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March 5, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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March 5, 1980

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! Things By Nobody in Particular POLICE VS RAIDERS game! Everyone was talking or asking day. The Cloverdale Police Officer's the Community's appreciation for their he Vienna Fund. The Raider game before the Vienna trip was known to the Police Dept. had committed the funds to projects such as the P.O.R.A.C. (Police Association of California) and their own Community plus they had planned to for police units. They knew that if they would be able to donate up to $500 to that's just what they did ! Vienna fund raising...one of our local to think about lending their support to the Officer's Association in their efforts Community. "everyone working together" toward a Miracle of Vienna is showing us how it perfection...if we all really cared...if we all together toward our common goal of wow ira's Shop) and Dick Woolridge worked 28th ? They cut enough heads of hair to und. Dick said that many of the men their hair cut didn't really need one (some cut last week) but came back just to help the ed to help but didn't have time for a truck in front of the Barber Shop, ran ran out, jumped back in his truck and Somebody told me it was Watts Strong! Y? THANKS MIKE Pryor of Cloverdale Nursery Channel 7 story about the Band. Mike personally F'rancisco to promote the "Miracle of his efforts that Jim Clancy did such is hoping that%'hannel 7 will show a "re- or that someone might have enough in- "Video Tape" copy. Channel 7 viewers, from Eureka to San We are just hoping for the re-run in a we can come up with more ideas for them back for another story. great to promote this "community of If we could get "everyone" to con- L..we might break a record for community get more news coverage. At this time we close...for all three schools are con- the organizations, churches, city services, the possibility is for "total" community the Guiness book of world records? BATTERIES contributed over $650 to the Band Fund. the Bank drawing interest AI Menicucci says to "keep "era coming". An Auto from another community gave a donation Another one has promised to save responding...but we need to keep it up. we Can get! adult or student would organize a battery ' eOmmunities..we could send more than one possible to send several. Anybody out Just think of all the farms and e and Hopland! batteries have no one in the their heip..vez:y, very muh ? ) PUBLICITY program, there is a need for '? It would be impossible for us to and-or contributions, so it would be if everyone, all organizations, would to the C]overdale Reveille. If you that needs advance publicity, please advance and let her know of your plans. the Cloverdale Reveille....none of this WE'RE FAMOUS NOW: Driver for Jet Trucking) was in San 32, unloading his truck: Four men ap- the Cloverdale High School Band..they on T.V .... and wanted to know how big told Earl how good the Band sounded! us? ) CANN'S CANS cans for can drive! At 111 Rosewood (barrels) which have aluminum cans...which will in Croom's (behind Preston Store) who are Cans for the drive Call Cann (894-2641) or C.H.S. Band Fund, Box 311 Cloverdale, to 5 p.m. ) 894-3859 or Connie Seymour Youth Services "Drugs" By BARBARA CLARY What are drugs? Why do people take drugs? Are drugs and their use a problem? Drug use and abuse is a very popular topic these days. Many of us, myself included, lack sufficeint knowledge to be expert in the matter of drugs. For this reason I will be addressing the next series of articles to the drug issues. Drugs are. according to Webster, substances used in chemical operations, sub- stances used in medicines or for making medicines, or narcotic substances or preparations. We are all aware of the use of drugs in medicines - asperine, cold tablets, prescriptions from the doctor. But what about the non-medical use of cocaine, marijuana, hashish. or alcohol? Yes alcohol! Any serious discussion on the drug problems- must include alcohol. "Alcohol is very much a drug by any criterion and causes significant alterations of nervous func- tioning regardless of what euphemistic guise it appears in. In fact....of all the drugs being used in our society, alcohol has the strongest claim to the label drug in view of the prominence of its long-term physical effects." People taking or using drugs to "alter their con- sciousness" is not a new phenomenon, characteristic of our present social condition. Drugs have figured into all aspects of human life - the Greeks fgrmented honey, grains, and fruits, Indian hemp and opium, the seaman's grog, and-so-on it goes. In lSth century England there was a wide spread use of opium Anyone could buy laudanaum, a tincture of opium, and for a penny buy happiness During the nineteenth century it was big to sniff chloroform and ether. It was the thing at Harvard and Cambridge affairs. Nitrous oxide, laughing gas, was a primary 19th century high. Carnivals sold whiffs for a quarter. Yet many people think the current drug delima is new and different. But is it? Or is it just the present preference that is different? Dr Andrew Weil, M.D. feels that "the ubiquity of drug use is so striking that it mus! represent a basic human appetite." Dr. Weil claims that the desire to alter our consciousness from time to time, to space out, is possibly as basic a human drive as the sex or hunger drive. "'Note that I do not say desire to alter consciousness by means of chemical agents. Drugs are merely one means of satisfying this drive." Dr. Weil feels that we could be dealing with a basic biological characteristic of the species not just a cultural phenomena. This need is expressed in all ages in- cluding children to young to know about drinking and doping. Young children can be found "regularly, prac- ticing techniques that induce striking change s in mental stales. Three and four-year- olds, for example, commonly whirl themselves into ver- tiginous stupors." Remember the "sit-and volunteers recognized senio band which played music of the 30's 40's and con- Service temporary times. Their a lun- music provided a very warm by atmosphere for the volun- teers as they met one another. After the luncheon RSVP Nancy Fedder, RSVP and Director introduced and of recognized each of the volunteers by category of the service to the community - counseling and emergency services, services for youth CETA and children, information Wednesday, March 5, 1980- Page 9 As children grow, get into school, and become more aware of things around their culture, they learn that society only supports one main form of altering the consciousness namely drinking - and when they reach the magic age, they too can participate. You may have noticed or even remember that children, primarily early teenage types, are not very patient. Saying that drug abuse is not new and that seeking to escape may be a biological need is not sactioning drug use. A major problem lies in the space of time between discovering a "new" drug and its way out effects and discovering its harmful properties. "It may be prudent to consider the old claims of safety for alcohol, opium, tobacco, and cocaine." Why do people take drugs? "People take drugs because they work." Next week I will try to give you information on, the classification of drugs. Dale announces candidacy for judge Deputy District Attorney Robert Dale recently for- mally announced his can- didacy for Judge of Depart- ment No. 1 of the Municipal Court. Dale filed his declaration of intent to run for the office on Wednesday. He needed 1,995 signatures avoid paying a filing fee of $523.66, and submitted 2.7-)08. the largest number submitted in thai department. The position is currently held by Judge James Jones, Jr., who has been unchallenged in his 14 years on the bench. Dale. 39. a lifetime resident of Santa Rosa, joined the District Attorney's office after graduation from Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. He has had extensive experience at the Municipal Court level as a prosecuting attorney. He initially was assigned to the Southern Judicial District and was subsequently assigned as Supervising Deputy in charge of the Santa Rosa Municipal Court on two separate occasions. Dale is now a senior trial deputy and is known for his ability 1o handle complex arson cases. "There is a distinct lack of judicial temperament in Department No. 1. It needs to be changed. The public wants it changed. The broad support I personally have received throughout the county is a very strong in- dication of the public sen- timent in this regard. We need to restore a feeling of dignity and decorum together with the highest standards of judicial conduct to Depart- menl No. l.'" "Something is wrong when the person accused of com- mitting a crime is given more consideration than the arresting officer, the victim and the witnesses to the crime Who suffers more, the viclim or the accused? Court appearances are generally scheduled at the request of the defendants with little consideration given to the victims and witnesses. The easiest way to find out if a witness is available to testify in court is simply to ask." Additionally, Dale believes: - That witnesses and vic- tims should be made welcome in the courtroom, and that the more com- plicated proceedings and rulings should be explained; - That proceedings should be conducted in a judicious manner, not in an arbitrary, demeaning and critical at- mosphere; - That a judge is elected by the people to work, to try cases, to hear evidence, to be punctual, and above all, to display the judicial tem- perament which the position requires and the public deserves; - That a judge should take the time to do things right. Dale was instrumental in establishing the Volunteer Witness Guide program in the District Attorney's office. The program is designed to explain courtroom procedures to witnesses, tend to their needs while waiting to testify and to escort them to their respective courtrooms. Dale has taught at Empire School of Law in Santa Rosa and at the California Criminal Justice Training Center at Los Gullicos. Yours FB00E with special gold register tapes. Magnificent, Heirloom-Quality Imported French Design Copper Cookware Collection " ' " . II.,-QLSattcePan ....... S 600 .......... $0 + $ 7.99 ....... $12,99 RSVP has over 00"lV"Jf'0000;lP'11q00 750So.Cloverdale ! volunteers serving in the i ra I nt RIv d ...... ,7oo .......... + ,,. .... ,,,9, m over 48,000 hours of service : CI0verdal . ,s m99 last year. 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