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March 12, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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March 12, 1980

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Page 2 - Wednesday, March 12, 1980 Cloverdale Cl00qveille Established 1879 usps 1,t  Published.every Wednesday Geyserville PRESS Established 1934 112 West First Street Cloverdale, California 95425 (707) 894.3339 Gary L. Fawson ....... Publisher Tim Tanner .......... General Manager Janice Corey .......... Editor Yearly Subscription .Rates Sonoma Lake and Mendicino Counties 9.00 Elsewhere in the United States 9.50 Editorial A city united A few years ago, May, 1977, Cloverdale was officially recognized by the governor of Califor- nia, as the "Community of Volunteers." This honor still stands true today - however, an ad- ditional recognition has been added- Cloverdale is now also becoming known as the "City United." CIoverdale, this little city of approximately 3800 people, is proving to be a "one-in-a-million" city - well on its way to the fruition of a "miracle come true." Its recognition is broadening as each day , passes. Just about, if not every single person who lives 'in CIoverdale, is in some way helping to .- enable Steve Connolly and his Cloverdale High , School Band to accept the great honor bestowed . upon them to go to the International Music :( Festival in Vienna in July - an invitation which, in the beginning, seemed that only a "miracle" : could enable them to accept. ., With the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors ., donation of $1500, the Lions Club's $1000, CIoverdale Auto Parts $1000 guarantee, the Farm ' Bureau's $900, the Cloverdale Police Department, ' American Legion Auxiliary, Green Thumb Garden Club and City Council donations of $500 each, plus many other donations of various sums, valuable gifts donated to raffle, nickels, dimes and quarters put in the cans at many locations, and fund-raising events, we believe this "miracle" will come true. There just couldn't be : another town with a more outstanding record of dedication and cooperation. As Supervisors Brian Kahn and Nick Esposti so aptly put it- "There's something special about the community of Cloverdale - for its ability fo ac- complish whatever if sets out to do - projects that seem impossible." Now our "Miracle of Vienna" project has gained recognition even farther away than our own county. Through the efforts of Mike Pryor (CIoverdale Nursery) ABC's Channel 7 came to Cloverdale last week to televise the "Miracle of Vienna" band project. They interviewed mem- bers of the band and local citizens. On the same night it was shown on Channel 7's "News Scene." As a result of that news show Channel 7 viewers from the San Francisco Bay Area to Eureka and even Carson City, Nevada, have sent in letters with donations wishing the band luck and success. As of Friday over 75 letters were received. The CIoverdale Reveille and Geyserville Press heartily commend this city, every organization and each person for their dedication and highly effective services in behalf of their community and fellow citizens. We believe if a poll were taken if would show a 100 percent united town supporting this noble project, which has brought honor and recognition to our city of Cloverdale. We're now over the half-way mark, of reaching our grand total goal. We urge everyone to keep up this exciting momentum. It's a sure way to succeed. What a great feeling we'll all have to be winners - to know we all helped fo make our "Miracle of Vienna" come true! EDITORS NOTE: Duetoa composing room error therefore, we are reprinting it in its corrected I part of last week's editorial was omitted, form. I Where the future begins The ('loverdale Police Department donated $500. from the pr(K'eeds of their benefit basketball game with the Oakland Raiders to the Cloverdaie iligh School Band Vienna fund. At last I-'riday's high school rally they presented the check to t : ! ! Steve ('onnolly. band master. Shown member, I,isa Finck. Steve Connolly. Clfi Persons and officer Lenard Wong. Photo b: Local vane alism adds to cost By SGT. ARTHUR CERINI Cloverdale Police Dept. Vandalism is a needles expense in this time of financial concern. Today, with tax reform, higher in- terest rates and the inflated dollar, our local government as well as individuals, are interested in receiving the most for their money. Un- fortunately, there are a few who not only do not share their responsibility, but also do not care how their actions may affect other citizets. Recently, the city of Cloverdale has been struck by vandals who have .destroyed such items as telephohe booths, broken windows of local businesses, and cut the hoses attached to the traffic counters placed at various intersections by Cat Trans. Each incident has directly affected every citizen of our community. The cost of repairs must be passed on in the form of rate increases, not to mention the danger of mission services. Just suppose, Mr. Vandal, that a member of your family were in need of an emergency service and your only means of obtaining the needed help was by a public telephone booth which had been destroyed by a thoughtless vandal. I can't help but believe you would be Cloverdale Community Resource Council outraged. Or suppose because you broke a window at a local grocery store, your parents were forced to pay ten cents more for a half gallon of milk in order to cover the cost of repairing the vandalized .windows. In the case of the traffic counters, everyone who has resided within the city of Cloverdale is well aware of the work, heartache, and time involved in working on our freeway by-pass. The traffic counters were placed on our streets in order to obtain a true idea of the number of vehicles traveling our streets and the need for expediency in completing a by-pass. Again, Mr. Vandal, you have' to the ode] community- What can should every information If you are s with friendS inc stand out, teilegence explaining such will take all together if life we have within our we can all A letter to tn, r United Natiror i" f: #* C |" f' v  ,,, TheGirl Scouts of the U.S.A. will be celebrating ,.. its 68fh birthday March 12, 1980. : To be a Girl Scout does not mean just another c activity sandwiched in between school and clubs ': for the girls of our community. Active mem- o," bership in the Girl Scout organization can be a ,/ springboard to a significant involvement with , people, with the community, and with the world of ; the future. i. Girl Scouting's contemporary program is built  on a foundation of proven values and is designed ,' to help a girl make intelligent choices for herself, ..' her career, her future. What her future can be is up to her; she can be an astronaut, a plumber, a dockworker, a home manager-anything iss possible. Strengthened by the program itself, Girl Scouting brings to each girl an awareness of her own personal worth and a chance to grow as an individual. March 9.15, 1980, is Girl Scout Week, and more than three million Girl Scouts and adult volun- teers will be celebrating the 68th anniversary of Girl Scouting in the United States. We congratulate the Girl Scouts of our community on this occasion and wish them well. Their con- tributions, past and future, to the well-being of this community are sincerely appreciated. We urge you to [oin with our local Girl Scouts in this celebration. Girl Scouting works to achieve a future as bright as the faces of the girls them- selves. Truly, Girl Scouting iss "Where the Future Begins." Saturday March l, a group of concerned citizens met at 1:00 p.m. in the Assembly room of the Cloverdale Library, and organized the Cloverdale Community Resource Council and pur- pose; to coordinate, on a voluntary basis, the various community projects. We desire to represent, seven major areas of the Community : Community concerns, Community Ser- vices, Cultural Interests, Health Needs, the Youth, the Senior Citizens and Ministeral groupes. Council members are: Easier campaigning Editor: The people of the whole United States choose a # President every four years in , one single election. Why ' couldn't the candidate of each ! party be elected in the same . way? A day could be named for a national primary ; election in which all the , people could vote for a ' candidate of their respective , party. If this was done, no . outcome of a state primary election would influence the voters of others later on state primaries. It seems to me that my suggested way of electing candidates would be more democratic, harder to corrupt and easier for campaigning. Besides, it would he less expensive for the Government, the party and for the individual aspirants themselves. As it is now, an aspirant who is not rich and not backed by someby elses money has no chance. To run for candidate in a national primary, an aspirant should get enough signatures endorsing him or her, as it is done for state or city propositions. And perhaps it would be a good idea that each aspirant had passed an examination in political economy and foreign affairs. Then, all aspirants who made the grade should be given equal opportunity at Letters to the editor the mass media for ex, pressing their viewpoint, on  all vital issues, so that the public could estimate correctly their intelligence, character, sincerity and capability. No caucuses, no delegates, no state primaries and no 'conventions would then be necessary to nominate presidential candidates. Sincerely, Jose H. Ribe Beware Editor: Beware of the gas stealers. Sounds funny till you find out that your tank has been drained. Sometime Sunday night March 2, my gas tank was emptied. 15 to 18 gallons were taken and they threw away the gas cap. f don't know how many other people have had this happen to them in Cloverdale but it is time to take measures to stop it. There are many ways to protect your car, whether it be a locking gas cap or a spring put inside the mouth of the tank. Also there are ways to park your car or truck that would make it more difficult for someone to steal your gas. The main thing to do it you see someone that might be stealing gas is to get a description of them and their vehicle, then call the police immediately. With the price of gas going up the way it is we will be hearing more and more about gas stealing, so take the safety measures now and you may not wake up one mor- ning to an empty gas tank. Steve Congdon Still collecting Editor: Thank you all so much for the aluminum cans that have been dropped off or picked up. To date, 276 pounds have been collected and recycled making $63.48 for the funding of the band trip. The money has been turned over to the bank. We are still collecting aluminum cans so please keep on dropping them off at 80 Preston Depot Road (white duplex behind Preston Store) or call 894-2826 and we'll pick them up. (Smash-cans if possible). Thank you for all your help in making the Vienna trip possible and also in beautifying Cloverdale. Chuck & Glori Croom Thanks for books Editor: The residenls of Yountville Veterans Home wish to thank nesday of the month at 7:30 the citizens of Cloverdale for p.m. in the Veterans remembering them with Memorial Building. Our books and magazines and games are very friendly like hope you will continue to keep one happy family. Next up your contributions of game March 5th. reading material. Please remember that the Respectfully . V.F.W. has bingo games on Bob Wright. Commander the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wed- V.F.W. Postg"ZG8 III II II I Dr. William F. Hoyer Optometrist Wishes To Announce The Opening Of His Office At 106 E. First St. Cloverdale, Ca. for appt. phone 894-3936 I III III I I Dr. Edward F. Johnson CHIROPRACTOR Personal Injury Insurance Cases oWorkmen's Camp Medicare Full Spine Technique Physio Therapy n Applied Kinesiology = Nutrition 109 S. Main St., Cloverdale For Appointment Call 894-3608 OFFICE HOURS: Monday thru Friday 9-6 Saturday 9 to noon II III I I Senior - A.A.R.P., Theresa Wenz: Kings Valley, Dorthy Cummings; Cultural--Orange Blossom Club-Gwene Mar- cus: Health Manzanita Manor, Roseann McEntee; Minisleral - Pastor A.W. West; Community Concerns, American Legion, Bob Thompson; Grange, Alfred Hogan ; Youth, Harvey Morrison; Jefferson PTA, Lou Thompson; Member at Large - Ernest Krause. Six remaining Council seats need to be filled, they are: 1 Cultural; ' 1 Health; 1 Minesterial; 1 Member at Larte; 2 Community Ser- vices. Officers were elected from lhe Council members present. Dear Fellowhumans: It was a Greek philosopher who said "if humankind doesn'l learn from past history, they will not have any future history.'" With all the clamour going on for more armaments, it seems the government forgets or ignores past history. Many empires were armed for self-defense or national security in the past - Ot- toman, Austria. France, Germany, Britian, Spain, Russia, Japan, etc. Where are these empires now? We have had two world wars, a hundred year war, a thirty year war and numerous others. What have they solved? We are more in need of statesmen than UNIQUE OUTRAGEOUS . ..-...:.. GIFTS CARDS generals. Nations c dd to educate in the art of With tolerance, generosity, this a bea children planet. It was "'Beware of industrial One For Your Tra Coil Lot -ravel 6920 CO ROH 'g 1 7g TERRY /(111 JO (