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March 26, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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March 26, 1980

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Page 14- Wednesday, March 26, 1980 8:30 . M.A.S.H. . I LOVE LUCY j NEE. March 26 ""- . OVER EASY O MACNEIL LEHRER REPORT . MATCH GAME I Cl NEWS a JOKER. S WILD ID ARC NEWS through I HIT 7:00 " ) IHAPPY" LOVE LUCY DAYS AGAIN 6:300 April 1 "-"- ""- . cgs NEWS m OVER EASY elABC NEWS . MATCH GAME . DICK CAVETT SHOW ID JOKER" S WILD J NEIM.YWED GAME ) SANFORD AND 8ON TIC TAC DOUGH 7:00 I) JOKER" S WILD R M.A.S.H. WED THflU TUES WEEKNIGHT 7:30 iS Nac NEWS MORNING 2:00 MOVIE -(DRAMA) O 5 DAS EN REVISTA .WORLD SERIES OF AUTO AMERICAN FILM THEATRE O WHO, WHAT, HOW DO YOU KNOW? 2:30 O VIBRATK)NS I BIG BLUE MARBLE 2:45 THE AMERICAN SPORTSMAN 3:00 RSHIN HOLE TS SPECTACULAR MOVIE .(COMEDY-ORAMA) 3:30 ARAT NASHVILLE MUSIC PROFESSIONAL BOWLERS 4:00 HEE HAW 11 NASHVILLE ON THE ROAD 5:45 ) JOKER&apos;S WILD 7:30 e NATIONAL CHEERLEADING O.'a0 l/ieJ) .  COUPLE CHAMPIONSHIP l L.AINC_.,E WELK SHOW  SOCCER MADE IN GERMANY . EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING . TIC TAC DOUGH SUNRISE SEMESTER ) ALL IN THE FAMILY 4:30 . EVENING MAGAZINE ]1 THAT NASHVILLE MUSIC t VARIOUS PROG .RAMING 1:00 . JACOUES COUSTEAU I HOLLnVOOO SOUARES q).OV, E .(COMEDI00 . EDUCATIONALO:m PROGRAMMING  REAL PEOPLE I KOED EVENING EDITION (WED.,THUR.,FRI.) 6:15 1 THE DAY CHRIST DIED  PM MAGAZINE K)VlE .(DOCUMENTARY) B(aHT IS ENOUGH  PLAY THE PERCENTAGES 1 POP GOES THE COUNTRY ) JOKER'S WILD . NEWS . PICTURE OF = HEALTH  8HAKE=ARE PLAY8 -- eoucAlAL oo O.E.(ADVE.. RE) qO*E.(eNTURE) o 's HT WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS 00ALL'NTHE F%L0; (MON.,TUE.) 1:M . EDWARD THE KING 1 K)UD GOLD,I " O SPORTS UNLIMITED . THE MORNING 8rRETCH m CHARLE, SELS 1 HERE" S BO(OER 1 HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL . CAPTAIN KANGAROOHEALTH FIELD (EXC.FRI.)  HELLO, LARRY00 !NI@ WHEN THE WHISTLE BLOWS DI NBC NEWS 5.30 . v  o wASHINGTON WEEK ,N RW w sTRAw. S""AKE .,.000 PY.MID 0:40 NJgl IMI...)LMRTt "'LN--'NETH AINIO C:OPANY IGUNMOKE 10:.30 eC4M-IIASFq)RTSAWARDSANDRoAST  PHIL SILVERS SHOW 6.'46 "C' EST MOI. TOULOUE-LAUTI O RINK LADY O COMMUNITY CALENDAR  TIMLIGHT ZONE O WALL STREET WEEK 11 .'00" (#AOVIE -(DRAMA)9. - EVENING 7:00 H II FRIDAY NIGHT MOVIE 6:00 AMERICA , UNTOUCHABLES  BILL MOYERS' JOURNAL El NEWS 11:30  NBC NEWS WHITE PAPER 7:30 . BENNY HILL 10:00 .7:30 A.M.  THE TONIGHT SHOW I EWS ENSE-DRAMA ) CJPER   LATE MOVIE I DALLAS () ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW 1:0  AMENCA HELD HOSTAGE iMANOEUVRE 6:3o (I MAKE ME LAUGH BEST OF GROUCHO WEw S 11:45 10:30 J PRK IS FLIGHT LOVE aOAT-BARETTA Q) TWlUGHT ZONE ) SAN FORD AND SON 11:00 7:00 1:30 12.'00 % e DANCE FEVER I 1 LAWRENCE WELl< SHOW .OOM | = u.o00HABL00 o PA00FIC CURRENTS MISTER ROGERS Q) TWIUGHT ZONE PUBLIC AFFAIRS (EXC.MON.) 12:,30  BAYSCENE BATTLE OF THE PLANEI  .(MYSTERY-DRAMA) 1 1:30  FIRING LiNE NEWS 1:00 JOVIE .(DRAMA) 1 FAMILY FEUD l(I N! TOMORROW NI(I THE TONIGHT SHOWNBA BASKETBALL 1 STAR TREK CARD 8HARK8  MU=ET SHOW JEFFERSOIN MOVIE -(WESTERN)  AMERICA HELD HOSTAGE () ) MAKE ME LAUGH ALL IN THE FAMILY I AM 84Uq F i 7:30 . BEgAME STREET  LOVE BOAT 1:15 -- ,u. 4 I KICKS 2:`:.00  CHARLIE' S ANGELS  GONG SHOW  THREE' S A CROWD  MERV GRIFFIN O EYEVWTHESS NEINSMAKERS () CONVERSATION (]D43OMMUNIDAD DEL VALLE \\; 10:00 PALM SUN'AY AT CONCORD E SUNDAY TIMES NBA BASKETBALL KID ARE PEOPLE TOO; Dear ALEX AND ANNIE SESAME STREET ) BAY COUNtiES DATEBOOK FLtNTSTONES 10:30 IT IS WRITTEN KID ARE PEOPLE TOO; DEAR ALEX AND ANNIE KIDS ARE PEOPLE TOO MOVIE -( M US.AL) 11:00 O ON THE SQUARE HOME FOR PASSOVER MEET THE PRESS } AS WE SEE ;T (lOVlE -(SCIENCE FICTION) 11:30 800W%EN'S .EMPERO00N ,MALS, ANIMALS. SCHOOL. ROCK I FOOTSTEPS AFTERNOON 12:00 TARZAN HERITAGE GOLF CLASS/C ISSUES AND ANSWERS ) MASTERPIECE THEATRE TIONED) )MOVIE -(MUSICAL) 12:30 ID0 SV YOUR HEALTH IE .(DRAMA) 1.-00 ' THE SUPERSTARS ) WASHINGTON WEEK IN REVIEW 1:30 ]} CLAJROL CROWN TENNIS SPORTSWORLD WALL STREET WEEK 2:.OO LONG BEACH GRAND PRIX ]) NATIONAL NUCLEAR DEBATE (OVlE .(DR/U) ((BI]l( INTERNATIONAL BOXING 3:00 e CLAJROL CROWN TENNIS SPORTS ARELD 3:30 tmlI)) WIDE WOm.D OF SPORTS IMOVIE -(WESTERN) 4:00 GUNSMOKE THE OLYMPIAD l SONG BY SONG vie .(MA) 5:00 kK)VlE -(DRAMA) (CAP- 7:30 ..00COUPLE ]} HOLLYWOOD SQUARES ) TIC TAC DOUGH ( EVENING E ) KQED EVENING I) PM MAGAZINE OLVIE .(COMEDY) IN THE FAMILY 8:OO N LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE WI(RP IN CJNCINNAI GARDENING FROM THE GROUND UP 8:3O THE STOCKARD CHANNING MARK RUSSELL COMEDY SPECIAL .&H. MANIMALS OPAL ROBERTS SPRING SPECIAL MOVIE .(SUSPENSE-ORAM 30 ((B FLO A IE.(HORROR) RICAN SHORT STORY 10:00 .NEWS r LOU GRANT i ANGEL DEATH ) GUNSMOKE (00 BEST OF GROUCHO 10:30  CLOSEuP 13 HT ZONE 11:00 11:30 NNY HILL E TONIGHT SltOW .( CBS LATE OnE !Nl ARC LATE HIGHT NEWS I) MAKE ME LAUGH 11:45 BARNEY MILLER 12:00 . F.B.L I) L.A.T.E.R. 12:.10  BARNEY MILLER 12:  SOLDONF.S 12:30 E VEWRND 1.0 SSPENSE INEWS 1:25 NEWS 2:OO  THREE'S A C;ROWO 2:4O EJMO,nE -.(DRAMA) 2:`:.45 tMOnE .(ADVENTURE) 4:30 by SPORTSWHIRLED--Now that the season is at an end, very few people the addition of the WHA teams meant as a whole. Overall attendance 'expansion' cities increased of NHL play improved and not one o f could be taken for granted. The line of Wayne Gretsky, Brett Calli MacDonald was the best in the leag LA. line of Charlie Simmer, Dave Dionne. Why. you ask? Simply beta figured that Gretsky's stats were of the WHA's offensive brand of Wayne motor through and around defensemen brought a smile to my Gretsky will be the greatest thing to NHL since Bobby Orr. The fact that Alberta will cost him some ink, Dionne is a terrific player who literally c and Simmer to lofty heights. MacDonald are, and will continue to improving forwards with lots of talent. Sather will probably break them up some more balanced scoring... the Hartford Whalers who proved that effort night after night can mask many deficiencies, namely age and talent. were not expected to do much this together and carved out a nice Englan_d area. Intense rivalries with the Bruins are in the making. And what about Mike Rogers and Blaine Stou ed as they are, these two gritty offensive muscle to a rather offense.,. Ken Morrow is the most of the USA Olympic team. Paired with the hulking backliner looks cool, calm and rarely gets caught out of of the ink going to Potvin, Bossy, Resch, Morrow might get lost in the Coliseum fans hungry for a standout recognize Ken's talents... ABC, by the to make a tele-movie based on the U.S. hockey team. More details ALL TOGETHER I  $1.00 BEAUTY CONTEST (MOVIE .(OR, U.A) shortly. . YOGA FOR YOUR HEALTH 2:`:.20 12:00  MATCH GAME  NEWS 4:45 ) LEAVE IT TO BEAVER O  DMOVIE .(COMEDY)  DANCE FEVER II IN SEARCH OF...  MARCUS WELBY 1:.30 ,25 6) TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED )  VAN DYKE SPK:)W Ii SAFARI TO ADVENTURE 2:30 BASEBALL EXTRA--Well here we are. ROO=2 NSW 1- .SOUDOOLD'(REPF_AT) mMARYTYLERMOCS away from opening day. Hard to . llE HOLLYWOOD SQUARE8 ) L.A.T.E.R. 8:00 O GARDENING FROM THE GROUND U P INTtICLUO $:5 MOVIE-(MYS:TIERY-DRAMA) EDAMA) GOODNEWS great for the fans since this is the tinlC  r,u , nr: r.n 5"30 MARCUSWELeY (MOVIE.(MYSTERY) 1:00  THE TIM CONINAY SHOW E)GONGSHOW " II l*,,'Jte when baseball, hockey, basketball and ) PE131COAT JUNCT11ON10:00 -- .(TUFIE)4:15  TPIE MDNtGHT SPECIAL.(DRAMA) ) ALL-STAR FAMILY FEUDALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL I NBO NEWSWILD KINGDOM / t,II JI (;;] y__ prime coverage in the local papers. It'S I VA 4:55 1:15 (CttARUE, S/I:/0 S I PEOPLE OF A CHANGING VALLEY @D4)ABONEWS editors dream or nightmare depending L__LE.LTINO IIMOVIE.(DRAMA) 00 CAMERATHREE are working for If I'm not mist . NEWS " II SANFORD I NEWS m LAVERNE ANOSI'flRI.Y IOVIE.(SCIE%:'TK)N) J HAWAII FIVE-{)  PHIL S,LVERS SHOW Japanese basebali teams are rapidly i . EDUCATIONAL " PROGRAJM O]1 THE LOVE BOAT EVENING might be interesting to play them for r, (UNTIL 12:.00) . NEW8 2:25 MOVIE .(COMEDY) . -- BPmcisRiom point during the regular season. ) PA&SWORD PLUg '1" L.t.. a,,#qll ,11 ( NEWS 2:.--30  PASTOR GLEEN COLE II ME AND MAXX .w 0:30 III U/UOy , == EV'NG STqTK "- WHEEL OF FORTUNE SmN MA)" TWIUGHTZONS ...... SPORTS QUESI've been receiving 10:00 6"00 IJI !"" NCEws about America's Olympic heroes, so th . MIKE DOUGLAS 3:20 NPRIMET1MESA  ....  EWS LLEHRERREPORT NEwS N " goang to give you an address where y0 MOVIE .(DOCUI:sTARY ) m HAGEN ....... II MUPPET SHOW  CABS NEWS HEALTHFIELDll 30 all your letters: U.S. Olympic Committ  .u- u -, P, om , O FACE THE NATION t ABC NEWS '_u'" .... IO JULIA CHILD AND MORE COMPANY (klOVie .(ADVENTURE) jIpNILDONAHUE/OW IMOVIE.(ADVEN&') Boulder St., Colorado Springs. Cot.. # . CHAIN  .... "'l:l.[:)lE ''  THIRTY MINUTES ) HAPPY DAYS AGAIN ClIKI, S ..... (@MOVIE.(WSTERN) ........ '^.a SOUNDOFF! 6:30 Send your questions to SPORTS III; YOUNG AND THE RESTLE$S  m Y=R ..... ':'' ....... THIRTEEN NEINS Compulog, P.O. Box ]23. Lyndhurst,  NFAMILYPEUO _e .......... rvr.m=u  J)MOVlE.(DRAMA) OVlERr=/Y t I LOVE LUCY 8:00  n'" ; .MMCee n =u= 6:30  MATCH GAME NEWSTALK . M.AS.H. " ........ .',._  WILD KINGDOM  JOKER' S WILD v c0. 11:30  NBO NEWS mTH= .ev- .,.. ''w .SItA N I) SANFORID AIWID SOlq oa00uruay .HoYMoSs m OASH . RYAIf S HOPE I CgS NEWS 1 .... "4'aNsY  COMPANY "  =EKNm .  , , -- . ,06SW'8 I'-'NEWS .... __ SNEAK PREVIEU  . FAMILY FEUD .NBONEWS  = NEWZOO REVUE .(i%) ' :'. " 7:00 O c8 NEwS STAR TR = ....u 00 DISNEY' S WONDERFUL WORLD  ABC NEWS =,'n ,on;v .u_u-r, =  00 MINUTES  DICK CAVETT SHC O I LOVE LUCY 1:30 m NBC" "N"  ..........  GALACTICA 10 ( NEWLYWED GAME AFTE  NEW ][l'"Vl E .a"nV= m=,  FAWLTY TOWERS  TIC TAC DOUGH O OER Ejly MORNING - 'A N ........ - 7:30 ) JOKER. S WLO . MATCHGAME mV WILD WEST  FALL AND RISE OF REGINALD 7:30 ,a.*m t JCN(fR. S WILD  ...... PERIRIN ODD COUPLE P COLUMNIST  rM'==u  ..u= ......  OF.N_k-- 6) sr-om AND SON 0. G) WORLD CHAMPKNSHIP TENHIS ........ ., :g  ."''  ' %"= NEWS 8 OF OUR UVE8 700 I A BETTER WAY 11.At.. --  ...... M A S H . UNIVERSITY OF MaHIGAN AOVIE .(DRAMA) " I(IOVIE .(DOCUMENTARY)  EVENING MAGAZINE - ALL MY  rmmu 11WEEKIqI-IT I AGRICULTURAL FILM m MERV nmF=" 1 CHIPs . FAMILY FEUD 1. Who was the star of The ?C "'" 1NBO NEWS t GIGGLESNORT HOTEL q ..... 1 ''*n lll0 ARCHIE BUNKER. S PLACE  KQED EVEHING EDITION i CMNEW THIRI"EEN 830 ll'eE'=m-- INIII)TENSPEEDANDBROWNIHOE QPM,ZRE Balboa ? KHLK A t ABe NEW8 .............. "1'00 1 WILD HORSES, BROKEN WGS m PLAy THE PERCENTAGES ..... 12:30 _._DJ(KvIrTNOW BAYCITYROLE,EFIS ,,...p ..... ,;.... AMERr.A'SATHUrESlI OKER.SWILD 2. Who hosted 'On Your Mark'? MSEARCHFOTOMOROW I NEWLYWSDu SUNRISEdlIESTER .=_.---.-Z..;..... 1:30 tOVIE.(MSCAL) 3. Who was Shelley Winters' ex who RFY TICTACDOUGH .BAYSCENE "]:IVI"'E"ARI" ONEDAYATATIME  ALL IN THE FAMILY The Name of the Game?  Y NILLalLUE8 ) JOKER. S WILD I KIOgWORLD r " "'"  a: tVOICEOFkGRICULTURE --NEWS .... BIITHEGEVENT .WOVIE.(MU.gC<X)OY) 4. Who was Charlie in 'My Sweet C t II ODD COUPLE 7':30 ) n" S YOUR 8U 7:00S%-SS  1-30 li AUCE  DAFFY DUCK" S F.ASR SHOW MOVIE IN It r ...... II '.ARCa'IOF... IlTHREE'SACRO I) SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE NnWTESHAOOW 5. Who starred in TV's 'Convoy'? I0()T(;8 .... " O TIC TAC DOUGH  (DZILLA-G --ROJKCONC, ERT O (M-STERPIECE THEATRE (CAP- HAPPYDAYS I 6. What star went from 'Arrest and 1 HOUR; ASK  NEWS Jil-iT woxo t FeANING MAmNE "-) o NOVA MOVIE.(MYSTERI:Y)35 ) BLACK RENAISSANCE 8:30 For You r Life' ? m ONE UFE TO UVE Ill AMPLY FEUD .VlLLA ALEG 5jTIIONAL  KO.. L=VENINGEDITI(O  WORLD'S GREATEST MOVIE.(DRAMA)" ----_._ 0:30  THE LAST OF THe REO HOT 7. Who starred in the series 'Blue I (WE).,THUR.,FRL) ! rm trAJPERFRIENDS; SCHOOL. ROCK 2:.00  [HE JEFFERSONS DRAGONS (OOMERPYLE . I.I__.VL.NTAGES ( SUNRISE SEMESTER MOVIE.(HORRCi ELAMANECER LAVERNEANO 8. Who played the commissioner in 1.1   ....  PUUCAFFA - ._ 10:00 o 9. Who starred in 'The Reporter ? . O AINI"- WO@--  -'(DRAMA) '  aLAI( RENAJ7:4CE JJ NE "' llE.l= ..... W Y N KNT AT THE MOVIES tMOVIE  ALL IN THE FAMILY 3"20 ................  .......... ,= 10. Who played Fleur on The ForSY ) DICK VAN DYKE 8ttOW __  . KID8 NEWS  MOVIE .(COMEDY()  TO BE ANNOUNCED  THREE' S COMPANY 2, 41USICAIL) ( FOCUS ON FARMING ,,,,, IT'SYOURAFFAIR IMYST1BRYI 11. What Canadian-born actor had a DAY8OFOURLNE8  ROGERS IN THE ;h : I lf: 4At'lNnr 1 (DE) J MMY SWAGGART 0:30 -  YOGA FOR HEALTH Desperate Hou rs'? : IIouIOING LIGHT CENTURY  EL AMANECR 8 00 --- ............. -,-' . 10:30  TAXI .......... ,,o., .OPENUNE 10:.00 12. What young American actress sU iIg GENERAL HOSPITAL t aUPER KIO " m-v-,= -... or., ur.= 1 700 CLUB G. M=w " mVANIOU8 PflORAMMING Kp K AND MINDY '. . VOICE OF AGRI(LTURE 4"- -- , ...... Monroes' ? ) LEAVE IT TO %.J"I =:NTOwNREV,u.S.A" ". MOO;AgKNBONEWg FRED AND BARNEY MEET SH- (@IMOVlE.(MYSTER--5.30 u__,__.__.Eu.,--AL ...... "11-" M a.'_A_ RAWALTERSSPEClALI LURPIEC .11  13. Who led the 'mission: Impossible' )POPEYE 1:30 '\\; 1 MIGHTY , HECKLE- m LAND OF THE nbI'iTs IINL'EIN5 TIONED) Peter Graves? , .___T_ CENSUS: 80 WHO WANTS TO JL=CKLE;INTHEN i==, ,.1 (DVIDEOWES T GUNSMOKE O BUGS BUNNY AND FRIEN KNOW? IDPt-ASTICMANgltOW; SCHOOL. ' )IT'SYOURBUSlNESS 11:00 14. Who starred tn 'OK Crackerby ? OaONANZA JBENON 11:30 . LOVE AMERICAN STYLE 15. Who created the character Mr,. ruEPAY THE PERCENTAGE8 (EX" FAWLTYTOWEI0 -IS--ROOERS.(AOVEmI 16. Who starred in '87th Precinct ?, - F , (us 17. Who starred in 'The Lieutenant ? O MI0 DO INI OUIIIY I) I AND I'HE1:I)POKE N WORD O PRISONER j',t...A aJ--..  ACE THE NATION laTWlLJGHTZ .DOnisDAYowNOFNIIGHT I|IEYMILLERITHEOLYMPIAD .BLACKM Ztl Illlrlllll/ ()JACKVANIMPECRUSAOE 11-30 8. Who starred as 'Stoney Burke ? vu eqI y 11"45 -- BENNY I'ffi.L " OMOE ( MONTY PYTHON' 8 FLYI3 CroCUS O ONCE UPON A Ct-ASS mWORLDOFsu%AL - I&qOVIE.(DRAMA) " NBCNEWSSPECL4 19. Who played old man Peyton on cAsPeR 1:30 . WmNA JOm 11:0 O CAMPAON'30 Place'? O II'RV GRIFFIN (EXC.TUE.) THE A$S(X:IATI . ASIANS NOW! NEWS (ll( THE ,30 VOTE 1"0 m os BU,N- AND ,DAD RU,, ... ,OViE.(O,AMA) MELAUG, CO,ANY ' .FASTFOmVARO NR;INTHF.NL=WS 12:00 -(DRAMA) 20. Who starred in 'Mr. Deeds Goes . AYAJ' 8 HOPE J NL=W .81j41Ukl rRELr ...... - __ . -- 12:05 12:.@0 II IIJIMRE iII TH ROa"(D ll i) I FUI 1:30 () AJBC mcm . F.B.I. " lrV :Ogre .IX)KPm ': lllX LAI: '.REVmTA'.LAANA ' e ANEW 1' tcsLATEMOaaTHeTcNiars"w II  II .=. ..c LATE .... .w. mm=00 i ONE IM. (L-.A-'T.E.R uJeq)lJeW a|uow "OZ OU ! ujel .8BY ANO 8CRAPPY Doe; OHUMAN [NMENSION 12:3 12:-18 .MINE o:30 (PeeJeN OLHO "6[ m lip O SPECIAL TREAT (TUE.) ) TWlILIGHT ZONE  JPERMAN HOUR .... 6:15 :VIE -rlTLE UNANNOU NCD)  TUEgOAY MOE OF THE WEEK .MIITERROGER8 0:.m , 10:00 (1:30 i(.;t.OIEUP13 (,._ PJO1 qr "8t ;o no t MARY TYLER MOORE (EXC.WEO.)  PRI0NER RAP 'IION . OUR MEN IN THE CAPITOL IIPHH-SILVERESHOW 11:30 N AND THE ANGELS; ASK mAIRWA Y __SDIASEN REVISITAS0 mm.-r.=-COF.DY) pooqoo1 Be O "LI ,e FUNTTONE8 , LOVE AMERICAN STYLE  N A .. u ieqoH "gT up .NvYwsou  .UUACH,.OANGMOCOMANy .r-OROURnMES  EWS MTOMOmOW uosuqor eV "I" "r ue, |MOVIE .(WE:STERN) .TNIS IS THE UFE __..-_.._ 2:.0  2:,:13 OAINEWe(MON.) i I SUNDAY MASS iMuc NL=WS SeAl Pn8 "T  =u I CHURCH OF T .... 2:30 2:,15 O I rliEr (I) TWII.WrZONE O   IIIH UOAetS "ET xc t ( ROL  AND FRINI 11:30 JETSONS;TIMEOUT -- -- 7.'00 II--=wo . ONEW S (IC.MON.) IIENNYNILL .JUgT WESTBROOKAL 2:. 2:`30 OqhLIIOI4 eJeq.ll I P .FTR(X)P THEHIOW N POPEYE; IN THE NEW  .ITISWIRITTEN VIBRATIONS THREE'SACRO IllH 4n.qlV "T IlmJU0UNCH NCESLTEt/ . CA/,N CAVEW=TEL=N ANGELS..JERRYFALWIELL &lO ulqsdmeH uesns "0 [' J MOSAIC IB AI.L C-K S N 5"10 el  ii . IIONIC MK)MAN ('tw'O.) lk .(OOMEDY) am CAPTAIN "CAVEMAN-TEEN k. NTTTTS OF REFLECTION MOVIE .(ORAMA)" NNEWS I MAKE ME LAUGH ANGELS; N.X/10 ANNIE I #, : . ,. il MARY TYLER MOORE 1: I .(OOMEDY) .LEFT. RIGHTANDCENTER / I FAC THE MUC NPOUA ,,-,,=.,o,., ..oo00Ry "-00 CATHo00cMA=7:,, Monaay ,., eec00o00oRo..Te.. O00OHeA%= - _ _ _ O "IIT (ll . L.A.T.E.R.  HOUR OF POR :" .,. .,T ALBE.; IN .. .,o.00.HOW '" |00BA00,NG * _ tMA I.ews BELLE ST ,R t   48USIqBNIS t (N(FJR, JOKER, JOKER . WR FOR11E MINITIES t NEWS (EXO.MON.) I:1s t  1  ) m BLue MARBLE I= I/ 1:00 5.o Elizabeth Ao IY  tured) stars as I CALWON U.S.A. HEAVWEX;HT BOX. O REx HUIO . SUY  , I00SA.. IgEgAMESTREET . bandit queen of  CASPER WednesdaY 2:=s INS 2:40 4mlrruw) I Movmvu m .... Friday M.. 1:t0 SEMANA 8:30 IGAYOF -(MY&'rERY) VISTAS I30 AM WEEKEND THE SUPER ; ABUNOANT LIVING URBAN TIMES DUDLEY' 8 DINER euK38 BUNNY i AMERICAN SI!ORT STORY , 0: THE SUPERET% ERGY Im Isr .CONYERSA00ON JR IIT IS WRITTEN ) ' S ATHLETE8 1N  Llk V(Z DE LA RAZA mMOV.(ADWN.),:30 STERN, REX HUMBARO MEET THE PRE88 TELL-A-VISION 6.'OO -(WESTERN) () HAPPY DAYS NJN NEWS" 1:30 $O'VER Ey OMATCH ) SANFOFID AND SON 7.'OO I M.A.S.H. WEEKNIGHT the title role premiering on nesday Ni WEDNESDAY, Belle outskirts of a Dallas is marred tion as an woman. Now Indian (Geno Silva). sP a home son, Ed (David father was her daughter. Stacy). whose notorious gang. Cole CHICK t. IS|  ; li1l