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February 27, 1980     Cloverdale Reveille
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February 27, 1980

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Page 8 - Wednesday, February 27, 1980 Citrus Fair Winners Wood Industrial Arts High Point Winners - Jerry Beebe Arts - Kelly Edgar Science - David Pawlan Crafts - Todd Junker Citraculture - Elsie Photography - Bob Mc- Miroglio Bride Senior Citizen - Harry Home Arts - Tina Stanley Valentine Rocks & Minerals-Tawnia Special Architectural Shaffee, Tabb Vadon Award - Herbert Lampert String Art - Kathleen Hare Sr. Textiles - Olga Zeni Trophy Winners: Metal Industrial Arts Tony Titus CITRUS EXHIBIT AWARDS First - Cloverdale Volun- teer Fire Dept. i Thoug ., :: ":'i :".'.: 'N Things By Nobody in Particular PEOPLE, REAL PEOPLE A small child, not quite five years old, was sitting very still in a chair beside the washer and dryer. A distraught young mother rushed into the laundromat to find her purse exactly where she had left it some time before. The small child looked at her and quietly said, "I was watching it for you." (Janice, Reveille Editor, rushed to get a photo, but the child was gone.) HELLO WASCO Hey Pastor! Isn't it exciting about the Band going to Vienna? We think about you often...especially at Fair' time...remembering how many years you "put in" for Cloverdale and the Chamber of Commerce. Our love to you and all the family. We wish you well in your new Parish. (For those of you new to Cloverdale...the above note is to Pastor Larry Anderson, Lutheran Minister, formerly of Cloverdale, now living in Wasco, California.) Pastor, put out a good word for the Band in Wasco. This is an honor for the entire State of California, and I now un- derstand that only four (4) Bands from the whole of the United States are going to attend the Festival. We now have $25,000 in cash and pledges but there is still a long way to go and we will need all the help we can get. SONOMA COUNTY SCHOOLS Sonoma County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Walter Eagan has offered his support to the "Miracle of Vienna". We will be meeting with him this coming week to discuss some ideas. CITY COUNCIL QUOTE: "It is with great pleasure that I notify you that the City Council approved a pledge of $500 to the Vienna Band Trip Fund." REMEMBER WE NEED HELP And remember to save your hair until Feb. 28, 1980 cause that's the day Jim Wirt and Dick Woolridge are going to give the whole days proceeds to the Band. They do not plan to keep expenses either...so we hope everyone will keep them busy all day long[ (I asked my favorite relative to save his hair for that particular day. I hope you will too! ) ORANGE TREE The Orange Tree now has the lovdly ceramics on display so that you can make donations. TRAVEL AGENT Former Connolly student, Carol Chase, who is now an in- dependent Travel Agent and is offering her time and expertise to help get the best possible price for the Band's trip to Vienna. Carol has also offered to give "free" German lessons to Band members, chaperones and any others who may be interested in learning a little "emergency" German. She said she was offering because she knew Steve Connolly expects standards of excellence in conduct as well as music...and she is willing to do her part to see that the students are as well prepared in language so that they may represent the United States, California and Cloverdale in the best possible manner. The class in German will be Sat. March 8, 1980 at l0 a.m. at the room at the High School. (A big bouquet of roses to Carol Chase! ) MORE REAL PEOPLE A friend was telling me about a young man on crutches, who with his dog, was hitchhiking. He didn't have enough money for a motel room. It was the weekend of the Fair...and pouring (pouring) down rain. Standing by the roadside in the rain waiting for a ride...one of Cloverdale's beautiful people, stopped, asked a few questions, took the young man back to the motel, paid for the room and then gave him enough money for food. The next day the young man found the ride he", needed...and left Cloverdale. We rarely read about such happenings in the newspapers because it is not worthy of the news media's attention. Perhaps it is too common to be of news value, Perhaps it is so common we take that. kind of sacrifice, caring and giving for granted. But isn't it a beautiful feeling to know that we have someone in our community who really cares for his fellow man, cares enough to lend a hand when it is needed? It is unlikely that we will discover who our "helping" friend is, but we all owe him our gratitude for inspiring us to do better things...and for giving us another example of what this life is or should be all about. AMERICAN LEGION AUX. The American Legion Auxiliary presented Mr. C. and the Band with a check for $500. The Auxiliary has always been supportive of youth programs in the community. It was my pleasure to be on hand for the presentation: There is a photo and story in this edition. Minute Vacations "Slow me down, Lord! Ease the pounding of my heart by the quieting of my mind. Steady my hurried pace with the vision of the eternal reach of time. Give me, amidst the confusion of my day, the calmness of the everlasting hills. Break the ensions of my nerves and muscles with the soothing music of the singing streams that live in my memory. Help me to know the magical, restoring power of sleep, Teach me the art of taking minute vacations...of slowing down to look at a flower, to chat with a friend, to pat a dog, to read a few lines from a good book. "Remind me each day of the fable of the hare and the tor- toise that I may know that the race is not always to the swift; that there is more to life than increasing its speed. Let me look upward into the branches of the towering oak and know that it grew great and strong because it grew slowly and well. "Slow me down, Lord, and inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of life's enduring values that I may grow toward the stars of my greater destiny. In Jesus' name, Amen." The above prayer was sent in by Mil Allen who just happens to be a very active Community Volunteer and a very active 83 years young! Mil calls this prayer her "relaxer"..and hopes you enjoy it. Second - Rotary Club Third - Lions Fourth - Druids Fifth - CHS Band FLORAL AWARDS Woodland Sun First - Anderson Valley Unity Club Second - Healdsburg Senior Citizens Third Green Thumb Garden Club Woodland Shade First - Business & Prof- fessional Women Second First National Bank Third Healdsburg Fuschia Society WINNERS - TALENT SltOW Lily Lemon Melanie Gehres Oran Orange Jason Donahoo TINY TALENT First - Canada Thompson, Nikki Lawrence, Barbara Gabrielle Second - Rayna Pennington Third - Corrind Villarreal, Michelle Wall JUNIOR TALENT First - Denise Warren Second- Michelle Gonsalez, Debbie Crossman Third (Jazz Group) Debbie, Anita, Julie, Bar- bara, Michelle, Jenel, Dolly, Helen TEEN TALENT First (Almost) Cassie Barnhart & Co. Second - Stacy Dowdell Third - (Champagne) Eric Waxman, Mark Worchell, Chris Neely Clovordale Dairy Goat Show Jr. Champion - MF's Wild Bo Kay - Melanie Forrestor. Reserve Jr. Champion Palo Solitario Chamios. Sr. Champion Sodium Oaks' Luv Bug - Katy Sabin. Reserve Sr:,. Champion Tomahawks Chick-a-Dee Heidi Turner. Grand Champion - Sodium Oaks Luv Bug - Katy Sabin. Reserve Grand Champion - Tomahawks Chick-a-Dee Heidi Turner Class 1113 - Junior Yearling grades 1. Lookitus Hannahliesl - Katy Sabin 2. I.okitus Brunhildu - Katy Sabin 3. La Montanas' Nancy - Harold McCutchan Class 1113- Junior Yearling Purebreds 1. Palo Solitario Chamois - Mia Gruget 2. Pickens' Noreen - An- nette Von Thun 3. Tomahawks Sharon - Heidi Turner Class 1112 Senior Yearlings 1. MFs' Wild Bo Kay - Melanie Forrester 2. Tomahawks' Silly - Heidi Turner 3. Loma Canyon Fastener - Fastener - Jamie McMannus Class 111 - Does, not in milk, born in 1978 1. Brads Topasannah 2. Tomahawks' Mary Ann 3. Hi Valley Matilda Highligh Jerry Moore, city councilman, presents visitors from our sister city a gift of Italian Swiss Colony Wine - from the Cloverdale City Council, Photos by Janice Robert Bognar, President of the Board of Directors of the Citrus Fair presents a beautiful leather clock to Frank McKinnon for the Cloverdale B.C. Rodeo Association. Adult Showmanship l. Nancy Turner 2. Janet Forester 3. Marilyn Ward 4. Connie Sabin 5. Franceschi, Eleanor 6. Bonnie Holm 7. Bernard Gruget 8. Laura Mazzera 9. Richard Wagoner 10. Judy Twente 11. Mrs. Gruget 12. Joanne Von Thun 13. Barbara McCutchan SENIOR CITIZEN Harry Valentine (trophy) ROCK & MINERALS Tobb Vadon (trophy) INDUSTRIAL ARTS Metal - Tony Titus (trophy) Architect Drawings - Herb Lampert Science - David Pawlan (trophy) Wood - David Daly (trophy), Ryan Osmon, Jerry ..... Beebe, Randy Ellis STRING DESIGNS Kathleen Hare JEFFERSON SCHOOL Kindergarten - Heath Davis 1st grade - Janea Freitas 2nd grade - Un Hut Murphy 3rd grade - David Emmel (Best of Show) JR & SR ARTS Sr. Art - Don Quanstrom Sr. Crafts - Iola Strtare St. Photo Rosemary Zynda Jr. Art - Kelly Edgar - Hi point and Best of Show Jr. Crafts - Todd Junker - Hi point and B of S Jr. Photo - Bob McBride - Hi point and B of S FLORICULTURE Evelyn Bryson - Best of Show - Trophy Class 1110 - Milkers 1. Sodium Oaks' Luv Bug - WINNERS OF THE Katy Sabin PRESERVED FOODS 2. Tomahawks' Chick-a- First Place: Dee- Heidi Turner Judith Jones, Doris Hill, 3. McCrystals' Bunny - Susanne Ross, Carolyn Peggy McMannus Ramos. Second Place: DAIRYGOAT Yvonne Nelson, Dianne SHOWMANSHIP" Frederick, Allina Beebe, Novice Showmanship Mildred Allen. Never Shown before 1. Jennifer Franceschi Other Places: 2. Laura Riccetti Linda Linda Pope, LiUie Coon, Bertha Cleveland, Junior Showmanship- 9-13 Brenda, David Neat, Betty years Dickman, Ruth Gooden, 1. Amy Sabin Melissa Cox 2. Heidi Turner 3. Renee' Ward 4. Bryan Van Thun 5. Michelle Turner 6. Raymond Twente 7. Jennifer Franceschi 8. Jamie McMannus JR & SR BAKED GOODS Sr. Lemon Pie - Dorothy Callwell (trophy) Sr. Orange Cake - Bertha Carley (trophy) Jr. Lemon Pie - Andy Estrada (prize); Brenda Whorton (prize) Jr. Orange Cake - Laurie Stuber (prize) Jr. Cookies - Vaughn La Force (prize) Jr. Yeast Bread Joy Cunniugham (prize); Marcie Rocenthal (prize); Mark Brownlee (prize) Maxine Allen was the lovely and for the Queen's Pageant at the Citrus Fair. Lylle Neat shows off the orange he the winner against Heaidsburg in the was over 16 inches. Tiny Talent and Junior Talent winners receive their awards at Citrus Fair talent show. JR & SR TEXTILES Sr. Textiles - Olga Zeni ttrophy) Jr. Textiles - Tina Stanley (blown glass cake top) Sebastopol. Best Hybrid, single bloom; Woody Passinetti, Sebastopol. Best Hybrid, tray of 3 matched blooms; June and Hicks Jim Grant. S.R. Best Reticulata, single bloom; June and Jim Grant, Memorial tlbrory S.R. Sr. Showmanship ,- 14 yrs. and older 1. Melanie Forrester 2. Mia Grnget 3. Amy Sabin 4. Katy Sabin 5. Harold McCutchan 6, Peggy McMannus 7. Annette 'Con Thun Camolla Show Winnors Special awards to local people showing flowers for the first time went to: Chris Ross. Mrs. Shel Hiatt, Falher Henry, Judy Morse, Dave Morse Best Reticulata, tray of 3 matched blooms; Woody Passinetti, Sebastopol. Best Reticulata, tray of 5 matched blooms; June and Jim Grant, S.R. Best Boutonniere, single bloom: June and Jim Grant, SR. Best Boutonniere, tray of blooms: Marylin and Doug Batt. Windsor. Best Boutonniere, tray of 5 matched blooms; June and Jim Grant. S.R. Lcal Cloverdale winners: Vi Groves-5 firsts, 2 seconds Chris Ross - 2 firsts, 1 second, 2 thirds. Patty Cavagnaro - 1 first, 2 seconds. 2 thirds. Gertrude Valentint 4 seconds. Lois Morse - 3 firsts, 2 seconds, 1 third. Judy Morse - 3 firsts, 1 second, 1 third. Dave Morse - 1 first. Mrs. Shel Hiatt - 2 firsts, 1 second, 2 thirds. Father Henry - 1 first, 2 seconds. 4-H Winners Clothing - Elsie Villemaire, Healdsburg 4-H. Woodworking - Nathan Hicks, Cloverdale. Electricity Russell Nelson, Live Oak. Foods Carla Forchini, Healdsburg. Crafts - I)ebbie Dempel, Mark West Rieble. Leather Nadine Sweepstakes winner: Giovannini, Sequoia. June and Jim Grant of Santa Rosa with 67 firsts, lligh Point Cloverdale ,l-H: Girl Winners: Diane Ramos; Boy - Derek ;Best Japonica, single Domenichelli. bloom; Stephen Campbell, County Winners: Santa Rosa. Girl Joan Shaw, In- Best Japonica, tray of 3 dependence 4-H; Boy's - matched blooms; Woody Steven Bachman, Mark Passinetti, Sehastopol. Bachman. Best Japonica, tray of 5 matched blooms; June and Feature Booth Jim Grant, Santa Rosa. Pat Hicks-Jane Kirn, Besst Seedling, single CIoverdale 4-H. bloom; Woody Passinetti, Juniors: Delta Epsilon's "Superman Saves Lois" place in senior float category.