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Cloverdale Reveille
Cloverdale, California
April 14, 2010     Cloverdale Reveille
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April 14, 2010

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CLOVERDALE REVEILLE, CLOVERDALE, CALIFORNIA '0' WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 20010- Page 9 Bingo atthe Grange Hall every Sunday, 2 to 5 p.m. through May 30. Call 894-2214 for more information. How to Listen to and UnderstandOpera, offered by the Clover- dale Arts Alliance; 7 to 9 p,m on the first and third Thursday of each month at the Ctoverdale Center for the Arts, 105 E. First St. $3 per session for CAA members and $5 for non members. Visit www.cloverdaleartsalliance or call 894.4410. First Street Gallery presents Acrylic Painting classes on Mon- days running through April 26 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Ctoverdaie center for :the Arts, 105 E: First Street. Class fee is $50 for four sessions. The class is limited to eight people and age minimum is t5. Preregister at the Gallery or call 894-4410. Docent Training for the Cloverdale History Center will be: held Saturday, April 17, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the center .... Cloverdale History Center presents speaker Dennis Parker, who will be sharing information on the historic feed store and the wool industry in Cloverdale, Tuesday April, 20 7 p,m. at the History Center. Sonoma County Mental Health board meeting on Tuesday, April 20, 5 to 7 p:m. at the CIoverdale Library. Contact Harry at 894-4765 for more info. A SK8PARK Rally will be held on Wednesday, April 21 from 4 to 5 p,m. in the downtown Plaza .... "Florence Adventures," a photographic essay of Kimberly How- land's adventures at the Biennale and in italy. Thursday, April 29, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at 543 N. CIoverdale Blvd. Call 894-4410 for more information. Cloverdale History Center will be hosting a Spring Tea in their newly landscaped garden on Saturday, May 1, from 2 to 4 p.m. Tickets are $20 and seating is limited, so call 894=2067, early to reserve a spot, Cloverdale Senior Center presents Cathy Hansen Quilt Show on display through the end of April Raffle tickets are being sold Trivia Test: By Fifi Rodriguez 1. U.S. STATES: What is the state capital of Michigan? 2. LANGUAGE: What would "turbid" water look like? 3. AD SLOGANS: What compa- ny promoted its products with the slogan, "Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven." 4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the original of the inter- national distress signal "may- day" 5. MEDICAL TERMS: What is the common name for "epistax- is"? 6. SCIENCE: What is the chemi- cal element symbol for tungsten? 7. GEOGRAPHY: Where are the Faroe Islands located? 8. MOVIES: In "Star Wars," where did Luke Skvwalker grow up? 9. FOOD & DRINK: What other spice is similar in flavor to mace? 10. HISTORY: What type of gun was used to assassinate Presi- dent Abraham Lincoln? Answers: 1. Lansing 2. Muddy or cloudy 3. Pillsbury 4. The French term "m'aidez" or "come (and) help me." 5. Nosebleed 6. W 7. Halfway between Scotland and Iceland 8. The planet Tatooine 9. Nutmeg 10. A derringer pistol (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Crossword answers: A buckboard wagon with some local gents in front of the old US Hotel that burned in 1947. This picture is circa 1895. The hotel was build for just $1 each, or 6 for $5. A heart pattern quilt will be raffled. S K Proceeds will benefit the center. I MIA L L1 E M IIR in1861. ..... T 0 N ,IB o OIL , LIY :: :: : -- -- A L A R E G GI I S_ L I E ::: ..... I /you VER'T \\;--II ---- II /I THERE -'1 Ill I / 0MVLAINEI } IL. II { .METI4IN' l O R A L I S I V A iT I T o West Street, noWk0oas Cloverdale Blvd. I X,-DA'rrJ II)  II g..R-6) _1 ID  v EIP A LIK N EIW The west side feredtheShaw Bowman  'm  x    !!! NIPII mmmis  LILTS building, left, a telephone exchange, grocery S range b'uttrJu00}001 [] v store, and more. The buildings have all been , L m K I A NO  El torn down and replaced. El, O'NIF EILIT I T INUSIF E ,sis' t Ph0tOs prvlded by the c'verda BUSINESSES & SERVICES By Samantha Weaver It was 19th-century French author Pierre-Jules Re- SERVICES JIM'S AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALISTS COMPLETE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR On all Foreign & Domestic CARS & TRUCKS (707)857-3790 21310 Redwood Hwy.-Geyeerville CWwN CAmr S00R,cd00 Carpet, Furniture, lile & Grout Cleaning | C0MPETIT PRICING WITHOUT COM0MISING QUAL I Local Family Owned and 0erated / Joe H0dge. Dave H0dge ,o,.,.,.,, c:o%,1 bght Ja/ Cell: 2914231 Cove#rigs in our local t0wn eagletec73@aol.com phone (707) 894-3977 fax (707) 894-3733 ii A,00w .0v,.,0..,,,.0.,. Looall,.j owned & operated ;_imkk.   .o4s ' :ZESd. Co. Wednesday-Senior Ohcount Day Steve De?OoFaX 433-3102 (inside Antiques & Uniques) Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pro Saturday 8am - 4pro Hours. Tuesday - Saturday 10-6 Oo0000,,oe ,.. . 894-4556 LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE 894-5267 LVEI.DA_LE RICK GILBERT " " OWNER Locally Owned and Operated Sine 1994 10% Senior Citizen Discount i JULES STOVE and CHIMNEY WORKS Damper Repairs & Spark Arrestors Artistic Installation Woodstove Inserts Relining - Masonry Work Chimney Cleaning Julesetovechminey@hotmail.com Jules Volper (707) 894-2110 i Bill Fenner Roofing i00]o, .ravel C. Lopez Yard Maintenance . Travel daily at:  Phone/Fax ,Yard. Landscape. Installation, w .com I Pruning Clean-up Maintenance i Loca erat .d 707-485-7126 I Landscape Design I 1  El  ml,com 129 N, Cloverdale Blii weatamerica Bank) California State License #716481 , Se habla EspafiOJ: :;:::CST 2031833-10 i S00aees aVailable -'MPIRE Sales Service Installation STORAGE HOUSEHOLD BUSINESS (707)477-6644 RV. BOAT .s, .,. =,],. H-,L'. Kirkess Flooring Bonded * Contractor's Lic#357559 i i : :.i :: ::: 894-3100 40 years Experience 120 8ANDHOLM LANE. CLOVERDALe Locally owned for 25 years nard who made the following sage observation about his craft: "Literature is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to people who have none." Guinness, that notoriously dark and bitter Irish brew, contains fewer calories than skim milk or orange juice. Stout for breakfast, anyone? Lawmakers in Phoenix once saw fit to make it illegal to walk through a hotel lobby while wearing spurs. It's hard to imagine what life was like before the widespread availability of refrigeration, isn't it? Some people have decid- ed to find out -- and you might be surprised at how many. Although 99.5 percent of all households in the United States have a refrigerator, that still means that more than 1.5 million households are fridge-less. Swedish chemist and en- gineer Alfred Nobel, famed inventor of dyna- mite and originator of the /" | y IB Y y Brook Drops of Sunshine Who doesn't love Amencan Goldfinches? Here are five things they can't resist: 1. Thist[e or Nyjer seed in a tube feeder. 2. Sunflower heart chips. 3. Black oil sunflower seed. 4. Purple cone flowers. 5. Fresh water. (Lots of it!) -mai[ bidingbJL@cfl.com Nobel Prizes, could speak five languages fluently by the time he was 17 years old. Finland has more islands than any other country in the world. Those who study such things claim that the hair on people of European descent tends to whorl in a coun- terclockwise fashion, while on most Japanese people it whorls in the opposite direction. It seems that Warren G. Harding, the 29th president of the United states, was something of a gambler. During one hand of poker he bet the White House china -- and lost it. The Australia Zoo was recently the site of an attempt- ed escape -- by a 137-pound orangutan named Karta. The ingenious primate evidently short-circuited the electric fence around her enclosure using a stick, then stacked up more sticks to climb over the fence. The English word "gelatin" comes from the French for "edible jelly." (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. Fil Find at least six differences in details n panels. @ ,. _) luoJat4{p s{ uo{sseJdXe s,4o] 9 oelq $1 Hoedloeq sflo] g -SUlSSlW s{ OOJL # -loeiq Sl letl s,uelH  uaolueo seq/Io8 g Jila6tlS s! toBS L :saouaell!a ' k