about the behavior of the audience at the time my theater was closed. It was apparent that I was not and am not going to be given an explanation of the police conduct. Who in the City of Cioverdale can order the Chief of Police to allow me to look at a letter that is actually a part of the file of the City Council. New in Cloverdale Opening May 5 The Full Service Men * Women Children Cut, Color, Porto, Set Hair, I New Salon, New Person- FRED SANCHEZ 104 E. Ist St. 894-5195 !ii+ SCHOOL REUNION PICNIC CLASSES: 1900 thru 1955 raduates or not) Thin includes all those attending any o! the surrounding schools of the same period. eXr.Ono__._ n oi tlo The council considered this Editor: letter and at a later meeting I In the last issue of your was simply informed that the iili WHEN: SUNDAY, JUNE 15, i;!i iiil . Iunch Served at 2 0 Clock iiil i+i+ WHERE. ?LOVERDALE CITY PARK ii+i iiii Reservahons are ne.eded and .reservation sheets iiii iiii may be picked up at G,ovann?ttis Sport Shop or the iiil iii Cloverdale Tourist Center. Wr,te to, P.O. Bo.x 803 or !ili iiii call 894-5152 (offer 7) and one will be mo,led to you iiii in the matter of open records, as an information center, and as a place where problems can at least be started towards a solution, I must also serve the Council, the Mayor, and all of the City staff in a responsible, com- petent and courteous man- ner. I must be secure in my knoweldge of codes, procedures, election laws, etc., in order to gain the confidence of those who I serve. My minutes must be clear, concise, accurate and unbiased ..... Just a short example of professional standards expected by the you for sustaining my hc need. Dr. Dedorah Hodemn is pleased to announce the opening of Russian Veterinary 433-5754 Serving Cloverdale, Ge,serville sburg Specializing in small METAMUCIL 14 oz. Special 8e