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March 5, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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March 5, 1980

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Page 12 - Wednesday, March 5, 1980 Mormons consolidate meetings By DORIS HILL Mormon chapels are usually busy with meetings , practically every day of the week but all that will change the first week of March when a new consolidated schedule of activities and meetings takes effect for members in the United States and Canada. The new program which is designed to provide more time for productive family life, Christian service, in- dividual study and self- improvement has been ap- proved by the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of the LDS t Church. l Under the new schedule, each ward and branch [(congregation) will conduct $ its Sunday meetings m a single three-hour block, rather than spaced throughout the day and week as has been traditional. The major change will be the moving of three &apos;church auxiliary meetings from weekdays to Sundays and including them in the three hour time block. These organizations are the Ladies Relief Society, the Young Women's organization and Primary, for children 3 through It. Local leaders may choose either of two schedules to fit the particular needs of their members. One option begins with sacrament meeting for 70 minutes, followed by Sunday School and Primary classes and ending with priesthood, Relief Society, Young Women and Primary, which would still be in session. There would be 10 minute breaks between sessions. The other option reverses the schedule, ending with Sacrament meeting Under the new program the Cloverdale Branch, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, will meet at 9:00 a.m. and begin with Priesthood, Relief Society, Primary and Young Women, then Sunday School begins at 10 a.m. and Sacrament meeting at 10:50 a.m. ending at 12:00 noon. Relief Society Homemaking meeting will be held March llth at 7:30 P.m. preceded by Visiting Teaching report meeting at 7:00 p.m. Starting in April these meetings will always be held on the first Tuesday night of each month. iVinson Brown, noted author !to give pubhc talk Faith fulfills the prophecies of all the world's religions. Baha'is believe that all the great, religions of the world are valid and all worship the same God - and that Hin- duism, Buddhism, Judaism,, Christianity, the Moslem Religion and now the Baha'i Faith are all the source of the progressive, collective, continual and evolving education of mankind. They are the means for the con- neclion between the creation and the Creator. Baha'is believe thai there is only one God, Ihat all mankind are one and related, and that all religions are really one, but Vinson Brown, noted author, publisher, scholar on [ the Indian culture, naturalist, land Baha'i, will be giving a [public talk at the Community [Room, Financial Savings, [Stale & Gobbi Street, Ukiah, 0n Friday, March 14, 1980, at +8 p.m. + Mr. Brown was a resident of Sonoma County for many years and slarted Naturegraph Publishers. He is now living in Happy Camp and has expanded his publishing operations con- siderably. o Mr. Brown will be speaking n "Prophecies Fulfilled," explaining how the Baha'i have simply come at dif- ferent times in history to renew God's message of Love to His creation. As in the .words of Baha'u'llah, the Founder of the Baha'i Faith : "'For every one of you his paramount duty is to choose for himself Ihal on which no other may infringe and none usurp from him. Such a thing -. and In this the Almighty is My witness - is the love of God. could ye but perceive it." For rnore information about the Baha'i Faith, please call 894-4172 or write 122 E. 2nd St. for literature. I The Good Word for Today: 'I] Righteousness [" BY PHYLLIS SJOBLOM in His sight. The new before God! TEXT: "...that I may win Christ, and be found in Him; ut not having my own teousness which is of the , but that ich is through 'faith in Christ..." Phil. 4:8-9. Rightousness before God is )a quality we cannot obtain without Faith, and we cannot obtain it on our own...any iuprightnes s that comes [through trying to keep the old i Levitical law by our own +strength instead of simply trusting the lrd. In Isaiah 64:6 we read that such ', teousness is as filthy rags To have the covenant, written in Jesus' blood makes us, by faith, the very righteousness of God in Him (2 Cor. 5(21)). Clearly the message comes .... ihrough, over and over again, that when we trust Jesus as our Savior we become justified. That is, as Webster puts it, the state of being right with God. If you have never taken that step I invite you now to place your trust in the one who died to save you. What a mountain top ex- perience awaits you on the day you open the door of your heart and invite your Savior inside! To be righteous sweet assurance that it is with Him, in heaven, that you will spend eternity! Listen to these beautiful words from Isaiah 61:I0., r'I will greatly rejoice inthe Lord, my soul shall be j0yul in my God; for He clothed me with garments of salvation, He hath covered me with the robe of righteousness..." Dear friend, why wait any longer? Give your heart to Jesus this day and be a partaker of this joy here and now, and salvation for eternity. Manzanita Manor Musings By JAN FREEMAN ?; On Monday, February 25th, :Aetivity Cooi'dinator Jan  Freeman visited Dale [Hudsens 3 Social Studies :sses to talk to the boys and girls who had "adopted" , remdents of Manzanita +Manor as grandparents. [Many things were discussed ;and questions asked about ! their new "family members" and there was an air of ex- 'eitement and anticipation present as the first class [ looked forward to their visit ;the next morning at 9 a.m. The residents who had been  adopted b boys and girls in [ the first class, gathered in the [Solarium for a very exciting encounter[ As each boy or girl 'as introduced to their "grandparent", they struck i up conversations and visited as though they had been long acquaintances. There were many hugs and kisses, much laughter and smiles. ' Volunteer Auxiliary members, Ivea Otto and Mary Wright were on hand to take the boys and girls to visit the residents who were unable to be out'of bed. Many of/he children who had a few extra minutes of time visited with other residents and all in all, a beautiful atmosphere of 10ve and giving was present. We were sorry to see them go, but there were many promises by the young people to come again to visit. : Friday morning, February 29, and Tuesday, March 4, asses 2 and, 3 will come to visit their Grandparents' for the fie'st time. What a joy it is to:see the love and con- cern shown by these won- derful :young people. All of coma me mssons m en- thusiasm from them and perha we should remember what Jesus said when one of God bless these wonderful the disciples asked him who children, and our special was the greatest among thanks to Dale Hudson for them. Jesus took a little child his concern as a teacher for and set it in the midst'of the future of his students and them and He said, "He wilo the need to bring the old and would be greatest among you, the young together to bridge let him become as a little ,that famous "generation child." 'gap." Girl Scouts to meet with A.A.R.P. 'The special program at Briarwood clubhouse for members of A.A.R.P. will feature "Women in History". This will be in connection with the official Women in History Week. Alex Fassio, president of Cloverdale chapter, will open the meeting at 1:30 p.m., March 6. After the short meeting our program chairman, Genevieve Malmstrom, will introduce Pat Barnes, Cloverdale's Girl Scout leader. A,A.R.P. members may become aquainted with the various age groups of ,outs, such as 13rownies, Cadettes and Juniors. i These girls are part of the force of future women to make history. Another reminder for members of American Association of Retired Persons is that the new pharmacy for mail rise is located at 5947 Boulder High- way, P.O. Box 18422+ Las Vegas, Nevada, 89114. AI Kinzey, treasurer of Cloverdale chapter, reminds those who have not yet paid 1980 dues of one dollar may do so at the March meeting. Plan to attend on Thursday, March 6, and enjoy refresh- ments with the friendly group. I I II I Bahai' Gleanings "We must be like the fountain or spring that is continually emptying itself of all that it has and is continually being refilled from an invisible source. To be continually giving out for the good of our fellows undeterred by the fear of poverty and relient on the un- failing bounty of the Source of all wealth and all good -- this is the secret of right living." (sponsored by the Baha'is of Cloverdale) i i iii ii i Local writers to read poetry a+ Good She0000herd Church Gored Sh,'.'phr  kpl'L'.)opat Shepherd's Mission Corn- and handcraft by church- Church viit p;, ,:'. uur !ocal mittee which will occurr at affiliated artists throughout t'ers readi, :,,i(:(l+,,r intervals throughout 1980. At the Santa Rosa Deanery will', from hei! + ,, poe,ry the April t3 celebration of be held in Good Shepherd's I Sfollowi ih,t, srvic,,. . .f Evensong in the Church, the building and garden. On: Evt,,s,g +: Sunctay af- well-known Baroque En- Sunday, September 7, a: tern(,, 3i>r,:hw. ; ';Op,m semble of Santa Rosa will program of special music will P:utt,:ip :> +, *h,., :+pucial perform 18th century music acconpany Evensong at 3:30 progran) a:c ih,+ + ', 3+hrvin m costume. The local church p.m. Refreshments will be Bucrs. ,,,,-iu s(, co,- is underwriting the expense served. due'. rhc >i:,  ." . and of the professional group's Larry i,('+ -rhv.er +,f :,i Paul's, appvarance but will ask for Healdsbu,". A;-. iit Curdtz voluntary contributions from andEle,urPhhpstt-omthe lhose altending the per- local church Thu public is formance. All donations will curdi!i 3 i' '(t No be givert to the. Cloverdale dona iun is epv(:+ ed tligh School Band Fund for its This h+pp+', :, )- ,he hrt Vienna trip. of sex(.a', (<m:utty of- Oil Saturday, April 26, an lerin pin,,d h: Good all-day exhibit of art works The public is invited to all these events. Good Shepherd hopes that those interested will mark their calendars now. Advance notice and additional information will precede each special program. Day of Prayer North Sonoma County, write the Church Women United will prayers, lead in observance of the by Divine World Day of Prayer Friday. the Hundreds of thousands of right here, person's world wide are The expected to celebrate this in ecumenical day with masses, Stella liturgies and special prayers special on a theme chosen by the women of Thailand. It is miraculous that this is the year our Thailand women the Ge, Church. Gloria Jaramill to s at Oat Valley Church Gloria Jaramill, missionary to children, young people and women in Poza Riea, Veracruz off Gulf of Mexico will be speaking on March 9th at Oat Valley Baptist Church. Miss Jaramillo received her training at Maranatha Baptist College, Watertown, Wisconsin, is presently teaching Christian Fremont, going to mid Baptist She will testimony a.m. service of the work in I p.m. Cloverdale Area Church Directory Ii i? -  , C . , UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Meeting W)th Th, i ,:ed(imrch oi ('t+)ver,,.:.+i( Phallic gg-i 2(139 Su)da F V;sh)p ila tt FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH I).a.hw ,JtQtz !','.,),cll lid)i(' Tea,,'hm }>to,ram Morlm) W,,rsr, p }tour. Church T|a)riltg t")ugrah;, F.'Vel)lllg Wot'sh+p Hour, We(}+(,(td ,, ,M)d,,+ c ";*'+ ', ) ,', 7 I) ):) GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH 89(1N ('h)v,')-dale Blvd })a,',;h)r Rev Norman M. I(edeker 891 2.1:) Sunda3 dorning Worth)p9 X)a m Sunday ,":,cho4)l l0 15an+ DOMENIcHELLI REAL ESTATE 104 N. Cloverdate Bird. 894-3354 CLOVERDALE BOWL I l0 Heaid.sburg Ave, 894-79 SEVEN TH-DA Y ADVENTIST CHURCH 28775 Redwood Highway S. Pastor - Dale Woleott t)hone: 89,1-5703 Saturday : Sabbath School at 9:30a.m. Worship Service at l 1:00 a.m. Sslers of Service (S.O.S.) on 2nd & 41h Tuesday Family Prayer Fellowship Wednesday at 7:30 pro. ANTIOCH MISSIONARY BAPTIST MISSION 473 ('loverdale Blvd. Ken liams Mission Representative Sunday S, chtml. 10a.m. M()rning Worship. 11 a.lll. Evening Worship, 6 p.m. M idweek Service Thursday Nighl. 7 p.m. NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH Christian and Missionary Alliance 28 Tarman Drive Phone 89-t-3445 G)wl h Groups - 9 ;:1 a n Sunday Worship- Ilk 30 anl Evening Service- 6:00 pm Bible SI udy. Thurs.- 7:00 pm BAHA'I FAITH Firesides: Monday mornings 10a.m. Friday evenings 8 p.m. ('hildren's Classes .Junior Ytmlh Ytlh Please call for more i I111)1"11 la I iOll a nd4lr literalure 894-4172 CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DA Y SAINTS CHURCH OF GOD-28755RedwoodHwy.So. Claud K. Williams, OF PROPHECY 2nd & Comnmrcial (;range ilall A W. Wesl. Paslor i )h( me 894-3595 Thursday. 7 p.m. Young People Sunday 9:45a.m &6p.m. Branch President Phone 4-22 SUNDAY 3 hour blec.k MEETING SCHEDULE Priesthood 9 a.m. Relief Society 9 a.m. Primary 9 a.m. Young*'.Women 9a.m. Sunday School I0 a.m. Sacrament meeting I0:50 a.m. Relief Society Homemaking Mtg.. 1st Tuesday each Month. 7:3015.m. ii THE ENCORE Io4 S. ('h)verdale Blvd. ,I.I.I-,)44 I I OAT VALLEY BAPTIST CHURCH Highway 128 Key. D.F Hieter Phone 89-1-3107 Sunday School. 9:45a.m. Morning Worship. 11 a.m. Evening Service. 6 p.m. Midweek Service. Wednesday. 7 p.m. 131 Dina Street Church Ph. 1194-2998 PARKSIDE CHRISTIAN CHAPEL 533 West Second St reel Key. Richard Rilea Phone -1-2893 Sunday School. 9:45am. Morning Worship 1 t a.m. Evening Service. 6 p.m. Bible Study and Prayer Wednesday. 7 pro. Daisy & Prims Wednesday. 7 p.m. WMC-AI! Ladies Welcome Thur "slay. 10am. EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD i 12 N. Main St reel Priest in Charge Hey Marvin Bowers 894-5719 Sunday Holy Communion. 9a.m. J. PEDRONcELLI WINERY I'--0 Canyon Rd &7-3619 t;ey..,rville PELLEGRINI'S CHEVRON SERVICE 206 S, Cloverdale Blvd.  FRED YOUNG & COMPANY 4-2540or433-3 ,, ,), =, Conl inumg 111 of the Con l'nih 439No. Clild OF Robert W. Sunday Bible St, Sunday Morn. II Sundav Wed. OUR MT. Redwood Saturdw 5 p.m- Sunda 8:30aJ Daib Sunday Mass I IIlIll I aov00eb00