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April 2, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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April 2, 1980

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Page 14- Wednesday, April 2, 1980 ., ,/'" Thoug ".'.'.. :. o., o " 'N Thing ": By Nobody in Particular INTERNAL CONFUSION It was difficult and confusing this a.m. to relate in one in- stance to the TV news reports about the possibility of thousands of Iranian terrorists coming into the U.S., hearing the Banks project their financial difficulties, scientific puz- zlement and predictions for unusual earthquake activity in the nothern part of the states, and then to be led into the next instance with a food processor to make a salad...for six. That kinds boggled my mind this morning, but then I stepped back into the reality of my own life, remembering what Pastor West said his Grandma used to say. "You live and learn, then die and forget it all!" (Thanks Grandma I needed that ! ) NEW UNIFORMS? After viewing the film slide presentation by Mr. Northrup and those colorful uniforms worn by bands from other countries, we realize just how much more there is to "get- ting" to Vienna than paying the fare and getting on the plane. The governments of other countries pay all expenses for athletic or cultural exchange programs while we in this country (with pride) pay our own way! EVERYBODY OUT TO PICK'S Everybody...get out to Pick's April 3, 11:30 a.m. to 8 p.rn-., Bernie and Barbara are opening the Drive-In on their day off to help raise money for the Band. Mary Beth Vogt. Mary Rennish, and Dee Pasquini are all volunteering their time. April 3rd is during Easter Vacation and on a Thursday, so everybody can get out and eat a hamburger to help the Band ! Call all your friends, neighbors and relatives and then send out invitations to neighboring communities! ALUMNI RESPONDS "Proud to hear that the C.H.S. Band may be one of the three state bands to journey to Vienna this July. That]s a far cry from those early days in the 30's when we travelled all the way to Healdsburg to perform with the C.H.S. Band. Here's my check which I hope will help a bit. Heard the land play for Miss Liest's retirement years ago, and must admit Mr, Connolly's done a great job." "Enclosed please find my check for the C.H.S. Band to help fitmnce the trip to Vienna. It has been many years since I attended C.H.S. but I am "Tickled pink" that my old high school is taking part in such an important International Music Festival. Good Luck and congratulations to Mr. Connolly and students. Rose Berti Carosso "I am so happy for the C.H.S. Band and this wonderful opportunity." "My husband and I saw you on the TV News one evening .and were quite impressed. We Would like to make a small contrtlmuon toward your summer trip to Europe. Have a great time all of you!" ORANGE BLOSSOM According to Orange Blossom President, Mrs. Gwen Marcus, the Orange Blossom Garden Club has volunteered to sel!Jickets for those beautiful White Fir Trees (Russ Kinzey Trees) at the April 12th Flea Market. Phone 894-5444 for more information. CREATIVE STITCHERY Creative Circle Neediecrafts Co. now has a representative in Cloverdale. Her name is Lynne Hayes. She says the Company manufactures and sells top quality stichery kits (crewel, latchhook, cross-stitch, needlepoint, and the new stitch and stuff) through class demonstration or party. Of special interest now is their "fund-raising" program. During fle month of April, Creative Circle will return 20 percent of the total sales from a demonstration to a non-profit group or organization. If someone would like to help the C.H.S. Band you might check into this and give Lynne a call at 894-3620. Charitable organizations without administrative costs in todays world is very rare, if not extinct altogether. Jack tuart is very much behind the "Miracle of Vienna" fund raising project because, as he says, "We can be sure our money is going exactly where it is supposed to be going !" Jack was surprised when he first discovered  that everything done for the Band is done without any ,re- Almost 96 -and not a day over 65... What is age anyway? One starts to ponder that question when confronted with meeting Rex Collisen, a long time resident of Geyserville, world citizen, and world: renowned member of the Baha'i Faith. Age is wisdom--usually acquired from a lifetime of layers upon layers of tests and trials interwoven with love. Age is patience-4he child of suffering and unfulfilled expectations. Age is a sense of humor- the ability to laugh-the salve one learns to use to heal a broken heart. , Age is radiant acquiescence-tendered from many years of rowing up- stream and then finally discovering the ease of flowing with the current. Age is love-for, like a field of multiplying violets, love breeds love and increases the capacity to love. Age is humility--the life- long struggle to surrender the ego-discovering the security in the eye of the storm. One starts to value the aging process and the potential within ourselves when meeting with Rex. Rex is a legend-his being tells you so without the utterance of a single word. For what we are speaks much louder than our words. Many times we think we need to tell others how it is with us and all we've done and all we are--but one becomes aware of the meaningful story our essence can tell when we ,allow our reality to speak through our deeds, and not obscure the understanding process with a Coronary test sign-up to be held April 27th fly JEAN BULLER to heart disease can be Appointments are being taken for a Coronary Risk Evaluation that will be held April 27 in Cioverdale at the Veteran's Memorial Building. The medically directed testing program is designed to detect persons who have high risk factors that could lead to heart disease, said Joe Hillebert, local Health Ser- vices coordinator of the Cloverdale Seventh-day Adventist Church. Included in the screening program is a blood test to measure glucose, cholesterol, high-density lipoprotein, triglyceride and uric acid levelts. Other tests to be given will measure blood pressure, height and weight. A questionnaire to point out factors in daily living that could lead to heart disease also will be completed. A computerized calculation will be made of a person's health age, based on his or her health history and indicated risks. "If more people realized that nearly all factors leading brought under control, early heart disease wouldn't have to take the lives of so many people in their most productive years." Participants will be tested in the morning and are requested not to eat or drink anything but water after 7 p.m. the previous day. A six-hour seminar on risk reduction and health im- provement will follow the evaluation meeting. Topics to be covered include diet, exercise, relaxation, weight management, and stress. Those topics will be covered during a special program to be held from 2 to 8 p.m. at the Seventh-day Adventist Church with a vegetarian supper provided. Persons between the ages of 21 and 70 who want to make an appointment for the testing program should call 894-3201. Volunteer physicans, nurses and health educators will contribute their time to the program, including one local physician. A $25 fee is being asked to help defray medical testing expenses (valued at $'/5 to $I00). imbursement whatsoever. More than 3,000 letters went out to alumni, etc. No one was reimbursed for a single stamp, en- velope or the time spent in preparing the letters. In fact, each and every fund raiser, each and every person who is helping the band is doing everything free... Even Attorney Mike Welty donated his time and services to incorporate the "Miracle of Vienna Fund" drive so that everyone might legally deduct the donations from their income tax. One small item nearly caused a flaw in the total "without administrative costs" but that has been taken care of by Jack. Its a long story but the State requires a "Filing fee" of approximately $200. and that would have, of course, been paid for out of the Fund. Jack solved our "flawing" problem by having the filing fee added to his account, thereby making it total non-profit, with out one-cent for administrative costs. BOX 31 ! Dear Friends of Cloverdale and the High School Band, keep those cards and letters coming! The three banks accepting donations or you can write; C.H.S. Band Fund, Box 311, Cloverdale, Calif. (Thank you! ) Calendar of events for the Cloverdale High School Band trip April S - Benefit Dance sponsored by Councilman Congdon at Citrus Fair Bldg. - 9 to 1 for $2.,50. April 12- Flea Market- at ivhich the Band will have 2 tooths. April 12 , The Orange Blossom Garden Club has yolunteered to sell tickets for the Russ Kinzey's Fir Trees ithe coming Flea Market. wen Marcus, president. April 13 . Baroque usicale-Sponsored by Episcopal Church at 3. AprU 19 - Second Benefit inner - "Spaghetti & violis": April 21 - Women's Im- Wovement Club Card Party - pfternoon- Masonic Temple. Aprol 25- Ballet en Ron(le - 'itrus Fair Bldg. with Wine Tasting. May 3 - United Church rift Shop Parking Lot Sale, a.m. to4 p;m. ; May 3 - Thrift Shop Parking Lot Sale at Cioverdale United Church - Time I0 a.m. to 4 p.m. Benefit for Band. May 16,17, 18 - Square Dance Benefit - Citrus Fair - Chairman Rich Pelligrini. May 17 . Green 'thumb Garden Club Card Party. Held at the Veterans Memorial building from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sandwiches, desserts and beverages will be served. For more in- formation please call Pres. Terry Paine, 894-5118. Also, the fabulous hand- made quilt will be on display. May 18" - Lion's" Club Pancake Breakfast. All proceeds to the Band. May 19 - Women's Im- provement Club Card Party - Masonic T., afternoon. June tS - Ben Voyage Party at Papa Jobon's On Going Event German Lessons - Sat. at I0 a.m. by Carol Chase - 894- Washington School - Magazine Subscription Drive-Mr. Kaserman, Aluminum Can Drive Collection "places Krooms- behind Preston Store Cann's- I I I Rosewood Dr., Jefferson School. Sorority Raffle - Members are accepting donations. All these are included in the raffle: Sciaini's Metal Shed, $I00 tune-up by John's Auto and Cloverdale Auto, Frozen lamb cut and wrapped from Cy Frances, T.V. from Century 21, Cord of wood from Ojeda. Picks Drive-In - Raffling a case of wine. Russ Kinsey - Raffling 2 beautiful White Fir Trees. Orange Tree Have 2 beautiful ceramics by Doris Ferrari to be raffled. Fashion Flair - Has a hand.* made Afghan by Carol Richards to raffle. Cloverdale Bakery - 5 cents on every loaf of bread sold to the Band Fund. Cloverdale Auto Parts . wantsold batteries the money made from the sale of them goes to the Band Fund. Hi-Fi - Gives 25 cents from every $3. order to the Band Fund. Red Carpet Realtors - For evei-y house sold $100 goes to the Band Fund. Cloverdile Bowl Thursday Bowling Leagues are donating each week. Cloverdale Reveille - $3 to the Band for every new subscription, after Mar. 15th. $4.50 will go to the band. Band Students - Are selling Amway soap 8 lbs. and 12 lbs. sizes. Contact : Band students or Mrs. Williams - 894-2032. Confirmed Chaparones (All chaperones will pay their own way ) Carl and Carol Junker; Hans Tschirch - Interpreter; Millie Campbell; Connie Seymour; Marian Zagorites; Kate Connolly - in charge of records and music; Sue Connolly - Registered Nurse; Winnie Connolly; Jan Davies; Vicki Fennessey. lot of pretense. We all have the potential to be beautiful. We all have hidden gems and attributes which we can develop, if only we believe it and try. Briefly, Rex's full life began in Ohio, where he was born into a family of farmers. Selling hand-sawed cords of wood for 50 cents a cord to earn his way through college, Rex soon learned the benefits of hard labor, which kept him fit through the years. He later became an agriculture specialist at Cornell University for several years, retired, and then at age of 68, moved to Africa and took over the entire landscaping project for the grounds of the Baha'i House of Worship in Uganda, planting acres of bougainvillas, papaya trees, and numerous other varieties of multi-colored flowers, trees and shrubs. Fifteen years later, when Rex's beloved wife Mary (whom he so devotedly loves) developed cancer, they returned to Geyserville, where Mary passed away after two years of suffering. Rex tater lost his daughter two years ago, also from cancer. One begins to re-evaluate many everyday habits and how we let some of our choicest moments slip by without even paying attention when given the opportunity to be around Rex for any length of time. For example, when Rex plays some of his favorite classical records - or even Johnny Mathis whom he really enjoys-for you, you cut out all outside distractions- no talking, eating or anything-and experience the music. Rex says that good music does close to the same thing for him that prayer does-it lifts him clear into the spiritual world and all seemingly important troubles simply fade away and vanish. Rex has many interests and hobbies--one being rock collecting, cutting and polishing, of which he has hundreds of specimens, collected from his world travels {but his favorites are ones he collected right here in the Russian River). Having led such an active full life, Rex now enjoys correspon- ding with intimate friends all over the world, listening to music, taking rides with friends, gardening, attending Baha'i meetings, and a lot of reading, which occupies most of his time. Rex is somewhat limited to his activities due to a healing broken hip--the result of falling off his bicycle a few years ago! One of the virtues age usually doesn't represent (but in Rex's case most certainly does and is as strong in him as in most children), is his interest and eagerness to learn and to embark on new adventures. Even death he very much looks forward to-and joyfully anticipates as a new ad- Ray's M ATS00 & Delicatessen. venture. Rex's astoundingly powerful faith helps him have such complete assurance and confidence in whatever he endeavors to do. One friend remarked that "Rex is a God- Intoxicated man", although Rex never imposes his religion on others and con- aiders it a great error to do so. He feels it only an- tagonizes others. (However, when he does tell people about his faith, he always trys to do so gently and gradually.) And when one meets Rex, or has the privilege to hear him pray, the light from his eyes and the glow of his being-and the roar of his Burl Ives-like voice coming from the depths of his heart make you aware that he is so religion, that storm, no shake his love for God. Yes, to his friends and to grow with each (When he thought important life He again through actiOS strongly tried the printing Thank you, this is hard for makes you feel. brings us a pleasure). The Fashion Flair Beauty. Shop has tickets available for the lovely handmade Macrame Plant Hanger plus two smaller hangers. Made by Carol Richards. Drawing April 4 at 2 p.m. at Fashion Flair. ,&Jso available soon will be tickets for the beautiful handmade ceramics now on display at the Orange Tree. The famous Hummel copiesare made by Dois Ferrari. Roasting Chickens 5- 6 lb. avg. Eastern Bacon Sliced platter Style Cornish Game Hens IV2 lb. size Dinner Franks 179 Country Style b, Pork Sau00ge Finland Swiss Cheese 2 99 lb. Homemade Haas CALL FOR QUOTES ON LOCKER BEEF Produce at its Best 4 0 Avocados Jumbo 4189' Mushrooms | 3,b./100 .u. Brawny Large Roll 6 paragus 1 Navel Cloverdale FOOD CENTER 138 E. First Street 894-2325 Store Hours: Week Days 7:30 a.m, - 6:30 p.m.. Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Free Delivery Every Day at 4 p.m. AD EFFECTIVE DATES Wed., April 2, Thru Sun., April 6 | go 1