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April 17, 1991     Cloverdale Reveille
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April 17, 1991

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:t il iil Lq Pat, e 4 Cloverdale Reveille Aoril 17. 1991 L,00.n ',". ,;" .MySTeRIOUS 004.2# ">.; i I l i ..... ., I t /i OF CLoVERDAI-E '.7 / / 7, xD,7.'S00/zi else do yo,,.,, i"D ." ,, I I,,[ "'ti ): keep "#hese du,m,cs : " I  ,7 '  " } I - .m-: ___,._:,"  i. we NEED the multi-faceted pro- that would directly benefit our own #,\\; grams schools have traditionally been able to offer, such as auto shop, music, driver's education, etc., the state decides to lake money from schools to balance its budget? And where do a lot of these dollars go? Prisons. There certainly seems to be a message here if only we will listen. Rather than look at the negative aspects of proposed budget cuts, maybe we, in Cloverdale, should school system. Maybe it's time we took charge of our own destiny. Don't feel it's not your problem if you don't happen to have a child in school. The education our stu- dents receive today will affect every single one of us in the long run. To be Anti-Gang must mean to be Pro-Education, and, if the best de- lense is a good offense, what in the world are we waiting for? MJ-W Letters from the Gul Jack Stuart is the recipient of yet I loved talking to her, etc. She still another letter from one of our mill- has a place in my heart. tary personnel in the Gulf. The fol'-, Now I want to thank you for all lowing is from Julie McLaud and the efforts you have given to us was dated March 28.. here in the Gulf. Dear Mr. Stuart: Thank you for the Legion info. Now can you do me a favor? Here is a letter for Dens Gambeua. Can you see she gets iL You see, she came to Cloverdale High School during the time I was in school there and she was a wonderful lady. Can you see to it a many thanks to Cloverdale gets in the paper from me? You have all been so wonderful. Having home front support is worth the efforts spent here. Thanks so much again. You're the greatest.* Gang influence spread by profitability of crack cocaine The increase in gangs and gang violence can be traced back to the introduction of crack cocaine into the Los Angeles market about 7 years ago. Gangs used to keep preuy much to their own turf, but the popularity - and profitability - of crack gave them a reason to expand into previously untapped areas to increase their revenue Sonoma County is still considered somewhat unsophisticated, as fat as crack cocaine goes, which makes it "just ripe for the pickin'." The California Highway Patrol recently did a profile of the typical drug dealer out of Los Angeles, which makes it easy to see why Somona County is becoming a favorite targed. First, they ply their trade in cities and towns located along major freeway corridors. They rent innocuous looking ears (ie: family sedans, station wagons, etc.) from L.A. Airport where they can blend more easily with the crowd, leaving around Midnight and driving during the early morning hours. They stay at budget motels, renting 3, 4 or 5 rooms from which they do their selling to local gang members, and, according to the CHP, favor Domino's Pizza and Church's Fried Chicken. Remind you of any place in particular7 Marine given royal welcome Lance Corporal Frank Gudmund- , I by residents of Nice upon his return from the Persian Gulf War. An Upper Lake High graduate, Cpl. Gudmuudson gained national attention when he was featured on I No., tiiru:May:31 I the cover of Newsweek Magazine PERMS $25 & up HAIRCUTS $7 CHILDREN'S HAIRCUTS $5 Call 894-2837 for Appointment Nena Griffith last November. A parade was held in his honor but the highlight of his return home was to see his first child, a daughter Dan who was born while he was overseas. The Marine is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gudmundsen former Cloverdale residents. He is the grandson of Irene Kimmell, also a former Cloverdale resident, now of Lucerne, and the nephew of Terry Norberg of Cloverdale. Frank attended Cloverdale schools as a child. Radio Shack Makes It Easyto Fly American ...and Save! 1992 Earn cetbficale  o io $30 Off any ro trID ec[s Ot $'79 C more 0 off ny ou0 lrlp excu.$10 Of S279 Or oIe $70 Off any rOn-lr eCurson Of $,379 Ot re I. Sdlvl ywi  $ati fietl" ea tw Ce,bhcaes to rcas :o lah $00 or more or ea" tour Cel*taes o aurcn,ses og $20 o 3 #at Io I GREA1 Ameoca YkA11ON Orllr Form/Envtspe, F OUI e uesie0 nimmapon erlse a/ md yot Lecets or zO10OO$! r I sppm a nclr tee ot $ 75 0 en GAT Amer:an VAC.TIOt Certt. cite ccdere 4. 6RF.M  yAGATION o.'1  zg--al eftma rules m rer- lNt wllbl -- parlc,palln 0 Ra Sack stores 6eas ana SW Comller Centers Cin tellns a co,t, on ao9 "MuSt  0ate0 ttween MaC  991 t Ma !8 199.! 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Credit Cards Dory" Laoralooes LnSal C,p MS DOS IEen.d hem A Radio Shack Dealer ,, co. 0 =.e, ., *., e.c WelCtllNe "YOUR HOMETOWrN NEWSPAPER" Since 1879 Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CLOVERDALE REVEILLE Publisher Bonny J. Hanchett Editor Mary Jo W'mter Sports Brian Sumpter AdvertisinglCirculation Bonnie Goodman Comlsing Careen Gieason Illll The Cioverdale Reveille (119-020 USPS) is published 52 times per year by Hancheu Publishing, Inc., on Wednesdays at 207 N. Cloverdle Blvd., Cloverdale, CA 95425 (707) 894-3339 Subscriptions: $15 per year, $18 per year out of Sonoma County. Single copy 35. Second Class Postage Paid at Cloverdale, CA 95425. Postraaster. Send address changes to the Cloverdale Reveille, P.O. Box 157. Clover- dale, CA 95425. ii Sign might be a nOttalkingtalkmgaboutabOUtvitalCutdng Halloween prank therelive wi00,out? any of them Editor: This district currently That No Trespassing" sign at reserve of approximately a Second and Clover,de has been and a half dollars; an ap there a long time. Ive always as- 30% reserve when the., sumed that it referred to the tree dated reserve is 3%. planted in the sideaik. I've ,no It's commendable to sa idea when I first noticed it, but Ive for a rainy day. But h( been  Cloverdale since 1980 and rainy day is here. Money from our reserves I don t remember a time when it be used to maintain wasn't there. The post was embedded in the grams, not hoarded for sidewalk. I suppose it was meant to struction. We be a street sign. If there was ever a high school and another street sign there, I expect that it enter first grade in several son of dematerialized and the "No Trespassing" sign son of material- ized in its place one Halloween night long ago. I'm sure the Statute of Limitations has expired, in case any person(s) would care to fess up. Julian Briggs Cloverdale Ode to a sign Editor: While the mystery of the "No Trespassing" sign has been solved, I am almost sorry I raised the ques- tion, as it made a great trivia ques- tion. We did have a lot of laughs as we read it and pondered its purpose, didn't we, Mary Jo? Also, sorry the tree is probably beyond survival and has joined many other orange trees in the area - including the very old tree at the Museum. I wonder how many of us ever really read that sign over the years. Bob Laudie Cioverdale Spend reserves, save programs Editor: An Open Letter to our friends on the Cloverdale School Board, The state budget crisis has created chaos in every school district in California. This Board is currently considering over $400,000 in cuts. As you know, the C.U.S.D. budget has been cut and cut Main, over the past several years. Funding for the school libraries was slashed, for example, and is now coming under the knife again. Each position being threatened with elimination is vital. Gutting the music program would yield a short- term gain and a long-term loss. Eliminating the vice-principal at Washington School and the dean at the high school will have a tre- mendously negative impact on disci- pline and the learning atmosphere in each and every classroom. Elimi- nating the half-time counseling posi- tion at the high school will mean less time for counseling students on a personal basis. Removing the district librarian and an assistant will result in the collapse of one of this district's true assets. Volunteers are no more capable of running libraries and coordinating mat-dials and curriculum enhancement than they would be of replacing any ne of you, in your fulltime jobs. We could go on and on. Befo the Board makes any cuts, members should visit the schools, and talk to parents and teachers, as well as adminstrators, so that they under- stand exactly what it is we are being asked to do withouL We're We ate more Morgan receive a good now than we are that a new classroom when school. A the wrath of this community, ing members of this curre when it proposed bus barn services. School staff rightfully pointed out that and services come befc tures. The bus batn A new school, like a would undoubtedly be buildings aren't what our will remember about thei years. Nor will new selling point when apply for college. at courses offered and grade point averages, curricular involvement in like clubs, music, sports It is foolish and state to not adequately schools. By playing game, and agreeing to grams and services the agrees with the state claim that this district cap unlimited cuts and still excellent education. simply not true. Legislators and voters of saying that a good essential and that our our most precious resource. One of these day mean iL We'll  our mouths and hope are. In the meantime, today, not betray our students. We respect this Board hard job they do, and we to USe reserve if not improve, CD Grant & (Editor's Note: Eric school counselor with the dale Unified School According to dent Jim Gunnink, the Board passed a Resolutios $1 million of the funds were set aside in a account for capital outlaY, means these funds are and cannot be used for to maintain programs. Mr. Gunnink eves cuts being proposed approximately have to be taken from tlw reserves, but until they the books for this year, contract negotiations pleted, it's hard to knm where they stand.) COMMUNITY Wednesday, April 17 Senior Center, Grange Hall ........................ 9:30-4:00 pJn. Soroptimists, Above Sciaini's .......................... 12:00 p.m. Green Thumb Garden Club, Vets Bldg ............. 1 :(30 pan. Cloverdale Grange, Grange Hall ....................... 7:00 p.m. Pomo Indian Progmn, Ciovl Library ........ 7:00 p.m. Plmming Commission, City HilL ...................... 7.'00 p.m. Eailes Booste Club,CHS .......................... ,.....7:00p.m. 'lurmiay, April lg Thrift Sale, United Clunr& ....................... 10:.00-3:00 p.m. Rotary, Vets Bldg ........................................... 12:15 p.m. Hometown Workout, Vets Bldg ........................ 6:00 p.m. Overeaters Amm.(How), Fellowship Hall ......... 6:00 p.m. Duplicate Bridge., Vzts Bldg ............................ 7.'00 p.m. Cloverdalz Lions, Vets Bldg ......... , .................. 7:30 p.m. Italian Catholic Federation, St. Peter's ............... 8:00 p.m. Friday, April 19 Senior Day Center, Grange Hall ................. 9:30-2:00 p.m. Fanergency Food Pantry. United Church...1:00-3:00 p.m. Bin$o, Fellowshi I Saturday, April 20 Swap Meet, Citrus Fair.. 8th Crrt Car Wash. Washingum Thrift Sale, United Church ....................... 10:00-1: Sunday, April 21 Swap Meet, Citrus Fairgrounds ........... WIC Ca Pray, Veu Bidg. 1 . Hometown Workom Overeaten Atom. Tuesday, April 23 C.amtury i..iolai, Clovlmill Coffee Shop ............ Senior Cenmr, Grange Co-Ed SoftbaIl Managa, City Preceptor Mu Theta, TBA Clovcrdale Druids, Druids Hall ........ Thet Zeta.TBA ...... , ........................... Xi Delta Epsilon, TBA ........................................ "/ THE OLD FEED STORE FRED YOUNG & COMPANY ,- . , Mortuaries Hay' Grain - Feed .  ...... .:;j,: . 28301 Redwood Hwy So. 8-5:30 Sat 9-4 28 N. Cloverdale 894-5297 894-2540 i:i