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April 30, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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April 30, 1980

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Page 4. Wednesday, April 30, 1980 Chamber Chatter By VIVIAN WEER WITH SPRING: Comes that marvelous series of correspondence from that well known publication which of- fers a chance to win a $200,000. swA'epstakes or possibly a grand prize of $50,000 cash (or $25,000 cash plus $100 per month for life). A month ago I sent back my notification certificates and carefully marked the box, "No, I don't want to receive - 'How to do Needlepoint' in my own home". I felt certain that my negative reply would end up in File 13 somewhere in Pleasantville, New York. But alas! Today's mail included the impressive looking certificates with a lengthy plea about trying a book entitled "Fix It Yourself"... A free trial offer on how to fix 1,001 things that go wrong around the house. (It does not list misbehaving children, lost library books or a drawer full of unmatched socks.) Further along, the notification tells me that my official Sweepstakes Entry Certificate makes me eligible to join Ms. E. Barton and Rev. B. Karraker, also of California,as winners in the Sweepstakes. Gosh, Ms. Barton and Rev. Karraker, where are you in California? I really feel I should talk to you before taking advantage of this offer.... After some thought, however, I decided to send in my cer- tificates and decline the "Fix-It" manual offer and go about my fantasy of spending the loot. 'When 1 slipped the cer- tificates in the envelope, a bold message jumped out from under the flap and said, "Please don't say NO...now!" So I waited five minutes before affixing the stamp. PREMUIM TIME: Thanks to Mayor Jack (who also happens to be on the Sonoma County Fair Board) the Chamber has premium list books to hand out to any interested member of the community. While the Sonoma County Fair & Exposition takes place in July,'the entries close June 2nd. so stop by the Tourist Center for further information. NOTABLE NOTES: Butch's Back Hoe is the newest member of the Chamber of Commerce and we Welcome them...The American Legion is "Banding" together a BBQ, set for May 31st. Donation is $4....The San Francisco Examiner has been in Cloverdale covering two separate stories about our town...The Ice Cream Store now has inviting sidewalk tables for your ice cream pleasures and fun in the sun ..... The Cloverdale Bakery is opening the doors to all band members for Bon Voyage treats before the musical group leaves for Vienna...and not one reader has entered Chamber Chatter's Gopher Rebellion contest by press time...tHO HUM) OH CANADA: Everything is pretty well "Go" for the visit to our Sister City, Cloverdale B.C. Between 30-35 Californians will be making the trip this year, and the list includes a lot of single ladies...Wonder why? EXIT JOKE: Eve said to Adam, "Do you really love me" and Adam answered, "Who else?" pervisor Nick Esposti. Louie Vittorio. Herb Nunn, Judge Jim Jones and Mrs. Jones seem to be engaged in a serious conversation at recent Band benefit feed. Photos by Janice. Judge Jim Jones and Mrs. Jones bought tickets from Dena Gambetta for ravioli feed. B of A to charge membership fee on bank card accounts raising the periodic rate above the current 1.5 percent level (18 percent nominal APR). "A membership fee is, in our view, much more equitable," said Moranville. "Since it is an across-the- board fee, all cardlders will pay the cost, rather than just those who extend their payments". Moranville reaffirmed the bank's intention to raise the transfer and check service fee from 1 percent to 1 percent as previously an- nounced. However, the bank is rescinding its recently announced plan to increase the minimum monthly payment. It will remain at 4 percent -- or $I0 -- whichever is greater. "A subsequent study in- dicates that a modest raising of the minimum monthly payment would have little overall impact on reducing the credit outstandings'", Moranville said. credit card plan in 1958, all major categories of costs in providing this service have increased. However, in the last several months, the scale of these increases has been unprecedented and un- predictable, This condition, coupled with the Federal Reserve Board's credit restraint program, has caused us to charge this fee." According to Moranville, cardbolders who do not wish to accept the new fee, should stop using their cards. The bank will continue to send these cardholders monthly statements until the balances have been repaid. Moranville said he doubts customers aware of the value of the bank's credit cards will cancel their accounts because of the fee. "The cards are an exceptional buy. They are less expensive than most travel and en- tertainment cards and offer services others do not," said Moranville. The annual membership fee was an alternative to \\; Bank of America an- nounced today it will begin to charge a $12 annual mem- bership fee on its bank card accounts, effective June 5, 1980. The bank said it was making the move because of continued accelerating costs. Notification of the annual membership fee will be mailed to Bank of America's .5A million Visa and " MasterCard accounts later this month. FinanceAmerica accounts, numbering over 500,000 will be notified at a later date. The fee will be prorated for the remaining months on cards already issued, and the charges will be shown on the customer's bill. At the time of card re- issuance, a full $12 charge will be imposed for the en- suing year. New account membership fees will be prorated at the time of opening. Eugene B. Moranville, senior vice president for Bank of America, explained, "Since the inception of our Notices I Jl Ill I I Passion Play pictures from Oberamergau will be shown at the Briarwood club house Sunday, May 4, at 7:30 p.m. by Rev. James Haggart. He attended the 1970 production. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Cadette Girl Scout Troop 171 will be having a flake sale in front of Rasco Saturday, May 3. Proceeds will go to the Cloverdale High School Band and a Girl Scout trip next year. "Name the Fleet" contest The Sonoma County People for Economic Opportunity Senior Opportunities Tran- sportation Program is sponsoring a"Name The Fleet" contest to identify the five vans providing radio- dispatched transportation to elderly and handicapped persons in Sonoma County. The fleet will be identified with the winning name in large letters painted on the sides of the vans, three of which are wheelchair- accessible. Grand prize is dinner for four at Sourdough Reho's in Santa Rosa, and tickets for four to the Marquee Theater. Lettering Y UTH SERVICES-- Marijuana _ Studies of the brain waves of cronic users indicate that THC acts on the control centers in the limbic region of the brain causing the above mentioned symptoms of use. Upset in motor coordination leads to shaky hands, or unsteady walking, un- controlled laughter, and a lag between thought and facial expressions. Early stage users may experience nausea, vomiting and-or diarrhea. A red tone can appear in the whites of the eyes and skin. The pupils dilate and become sensitive to light. There may be either a marked increase or decrease in appetite. The mouth and throat become dry, the hands and feet may become cold, and the per- ception of time and space is distorted. selves. Brain cells that have been destroyed through drug use or any source, cannot be replaced. The brain can adjust and recover, however, from cell damage but it takes a long time. It takes months for all THC residues to be voided from the body. In subjects that smoked marijuana daily for 10 or more years, scientists found cell damage and loss of "brain substance" equal to that of people 70 to 94) years of age. "In addition to the brain, marijuana has been observed to effect the liver and the respiratory, reproductive, and blood cell systems." Liver damage is hard to isolate because of the ad- ditional effects of alcohol use. Any damage takes several years to develop and is related to long, heavy marijuana use. Autopsy results on cronic marijuana users substantiate that a heavy concentration of THC in the lungs causes an extreme breakdown of the lung structure. The lungs are more blackened by marijuana smoke than regular cigarette smoke because of the deeper inhalation and the fact the user holds the smoke in his lungs for a longer period of time to derive the drug benefits. Teslosterone - the male sex Studies indicate habitual users are suggestible, lack motivation (amotivational syndrome), and show a confusion of ideas tidelogical conflict). Researchers in 1976 identified a disorder , in eronic marijuana users they term "cannabis syndrohe." The subjects had a major thought disoordered characterized by "diminished drive, lessened ambition, decreased motivation, and apathy". Furthermore, the users do not recognize or acknowledge these symptoms in them- hormone - was found to be depressed in the blood of male marijuana users. "Those who smoked 10 or more cigaretts per week had a lower testosterone level - about two times lower than those smoking half as much marijuana". This decline was observed after as little as 4 weeks of steady use. Chromosome damage has also been attributed to long term marijuana use. Broken chromosomes have been detected in marijuana users. Short term use ta year or less) does not seem to cause chromosome damage nor does the dose. But long term use in any amount does cause a greater than normal amount of chromosome breakage. "Marijuana use causes, it appears, as much chromosome damage in a few years as occurs normally in fifty years". Marijuana is a subtle substance. The user ex- periences the pleasure, feels little to no withdrawal, and does not realize that anything negative is happening. Before he knows it, he has built up a marijuana tolerance, has become ad- dicted, and the THC is causing long range effects on his body systems ...... some irreversible! Regular, long term abuse has an affect on the brain, body organs, cells, and the individuals immune system. By BARBARA CLAREY Following the identification of THC - the active ingredient in Marijuana it became possible to study more ac- curately the effects of marijuana (THC) on the mind and body. Advocates of pot argue that it has not been proven harmful. "The fact is no scientific evidence has been found to prove that marijuana is safe; we have only the personal testimonies of short-term users." According to Hardin and Helen Jones in their book Sensual Drugs; "Very small concentrations of THC can affect cells. A few exposures are certainly nothing to worry about; but because THC is retained and ac- cumulated in the body, prolonged, regular use may damage body cells. Brain changes, lung damage, decide in male hormone production, chromosome alterations, and depressed cell division all can occur. The list of altered functions that can be observed in marijuana users is long: changes in personality, memory, facial expression, thought formation, mood, motivation, skin color, and motor coordination. The user, however, can seldom these changes in him- for the vans dona4ed by Bruce Loughner, sign painter, and paint donated by Roseland Paint Center. Deadline for entries is May 30, 1980. Winners will be Gary Antolini, Assistant District Attorney, is welcomed to ravioli feed by Dens Gambetta. ,x i-  Sonoma County prosecutor Raymond Byrne and wife'came to CIoverdale for the ravioli and spaghetti dinner to benefit the CIIS Band trip. selected and notified by June r] 6. Send your entry, with your tl name, address and telephone i - - number to: NAME THE i ._,'i 1 FLEET CONTEST, Sonoma County P.E.O,, 930 Piner , Road, Santa Rosa, Ca. 95401. For more information about the contest, call 545-7222 weekdays. C . .L NOW. ,-,,,:. 1, ,.2'7 One Local J Number For All Your Travel Needs Call Louise Andersen 894-4190 COMPLETE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS -NO CHARGE og OUR SERVICE S00"s -ravel Service 6920 COMMERCE ROHNERT PARK t79s.69021 ERRY HAEHL N(]ll (I Q L'r second served enjoy the Among Jones for office 4 Rizzo Judge of cakes tion, in sgs0 was! The by the School The the state superior J form for The oil music bY For a a May 17 DINING Space Available Reasonable Rates Ca II 894-3339 i11| 4 Lunch Or Choose From Our We're Open Every Day Closed Tuesday Redwoo :1 504 N. Cloverdale /n addition to $3.95 Thurs. - Saurbraten Fri. - Deviled Crab Sat. - Bar-b-que Spare Sun. - Chicken C includes Sordoqh Bread,